South Park: The Fractured But Whole


The Valeyard said:
So is it fair to say that if I liked Stick of Truth, I should pick this up at the next big Steam sale?

I dug it, it's currently 70% off on GMG, $17.87 for base game or $26.77 for gold edition


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I still need to play the DLC but otherwise I'm pretty done with this game. Played through a second time and hit the things I missed the first time, including Morgan Freeman because I didn't know you could fight him. Tried him yesterday and after his first attack thought fuck this isn't happening yet, but soldiered through it and ended up managing to beat him on the first try.


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How To Fight Morgan Freeman:
Go to Freeman’s Tacos on Main Street.
Inside, use the counter on the left to get behind the register.
Punch Morgan Freeman three times to intitiate the optional boss fight.
NOTE: Morgan Freeman won’t fight you if your character is Black.

He's far and away the hardest fight in the game.