The Meltzer Thread


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PG-13 being the straw that broke the camel's back means WATCH SOME PG-13. They were more than the white guys rapping the Nation out to the ring or massive scumbags irl which I think both are. One of them is a massive racist and maybe rapist, but so is nearly everyone in the biz which wait god dammit I need to force myself to quit watching wrestling.

King Kamala

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I don't feel comfortable supporting this take because of that PG-13 shoot interview where Jamie Dundee was pilled up and kept using the N word (hard R) but I'm open to changing my mind based on Jamie Dundee following me on Twitter.


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What was with PG-13 randomly getting a squash win on Raw and then losing to the Gunns right after in late 95? Iirc Vince kinda buries them on commentary.

I think Wolfie D was close to the Rock when they were in Memphis together


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Wolfie D was the one that seems not horrible irl (Probably wrong) and was in TNA in The Disciples Of The New Church. A team I'm thinking of saying are better than The Young Bucks, but that is just trolling.


I've never bought a show or tape for Doring/Roadkill like I did for the Bucks/Steen & Dragon main of PWG Fear. ****1/2 wild brawl.


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People arguing like I;ve seen about his not meaning it badly or his wording etc are missing that no matter what it was fucking stupid and dismissive. As someone who has a lot of history of leukemia in their family it particularly annoys me.