Plugging my show again


I finally changed this.
I watched the first episode. It has moments of brilliance poking through.

I liked the part where he found the Time Crisis cabinet with no gun.
I liked the part where he lost to some random Blanka while playing Claw on his JOYSTICK~!

The "castling is cheap" sketch was funny in concept and the part where his buddy was like, "Ted... come back..." was good.

I think the Ted character needs to be more angry and less whiny. Ted has an unique voice that would be better suited perhaps to a different character. Yahtzee was mentioned in the intro segment, notice that he adopts an angrier, huskier tone when he gets angry. He saves the whiny tone of voice then for things he wants to come across as whiny. Ted's voice and mannerisms strike me more along the lines of Dave from Code Monkeys more than Yahtzee or AVGN.

The part where Ted screams, "This isn't a controller, it's a lie(?)" is really obnoxious. I suggest something more visual, smash it or have the film tear, something. Get the point across better than just "liieeeeeeee" for 8 seconds.

Sound quality is a bit random. The psychokitten stuff is poor sound quality, reminds me of a AM call in show. When the "epic" music hits you get blown out of your computer chair! Also, compared to the length of the rest of the sketches, her review is very long.

I can't really make out the text during the "credits."

Props for finding a nice looking gal to be in it and commit!

What is your roll in the show? Did you film it in Huntington Beach or Santa Cruz?

edit: I also like that it's got a random ass name like "angry rivet" and no obvious outing of what this means.