Soccer in 2019

and in 2022:

lirl now you're gonna get, y'know


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lirl that was my reaction.


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Cried also to be dead honest. With the players we were missing, that happened? Get the fuck outta here


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Australia/Norway was some epic Women's World Cup shit and Cameroon's being aggressive as fuck against England right now, nearly scored on a turnover.
What was going through your mind when you kung-fu kicked that Palace fan? If you%u2019d landed on your feet instead of your backside, what would you have done next?
Richard, South Shields
[Long pause] I did land on my feet, not where you say. That%u2019s why I went to hit him again. But I didn%u2019t hit him strong enough. I should have hit him harder.

I didn't think that I had a responsibility not to do it because of who I was. No, I was just a footballer and a man. I don't care about being some sort of superior person. I just wanted to do whatever I wanted to do. If I want to kick a fan, I do it. I'm not a role model. I'm not a superior teacher, telling you how to behave. I think the more you see, the more you realise that life is a circus.

Who would have won a verbal joust: Camus or Sartre? And on the pitch?
[Looks totally perplexed] What!? [FFT: The philosophers.] Ah, Camus! Or Sartre! [Laughs] I didn't understand. I thought you meant a camel or a sauterelle [grasshopper]. You know, the little thing which moves a little bit then jumps [makes his hands like a grasshopper as he laughs out loud]. I liked this comparison... But the philosophers? There would be no winner with these kinds of people.

They were open people with their own ideas, but they would listen to the ideas of others. Truth was not everything. You argue to improve or change your point of view. If you think you know the truth about everything then you become very closed. You stay in your own world and go crazy. And then after 10 years you kill yourself. It is important to be open and to have your own point of view, but be open to change.

the perfect response to that stupid question, cantona is a genius both on and off the pitch

There's a fine line between freedom and chaos. To some extent I am an anarchist in that I try for a kind of anarchy. But this is an anarchy of thought, you could say, a liberation of the mind from conventional ways of being and of doing.


this interview is old but the 25th anniversary of that epic semmy schilt front kick on the fascist fan was a couple of days ago.

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Can we now categorize the Bundesliga as horror instead of sports? :-[
lmao I think that's a cool idea, so long as the money actually goes to the right place. Also the fan should be able to keep the cardboard cutout after the fact.
That pic was taken later than when he actually grabbed it. There's another one out there but I'm way too lazy to go find it again.

And then the Kovacic foul shows someone standing on him

thats a fake one

Here is the clear video

And Kovacic ran by him and stuck his foot in there tf is Xhaka supposed to do levitate?

cant upload fucking shit on this site but pause it anywhere between 2 and 3 secs left it’s a clear foul

EDIT: best pic I can do cause it has to be small3C8B36F0-F956-4709-95AB-A0A3F3D639C4.jpeg