The OAO "The singer of Trapt meltdown" thread

Forgot 3 Doors Down were conservatives until this thread, so thanks for reminding me.

Also, this month marks the one year anniversary of learning that Trapt were going to tour with Tantric and Saliva, so I wonder if the other bands are thinking they dodged a bullet. Also, Saliva is one of the most embarrassing bands of all time, and nothing can change my opinion.

Kamala The Simp

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I've mentioned it another one of these shitty '00s rock threads but I thought Saliva were actually really underrated when I was in middle school cause they were the opening act for the KISS/Aerosmith co-headlining tour in 2003. Fact that they opened up for classic rock bands made them "legit" to pubescent Kamala lol.