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Are you guys sure that I can't just create .iso files out of my Civ4 discs, and then mount them on my new computer?


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Are you guys sure that I can't just create .iso files out of my Civ4 discs, and then mount them on my new computer?
The universe must be telling you something because the Civilization IV Complete Edition is now 75% off on Steam which is $7.48 (AU) for me.

This includes the base game, expansions and also the Civ IV version of Colonization.

Offer lasts until October 8.


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Alright computer types, I got one for you (and it is not related to the outage the news is reporting). I wanted to listen to Apple Music while reading, so I opened the app on my Airbook and it kept thinking about playing a song and my entire internet access was killed on Chrome, Safari, and any internet needy app. I went through 30 minutes of troubleshooting via google search on my tablet and it started working, finally. Trying to figure out what happened, and everything seemed to be working again, I opened Apple Music, again. As soon as I pressed "play" on a song, the app froze and my internet was inaccessible for over an hour. Even the prior troubleshooting did not work and it only seemed to resolve via its on decision.

During both troubleshooting sessions, when I was in the process of rebooting and going into safe mode, the computer was lagging badly and my fan was really loud as if I had a bunch of needless apps running. Activity monitor showed CVMServer eating up to 40% of my usage.

Once I was back online, I went back to my report I had open in Word. I copied and pasted the word document into my gmail, and for some even stranger reason, it is pasting as a .PNG and not text.

This is NOT a good time for the internet and computer in general to be a total snot show.


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Finally figured out the issue to my mouse cursor randomly moving on its own (usually to the upper right corner, even without touching the mouse) and it turns out I had to disable the 'Pen' tool thing under Device Manager - Human Interface Devices. Took me a year+ to find that solution somewhere!


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And because it's a DS game with post weight loss Penn on the cover. I feel like that happened well into the 3DS era.

I'd have been all over Desert Bus if they'd have put it up on the 3ds eshop though.


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I just discovered it this morning. I had figured out a workaround with Safari, tricking it into thinking my laptop was my phone, but this is much easier. Now if work would stop distracting me.