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Whats the best add-in/ plugin for watching embedded and/or streaming videos off the net? Either for firefox or opera etc. I have an eeepc and I'm finding that with some videos it's very grainy/rough and now and again it's running choppy with sound and video. I don't know whether it's the browser I used (opera at the time). I might just stick with firefox 3 for it as i've both installed on here.

EDIT: a little more info: where I appear to be running into problems on both browsers (opera/firefox) is on the demo. It's very choppy sound/ audio. When I watch a video say on nfl,.com, it seems to run fine. same with youtube. Maybe a little slow but usually fine. I know it could be three different types of players used by each site. I'm just wondering if someone with more info about it can help me.
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