RIP Brodie Lee


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This is rough, really rough. He had a real opportunity to thrive in AEW, and now he's gone. Prayers up to his family.

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Baby Shoes
I don’t even have words.

I had been thinking it was strange that he hadn’t been on TV in some time but I could’ve never guessed this... I feel so awful for his family.

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I had to look stuff up after this and see he was just deemed out with an undisclosed injury following dropping the title to Cody, which was his final match.

I knew he had young kids too and feel awful seeing his youngest turned 3 this month...


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Wow jesus christ. Only less than a week and this god forsaken year is over. Holy shit, I'm stunned at this one. Whenever he got something to work with, Luke Harper was consistently one of the highlights of WWE from 2013-2019 and I always was a fan from the first time I saw him on the indies.

Just terrible awful shit. Why can't any bad people die. RIP


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This is terrible. Doesn't seem real. I remember reading in the spoilers for the show that aired last Wednesday that they had Brodie's son pin Omega for the belt after the show. Guessing they knew Brodie was really ill for awhile.


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i was a big fan of him from the time i first saw him in Dragon Gate/indies. Loved him in WWE especially the Bludgeon Brothers version of he and Rowan where they really got to show more. Wasn't a big fan of the Dark Order stuff I saw but I know he was finally getting to show more there and was looking forward to what he'd get to do and was hoping to see him in NJPW too. Just a devestating loss.


That is the kind of thing that makes me really, really want the company to have a better product. That is taking care of talent on another level.


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RIP Brodie Lee. Shocking news but it sounds like this lung issue may have been known for a while? Awful way to go though and especially at a young age.


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This really fucking hurts. Brodie was Rochester’s hometown hero and he always put over his hometown in interviews. So much fun heckling cheering and interacting with him at local indies here. Stings extra hard that those memories were shared with my best friend who also passed this year. Had tickets to Dynamite that he debuted on that was supposed to be in Rochester but ended up being the first episode pushed to an empty arena because of COVID. Fuck 2020. RIP Brodie. RIP Joey.


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Really sad to see this, more sad for my friends and peers that have been following this man for years. My bud that's really into indy stuff would not shut UP about how awesome Brodie Lee is and just wait until they let "Luke Harper" cut loose in WWE. He wound up having to let me see some youtube and dvd stuff he had. He's taking it hard. Bray's tribute is beautiful.

So sorry so many are hurting for what seems like a really great guy.