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Courtesy of the Disney Movie Club I picked up the 4K release of The Little Mermaid, the contrast in colors especially is impressive and the black levels are pretty solid. I've also finally purchased A Simple Favor and pre-ordered the Blu-Ray for The Favourite as well as the 4K for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.


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Bought all these yesterday:
- American Gangster 2-disc unrated extended edition
- Blade Runner 5-disc complete collector's edition (Blu-Ray)
- Do the Right Thing (Blu-Ray)
- The Fisher King
- Halloween (1978)
- Halloween (2018, Blu-Ray)
- Infernal Affairs
- The Outsiders: The Complete Novel
- Stranger Things: Season 2 in the awesome VHS case
- Wizards

American Gangster was $1. Hard to argue with that price.

I think it's ridiculous that the one version of Blade Runner I want on Blu-Ray requires purchasing a 5-disc set, but whatever. Fine. For the record, my favorite is the international theatrical cut that was widely available on VHS before all the director's cuts and final editions ruined everything. Personally, I enjoy the narration and do not appreciate the edits on other versions I have seen.

Do the Right Thing will be interesting to watch on Blu-Ray after seeing the Criterion DVD years ago; it was quite the gorgeous transfer and I wonder it if will be more so on Blu-Ray.

Anyone who thinks The Outsiders was a bad adaptation of the book should seek out The Complete Novel; it adds nearly 15 minutes that really makes it a much better, more faithful rendition.

Wizards was in the Best Buy clearance bin for $3.99 and I'm not saying no to that deal.


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Added these DVDs over the past two weekends:
- Airplane! ("Don't call me Shirley" edition)
- Black Sunday (1960)
- Bonnie & Clyde (1967)
- Breathless
- Cape Fear (1962)
- Casino
- Cruising
- Dead Alive
- The Dead Pool
- The Expendables 1-3 (Blu-Ray)
- Goodfellas
- Hairspray (1988)
- The Killer
- The Mummy (1959)
- The Producers (1968)
- Quadrophenia
- Psycho (1960)
- Rear Window
- Silent Night, Deadly Night I & II
- The Sting
- Strange Brew
- Stripes (Extended cut)
- Touch of Evil (Blu-Ray)
- The Warner Gangsters Collection set (Angels with Dirty Faces, Little Caesar, Petrified Forest, The Public Enemy, The Roaring '20s, White Heat)
- Young Frankenstein (Blu-Ray)


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- Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
- Deep Cover
- Menace II Society
- Tootsie
- The Hammer Horror Series: The Franchise Collection (Brides of Dracula, Curse of the Werewolf, Phantom of the Opera, Paranoiac, Kiss of the Vampire, Nightmare, Night Creatures, Evil of Frankenstein)
- Hammer Films: The Icons of Suspense Collection (Stop Me Before I Kill, Maniac, Cash on Demand, Never Take Candy from a Stranger, The Snorkel, These are the Damned)

Menace II Society was supposedly an extended directors' cut, yet it was no different than the movie I've been familiar with since the '90s.


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Got some Vinegar Syndrome titles from their "halfway to Black Friday" sale. I now own the following on Blu Ray

-Evil Town
-Party Line
-Sudden Fury
-Body Melt


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Picked up the Blu-Rays for Man's Best Friend ($24.96) and Piranha 3DD ($11.55) at Got the Free Shipping and the OCEAN Promo Code knocked off 15% off the total order (Saved another $5.48 there).

Master Thrasher

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It's Amazon Prime Day and I bought Spiderman Into The Spiderverse (sale), The Expendibles Trilogy, Armageddon, and Last Action Hero.


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Took advantage of two Black Friday sales, one on Vinegar Syndrome, the other Severin Films.

Vinegar Syndrome

-Tammy and the T-Rex (R-Rated Edition)
-The Candy Snatchers
-The Passenger
-Savage Harbour
-Savage Dawn

Severin Films

-Blood on Satan's Claw (Limited Edition Slipcover)
-Revenge of the Living Dead Girls
-Violence in a Women's Prision
-Beyond Death's Door
-Severin Logo T-Shirt

So, I spent over $200 on what can mostly be called cinematic garbage.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Target is doing a Buy 2, Get 1 right now, so I got a couple things between the sale and my RedCard discount

Order 1 - $50 and change shipped
Knives Out 4K
Hustlers 4K
Midway 4K

I saw the first two in the theatres, enjoyed and figured I’d like to watch again soon. Heard Midway was good and probably a little ways away from movie channels still

Order 2 - A little under $16 shipped
Lady Bird Blu-Ray
I, Tonya Blu-Ray
The House Blu-Ray

Saw The House in theatres, wasn’t the best but a few laughs essentially for free with these two cheap ones I wanted to see

Another maybe garbage one but I kinda wanted to see was a few places had the 4K of the new Charlie’s Angels relatively cheap. I’d probably watch two hours of Naomi Scott staring at a spoon so when Amazon had a coupon to get the new 4K for $19.99, figure I’d watch and if I don’t like it, can probably sell it used online later


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Got this sucker in the mail today