RT Me in Person: The 2021 Independent Wrestling Compendium

King Kamala

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I think everyone expected something of a down year for independent wrestling in 2020, even before the pandemic but COVID-19 has hit the Indies way harder than the major brands. WWE and AEW (and to a lesser extent, ROH) have stripped the scene fairly thin and most independent promotions don't have the capability to run shows. Will the scene be able to recover and create the next generation of stars or will the nose dive continue?

Starting the year off in random (but cool) news...Mr. Grim came out as pansexual. Mentioned this earlier but I love how inclusive independent wrestling is becoming.


I wish her nothing but the best in her personal life and her battle with mental health, but I also can't ever see a major company working with her outside of job duty no matter how incredibly talented or good a person she is.

King Kamala

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If she keeps her price reasonable enough, I would take a chance on her as an Indy promoter but afaik she is retired for good but who knows in rasslin.
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I went to my first indie show last Saturday, Synergy Pro Wrestling: 1-2-21, in NJ. It's the 4th show my daughter has gone to there. Jordan Oliver is one of their big home grown talents, and he was going for the SPW Championship against then current champion Brandon Kirk (the deathmatch wrestler). My daughter is a big fan of both Kirk (the husband of her favorite wrestler, Kasey Catal), and Jordan, but she's a bigger fan of Jordan. He ended up winning the title, and she got to meet him after and took this picture, which I think is fantastic. It's probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken. He walked out, dropped to the floor and handed my daughter his title. She posed perfectly. She looks like she could be his manager.


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Jordan Oliver probably belongs in discussion of most improved during the pandemic on the indy scene. I always thought he had potential to be a really strong Cruiserweight but he was too scrawny even by indies standards. He has really taken these last few months to fill out.