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It seems odd to me that an accounts receivable report would get labeled like that, first of all. "Accounts Payable Invoice?" That's not a thing. None of it is sorted. It doesn't pass the smell test.

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I don't understand. Can they make it into a dance number for me?
Wrestling journalists don't dance!

(although for some weird reason, I could imagine Bryan Alvarez doing some goofy, mediocre breakdancing. I can't imagine Meltz or Bix in any scenario cutting a rug)

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I’m sure that sweet check I’m owed for interviewing Christopher Daniels before AEW came to town back in January will arrive in the mail any day now. Can’t wait for my Khan cash!

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People won't let that stop them from shitting on Meltzer, though.

There's so much real shit to drag him for, people making up things is bizarre to me.

I'm sure there are more sites, but the only one I know for a fact that is paid for by Khan is that new site Wrestle Joy (fuck the people that run that site, not for this but they're just assholes).
The wrong stuff isn't his problem, it's that he's just shitty. Guy can fuck up news or typo all he wants, it's the nature of the beast, but he'll always be the guy who insults the women for no reason or refuses to admit he's wrong. My problem is him with him personally, and that in mind, I'm just going to say it: it's guys like him that make autism look really bad.


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Omega made the HOF and Roman Reigns didn't get enough votes to stay on the ballot. I would say shitstorm ensuing but a whole bunch of other stuff going on right now and maybe a lot the vitriol towards Meltz (and the voters) has turned to indifference
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I don't get how currently active performers can make the Observer HOF. It'd be one thing if it was someone winding down their career but Omega's a performer that may have as many years ahead of him as he does behind him.

(@cobainwasmurdered : Let's hope not!)

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Junkyard Dog and Ron Simmons still aren't in cause Dave and his stans are racist pieces of garbage.

Chris Benoit is still in there though.


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The observer HOF has been a joke since at least when Kurt Angle got in after like 2 years of being a pro.

I'm more bothered by Roman falling off the ballot (not just not getting in! Falling off the fucking ballot) than Omega going in because that was inevitable. Roman is doing arguably the best promo/character work in at least american wrestling right now. He's beaten cancer twice to have a hell of a career. He's one of the only people that seems to move the needle with ratings even a tiny bit. Moves merchandise. I'd put him in over Omega in a heartbeat.

Looking through the shows Omega headlined in NJPW he often did significantly less well as a draw than other acts that both preceded and followed him. Omega is also a terrible promo. I'm not saying I think he doesn't deserve to go in at some point because even I don't deny he is very talented and has had a big impact on the business but he is not a sure fire must go in on the first try HOFer.