Podcasts: The Thread


I'm always looking for more podcasts to try out, so I was wondering what TRTSM listens to. Right now I have the following in my rotation:

Observer Radio & Bryan and Vinny
Behind the Screened Door (Screened.com's show about TV/film)
The Giant Bombcast & The CAGcast (video games)
Doug Loves Movies
Sklarboro Country

I also listen to the occasional BS Report if the guest is good. I tried one of Joystiq's podcasts and didn't like it at all.


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I listen to a few of the IGN podcasts..

Podcast Unlocked (Formerly, Three Red Lights)
Podcast Beyond
Knockin' Boots
and Channel Surfing

Haven't found a good NFL / Sports one to listen to along with a decent, non-partisan news cast.


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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Awesome podcast about various historical topics. The last few were about the end of the Roman Republic, the Gracchus Brothers and Sulla etc etc.

Definitely Not The Opera - A CBC Pop Culture podcast. They cover a lot of abstract topics, like an episode about dreams or about first impressions, stuff like that. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy it.

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - NPR's weekly news quiz, with a panel of comedians. It sounds boring but it really works.

The Bugle - John Oliver (from The Daily Show and Community) and comedian Andy Zaltzman riff on current events. It's very British.

The Sports Guy - Bill Simmons from ESPN does a podcast or two a week. He mostly does sports, but also branches out into movies and reality tv. He's a funny guy, even if he is a huge Boston homer.

There's so many more. This American Life is revered. Tons on CBC, like Age of Persuasion (all about marketing), Spark (technology), Quirks and Quarks (science and nature), The Last Chapter, etc etc. If you want some weekly recommendations, the Onion AV Club has a feature called Podmass. http://www.avclub.com/articles/week-of-march-31april-6,54288/?utm_medium=promobar&utm_campaign=recirculation


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I also listen to some of the ones already mentioned above, so I will suggest some others.

SModcast Network has a bunch that can be found at www.smodcast.com
Splattercast found at deadlantern.com is a horror movie podcast
Joe Rogan's is pretty awesome, especially if you have some herbal enhancement before and during.
TheNerdist by Chris Hardwick is pretty good.

Oh did I mention I do a podcast with my friend? You can find it following the link in my sig.


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Pretty much the only podcasts I listen to are the Giant Bombcast and the Nintendownload Express

The Amazing Rando

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I listen to a good chunk of the 5by5.tv podcasts, WorkAwesome, Books On The Nightstand, and I keep tabs on what TED puts out daily.


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I currently subscribe to these podcasts:
The Adam Carolla Show
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old
Film Vault
Talkin Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft
Joe Rogan Experience

Youth N Asia

(Thinking of a new title for this space)
Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction.

I've only listened to two episodes so far, but it's insane. Basically, four or five comedians all write a piece of erotic fan fiction and read it in front of a crowd. The crowd votes at the end on what one was best. Episodes seem to run between 35-45 minutes.

Kyle Kinane's story about Mayor McCheese forcing the Hamburgler into performing oral sex on him at gunpoint was great.

There was one about Ed McMahon trying to sleep with a Tonight Show guest (lady who works at the big blah blah zoo, drawing a blank on the name.) There was a line from it that killed me. It was pretty much saying Ed had no problem being forward with women, while just last week he told an 8 year old Star Search contestant that he wanted to shave her head and stare at her pussy.

Abe Lincoln and Robert E Lee's teenage homosexual relationship.

There was another one where Jon Arbuckle greased up Nermal and stuck him up his ass. Which prompted Garfield to...well, just listen to it.


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Bumping this super old thread after recently discovering the Totally Reprised podcast. 2 Gay guys discuss/recap episodes of the Totally Spies! cartoon with a guest host. Been going since 2016 and they're over 100 episodes. They can be overly long at times with a lot of tangents and roundabout discussion (most go at least 1 & 1/2 Hours) but their actual talk about the episodes are entertaining along with their running gags and podcast developed 'canon' related to the show itself.

Episode List Tying into TS Eps as the Netflix order was notoriously wrong.

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I listen to Pardon My Take, Deadcast (from Deadspin), and WTF with Marc Maron. I used to listen Comedy Bang Bang and bunch of others but I don't have the time.


I listened to the first couple episodes of Conan's new podcast. It's enjoyable enough as it's just Conan and one of his celebrity friends shooting the shit for about 45 minutes, but nothing groundbreaking.