Puroresu Love & Resources V3


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We're about to hit 20 pages in V2 so let's start off V3.
Streaming Services:
http://njpwworld.com/ (official streaming service of NJPW)
http://ddtuniverse.com/ (same thing for DDT)
https://dragongate.live/ (dragon gate streaming)
https://www.ajpw.tv/ (AJPW's obviously)
http://www.bjwcore.com/ (BJPW streaming)

http://www.njpw1972.com/ (NJPW's english language site)
https://www.youtube.com/user/NJPW (NJPW's english youtube)
http://www.iheartdg.com/ (best site for dragon gate results going back many years)
https://twitter.com/DragonGateEN (Dragon Gate Twitter)
https://dramaticddt.wordpress.com/ (DDT results and updates)
https://twitter.com/reasonjp (Chril Charlton's twitter, does commentary for NJPW sometimes and posts a ton of great stuff about puro)
http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/promotion-tshirts/new-japan.html?mode=grid if you want NJPW merch.
http://culturecrossfire.com/author/cobainwasmurdered/#.VH4_Qme9YmA my articles, many of them on puro. READ THEM ALL MANY TIMES!

If you've got any other suggestions for the list such as streaming services, let me know. If you want to ask about other options then ask.


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Full Final Gate lineup is out:
December 23, 2018
Fukuoka, Fukuoka Kokusai Center
The Final Gate 2018
Dragon Gate Network Live 5PM

1. Kagetora, U-T, “brother” YASSHI, Problem Dragon vs. Jason Lee, Kaito Ishida, Shachihoko Boy, Dragon Dia
2. Shun Skywalker, Hyo Watanabe, Yuki Yoshioka, Kota Minoura vs. Ryo Saito, Don Fujii, Gamma, K-ness.
3. Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Daga
4. International Special Tag Match: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino vs. Flamita, Bandido
5. Open the Triangle Gate Championship Match: Kzy, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi vs. Takashi Yoshida, Yasushi Kanda, KAZMA SAKAMOTO
6. Open the Twin Gate Championship Match: YAMATO, BxB Hulk vs. Big R Shimizu, Ben-K
7. Mascara contra Caballera: Dragon Kid vs. Eita

I'm curious about DK losing the mask or not but it feels like a weak main event.

If anyone has any other resources they think should be added to the top post go ahead and post them. Puroresu Spirit dying really got rid of the best one stop place for puro cards and results, so I don't know if there's any place that's stepped up since then.


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Combination of Kevin Kelly, Rocky Romero and Excalibur for tonight's Tag League final. I like the sound of it.


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For your results/sites there's also https://dramaticddt.wordpress.com/ which is the IHeartDG for DDT, with regularly updated results, previews for upcoming events, and most importantly, promo translations


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added dramaticddt.

So after the WTL Finals we've got Ospreay Vs Ibushi and it looks like GOD VS LIJ Vs Bucks. The singles match should be excellent and the tag match will probably be good but as much as I love LIJ I'm just bored to death with the NJPW tag team scene. We've seen all these teams go at it multiple times and forcing them into a multi-man match (just like the junior tag division!) feels lazy.

Makabe making the save for Okada/Tana is somewhat interesting. I haven't been a fan at all of them having Okada/Tana losing every match where they've tagged together but if it leads to something interesting like CHAOS booting Okada out for being a chump and him joining a mega-faces stable with Tana/Makabe/KUSHIDA/Honma/etc that'd be kinda fun. And then in a couple years he can go dick heel and betray them.

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I'm wondering if on the Road to WK shows they have GOD defend the 6 man titles and lose to have another title match at WK.

I loved the pairing of Finley and Juice and would love to see them continue on as a team. They have great chemistry, and if they want to throw them into a 6 man match, put Cobb with them. That would be a great combination as they are all great workers.


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That would work for me but I feel like the 6 man belts have become even more of an afterthought than they were when they started up. When they had 12 or more champions in the first year alone it really hurt the belts. I think they should use the 6-man titles as a house show draw and leave it off the big shows entirely. That'd make it kind of unique.


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Judging from the Road To cards, I guess Chaos is going to blow up entirely and that Yano will join Makabe again.


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So with all the expected talk about WK coming up, I figure I'd remind everyone how XMas/New Years is generally huge not just for NJ but nearly every puro fed has some major show during the time period. Figure I'd compile them together here as they're all probably good starting points for people looking to jump into a new fed for the new year (except Dragon Gate, as I'll explain below).

12/16 - NOAH Great Voyage in Yokohama 2018 Vol 2 - Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
Main Event: GHC Hwt Title - Takashi Sugiura (V7) vs. Kaito Kiyomiya (Global League Winner)
Full Card
A minor exception as NOAH is holding their big closing show this weekend, a little earlier than the normal last week of the year shows they've run in the past.

12/18 - Dragon Gate last Korakuen Hall show of the year
Main Event: Doi Darts match (Dragon Kid/K-Ness/Ben-K/Kazma/Kai vs. BxB Hulk/“brother” YASSHI/Yuki Yoshioka/Naruki Doi/Dragon Dia)
DG's annual last Korakuen show of the year is always fun because of the randomized Doi Darts match (picked at the previous Korakuen show) and the post-match when all the wrestlers (well, all the faces) address the crowd to talk about their highs/lows from the previous year and hopes for next year.

12/23 - Dragon Gate Final Gate 2018 - Fukuoka Kokusai Center
Main Event: Mask vs. Hair - Dragon Kid vs. Eita
Full Card (CWM's post above)
Final Gate truly closes out the year for Dragon Gate as for all intents and purposes they take the first few months of the new year "off". They still hold shows and have title matches in their standard smaller venues like Korakuen, Hakata Star Lanes and Kyoto KBS (the stained glass building) but Dead or Alive, their first proper big show of the year, isn't until the first weekend in May

12/28 - DDT D-Oh Grand Prix Finals - Korakuen Hall
Main Event & Full Card TBD
In the last Puro thread I mentioned the King of DDT being like DDT's G1 except I was wrong, that's more their NJ Cup (single elim tournament) where this is their G1 (two block round-robin series with block winners facing in the finals). ATM there's still a couple block shows to go with no clear picture of the finals but most any combo should be good

1/2 - AJPW New Year Wars - Korakuen Hall
Main Event: AJPW Tag Titles - Violence Giants (Suwama/Shuji Ishikawa) (V4) vs. The Bombers (Joe Doering/Dylan James)
Semi Main: AJPW Junior Title - Koji Iwamoto (V1) vs. Yusuka Okada

1/3 - AJPW New Year Wars - Korakuen Hall
Main Event: AJPW Triple Crown - Kento Miyahara (V1) vs. Kai
Semi Main: All Asia Tag Titles - NEXTREAM (Naoya Nomura/Yuma Aoyagi) vs. Takao Omori/Black Menso~Re

1/4 - TJPW - Korakuen Hall
(Noon JST/7PM PST/10PM EST, so no conflict with WK!)
TJPW is the main joshi fed that I watch, albeit mostly because it's already included under my DDTU subscription and all the DDT cross-promotion makes it easier for me to follow vs the independent joshi promotions like Stardom or Ice Ribbon. Regardless, should be a good appetizer before WK

If anyone knows of any other big XMas/NY cards coming up for the other feds (I'm sure CWM will bring up BJPW) feel free to throw them out


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Some really interesting stuff coming up it looks like. I'd be down with seeing Kiyomiya winning the GHC Belt in NOAH.

Meltzer had some notes on NJPW's relationship with ROH/IMPACT/MLW and AEW (the potential Elite company)
Obviously both AEW and ROH will want a business relationship with New Japan. Everyone in U.S. independent wrestling, including Impact and MLW would like that relationship for obvious reasons. New Japan has blocked its talent from working for Impact, even though Don Callis is an announcer for New Japan, because of the ROH relationship. They have not blocked people from working for MLW. New Japan could work with both AEW and ROH. The ball really is in their court. The key talent involved want to continue with New Japan. ROH losing the New Japan relationship to AEW would be a huge blow, but that won’t happen now, because they’ve got a sold out Madison Square Garden joint promotion on 4/6. But in 2019, depending if AEW can get off the ground, a lot could change.

NJPW having all these companies by the balls is pretty funny.


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I finally watched the 12/4 DG show and I found it pretty enjoyable. Shun Skywalker Vs UT and PAC Vs Yoshino were the standouts. Seeing U-T finally making some progress as a worker again after he basically vanished after the Millenials unit disbanded is really great. Shun has a lot of potential as well, although it's hard to get too excited about any young guy in DG with their history of handling young talent.

PAC looked a ton better in this match than the Flamita singles. Much better at balancing the heel work and having a good DG style match. I'm feeling a lot better about him having a good run with the belt now and I think he'll do well.

I also watched the finals of the NJPW WTL and Goto/Ibushi. The tag league finals I thought was only average but Goto/Ibushi was great as you'd hope for from those two. It's a damn shame that Goto is going to be at BEST an after-thought at WK when he's been so good this year.

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Yeah, in all the talk of Ishii being MVP of the G1, and rightfully so, and Tanahashi's return story, Goto has been lost in the shuffle. He's put on some great matches, and he's always there to deliver a really good match. I think once the whole The Elite issue clears up, we'll see other guys with a chance to shine.


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The final DDT Grand Prix show in Nagoya this morning was a fun watch. Matches to check out included a multi-man with special guest Ultimo Dragon working with two of his former students (Toru Owashi and Masa Takanashi) and the A-block final of Harashima vs. Go Shiozaki.

Grand Prix finals are set for the 12/28 Korakuen Hall show


A-Block winner Go Shiozaki vs B-Block winner Konosuke Takeshita

To add to my list above, there's also another DDT Korakuen Hall show on 1/3 (evening show, with All Japan as the morning show) with Daisuke Sasaki likely defending the KOD title against a returning Naomi Yoshimura


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speaking of injuries, BxB Hulk injured his neck during the Doi Darts match on Tuesday and so for the second year in a row the Twin Gate belts have been vacated right before Final Gate

Kagetora is stepping in as Yamato's new partner against Big Ben, and to make things more interesting DG has also added Speed Muscle and made it a three-way match for the vacant belts

Fall of Epic

Epic Reine

Why didn't anyone tell me the Jung Dragons reunited in Japan? Jimmy Yang's daughter gets her some as well! (apparently she's training to wrestle).


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cobainwasmurdered said:
[Final Gate Main Event] Mascara contra Caballera: Dragon Kid vs. Eita



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BxB Hulk may need to call it a career at this point



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yeah that's a really hard one there. DG doesn't need to lose any more stars so it's hard for them but the guy needs to think about himself for once. He's put himself through a lot and the last few injuries had already taken a lot out of him physically as it was.

Maybe I'm wrong (I'm sure I'm missing something) but it feels like Genki might be one of the few guys in DG to still have a pretty decent injury history of the older workers and he's still pretty beaten up.


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Watching AJPW New Year Wars Day 1 (show started at noon Japan time which is only 8PM here) and they kicked off with the announcement that Shuji Ishikawa is now signed and committed full-time to All-Japan

Great news for AJPW, less so for DDT and BJW


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Kushida on the way out...


Omega as well, apparently:



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From all I have read, the Kenny stuff feels like a work.

Kushiro has supposedly been on the way out and expected to be WWE bound for a little bit.


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Turns out it isn’t a work. At least I got to see Omega face Okada in person before this happpened. I will never ever forget that shit.