Super market music

The Walgreens nearest to me is cursed anyway. Weird shit happens.

Also, I mean, no of course they don't know it's fucking Christmas. Show respect for their personal belief systems and stop forcing God down their throats instead of food, BONO. Go back to your no name streets.


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Two things...Richard Page was in Ringo’s All Starr Band when I saw them so I can say I saw Ringo play drums to “Kyrie”.

Second...guitarist for Mr. Mister was one of the many anonymous lead guitarists on KISS’ Creatures of the Night. Looking it up on Wikipedia, he played on the title track, which absolutely rips.

I always found it ironic in that what was probably the best KISS studio album (Creatures of the Night) didn't have KISS's most talented musician on it (despite his appearance on the cover).

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Idk if I would call Ace Frehley KISS' most talented musician but he's definitely most unique and influential.

I've honestly never thought of who was most talented musician in KISS...

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Hey @The Valeyard , do you have any strong feelings about Alannah Myles' "Black Velvet"?

It somehow came up on my Facebook feed this morning and it brought up the indelible memory of my retirement age elementary school music teacher telling us it was her favorite song of all time then playing it for all of us.

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Alannah Myles really showed up to the scene 4 or 5 years too early. I feel like 1990 was probably worst time for smoky strong adult contemporary types. Well, I guess she walked so Sheryl Crow could run.

I'm not against it but it isn't the music I want to get a shot to. It was played immediately after "Fireflies" so at least I got Shania instead of a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightening bugs.


I heard ODESZA, of all things, playing at the Hy-Vee after we got dose 1 last Saturday. Unsure if it speaks to how ubiquitous electronic music is becoming, or if I'm just old and they're played out in the year 2021. Still one of my favorite acts, though, especially within that genre.