R. Kelly is done

Fall of Epic

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Way too long overdue. Lock this piece of shit up NOW, please.


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This guy is like teflon though. He's been accused of worse in the past, and has actual video of him doing disgusting shit to an underage girl and he's still free to continue doing it. Fucking Lady Gaga put him on a song just a few years ago (and not her debut where she's thirsty for a come-up, it was an album way after she was established) so clearly no one even gives a shit that he's a literal monster because...he can write songs really well?


In an alternate world, Kanye was trapped in the closet, and it was fucking awesome.

Getting the super Christian girl sing "Ignition (Remix)" at karaoke was a victory, though.


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I haven't kept up, but if Michael Jackson can still have countless defenders, I don't see that R. Kelly may have also raped young boys would move the needle much re: where they stand on the man.


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By the way, Trapped in the Closet got up to 33 chapters years ago.

Also, YouTube took down his official pages.