Speaking Out: David Starr Countless Others Named


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That dumb Triple H statement blew up in their faces immediately. It shouldn't be surprising with the types of people the McMahons surround themselves with, but it's still absurd how unprepared they are with easy PR moves. Just dump the guy already.


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PWI really took effort to note the #SpeakingOut wrestlers.

Matt Riddle: "Prior to his Smackdown debut, Riddle was accused of sexual assault by a former partner during the #Speaking-Out movement...He's since denied the accusation." (Ellipses their's)

Velveteen Dream: "Derailed by #SpeakingOut accusations in June."

Jordan Devlin: "Was stripped of title and released by PROGRESS after being accused of assault."

Austin Theory: "Largely absent from TV over the summer following a #SpeakingOut allegation in June."

Jay Lethal: "The subject of new and old accusations of harassment, which he denied in a tweet dated July 6."

Others didn't make the list. They did not rank Jack Gallagher, Joey Ryan, Michael Elgin, David Starr, Jimmy Havoc, Dave Crist, Joe Coffey, Travis Banks, El Ligero.


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It's almost as if these guys keep doing this because they know they'll almost certainly be rewarded, let alone face any consequences.

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He's 18/19 years old, is better in ring than his brother is, and Marko is pretty damn good. He had a very bright future, and he's never going to be used again. What a complete fucking moron.

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Drake Wuertz is mentoring Joey Ryan now. Fighting pedophilia while befriending sexual, he took too many shots to the head.


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Yeah I saw that sometime last week and thought about posting it but decided I didn't want to waste TSMer's seconds to read that. I like how the only donations for a long time were anonymous.