Super Pictures And Videos I Like 64: Championship Edition


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What's this about him not even playing the games anymore?
It's not 100% proven, but it seems based on some recent game choices outside of James' personal fandom realm and his sometimes unenthused script reading, mixed in with overly forced anger that he isn't invested in the gimmick anymore. He finally admitted in a recent video that he handles the technical end of things* and the other guys write the material (which he then approves/adds to). James spent a year and a half in Covid isolation, so his "crew" and him seemed to mainly contact through emails and whatnot based on some comments shared by James and the others.

*By handles the tech, I mean he showed a video admitting he hasn't upgraded his editing Mac since like 7+ years ago, he doesn't know basic problem solving on CPUs etc as he spent weeks trying to fix an issue only to find out he had a faulty "Monstercable", he was editing Nerd videos by capturing things to DVD and transferring them to his CPU, etc etc Plus he moved houses so his nerd room is a fake set his buddy built in his garage, so it's smaller and cramped so James took cable ties and tied his tripods to the ceiling so he wouldn't trip - that was his excuse as to why tons of recent videos are just him sitting in one spot w/ game play spliced in. He also bought a sizable teleprompter instead of using an app on his Iphone, so he has that bolted to several pieces of wood he then slapped on top of a SNES on the set. Basically the whole video was shocking as James is making 100K a year on youtube (allegedly) so having a slap dash studio set up is mind blowing.
I really wanted to like the AVGN movie. I was so hyped to watch it and I couldn't get into it at all. Fan reaction seems to be the same. I appreciate the effort but yeah, huge misfire.


I was happy for him to finally get the chance to make the shlock movie he wanted. Always just liked Rolfe and rooted for him. But it was terrible and he's never been the same since on any level. Just as someone who always wanted to be a filmmaker, and who finally got his dream and who had a popular character, it's sad his biggest film moment is telling everyone he didn't want to see the female Ghostbusters.

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I would have been fucking pissed if I spent money on what amounted to a shitty film, only for him to upload the actual review portion of the film to YouTube, for free, a week or so after the film released.


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So I learned (probably re-learned) this weekend that one of my favorite arcade games, Burger Time, had a console exclusive sequel. So I looked a little more into it and was surprised to learned the sequel was made from a He-man (my <3) prototype game.