The Minor League Sports Bullshit and Miscellania thread


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Follow up. A no-hitter is still item #1 on my baseball bucket list. The Jersey Shore Blueclaws (PHI) no-hit the Hudson Valley Renegades (NYY) for nine innings but with no score the game went into extra innings. Minor leagues use the same runner on second rule in extras. The Renegades broke up the no-hitter in the tenth with a single, but failed to score the runner. The Renegades had runners thrown out at home in both the 10th and 11th. Herbert Iser hit a triple for the Blueclaws in the 12th, the only extra base hit in the game.


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Pele was from before my time but he holds some prestige in my heart for being the titular star of an Atari game. IIRC Activison owns most of the major leagues licensing deals, so it was rare to have a "real" sports person on an Atari game. (Are there other examples?)