RIP Charlie Watts

Fall of Epic

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Really puts into the perspective that the other members are on borrowed time. The foundations are starting to crack. I can't imagine a life without Mick Jagger or Keith Richards.


Kamala The Simp

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I should have figured things were bad when they announced Steve Jordan was replacing him for their fall tour.

The Rolling Stones pretty much died today. They might as well just call it Jagger-Richards-Wood (or Jagger-Richards depending on how much credit they want to give rock's wackiest, friendliest second banana)


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So glad I got to see them shortly before Covid. And I love that my last memory of him was watching him perform on a Covid money raising show where heart-drummed the whole song while the rest of the band took it seriously.

Kamala The Simp

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Kicking myself for passing up on multiple opportunities to see them during the Bigger Bang era (once at Gillette in '05/'06ish with KANYE WEST and once TD Gardem in '07/'08ish with Sleater-Kinney opening). The show with Kanye opening up was a rare poorly attended Stones show and they were trying to unload tickets for like $20 too.

Incidentally, in Life, Keef says that Charlie Watts personally selected most of the Stones opening acts so it's fun to imagine him driving around in his Aston-Martin in the '00s listening to Late Registration or Sleater-Kinney with a stoic but impressed facial expression.

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Got to see them in 97 on the Bridges to Babylon tour (third eye blind opener) Those old timers crushed. Very sad day for me. It’s just not the Stones now.

I’m 40. Getting to the age where these people are just dying, and it shouldn’t surprise me, but it always catches me off guard.