Plaxico Burress released by the Giants


Might as well release him, he's on track for an NFL suspension and a prison sentence. I don't see how he gets out of prison on this, it's a felony possession charge he's faced with. No way they consider offering him a plea deal, even without the "Oh they're just doing it because they want him on DA GEEEEEEEEEE-MEN" bias coming into play.


Plax by a mile. PETA's never going to let Vick live down the dogfighting charge; Plax just has to deal with "lol, stereotypical negro ghetto gangsta~!" the rest of his life.


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Plex has a state minimum 3 and 1/2 years of sing-sing hanging over his head. Vick is getting out in July. And at least the Bangles or Raiders could use him. The Cowboys really could use him. He won at least 1 game in December.
Plax is a dumbass anyway. He should have known that after OJ, any black athlete that fucks up is going to get the book thrown at them. Look at Michael Vick, for gods sake!


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Perfxion said:
Here is the big question, who fixes their career first? Plex or Vick?
Should we add Donte Stallworth to this question as well?

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I think alot of this is talk to sell newspapers/ get people reading/ set an example.

Plax won't go to jail for a long time (if at all). He's a celebrity with (to my small knowledgy) no priors. He'll get at the very max a month or two in jail. I don't even think he'll get that. I'm sure he'll get a suspended sentence as he's probably had lots of charity/ community work already, get community service and a huge fine.

As for a NFL ban, if there is any, it won't be more than a few games. Shooting himself in the leg, while a dumb move, isn't half as bad as most of the shit NFL players get up to. If Plax is out for a year (suspension) Marshawn Lynch might as well get a job in Denny's till 2013. Vick got such a heavy fine and time in jail because of the gamblin trouble and because it was a federal case of state lines. The government didn't give a shit about the dog fighting.

Before this season, was there alot of shit talked about Burress' attitude? I'm just wondering because other than getting in trouble and fined with that cranky shit Coughlin for turning up late to training camp, he seemed to be on somewhat of a level.

In short: Plaxico. The Eagles. 1 year deal, 4.5mil. Max 3 game suspension.