Rick Moranis returns to acting...in a Mint Mobile commercial

Winter Epicland

Epic Reine
Covid is tough on everyone, man.

I do like how he poked fun at the fact that he really doesn't want to be on camera anymore.


Integral Poster
I mean he could be in one of those super low rent parody movies so it could be worse than doing a commercial with a pretty big star. Like, you could've saw Rick Moranis debase himself in this movie if things went differently


Big Beard Booty Daddy

Canadian Destroyer213
I love that 2 Canadians are in a commercial for an American cell company, owned by one of the Canadians. Rick is amazing. I'd love to see him back full time, but I get it. I still miss him.


Integral Poster
That's fucked up. Someone must of really hated Big Bully.

Also to lighten up the mood from a comedian I love getting punched, the Trailer screen cap on Youtube for Big Bully might be the most disturbing image I've ever seen