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This is pretty much my favorite show ever. Didn't want the first post to be first review.


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- When I first heard the guy who got shot's name was Snot Boogie, I had no idea what to make of that. And who would really. The closing line pre-intro is one of the show's best. Paraphrasing "why'd you let the guy play if he always stole the money?" "Got to, this America man"

...when it's not your turn – McNulty

- The opening trial scene is the best post-intro scene in the first episode of any show that I've seen. Levy's lack of questioning to the first witness as telling of some bullshit about to go down. Stringer's drawn picture that he showed McNulty was the best. The only thing regarding this scene I don't understand is why a different prosecutor was used than the one that was intended to be used throughout the whole run of the show. Anyway, as we know that dumb bitch security guard contradicts the testimony of the initial witness and says she didn't see DeAngelo shoot the guy. And so it goes. McNulty's level of disgust after hearing this was hilarious, coupled with that nicely done quip, that was great. And the moron assigned to the case putting his phone up to his cock was just as good. He doesn't believe McNulty either.

- The first takedown did a great job establishing what kind of fuckheads we're watching do their work in this show. SHIT GON SCRATCH THE PAINT DON'T PUT THAT SHIT ON MY CAR. TWO GUNS. That shotty was p. neat though.

- Jury finds D'Angelo not guilty of first and second degree murder. Look on that idiot detective's face makes my day. "You have a nice day."

- McNulty bitching to judges is going to be a theme here...

- lol typewriters in 2002. Even my technologically parents had a computer then. Carver burned Herc pretty good regarding the possibility of them using an actual computer for their work. "You can't even call this shit a war. Wars end." GOAT comment.

- Funny to see how much Bunk didn't want that body to come back as a murder.

- See look what McNulty done fucked up. He told people about Avon Barksdale and NARCOTICS doesn't even know who he is. Nobody does! McNulty doesn't expect the shit he's about to get, but hey Rawls loves giving the big stick to everyone! "You see these McNulty, you see them...these are for you" LOL. The casual use of "African-American person" by Rawls in this conversation made me a little uncomfortable. McNulty lying and saying he didn't know the judge was going to call anyone was a very amusing lie. TYPE THAT REPORT BOY. WITH DOTS.

- So everyone's stuck at the police station typing reports. Meanwhile, D'Angelo is telling Wee-Bey that shit Stringer pulled during the trial was sick. BUT DON'T TALK IN THE CAR. Discipline and rules are the only way to run a tight ship in the drug game.

From here on out I'm gonna call D'Angelo, D. Reason being, I keep spelling his name incorrectly, and that apostrophe is giving me fits. Plus, everyone calls him that.

- We meet Avon for the first time as he's being told by Stringer that there's a cop who wants to get in their shit. Avon then gives D all kinds of shit for shooting the guy and putting the business and himself in that kind of trouble. Ha at "when I get back to the tower." Okay.

- Unfortunately Bunk's body didn't come back a natural death. Too bad. Gonna have to do some police work. McNulty was pretty stupid to tell Landsman where he didn't wanna go. Short-sighted to the max.

- D pulling up to the tower only to be told it's time for him to go down to The Pit left him quite incredulous. But did he really think he was gonna get his spot back after shooting some guy in a lobby?

- lol at Wallace thinking D was down in The Pit cause he messed up a count. No, he killed someone. DUH. This contrasts little kids who sell drugs from hardened criminals who know better quite well.

- Bubbles money scheme was the absolute worst thing. His attempt to "get Johnny brown" was funny shit. Now I can't understand how it actually worked on Wallace but, you know, this harkens back to the kids who sell drugs thing. D was too trusting and expected Wallace to do it right, and nearly put it away, but Bodie knew better and told him to count it. Back when Bubbles and Johnny are getting high and all fucked up and shit was something I can imagine less desensitized viewers probably weren't expecting or comfortable with watching. That's life though.

- lol buy-busts.

- The tour through the FBI field office was pretty neat, as was their video of ongoing surveillance. We learn that this is the last drug case pending for these Feds.

- Johnny's gonna do the money scam now. What a fuckin' bad idea. He's too anxious, cutting in line and shit and confusing Wallace who's just too dumb for this shit. So he throws the "money" in Wallace's hand, that's obviously a bad idea, and now Johnny's gonna get fuckin' CRACKED. They trip him, knock him over, then Bodie, Poot, and Wallace go to town on him like animals.

- First meeting on the major case against Avon begins now, and McNulty starts immediately with calling the current plan wrong. Well, he's right of course, but there are negatives to taking that course of action. CHAIN OF COMMAND, Daniels is just following orders, so McNulty is bitching up the wrong tree and hasn't earned the right to do differently. Yeah he's right, most people would do the same shit, but cops have to follow rules, right? At least he knows how fucked he is.

- D doesn't approve of Johnny getting beat up like a pile of shit over a few bucks. Yeah it's all in the game, but that shit's dumb. lol 20 dollars for a drink that's some kind of racket if I've ever heard one.

- This is when we find out Kima's a lesbian but anyone should have had her pegged from the start. That wasn't exactly a huge reveal.

- Jimmy pissing in the wind with a train rolling down the tracks straight at him was quite metaphorical. Great example of one scene in one show telling you everything that's ahead in the subsequent season of the show.

- Johnny in a coma was quite fucked up. And as such, time for Bubs to do some snitchin'.

- Closing scene starts with a hungover and overworked Bunk having to go out to another body. Is it any wonder so many murders slip through the cracks? I really hate the editing in reminding the viewer of Gant's importance to the show, it's good that never happens again. D's there, he sees, and he knows. And that fucks him up, just because one person said some shit about him in a case where D was proven innocent the guy gets a shot to the dome. That's fucked up and unfair. And that's the first episode.


The Wire Season 1 Opening & Intro

The Wire - Rawls Has A Gift For McNulty

The Wire | Johnny Learns a Lesson From The Pit Boys

It's odd because I don't remember the first episode being as good as this, yet it is. But for a first time viewer I can easily see how they would get confused or not understand exactly what it is they're watching, why the police act this way, operation of drug organizations, etc. However, I prefer shows that don't baby viewers and treat them like idiots so stuff like this is up my alley and always was from the beginning. First time I watched this episode (and this was without people telling me how good it was, and how imperative it was that I watch this show), I knew I'd watch all of them. I found it on HBO on Demand one day, tried it out and got hooked immediately.


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- We start up with Bunk and McNulty talking about Gant while some real morbid saw the guy's chest open shit is going on in the background. Of course McNulty intends to run straight to the judge and tell him about the witness which screws Bunk over.

"You cannot lose if you do not play." - Marla Daniels

- It's a little strange for a show to introduce characters through type and text. I can't recall many others doing something like that.

- I love how the detail is stationed in the darkest depths of the courthouse, which signifies how unimportant the bosses feel this is. Upstairs at said courthouse, McNulty is whining to Judge Phelan again, and by the way, Phelan's office is really gross looking. Shouldn't a judge be dignified enough to keep that shit clean?

- lol at the looks McNulty gets when he walks into the basement. Also at Pryzbylewski (only time I am ever copy-pasting this name) shooting his gun into the wall. "AW, I forgot the one in the chamber!" The way the police laugh at Prez being in casualty section makes me think casualty section means some shit like an injury. Yet this dude ain't injured, he's just so dumb they'd put him there.

- D's comments to Wallace when he was extolling the virtues of McNuggets was pretty great. Lots of people say that the person who comes up with shit like that actually gets something, but those people don't get it.

- Daniels pleading to Pearlman for better detective on his case was great. And he knew for a fact that his detail was getting the shaft and exactly why. Pretty smart. Also, Pearlman's office was even messier than that of the judge. She can't do much about Daniels detail issues.

- Bubbles hat scheme is one of the best things. Simple explanation is that big fish get shown the red hat. They try it on, they get their picture taken. Stinkum and Wee-Bey get the hat to identify them later.

- Bunk and McNulty went down to The Pit and ran some good game on D'Angelo both then and later at the police station. Daniels is going to be pissed, of course. Nobody on the detail was supposed to do shit on the street without his knowledge but that's happening right now. This worked out well in a way, cause Kima could get some license plates and that whole deal.

- Daniels full court press to get a comptent cop worked out pretty well. Higher ups are pretty naive, thinking it to be bullshit that a state's witness would get killed after a trial where the suspect was found not-guilty. LOL at Daniels and Jimmy having it out in the other interview room. Jimmy's trademark "what the fuck did I do" line was well-placed here.

- Bunk and McNulty put the press on D in a great way. I enjoyed very much when Bunk got the picture of his own kids, attributed them to Gant, and got D to WRITE A LETTER TO THE MAN'S FAMILY. Levy goes into the room, says WHAT THE FUCK, and then on the way out of homicide he SLAPS D UPSIDE THE HEAD.

- The guy continuing to interrupt the detail's first big briefing was a great gag. Daniels partnership pairings were well thought out, two old drunks with each other and all that. Was quite disheartening to see Daniels discard D's letter as if it was meaningless, but considering the title of the show nobody would have ever been surprised by the investigation ballooning into a bigger one.

- Avon getting his Emeril on was hilarious. Just because all we really know of him to this point is that he's supposed to be a criminal mastermind. "It ain't on you cuz" is what he tells D.

- It's sad when McNulty and Kima give Bubbles that scrilla just cause you know where it's headed. The cops know it too.

- Prez, Carver, and Herc heading down to the towers was one of the dumbest things I can think of. Typical shitty, dirty cop mentality. Act like their dick grew a foot cause they have a badge. Prez butt-ending that kid with his gun was disgusting. Now some shit starts flying out of the towers and these wanna-be big dicks with guns are scared. CALL FOR BACKUP.

- lol at McNulty stealing someone else's paper to find out the press knows about the witness being killed. Rawls trashing the wrong guy's desk was awesome. When he finds out it was the wrong desk he didn't bother to trash Jimmy's real desk.

- The aftermath shot of last night's police brutality scene is a great one. Car burned up along with all the equipment in it. Oh and Herc got shot. Daniels trying to set him up with a bullshit story just signifies how that shit tends to work. The skelton of the car being treated as a scalp later at night was pretty neat.

- How did McNulty not expect it to get out that he told the judge about the witness? Anyway, he goes on a bender and falls down a hill (lol) when some guys are breaking into a car.


The Wire | Prez Has A Light Trigger Pull

The Wire: Mr Nugget

The Wire - D'Angelo's Baltimore Interrogation

the wire clip tower control

The McNuggets scene is one of my favorites, and the build to the case becoming a larger and more thorough investigation is excellent.


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- Fiend asking for drugs right at the beginning was funny. D's right, if you take his money and treat the customer like shit what does that make you? They're dope fiends, but so what. LOL in the middle of this conversation Bubbles putting hats on everyone.

"The King stay the King." - D'Angelo

- Higher ups disparaging those who were assaulted in favor of a dirty cop was quite typical. It's all about politics and appearances. Police departments never want to throw a cop under the bus like this because it looks wrong. Burrell's insistence on buy-busts really frustrates me. LITTLE DOPE ON THE TABLE.

- lol at sending the two old drunk fuckups to go find a picture of Avon.

- The chess scene is probably my favorite. Basically, you are who you are. A pawn/soldier can make it to the end and be queen, but when it comes down to it, all of these guys are expendable. And if the lower-end dudes knew that, would they ever fall into the job? Do they even care? Probably not.

- Now we find out Santangelo is diming Jimmy out to Rawls. That's no fun!

- lol at TDF (two drunk fuckups) bringing back a picture of Avon Barksdale's an old white guy. They believed it was really him too. Was interesting to find out that Avon had no trail whatsoever, drivers license, car, tax information. The only things they really know about Avon are that he was in Golden Gloves and he has a girlfriend out of the city. It was nice to see Freamon get involved, although we didn't know why, or really that he was interested in doing police work at all at this point. He goes in the gym and snags an old poster with Avon's photograph on it. Good goin'.

- The feds finally raided that house from the first episode which was a pretty cool watch. Jimmy and Kim just needed some microphones.

- Bodie ushering the dope fiends against the wall early in the morning was some weird shit. Also, first appearance of OMAR, who's watching all this shit go down. Where the stash is and all of that. "Some real raggedy ass shit here boy. Very sloppy"

- lol Jimmy not realizing that Kima was a lesbian. Even funnier when he threw out that 'only competent female cop I worked with was a lesbian' trope.

- We also now learn that Avon and Stringer have an office at the strip club from "The Target." Look at all this money. Stringer enlightening D to the business of drugs, and that a new package ain't really new was quite an interesting revelation to this viewer. Again, lots of people don't understand things like that regarding drugs.

- The matter of Shardene is an interesting one. Naive is one way to describe her.

- Bubs tearing down Sydnor's outfit was just one of those things. Haunting. Especially the comment about the shoes. Now Bubs and Sydnor are out there getting dope, making deals, scoping shit out, but there's nobody of value handling drugs or money. Bodie takes some money but that's as good as it gets. Omar, of course, saw all of this and left us with one of his typical well-timed comments.

- lol deputy ops thinking that it was time for search and seizures already. These crews change their stash every day, so how anyone figures to get the vaunted "dope on the table" was beyond me. Maybe people in position to make decisions like that really don't know better.

- McNulty getting indignant and running to Pearlman to sleep with her was one of those small storylines I wasn't too big a fan of. The disgusted look on her face when he knocks on the door nearly makes the whole scene though. Cloning a beeper was far from his only intent for going to her place that's for sure.

- D leaving at night before a re-up was pretty stupid. OH SHIT'S IT'S OMAR IN THE STASH. WHERE IT AT MAN. DAMN I'M PRETTY SURE THAT SHOT TO THE LEG HURT. Of course the kid was going to give away the location of the shit. Under the sink and all that. But this stupid fuckin' guy says OMAR COME ON and could tell from that point this Omar thing was going to be long running. And what is it with people puking all over the place in HBO shows? lol Poot spewed it all over the floor.

- As we now know, Bubbles saw the robbery. Right after we learn that McNulty has no interest in going on this raid. Rather than write him up Daniels tries to get him to write himself up as a physically unable to participate. Jimmy is not my favorite character if you can tell.

- Wee-Bey giving D shit about buying sandwiches during the re-up is very justified. Anyway, raid time. Wrong door too. lol at one of the old guys lighting a cigarette instead of doing their job, then the other one gets clocked in the face by Bodie. So Bodie gets some police brutality shit as retaliation and the one guy puts a cigarette in the assaulted officer's mouth. At least the police get a phone number out of this enormous waste of taxpayer money.

- The closing note here is us finding out Daniels might be dirty, the spectre of which looms large throughout the entire rest of the series. He has all kinds of unspecified money that the Feds cannot find the origin of.


The Wire - How To Play Chess

The Wire - Bubbles assesses Sydnor

Omar Pounces On Barksdale's Stash House - The Wire


Too good.


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- Desk scene was unreal. Nobody ever said who was supposed to move what where. Took five guys to move a desk nowhere. Herc's sound effects were the best. at this rate we're never gonna get it in. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

"Thin line 'tween heaven and here." – Bubbles

- So far the police haven't been able to flip anyone. The prosecution says that Hardcase is subject to a mandatory five year incarceration. For one gel cap and one vial. Wow. They try to get Hardcase to do some story telling but that shit ain't gonna work. Like swimming upriver. He'd rather take the years than get to snitchin' cause that probably wouldn't work out too well.

- So one drunk fuckup is out of the department due to his injury from getting his by Bodie. He gives the other one the idea to take a header down the stairs. Fuck that.

- Bodie got sent downriver to some Boys Village by the way. It is absolutely ridiculous how easy it was for him to escape. Just cozied up next to that mop, put his head down while the guard was talking to some broad, and away he goes out the front door. Herc and Carv drew the short end of the shit stick and had to go fetch him. Carver's fantasy was hilariously delusional. Speaing of hilarious, they turned into the Boys Village just a couple feet in front of Bodie, not noticing him.

- Nice for Landsman to dump his dead murder onto McNulty and Bunk. The weird fuckin' thing of it was, Landsman was somehow correct. McNulty is complaining about Santangelo being gone while unaware that Santangelo is skipping out on stuff so that he doesn't have information to rat Jimmy out with.

- DO NOT TELL ME YOU DO NOT REMEMBER NO-HEART ANTHONY. lol at Kima mentioning him to Jimmy and Jimmy rattling off his address and all that.

- First Omar scene in this episode serves to establish that he has a heart. Which, you know, that's kind of unusual for someone out in the streets who makes money off the drug trade. And that he's gay.

- Basketball scene was a lot of talk without much information of value given. Of course Avon and Stringer would immediately suspect one of their workers snitching them out to Omar. Well no.

- Bubbles at the soccer game in suburbia gave me the strangest sense of culture clash. And the look Jimmy's wife gave him was weird. FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU. Of course we'd cut straight to Bubbles getting dropped off in the hood after that. The difference between both locations is obviously a large one.

- Amazing how Bodie stole a car and got back from down the way to The Pit. It was dumb when he said D would still be down there if it was him. P. dumb for him to think D only killed one person too. His story was some real ice cold killer shit. And, as the viewer knows, he's talking about the murder Bunk and McNulty need to give a look again. LOL at Poot saying "why didn't you fuck her first?" That's sick.

- Funny to hear that the city's lab fridge unit failed and all those blood samples are now dust. Typical Baltimore and typical poorly run city policing. Burrell getting shit all over by the judge was good, just what I wanted to hear and exactly what he didn't.

- Herc apologizing to Bodie's grandma for cursing was nice. Herc of all people doing actual police work in that regard, learning about his perp and shit, that's something I wouldn't expect from him.

- Landsman's story was gross and could give anyone the worst vision in the absolute world. At least he went to bat for Jimmy, but really, I didn't want nor need to hear all that shit about Landsman jacking off. That detail was never getting wrapped up in two weeks so it's quite the empty promise on Rawls part.

- Burrell needs to learn how to putt. Bodie needs to learn how to throw rocks more accurately as well. And whoa Lester is doing police work. Testing out that phone number found in the stash house. Apparently that goes straight to D's pager. Neat piece of intel for later.

- I like how well this show establishes its own mythology. No-Heart Anthony story is a particularly good one.

- Guy getting plastered and nearly taking a header down the stairs before Jimmy and Kima going in was neat. He couldn't pull that off though. Lester finally revealing to the rest of the detail that he was interested in doing police work was outstanding.

- Apartment investigation scene is so good. I can't bring myself to count how many times fuck is said because that's kinda hard. Needless to say, a lot. Dialogue aside, the investigation was real neat. It was especially amusing how the landlord hung out in there and watched the whole thing. Good police work here, found the shell casing and bullet, which the incompetent detective before them did not do.

- 13 YEARS and FOUR MONTHS. Pawn shop duty sounds like the absolute worst thing in the world. Lester tells McNulty not to say shit when they ask him where he does and doesn't want to go, but it's too late for that.


The Wire - The Desk

Bodie Escapes From Jail To Hear D'Angelo's Story - The Wire

The Wire Fuck scene YouTube

I like this episode less than the first two, but that's being real nitpicky.


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- Opening scene existed to highlight how paranoid Avon was. Just some kids with their lacrosse gear and Wee-Bey had his gun ready while backing up and shit. Don't wanna use no phone I used yesterday.

"...a little slow, a little late." - Avon Barksdale

- Warrant time. Nice to see that done.

- Oh man I forgot how early this scene was. I love how Omar's trademark while walking down the street became whistling "The Farmer in the Dell". The guy was so scared of Omar that he dropped all his shit, ran as fast as he could and walked right into the trap.

- Bodie is cold as fuck throwing a bottle over Wallace's head just cause he was playing with toys. The tension between Bodie and D throughout this season is something that can be explained as young kid who doesn't know the life yet contrasted to a guy who already knows the life, been there and done it all, and doesn't want to be part of it anymore. Both guys want their life to be headed in different directions although neither know what life would be like if they went down those roads.

- Stringer's little idea not to pay these guys in order to find a snitch was good. It's not like these dudes are gonna get a job if they don't get paid.

- Actual policework that requires intelligence ain't good enough for that lone drunken fuckup left on the detail.

- Bodie getting caught and torn up by Carver and Herc was awesome. Carv tries to be all good cop and shit, acting like he was dealing with an 8 year old or whatever. Lol "you remind me of me." Bodie's response telling Carver to suck his dick was so well played. And then, after they kick his ass, they play pool. See, the kid ain't that bad.

- Right now we split between Donette and D at dinner, and McNulty putting together a bedroom for his kids, the latter of which was absolutely hilarious. As for the former, this scene reminds me a lot of Bunny taking the kids to a steakhouse in Season 4. The show is showing you how Donette and D look out of place in this establishment, which...they do. There's no denying that at all.

- Regarding quality of the product, we learn that when the crew first moves into an area, they put out a really strong product. Then, once it's established that they have good dope, they temper that shit down a lot. Reason being, the fiends are already hooked. They're permanent customers, you don't need to give them the best. They will always chase whatever was there that one time.

- Damn Johnny gonna be shittin' out of a bag forever. And HIV too. Yet he had an aversion to Bubbles snitching on the people who beat the shit out of him. I don't get that. I also don't get how Andre Royo can't get any good, consistent work. What the fuck is up with that? The quality of his acting is outstanding.

- Funny how everyone in The Pit was begging for some green.

- That shot of Landsman's ass was gross. McNulty obviously wasn't going to wrap the detail anywhere near as fast as Landsman wanted, so that basically served to humor him and nothing more. Bailey (one of Omar's guys) is dead now, but Landsman doesn't give a shit about that because it's not his squad. What a joke he is.

- Anyway, girl from the investigation scene last time out has a friend who's talking about all sorts. Some info regarding Orlando's (so now the police now about that) and why the girl was killed are let loose.

- Orlando and D both tell each other that they're making no extra cash, which of course makes both of them unhappy. Shardene made D pretty happy when she gave this mope the 20 dollars he was complaining about. And she didn't even take it, but the guy was bitching. On the outside of Orlando's, McNulty, Daniels, and Kim were casing the scene.

- lol at Omar telling Brandon he shouldn't be cursing all the time. Like a true father figure.

- Prez being the one to crack the code was totally shocking to me. Rather than wonder what the code was, I could only him?

- Avon's trip to see his brother was insightful. Rather than blame the life they live for his brother being in a coma, he blames the mistakes he made while living that life.

- Omar and Brandon leading Kima and Jimmy to the cemetery was genius. Safe place to talk, nobody else is going to follow them there, isn't going to be a draw-down. They were expecting to get a charge on Omar, but there was never going to be any shit there. And they were never going to let the police know what domicile they came out of, so they went to the van in the middle of the night. Nice little information exchange, with cops telling Omar about Bailey, Omar telling cops about Bird, and Omar also telling cops that he knows Bubbles has been doing some snitching.

- Fucked up how Jimmy built that bedroom set only for his kids to be unable to visit.

- Brandon playing pinball anywhere so soon after a robbery was dumb. The difference between he and an Omar is that Omar is disciplined as it gets, would never do some dumb shit like that. Of course as far behind in getting a wire as the police are, they can't do shit about this. They can see the game of phone tag, but can't hear it. On the phone tag front, as I said during Sopranos Rewatch, stuff like this is my favorite thing in TV shows. How the deed is done. Due to the non-usage of cell phones there's about 6 payphone/pager exchanges. Two for each phone call needed. Plus Wallace in spite of his childish attitude, doesn't really seem to understand exactly what's going to happen here. Or isn't prepared to deal with the consequences. D knows, does it anyway even though he doesn't appear happy. And that's a wrap.


Omar Comin

the wire - Interogatoir

D'Angelo wanting out is the best storyline of this season, I think.


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- That opening shot of Brandon spread out on a hood in the courtyard is FUCKED UP. So is the shot of these kids living spot. You can't even call it a home. Wallace is all angry and shit about seeing the body in the courtyard, but he had to realize what would happen, right? The guy robbed a stash.

"...and all the pieces matter." —Freamon

- Landsman ass kissing Rawls was nauseating.

- By contrast to the kids earlier, D lives in a real apartment, has clothes, a life, and all that stuff. And slept with Shardene the night before.

- The wire is up! lol at Freamon putting Herc in his place when he had a bitchy comment.

- Had the same reaction to McNulty getting surprised by that dog. Ha at the crime lab caring more about the City Council President having their lawnmower stolen so they can't be at the murder scene.

- Wallace not being able to let this go is great character work. Very believable acting.

- Bodie's court scene was hilarious. Levy is a complete scumbag. "I'm ready to be good." Judge basically bent over for him too. Carv and Herc hitting him with some police brutality shit made me laugh. Then they find out Bodie's out legit and they're all confused.

- Bubbles bailing on honest work for some dumbass scam made me kinda mad. The actual scam is funny though.

- Rawls is a huge cocksucker, trying to ruin the detail and shit cause he saw the paperwork for something. McNulty thinking everything is about him is classic narcissism, annoying too.

- If D was to tell this Stringer about this Cassandra stealing drugs from them, she'd be dead.

- Love when Daniels puts this alcoholic bastard in his place. Seniority is a fucking bitch, if you're incompetent, it just ain't right to hold that job cause you've been there for years.

- Okay, so the Bubbles and Johnny scam begins. This guy drives out of a workshop with copper wire and runs over Johnny. Then the other two take all the pipethey can get, and WHOA FUCK JOHNNY'S COLOSTOMY BAG GETS RIPPED OUT THAT'S SICK. Wait though, he says it's onion soup in the bag. Ha! Bubs did a good sale job too. Of course that cash is going straight in the needle. lol at Johnny getting arrested.

- This slowmotion shot of Avon and Stringer walking into The Pit was pretty weird. Of course fuckin' Santangelo was taking a piss and didn't get any of this. Not a license plate, not anything.

- McNulty driving Omar to the morgue was a strange scene. Didn't expect that first time through. Especially with his kids in the back of the car. Speaking of which, his handheld game's sound is annoying. Omar's scream was a little emotional. His snitching scene is great. McNulty getting all shook up after Freamon's talk was good for a hearty laugh. I LOVE how Omar lied about being an eyeball witness in the Gant case.

- Rawls shit on Daniels from a great height. It was great to see Daniels attempting every avenue to fight for his case. Now at the meeting with Deputy Burrell, it was surprising to see Burrell take his side. We find that out when Rawls asks Santangelo to start spying on McNulty in the worst of ways.


The Wire - Omar Sees Brandon's Body

Slower outing than the rest.


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- Herc is legitimately fucking stupid. Has no idea what the people on these wiretaps are talking about. Prez finding his niche as an in-house officer was a nice touch. Far better than beats on black kids Prez from earlier in the season.

"A man must have a code." - Bunk

- Rawls tasking Santangelo to solve a case was excellent. If he doesn't want to piss Rawls off, he's gonna have to clear one or screw over McNulty. Those are his only options. Speaking of McNulty, Judge Phelan shitting all over McNulty was hilarious. He basically took his manhood. It would have been great for Jimmy to have told him, yeah, I fucked her and you're not going to. Oh well.

- The consequences of stopping Stinkum during a re-up were not thought through all the way. Stringer and Avon weren't just going to take that, stay standing and continue the same patterns. They are far more intelligent than that although the detail may not be entirely aware of that, due to not yet knowing Stringer's current courses of education. The chase on the eyepatch kid was amazing, ran the police around for quite a while. On the run around front it was great to see Sydnor get back to the rooftop to see Stinkum on the phone with Stringer.

- "DOES HE THINK I CAN JUST PULL IT OUT OF MY ASS?" Card to the psychic was an amusing game to play. So was Bubbles asking Kima to get Johnny out of court, how he pointed at Johnny and all that.

- Even old ladies won't testify in this version of Baltimore. That's quite sad.

- Eyepatch kid is the one Prez clocked in the head in the second episode. Daniels tries to take the nice route, but as we see here kids this age are too hard for that kind of baby bullshit.

- Madame LaRue got kid toys everywhere, lol. Her instructions were very funny.

- The driver at the schmooze dinner talking all that shit to be met with a reply of Daniels revealing his occupation as a police officer, very good scene. And Clay Davis appears!

- Walon's speech at the drug treatment meeting was great. It felt an awful lot like a speech directed at Bubbles. Bubbles goes up there and gets the keychain cause after all, he does have a serious desire to live, even though he's not clean. Watching him get high after that was unfortunate.

- lol at Bunk and McNulty eyefucking some Hammerjacks broad type. Too funny how they discuss their job while drunk all the time. "When it came time for you to fuck me, you were very gentle" "Take your money back. take it back you old whore!"

- Everyone in the Barksdale crew is convinced somebody on D's crew is snitching. Cause of that, there's gonna be some changes in the Pit.

- Omar is the best. Telling them where Bird is, what they need to do, and all that shit is consistently entertaining.

- Orlando trying to get his own drug shit going = moronic.

- Wallace been getting high at home :(

- Love when they catch Bird. Freamon walks out like he's a wino and shit, Bubbles plays the hat game and gets pushed out of the way, then Freamon CRACKS BIRD RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE WITH A BOTTLE, before everyone swarms in and arrests him. Of course, he resists and in typical sociopath form can't keep his mouth shut now or ever.

- If String went down there and didn't see the person on the phone, would he have pulled it out? Who knows. But he does see them and pulls out the fucking phones. Whenever you need a phone, walk. That was a good idea.

- Back on the Bird subject, he's so fucking angry, when Landsman tells him he wanted to hang a velvet background with a Lexus and pit bulls, that was hilarious. Then Bird says all kinds of hateful shit to Kima and there's only so much the police can take before they go in there and beat the piss out of him. Which was good. It was good when Omar recognized Bunk from lacrosse.

- By the way, we find out that one of Santangelo's open cases was one Omar gave Bunk. I guess that psychic shit may have worked. McNulty cleared his case for him, it would be extremely wrong to fuck McNulty over like that. So he tells McNulty he had better watch out cause Rawls is coming for his shit. We close up by Jimmy making the trek to Rhonda's, telling her what's gonna happen, and that's that.


Freamon Smacks Bird with a bottle

The Wire - Bird Is Interrogated, Bunk Meets Omar


Staff member

- McNulty's kids doing front and follow on Stringer is one of the best things I've ever seen. You know if this was a network show, Stringer would kidnap one of the kids and hold them hostage. Which is why I don't watch many network shows. It was hilarious how McNulty didn't see the kids while driving in his beat up as fuck car and got all scared, like Stringer Bell would really do that shit I described above. Anyway, one of them got the license plate number.

"Come at the king, you best not miss." - Omar

- Detail knows about the payphones being ripped out. lol at Prez trying to order Carver and Herc around. Then Kima goes in, does the exact same thing, and they don't get nearly as mad about that.

- Fucked up how Omar gets his whole place torn apart by Stinkum, Wee-Bey, and Savino. Van gets burned up too. With this scene and so far this episode, the show has really start to hit its grove.

- The Wallace math problem scene was interesting in that the kid was too stupid to do the math problem but intelligent enough to do Wallace's impromptu stash question. Obviously there's a pretty big disconnect between education and the inner city, but that scene hit me a little hard, I think.

- Poot's reaction to being in charge of the shop for an hour was worth seeing. Damn Stinkum is just 19 wtf.

- This was a major fuckup by the detail, but they really couldn't have known what they were getting in to. They simply thought the guy was taking out drugs. Instead he had a shitload of cash. OH SHIT IT'S THE GUY FROM THE PARTY LAST EPISODE. THE DRIVER. Daniels walking in to talk to this guy was a laugh. They basically stole the drug money from him. Or they wanted to. But some fuckhead from upstairs comes down the elevator and says no you don't. Burrell says the same thing. And now the detail's shut down by the end of the week. That is some bad shit. Man McNulty bitching at Daniels can get pretty annoying. He doesn't understand that you can't just be some cop who does whatever the fuck they want to do. Everyone has a boss, nobody's an exception to that.

- At the same time Avon meets with Orlando and throws money at him. That was awesome. Then Avon and Stringer threw him out of the fuckin' room and kicked him.

- Daniels scenes of self-reflection like this are as close as things get to a narrated point of view. If the viewer's too dumb to figure it out he makes sure to tell them what they need to go.

- D was like a wet blanket at this party, but it was pretty weird in the first place. These people can't follow the fuckin' rules. And they just killed some bitch and left her there to die, then threw her in the trash. Mad gross. Didn't seem to affect Wee-Bey at all.

- I'm glad that the judge orders Burrell that his wire tap better stay up or he's gonna lose his shit. Nice play by McNulty in making sure he knew to do that. Also nice of Kima to lie to Daniels about that, but really McNulty didn't bitch to the judge, I suppose.

- Herc's answer to the practice test question for the sergeant's exam was typical. Now why a guy like this is even allowed to test I don't know.

- McNulty seeing Stringer in macroeconomics class is one of the best scenes in this show. Who the fuck expected something like that? The Baltimore City College is teaching Stringer Bell how to run a criminal enterprise. And his economics crash course to the guys at the print shop who didn't give a shit about their job was too much.

- Oh man this part is the best. Stinkum and Wee-Bey are ready to do a job, clear a corner or whatever the fuck. Avon wants that shit, so that's how it has to be. They flank their targets, but YES OMAR SHOOTS STINKUM RIGHT IN THE CHEST. Did not expect that first time. THEN HE AND WEE-BEY HAVE A FULL BLOWN SHOOTOUT. WEE-BEY GETS IT IN THE LEG, OMAR WHISTLES, AND STINKUM IS DEAD IN THE STREET. COME AT THE KING YOU BEST NOT MISS. And it's on the wiretap. That is not good.

- Avon's pep talk was great. Y'ALL AIN'T GOT SHIT TO DO BUT BE ON THIS MOTHERFUCKIN HUNT. Stringer though, he doesn't know. Now it's time for him to strategize and shit which was the first hint of some weakness in him when it comes to killing and things of that nature.

- D's monologue was good.

- lol at Freamon basically telling Omar just get rid of your gun. They do mind that Stinkum is gone cause it fucks up their case, but they don't seem to be all that interested in arresting him. It would be easy for the charge and all that to stick. It's not like Omar has much of a choice in this either, at this point. His choice was made a long time ago. Now he has to do what it takes to stay alive, there's no choice in that. I don't know why McNulty would go tell Bunk. It was courteous, but considering he intended to fuck over Cole anyway, what was the point? Bunk's gonna dive into some strange, and considering he lied for McNulty, Jimmy's gotta do the same shit. Funny how that works.

- So Bunk dove into that strange, and now she wants him the fuck out of her house. lol at Bunk asleep on the toilet with that pink bathroom. And he burned his clothes lol. Cause of the evidence. Hair, fibers, and pussy.

- The shot of Omar hanging out in front of Orlando's should have been the closing one.


The Wire - Front and Follow

wallace - the wire

The Wire - Stringer Bell learns the basics of Macroeconomics

The Wire - You Come At the King,You Best Not Miss

The Wire - It's either play or get played

This is the best episode yet. Particularly impressive was how most of the characters in this seemed to learn a lesson. Much like the title!


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- Avon and Stringer signing some ringer for their Eastside-Westside game was funny, but the real meat of the scene was the look at Avon's mind when he asks how it looks to have Omar hanging around. Doesn't give off the best impression, that someone can just take his shit and get away with it. I guess.

"Maybe we won." - Herc

- Sad to watch these scenes with D and Wallace knowing what happens to them both. Funny for Carv and Herc to have a laugh at D's expense with that prank call.

- Johnny going back to buy dope from Bodie when he beat the shit out of him is fucked. lol at Bodie throwing testers in the air and all the fiends chasing them. I feel like a terrible human being for laughing at that.

- Explanation of how Freamon wants the money to be followed is great. So was the visual illustration. Freamon was all over this, he knew exactly what he wanted out of the case despite whatever would happen.

- The Wee-Bey stop and seizure was just money. Bey said he didn't know the money was there. Alright. Herc is pretty stupid to have the idea to steal money. Of course, Carver knew it was a bad idea because of the wire tap.

- Oh man this Bubbles scam with the fishing hook. That's even better than the copper pipe one. The guy turning around only for the bag to be gone and then see Bubbles set off total alarm bells for me. I expected Bubs to get fucked up as a best case scenario. Instead some other guys get the absolute shit beat out of them with a baseball bat. But Bubs got scammed in the end when what was in the bag wasn't even drugs. So he nearly got killed behind stealing some baking soda. That's fucked up.

- lol at McNulty having the idea to get an additional affidavit. Yeah because that's a great idea right now. Situation is far too tense for that.

- Omar's little trap to make sure nobody went into his place was neat. And so was him standing outside the fuckin' window until they dropped out their stash.

- "Maybe we won" is such a great quote. Everyone was gone at...who knows where?

- Bubbles walking up to his sister's door was the saddest scene. The look on her face could kill, she, I dunno...seemed to loathe her brother maybe? Fear too. But then, she gives him the key to the basement and gives him the rules. He ain't allowed out of it.

- Freamon and Kima putting the squeeze on Shardene was pretty slick. That timeout they took worked massively in their favor, rather than rush into showing her pictures, they showed her the actual dead body of the girl Wee-Bey threw away. That's how you get someone to flip real quick.

- Basketball scene has so many good parts. Proposition Joe in the suit like he was a real coach, Herc and Carver not knowing who Avon was, Prop Joe hustling Avon, Avon scaring the shit out of the ref. Trying to show flex and shit.

- wtf McNulty in dirty cop mode, writing down a conversation that was unmonitored. Now Avon, he's monitored by nearly the whole detail right now. They just want a look at him. You work a guy from all this time, a chance to see him in the flesh is hard to pass up. I love how Avon lost them and pulls out in front of Daniels, wagging his finger at him.

- Daniels knows how bad this shit might get when Freamon is giving him the speech about how far the money goes. Speaking of money, Daniels seems pretty convinced that Herc and Carver stole a whole bunch of it. lol at Herc saying "I wouldn't steal and not tell you about it" to Carver. I love how hard they were both searching for the money. Carv finds it though, having spilled out in the trunk.

- Shardene checking out on D was tense. But of course, he wasn't gonna do anything to her regardless of what she said.

- Omar giving Avon's shit to Prop Joe was the best. See, he has a proposition for Joe. Omar wants to know of a way to get Avon out of the club. So, Joe gives it to him, and now we wait. Neat little pager trick, and Avon goes out. Lucky for him he turns to greet Wee-Bey and Omar misses his shot. Wee-Bey hits Omar, who has to retreat. Avon was definitely shook during the middle of that, which had to be nice for viewers to see.


The Wire - Bubbles the Fisherman

The Wire - Omar's Coming Yo!

The Wire: Daniels goes after Avon

The Wire: Avon's Rough Day

This show maybe has the most YouTube worthy scenes of any.


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- Bubbles is trying so hard to stay clean. His problem right now is that he doesn't have anything to do during the day.

"And then he dropped the bracelets..." - Greggs

- Now Avon agrees with Stringer's plan. Not going to come back on Omar any time soon. Time for a truce. Just until things settle down and then Omar's a goner. Stringer has his own ulterior motives though. Insulating Avon serves its own purposes. Namely that he can freeze Avon out at a time of his choosing, or have him taken out, and who would be the wiser?

- Phelan is so pissed off at Jimmy over the case not being finished yet. And he's up for re-election, so Jimmy loses his friend that's high up.

- Nice to see that the detail is on the stash. In the same vein, it's hilarious how Sydnor and Carv are forced to hang out in a van waiting for a guy to get to a payphone.

- Orlando getting busted for attempt to buy a huge quantity of drugs from the State Police was awesome. He pulls up in a wack ass old school Cadillac, a car befitting his old ass hairstyle. Immediately he wants to snitch which is something you could figure upon. Really stupid that those guys sent him to City Jail when he was wanting to do that.

- I never picked up on Bubbles having a kid. His mom took him away, cause obviously Bubs ain't fit to be a dad or anything like that. I can't believe I never picked up on that.

- D waiting outside Orlando's for Shardene was a neat attempt. I mean, do you try or not? See, the other way for him is to go with Donette and his kid. And Donette is completely smothering, also attached to where he came from. So that's difficult for him.

- Jimmy hanging out in CID with that bottle in his hand is the stupidest fucking shit. He knows Rawls is gunning for him, right? Now we know that Wallace flipped on Stringer and Wee-Bey. Didn't even have to be pushed into saying something. He won't snitch on D though. But nobody knows where to house the kid.

- Orlando spotted in jail by Hardcase, how stupid can it/he/police get? Great how the show brought back a nothing character from the beginning of a random episode.

- Sydnor is on the guy who runs the supply house. He's dressed in full bum attire and follows the guy right to his house. They have cameras and all that good surveillance shit. Freamon's plan is excellent.

- "I fuckin' need a fuckin' lawyer" LOL. Awesome how Jimmy is taken to court in part because of the front and follow game with Stringer. Private investigator catching Jimmy cheating back when he and his wife were married was great to know.

- Levy burns Orlando so fuckin' badly when meeting with him. And doesn't he think Levy would tell everyone what Orlando was in to when he snitched his way out of jail? "You wanted to be in the game, right? Now you're in the game." Scum to the max.

- For some reason I remembered Stringer's parlay with Omar being at the beginning of an episode, not right now. This scene is so strange. Just because they talk to each other directly for the first time. I like Omar's give me somethin' for my retirement package holmes comment.

- Shardene is pretty lucky not to get caught hanging around the door and shit. Those granny glasses are funny though.

- The garbage truck undercover trick was amazing. Prez and Sydnor take the trash from the supply house and hop on. Look at all that PC. The thing is, they don't want to bust the supply house because now they can follow it everywhere. Now the detail finds out about Orlando getting arrested. This is where they really fuck up.

- Bubbles asking for money from Kima to be serious about getting clean was a good thing. It's so hard to watch him sitting at that bench with all this stuff going on around him.

- Unfortunately, Deputy Burrell thinks buying their way up the ladder is the way to go. Dumb. Getting more info off the wire was never his intention, and not at all what he wanted from the start.

- Omar is pretty intelligent thinking that Stringer's lack of negative response to the truce was a sign that the truce was absolute shit.

- Here we go with the buy. Kima is posing as Orlando's girlfriend. Why in the fuck didn't Orlando tell them that Avon already declined his offer to buy? Of course Carver nails it, why wouldn't they assume he's snitching? The music is so loud that Kima cannot report her location to the detail, that's no good. And Savino gets out of the car, at the end of some street somewhere, goes into an alley and who knows exactly what he's doing back there. This had bad situation written all over it. And now Orlando gets capped. Then there's more gun shots and Kima's not saying anything over the microphone. They get to her and she's shot. Shit's unfair like that. First time I saw this I thought she was dead. The scene came as a total shock then too.


The Wire - Omar Meets With Stringer and Prop Joe

Little Man & Wee-bey Shoots Greggs

At the time this was one of the best episodes of TV I had watched. Still is.


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- This cleanup scene is tragic. Cop gets shot so they have no less than 75 officers out there trying to look this over. And half of them aren't even doing shit. This isn't an easy case to solve for the simple fact that nobody saw who actually did the shooting. It's guesswork. And the street signs are all turned around which is ridiculous.

"Dope on the damn table." - Daniels

- Obviously Savino had a partner in this, and the police know that too. Different calibers and all that. Police commissioner assuming Norris was the lieutenant was something you'd totally expect. DEA guy is a cocksucker. Of course he'd blame himself. I love how Freamon puts everyone in their place. The investigation is amazing too, immerses you to a point where you feel like it's real and that you could be there. The tape recording was horrible, so was when McNulty spewed into the trash can. Rawls moments with McNulty were a good leveler.

- Cops are busting doors, looking for Savino, but they aren't going to find him. Obviously.

- Wee-Bey walking into Stringer's print shop made for a great conversation. Look on Wee-Bey's face when he saw that Kima was a cop was one of pure shock. Stringer knows that Little Man immediately needs gotten rid of and Bey may need to leave town.

- Carver telling Cheryl what happened was heart breaking. Fucked up how the commissioner didn't want to handle the responsibility of talking to a chick's girlfriend after a shooting like this.

- Freamon dropping knowledge during the homicide conference now that's some intelligent shit. LOL when Norris asked where he was working and Lester said "pawn shop unit."

- Poor Bubbles paging Kima and getting no response. Then IMMEDIATELY some cop pulls up and brings him in for questioning. That's about the most fucked up shit possible. But it gets even worse. Holley goes into the interview room and beats the shit out of him. Man that's some bullshit. Of course all these events drive Bubbles out of being clean. Including when McNulty gives him money. So sad.

- If only Orlando's was bugged right now. Stringer is pretty stupid in saying he allowed them to kill Orlando because of the money they'd get out of the car. IDIOT.

- McNulty threw Rhonda completely under the bus when talking to Levy and trying to get him to turn over Savino. Jimmy goes hard here. It's awesome to watch him shit all over everyone to serve his own purposes. It's also really disgusting. Savino gets off pretty easy. Levy beats around the bush in his typical disgusting as fuck corrupt lawyer way. All they can put in Savino for is 3 years. Ouch.

- Oh no it's time for dope on the table and the wire to be blown. What a pile of bullshit. Daniels sums it up. The intent is to let them know who they are, but who are they?

- It was an interesting decision to sit on the main supply house and not reveal that location in the warrants. Obviously that will fuck their careers over, but fuck that shit. They have to get their target, that is their remit. Well, I suppose it wasn't such a great decision. The internal affairs guy knows all about this and told the deputy. LOL at McNulty getting all indignant again and running off. I love that shit.

- This scene with D and Wee-Bey was mad tense, real I dunno, scary too kinda. D really thought he was getting taken out because of what Stringer said about keeping it clean. So they walk into Bey's house, D goes first, and he's convinced that it's closing time on his life. That look on his face where he was ready to cry in the dark was sad. Turns out it's just fishes! Which is a great scene, Wee-Bey assigning personalities to these little ass fish and stuff.

- Cheryl touching that spot on the couch that hasn't been referenced in a real long time was great continuity.

- The raids itself are pretty good. Some nice surprise tactical shit, and now they have to take the main supply as well. Drugs, guns, money, it's all there. lol at Herc and Carver stealing some of the money. Just put one of them bundles in your vest and you're good. This photo-op shit is a disgrace though. Higher-ups getting credit for cases they didn't even want, what a joke.

- Unfortunate that Prez doesn't realize Wallace was on the phone with Poot.

- The closing shot of Kima in ICU was pretty rough.


The Wire - Rawls consoles McNulty

The Wire - McNulty and Pearlman Visit Levy's Office


The closing episodes of this season are maybe better than the closing stretch of the others.


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- This episode starts up with us finding out that Kima is somewhat okay. McNulty doesn't want to go in there and see her though. Daniels gives a pretty good speech through all that.

"This is me, yo, right here." - Wallace

- Time to change up pagers. Everyone has to turn in. Bodie and D get cell phones, only to use to set up a meet. No more phone conversations at all. Stringer tells D that the main stash/supply is gone, that's why they're changing up. Then during a meeting with Levy he basically tells them exactly what they need to clean up. Walk away from the club, get rid of the security guard who testified in D's favor.

- Daniels meeting with Burrell is quite testy. He knows better than to answer Burrell's question because he'll take away the detectives he wants to keep. He gets to keep Freamon and Prez, send back Sydnor and Santangelo. But he gets to stay because that guy still owes Daniels a favor for Daniels taking on Prez. That ain't so bad. Similarly Rhonda's meeting with her boss is as well. Campaign finance reports getting pulled underneath her nose was a bad idea.

- Oh no, Stringer and Avon want to get at Wallace. That's bad. D is telling them the boy is out the game. These scenes leading up to this are totally tragic. Shardene keeps messing with the bug in her hair which makes for some bad sound.

- Security guard from first episode has a bullet in her head. She's gone. And this sucks because on this same note Wallace came back to Baltimore. Immediately wants back on the crew too. And D lets him. So what's gonna happen when the police put a charge on Wee-Bey and Bird, he couldn't testify. Detail picks up on this too. His comments when D was questioning him were tragic in hindsight.

- Daniels meeting with Clay Davis was amazing. Everything with Clay Davis is amazing. IRV WILL YOU EXPLAIN TO THIS MOTHERFUCKER WHAT THE FUCK IT IS HE'S DOING HERE. Clay is maybe the best character in this show.

- Stringer's talk with Bodie is where you can pinpoint his change from angry youth to grown man. Cops went looking for Wallace but they went to the wrong spot.

- lol at Herc saying "why me" in response to Freamon asking for some string after Herc had been promoted. Bigger lol at Rhonda's reaction to Herc and Sydnor watching Shardene walk in high heels. Slick trick to drill in the vacant build next door to get the bug placed in Orlando's.

- This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen on television. Bodie pulls the trigger first, then Poot, and now Wallace is dead. Right after they pan to Wallace's mom who's high and/or drunk as fuck and that's tragic.

- Awesome for them to catch Avon on camera, but unfortunately they caught him as he was packing up. That's not too good. But THEY DO get him talking about drugs on camera. Telling D to go make a pickup in New York.

- Not so awesome to see Bunk go investigate the Wallace murder scene. With Wallace gone, they have nothing on Stringer.

- GPS tracker on D's car was an amazing trick. I feel bad for him, but ultimately he never got out of the game, and is a murderer. So how bad can you feel? Had a kilo in the trunk. Good play by Jimmy to try to get D to flip, because he implanted so many different ideas in his head. D's mom is so angry. I LOVE this conversation between D, Levy, and String. WHERE'S WALLACE AT? WHERE'S THE BOY? WHERE THE FUCK IS WALLACE? Love what he tells Levy too.

- Daniels fucked up not telling Burrell about the bug that was put in Orlando's. But he wouldn't have let him put the bug in, would he? That is all the police can do at this time though. Avon and Stringer are going to give them nothing. And here we go with the Burrell holding something over Daniels head story. This is a good long running thing, but I wish we found out what Burrell had on him. I don't think we do.

- Raid time on Avon, he and String are watching them on the cameras outside Orlando's. That was a neat touch, totally different than other TV. They'll have you think these guys Scarface out and want to hold their ground. Funny how Jimmy and Daniels walk up to the door and in like fuck y'all and your bluster. The confrontation was so weird, like two trains meeting each other at once. Both turn around to get arrested's just Avon. Stringer had this look of victory on his face that was great, and that's the end of the episode pretty much.


Stringer Bell talks to Bodie about Wallace.

The Wire Clip: Bodie and Poot Kill Wallace

Where the fuck is Wallace??

The Wire - Avon Barksdale arrested

Great episode with two amazing scenes.


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- Kima woke up! Bunk and Ray Cole are there waiting. It's almost a little fucked up how Bunk is insisting that Kima ID's Wee-Bey when she couldn't see him shoot at her. But he did do it. Both Bunk and Kima know this too. I do like how she refuses to put Wee-Bey in, because after all, a cop is supposed to have some morals and do their job correctly. Do they do that in real life? Who knows.

"All in the game." - Traditional West Baltimore

- Nearly everyone in the Barkdsale organization is getting arrested and charged. That's great. lol at Herc saying for Carv to call him "sir." Bigger lol at Jimmy suggesting that Daniels backdoor Daniels again and try to take the case federal.

- Avon bailed out for 250k. That's kind of a lot of money. Levy is now telling both he and Stringer exactly what everyone in his organization needs to do. Everyone has to get bailed out. Time for a structured plea deal too. The people in his group have to be served up so that nobody flips or does/says anything unexpected during a trial. Setting up at a funeral home is funny.

- D is now in the middle of a complete flip. He doesn't know anything about the security guard or Orlando, but he may have something on Wallace. And on the Brandon murder. He gives the cops and Rhonda the whole details of what he knows regarding that. Then he tells where Wee-Bey is. Philly. Doesn't have an exact location. One last thing, the murder of the girl, Avon's former girlfriend. D says that he was with Wee-Bey, and Wee-Bey did the shooting. So, which story is true? The one he told at the Pit, or this one? I don't really know. He wants a new life. Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter what he's supposed to do. Great scene.

- Daniels eating dinner/dessert with his wife is always weird. Now he's thinking about the federal stuff. So is Rhonda. Then Jimmy apologizes for the argument over Levy and gets jumped on and laid in the parking lot. Good going.

- Neat to see the delivery of the product to Stringer. And to see his instructions of how this gets cut. Three parts of some bullshit to one part of raw.

- McNulty gets his meeting with the feds, but it's irrelevant because the feds don't want to take drug cases. At least he FINALLY goes to visit Kima. Then they talk shop and Cheryl gets all angry. Unfortunately McNulty goes to give this money from Kima to Bubbles, but it's too damn late. He's not clean anymore. He keeps all the money at McNulty's insistence, but asks him not to tell Kima what happened. So sad.

- So Herc got passed over for sergeant, Carver...did not. During this scene we see Lester all close to Shardene and shit.

- Now the city police are talking to the feds again. This is such shit. They want D to give them Avon and Stringer, then want to turn Avon and Stringer into cooperators. Reduced sentence through cooperation against politicians. LOL at Jimmy going scorched earth and calling these people empty suits and shitting all over his friend in the meeting.

- D's meeting with him mom frustrates the hell out of me. Family is the heart, but what the fuck does it mean when you send your nephew to jail on a charge for a kilo? His mom can't do anything but be against him flipping, because what happens otherwise? She loses her son, her son loses his child, that's rough stuff.

- Love it when Daniels confronts Carver. Sold the unit down the river for a promotion. Same time, much like the last season, how the hell do you say no? Deputy Burrell has Carver's career in his hands, what is he to do? Tell him no and get shoved in an evidence room for the rest of his career? The show is great at putting characters in a place where all their decisions have a negative impact on somebody. Where they can't make a good decision or the right decision.

- Great scheme to get Wee-Bey outside. Jack his ride, you know he's coming out the door. Excellent arrest. I can imagine it would hurt to get thrown on a ground with broken glass when in your underwear.

- I wish they had shown the look on Rhonda's face when she heard Levy's voice as the new lawyer for D'Angelo.

- Jimmy is caught in a pretty fucking bad place now. Rawls gives him the I want to see you land okay deal, and he says "where don't you want to go?" Which he already knows the answer to.

- Fucking sucks hearing Levy's structured plea offer. That bothers me so much. Avon pleads out and gets...7 years. And McNulty storms out of the court room once again.

- Wee-Bey copping to these murders is amazing. Life with no parole, and it's time to go all the way and keep talking about shit. Another pit sandwich and potato salad gets even more murders. The ones he definitely didn't do too. Little Man's one he did. So is the security lady. But he did NOT do the maintenance man, even though he cops to it.

- Back to the plea deal, Ronnie Mo gets 15 years.

- Daniels does not get the open major post. It's obvious why not. Do police work, you make enemies. You make enemies, you don't get promoted.

- Stringer telling Jimmy "nicely done" was so well played. Then he refuses to shake Judge Phelan's hand which is kinda fucked up.

- New status quo front is like this. Bodie's got a new position in the tower courtyard. I guess that's the reward for killing a kid. Freamon's in homicide again. Poot runs shop at the Pit, and gives a kid the same speech those guys got from D'Angelo at the beginning of the season.

- D'Angelo gets 20 YEARS. I cannot imagine spending 20 fucking years in jail. Could you? All this from one guy stirring up some shit.

- All the montages are great. My favorite bits were Santangelo walking a beat post and Jimmy on the fucking boat.

- Omar whistling his way up the street and robbing the dude in New York was an amazing closing shot.


The Wire - D'Angelo Barksdale in Prison

The Wire Clip: Weebey gets busted in Philly


The Wire Season 1 Ending Montage

The Wire Clip: Omar "It's all in the game"


Staff member

- Love the McNulty riding the boat storyline. Of course, that's what we start with. Some yacht full of rich people is stuck in the water due to a possible starter issue. Look at the rich guy pay off Jimmy so that they tow his boat out of the way.

- Best opening song of all of them right here.

"Ain't never gonna be what it was.” —Little Big Roy

- Weird how Prez thinks that Valchek gives a fuck about him and his problems. Then Valchek outlines Prez's future career. Some true jerkoff shit. Going to ensure that Prez makes rank.

- lol at Bodie having no idea radio stations are different in every city. Shows how inner city kids are insulated and have no idea there's a world out there. Obviously they're doing a drug pickup, why else would they be in Philadelphia.

- I was so fucking confused with regards to the first scene with Frank in it. I didn't understand what the direction was and was left flummoxed. Frank wants a canal dredged. Nat wants the grain pier fixed. I don't understand what that last thing is, but alright. This in particular is an instance where you get thrown in at the deep end and have to figure out shit very fast. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't like this season very much. Ziggy's a moron. lol at Frank telling him he's fired. Then you find out Ziggy is Frank's son. We also find out at mass later that he has a lot of cash.

- Daniels in the evidence room. Hahahaha. That can't be any fun. And the evidence is missing. Bodie listening to a program about caterpillars on the radio was amazing. Bodie, Shamrock, and some car dude ripped the car apart looking for their package and the shit is GONE. The followers cozy up to the window and see everyone throwing around shit inside. Just like in the evidence room, with these guys throwing around evidence looking for the Gant case stuff. These scenes linked straight together.

- Kima's now in the Forfeiture Unit. Herc asks her to go on their raids tomorrow, but she cannot.

- At least McNulty and Bunk still go out drinking and shit. Just cause they're separated at work doesn't mean anything. Still best buds.

- Everyone all nervous in the funeral home is hilarious. I like how Stringer is making these dudes wait outside. Mileage is a little bit off. "No, you 3/10ths of a mile long dawg," he says. Then he tells Bodie about the detour, and he realizes that he was followed. "SO, WHERE IT AT?" I love that scene.

- Ziggy's scenes at the bar are so weird. All of them, not just the one this episode. And down go his pants.

- To the next morning we go and there's a dead girl floating in the water. Speaking of dead, so is Nick's car.

- lol at Valchek thinking he was getting a great stained glass window spot, but nope. That is, uh...already taken. Of course, Valchek being the prick that he is, that makes him extremely angry.

- Avon in jail was a strange thing to see. The issue with the car was a supply issue. You do two days in jail is a good mindset to have.

- Ziggy tagging along to go see the Greeks...I was hoping he'd fuck this up somehow just to see what would happen to him. I love how these guys have no idea The Greek is in the room with them during these meetings. "Why always Boris?" Man Nick puts Ziggy in his place pretty bad when he tells Ziggy to shut the fuck up. And when he tries to order food right when Nick's ready to leave. What a joker.

- Look at Jimmy walking up into Homicide like that. Fat ass Landsman asks for his money and gets rebuffed, I liked that. Jimmy shits all over Cole, bringing up all this stuff Cole missed on his case, and that was very funny. Landsman says the body belongs to Baltimore County now. We'll see about that.

- Roberto (Colombian supply for Avon) has been arrested. And they think that Avon's light prison sentence is the reason. That he may be a police informant and have dimed out Roberto. Okay.

- So now we see how this Greek port shit works. Legit truck leaves the can, then Sergei picks it up. Except this time, he doesn't pick it up. He's told to drive away. As such, Frank gets all mad, panics, and tells fat ass Horseface to throw that can in the stacks.

- lol at McNulty examining tidal drift in order to put the body of the dead girl on Rawls. The look on Rawls face when he's found out the body has been pinned on him. Jimmy's work. Even when in the marine unit he will find a way to fuck with Rawls. Landsman dubs Jimmy 'Prince of Tides'

- Kima's girl trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately, and this is an honest answer, Kima and Cheryl are a little bit unneeded once Kima comes back to the detail.

- Tried to ignore the boom mic in the middle of Beadie finding the girls dead in the container, but I could not. Pretty noticeable. Anyway, there's like a pile of dead girls. Pretty fucked up.


The Wire - Season Two Opening Scene

The Wire | Why Would Anybody Leave Baltimore?

The Wire - Meet the Greeks

The best moments from this episode didn't have clips. First time I watched this, I didn't like the second season nearly as much as I do now.


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- 13 girls dead is a lot. Beadie is quite naive in thinking that her colleagues actually care about the dead people they're investigating.

"They can chew you up, but they gotta spit you out.” — McNulty

- I like how these European dudes sit in a cafe that doesn't seem to serve much food, smoking cigarettes all day. ON MY DOCKS ON MY DOCKS HOW COULD YOU DO THIS ON MY DOCKS

- Now Avon has absolutely no product. Some guy in Atlanta may be able to help out with that. And we learn D is isolating himself in prison.

- That crab table in the evidence room where McNulty and Bunk are eating is gross. Shit everywhere.

- Carver going over and ticketing the union guys cars at Valchek's behest makes me laugh. Then back to that in the morning, he walks into the union hall and gives Frank some shit, before spitting on the floor. Ha! What a vengeful fuck.

- Guard tearing apart Wee-Bey's cell made me do the same thing. Man now he done fucked with his fake fish tank that's going too far.

- Look at McNulty digging into shit he shouldn't yet again. This time I like it. lol at the medical examiner now ruling the deaths homicides because of Jimmy. Good going!

- Valcheck and Burrell doing a favor exchanging session was weird. I don't mean giving each other blowjobs, but Valcheck using political power to make sure Burrell becomes commissioner and Burrell giving him a detail.

- Daniels is all ready to put in retirement papers and shit. Yeah, like that's really going to happen.

- LOL once again with Valcheck having a DUI checkpoint outside of the union bar at 8 in the morning.

- Rawls is a dickhead. Walks out of the room to get the guy he just screwed over some coffee and raises his fist in the air. Then Landsman says some supremely ass-kissing stuff. Now look at the guy meeting with Rawls later. And all these people are saying Rawls is going to eat the bodies. You look like you could use some coffee? Jimmy wins again.

- Man how does Avon get KFC up in the pen? Ain't you not supposed to get shit like that? lol at Wee-Bey complaining to him about his fish getting messed with. Look at Avon trying to cozy up to this CO and getting shut straight the fuck down. That's the kind of thing that could make someone unfriendly quickly.

- Ziggy trying to be a drug dealer is one of the best things. White Mike won't take his action.

- Jimmy putting down 14 shots was funny. His comments about Cole were the best. Unfortunately Landsman puts Lester and Bunk on the 14 bodies. That's some bullshit. But he basically says Ray Cole ain't good enough to work these cases. Beadie will be working with the both of them on this case.

- Horse-face stealing the police van was a neat trick. Pretty fast too. Of course, they're loading it up and intend to put it on a ship.

- Look at the absolute pieces of shit Valcheck gets for his detail. Hey, one of them's the drunk fucker from last season! Prez heading up the case is one of the worst things.

- Sergei got in to Port of Philadelphia basically without even trying. Once some Turkish dude finds out the ship is being held, well it's obvious he did the murder. So he flees the ship. Unfortunately he does not realize that Sergei is on the hunt. Chases him down in that Benz and the other two guys catch him and throw him in the car. Then this moron security guard just watches because he has the impression that Sergei is FBI. Now the real police show up but who they're looking for is already long gone.

- Hey, now we get to see D for first time this season. And this fool is heavy into drugs.

- Fucked up how they (Sergei, few other dudes) beat down this Turkish dude. TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW. Now Spiros and The Greek are there. Greeks and Turks don't get along regardless of what The Greek says about having no issue with Turks. So, Turkish guy tells them what happened and Spiros cuts his throat. And they say they lost 4 million bucks cause this guy killed their whores.


The Wire

Really slow-paced outing.


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- Omar's back in Baltimore! But as he was planning a heist, these two chicks do it first!

“What they need is a union.” - Russell

- Scene with everyone speaking in non-English to Lester and Bunk is the absolute best. Then they find out the ship's crew was getting advances on their pay during the journey. Obviously to get laid.

- Nick is angry all the time.

- Well now. McNulty and Daniels meet for the first time since the detail has concluded (assumption). They talk shop and Jimmy finds out Daniels is headed for retirement.

- Damn this fool Landsman is ALWAYS eating or drinking a soda. Then he gets his jollies off by being quite creepy towards Beadie. Guy is annoyingly hilarious.

- This detail does not know anything, does not want to do anything. Admirable.

- Stringer playing the stock market is hilarious. Makes an amazing point. MARKET SATURATION.

- lol at Omar and that other dude finding these two girls and deciding they want the money. "Spread the word darlin'. Omar back." Now he's got these two broads under his employ for some caper they have planned.

- Tilghman (the CO at the prison) gets his product from Butch, who makes his first appearance this episode. Stringer now goes in to tell Butch what needs to go down. Now explicitly but that they need to get product into the prison for a time. We also get a shot of how he preps things up so that he does not get caught.

- lol Ziggy once again with this drug thing. Guy is too much. Of course, Nick doesn't want to do it, as stated in racist fashion.

- Pretty fucked up to use a kid as part of your heist plans. But looie here they got him to open the door, Omar storms in, and all that. Still don't like that trick with the kid.

- Nice how Freamon and Bunk already know every single thing Jimmy is telling them. This plays into the 'Jimmy thinks he's smarter than everyone else' trope, except he's really not. Of course, they can't find out where the container actually came from. The Justice Department confirms that.

- Frank meeting with Clay Davis is a strange clash of personalities. On that docks note, the minor running storyline with Valcheck examining these photos of his police van is one of the best this season.

- Stringer with Donette makes it so much easier to hate him.

- Ziggy, Nick, and that guy in the booth running that scam was slick. However, this storyline runs parallel to the one with the guy who can't get a day on the job, has no money, etc. Things like this are exactly why guys like him are getting squeezed out of work.

- Avon and D finally have their talk in the library. Look at Avon basically telling him that Avon is the reason he got the job working in the library. Then Avon tells him that he needs to keep his head right so that he can get some years taken off that 20. Just like Avon's gonna get years taken off that 7.

- This Glekas fella seems like pure scum. 20,000 goes three ways very easily. Ziggy is so dumb taking a picture and getting his camera broken.

- Love this. Valchek looks at all these sacks of shit on this bogus detail and storms out, clearly unhappy. Then at City Hall, Burrell is there and Valchek completely tears into him. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR SENDING THE WHITE MAN HUMP DETECTIVES. Now Valchek wants a real detail, Daniels included. DON'T FUCK WITH HIM.

- This guy gets a fat ass stack of money after that shot and a beer. See, Frank ain't so bad.

- Now this dude is distributing Tilghman's fucked up dope before lockdown. Surprisingly, D listened to Avon and isn't looking for anything today. Good thing to because there's some dudes who fell out, going out on stretchers and that type of shit. Hot shots. D seems to realize that Avon did this.


Bunk and Lester - English lesson

Great season, good episodes, but really slow building.


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Yeah, this season is great but it is definitely not for ADD types. I love Nick and Ziggy and wish I could have seen more of them after this season. The actor who plays Ziggy was awesome in Generation Kill. Spiros and the Greek are introduced and IMO, are the most unfuckwithable characters in the entire series, Omar included.

And we can't forget everyone's favorite moment of the season: Nick's girlfriend's awesome, 10.5 out of 10 rack


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- Frank found out about the camera heist. None too pleased about that as well. Just as displeased as Nick is to be dragged out of the way for this talk. The cameras can't go back because they're gone. Hard not to do something like that when you need the money, and these guys, all of them, they really need it.

“If I hear the music, I'm gonna dance.” — Greggs

- Investigation is starting at the prison over the drug deaths. Too many damn people fell out. 5 dead, 8 in the infirmary. It is suggested that it's time to shave years off sentences to get to the bottom of this.

- LOL at McNulty giving Rawls a salute in the hallway and the look on Rawls face. Next scene, same shit with Daniels and Burrell giving each other a staredown. Burrell doesn't give him the exact details of why he has to promote him and get him on the case. Daniels then asks for his detail to be made a permanent unit. Burrell having no choice, says sure thing. And Daniels wants to choose his own people. Make a list, give it to Rawls, and all that, so Burrell's okay with it.

- Ziggy is the biggest fucking idiot. With the camera, making noise after getting the money, taking a picture of his cock, then the leather fucking jacket. Moron.

- 10.5 OUT OF 10 RACK.

- D is so angry at Avon. He seems to know for a fact Avon did something. Avon is pure evil, doesn't care who goes down if they're in his way. D doesn't think like that though. He has had enough for some time. Even though it would cut his time in jail short he doesn't care. Passing on the offer, doesn't want his years taken off by some shit like that.

- Amazing how McNulty cruises around looking for Omar. That crew dropping their shit and turning towards the wall was funny. None of them are gonna snitch on Omar though. "Fuck you officer."

- The Atlanta package is shit apparently. Even though it's shit, in an attempt to make money, Stringer wants them to cut it even further.

- Nice, first time Bubbles has appeared this season. He's got a great scheme planned, dressed in a shirt and tie and that whole get-up. So he went into a mall or whatever and stole some shit, placing it in bags of stores at that mall. LOL at him dropping stuff on the ground. Both Bubbles and Johnny don't really want to go find Omar.

- This scene with Avon and Levy is ridiculous. Pure scum shit.

- Daniels list has the people you'd expect on it, but McNulty is NOT going to be allowed onboard. Speaking of his list, we finally see Kima again as she cannot help but arrest some douchebag that's blocking traffic and about to take his pants off.

- lol at Ziggy getting coffee spiled all over his jacket. Good fella calling him out and saying he could go steal a whole can of baby wipes to clean himself up.

- Man this lady in the room with Bubbles while he's shooting up has fallen all the way the fuck out. Like she's dead, looks dead, yet ain't. And can't even count. I mean DAMN. At least that colleague of Omar's heard Bubbles talking about Omar, makes it easier to find him.

- Maybe this is callous but I'm not all that interested in the McNulty scenes where he was trying to find out the dead girl's name. I mean, I was the first time I watched it. But now knowing that ultimately it's meaningless, it's just something to get through.

- Nick's back pay story is obviously bullshit, but I can see why it went unquestioned.

- Tilghman getting his car searched at the same time as Ziggy putting dick pictures on Maui's computer somehow seems like a perfectly timed placement of two completely different scenes. Ha, that time Tilghman didn't even put it there! Shamrock did.

- Omar trapping Bubbles with some radiator they could sell for scrap was a great plan. Of course poor ass Bubs is gonna try to get on that.

- Carver ain't on the detail right now, had to point that out. Dinner scenes with Kima and Daniels deciding how to break the news to their wives of their venture back into real police work were great.

- lol at McNulty giving his estranged wife Bubs stolen headphones. Bigger laugh at Stringer saying "I got a mid-term, I gotta study."

- The closing scene with Bunk, Beadie, and Freamon going to the union bar and putting the squeeze on everyone was a great plan. Frank had no idea that someone killed those girls in the container.

No video scenes. Oddly I like this episode better than the last two.


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- This was a great opening scene. First Ziggy gets cheated out of money cause why the fuck not, what's he gonna do about it? YOU BEST KNOW I AIN'T PLAYING. OH FUCK OH FUCK THIS IS BAD when Cheese Wagstaff pulls his ride out in front of him. Tears his coat and takes the money from him. Poor Ziggy gets punched in the jaw and they take his car how terrible.

“They used to make steel there, no?” — Spiros Vondas

- Well look at Carver now. Daniels asked for him, and he can't understand why Daniels would do that after he snaked on Daniels. That's because he's pretty sure Carver won't do it again. And Daniels doesn't really consider Carver a sergeant. He's okay with that.

- LOL at Bubbles looking for a way to steal and sell that BBQ grill. Same reaction to the infamous Baltimore knot. Man how does Bubbles know this shit? He gets double the pay for this bit of work too.

- Lester got detailed, which pissed him off because he wanted to clear the case. Instead Bunk is on that shit all by his lonesome. Little do both of them know that the detail and this case are linked straight together. Until Freamon walks in and sees the target. Now he's interested.

- McNulty's wife as a real estate agent was an unexpected surprise.

- Man that fiend walking through the Pit weirded me out. He got cracked upside the head, thrown out the Pit and kept walking like he was on a fucking mission. Just cause he was talking shit about their package, which is shit as we know.

- Ziggy's conversation with Nick is weird. Immediately calls the dudes who took his shit "niggers." Then he says fuck White Mike cause you know how he be. Well, Nick doesn't have any money to give Ziggy so he's shit out of luck.

- lol at Stringer talking shop with his professor. The professor obviously not knowing what Stringer is about. His lesson's simple, if the product is tainted by a bad reputation, change the name.

- Frank's rant against the grand jury summons was amazing. Then sheepishly says "these four ain't working today." Unfortunately none of them gives up shit to the grand jury.

- Omar's prep session for the Gant trial is so good. When he goes to buy court clothes it is too.

- Frog's conversation with some other white dude as Kima and Carver are listening is one of the weirdest things I've heard. It's great how Herc got into the part and had a toothpick and shit. "It's all in the props baby, all in the props"

- Jimmy is trying so damn hard to do this but ultimately, it's futile. To Jersey City he goes.

- Nick and Nat going down to meet with Cheese had bad idea written all over it, but it doesn't go extremely poorly. I mean they don't get killed or whatever. The camera work does a good job making Cheese seem real big and Nick seem real small. Which makes it seem like Cheese is talking down to him and all. Anyhow, Ziggy's car goes up in flames. Ziggy hears the news and seems halfway destroyed.

- Surprised when Maui actually tells Beadie what to do regarding her case. Just because nobody else on the docks said a fucking thing.

- Damn, these guys are immediately trusting of Herc and he can buy any quantity of anything he wants. Fuckin' white dudes.

- I don't understand why Frank is so insistent on wanting to meet directly with The Greek. Doesn't he know that everything Spiros says comes straight out of The Greek's mouth? Then damn he compares Frank to those steel mills by saying "smoke from the stacks, but nothing inside"

- Ziggy and Nick find out that these guys want the chemicals to create cocaine. Well duh.

- Funny how Frank has to explain what the police are supposed to be looking for when finding out if he's a criminal or not.

- The conference with Stringer and his soldiers about what they're going to do with their bad product is one of my favorite scenes in the show. Some of the best lines come during meetings with Stringer. Change the tops of the gel caps and start creating fake production wars between the towers. There are no better ideas so it's worth a try.

- Scene with the immigrant girls trying to ID these dead girls is tragic.

- Bunk trying to get his investigation folded into the detail was a good idea, but not a good idea for Daniels. Daniels will let the investigation take place at his site but will not engulf it into his detail until they get a suspect.

- We close the episode by Frank showing that it was all smoke from the stacks and no real substance inside. Triple the fee, hard to pass up, might as well go ahead. Now or never.


method man the wire

The Wire - Omar Preps For Bird's Trial

The Wire - Frank's Workers Get Served

The Wire - Stringer Bell changes the name of the product

Pace increased by a lot from the last episode to this one.


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- Everything about the Omar court scene makes it the best court scene ever. "I ROBS DRUG DEALERS."

“It don't matter that some fool say he different...” — D'Angelo

- Herc is real creepy but it was hilarious for him to ask Beadie to get a cup of coffee when she already had one.

- Back to the trial and Stringer states the obvious, Omar never saw Bird do any shooting. lol at Bird's response to what Omar said, getting ready to jump over tables and shit. When Levy was reading off Omar's crimes I was wondering how he was let out of jail. Levy's scumbag rant was met with great response as well. Look at how happy the prosecution seems to be and how angry Levy is.

- Spiros saying "you want we kill him" in response to Nick complaining about Ziggy's debt to Cheese was ice cold.

- What the hell at McNulty undressing this real estate mannequin.

- Shardene looks way different from first season. Freamon like tamed her or some shit.

- Sergei is lethal walking up to that dude with Vladimir Kozlov and both of them pulling out guns. "You have no problem. You will get money for the car that burnt."

- Funny how Cheryl decided she was tagging along with Kima to the strip club. The interview with the stripper would have been informative if I hadn't heard all that shit on news programs in the past. Cheryl didn't seem to give much of a shit about Kima telling her what the case is about, which I find annoying and dumb.

- Good on D flushing that bullshit down the toilet cause of his kid. The book club meeting about Great Gatsby sums up D's life in total. No matter what he tries to do, he is who he is. His talk with his mom afterward was sad.

- HA! Bird is guilty. No bond prior to sentencing or anything like that. Now that was good.

- Nick meeting with Prop Joe is weird, but in the end Nick gets what he wants. Value of having friends. "If it wasn't for Sergei you and your cousin would both be cadaverous motherfuckers"

- wtf this fool Ziggy burning a 100 dollar bill in a bar full of working people. Dude is sick in the head. His talk with his dad was funny. "I fell down."

- lol at drunk Bunk. "WHERE IS THE LOVE JIMMY. WHERE IS THE MOTHER FUCKIN LOVE." Next day while meeting with Daniels he is suffering from the, um...after effects. Still can't get his investigation folded into the detail.

- Chemical delivery is one time. That's quite a lot of barrels. Taking up the offer to be paid in heroin is dumb, but money talks. Half in cash, half dope. I wouldn't trust Ziggy to do shit with that heroin so, good idea.

- Sad for McNulty how he gets ice cold kicked out of Elena's house. Talk about assumptions.

- Man, I hate this part. Came as a surprise to me in that the first time I watched it, I really thought D would fight him off. And now he's dead.


The Wire - Omar testifies against Bird

The Wire - A Hungover Bunk

The Wire - D'Angelo's Library Surprise

One of the series highs in the same episode as one of its lows. Probably the best episode so far.


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- Bodie going in the floral shop to get a tower setup was one of the weirdest things I've seen in this show. Floral gun setups and shit. Rims, all that.

“Don't worry, kid. You're still on the clock.” — Horseface

- Bunk telling Landsman about Daniels detail ensures that Landsman is gonna run straight to Rawls about it and bitch until Rawls makes Daniels take on the murders for his detail. Of course, just a bit later, Rawls meets with Daniels and tells him that it would be to his benefit to take on the murders. Not to Daniels benefit though, and he knows that.

- Frog is so dumb. Nick does a pretty good job selling his package to Frog.

- Avon is none too pleased about what happened to D. D's mom is obviously extremely upset too, so it's awkward to see Stringer walk into her room to comfort her.

- "His name is Head. Dick Head." This plan to do a test run on the bug from a law enforcement store was not a very good plan. So it goes in a tennis ball.

- Good little plan by Beadie. Really dumb of Frank to fall for it. Then straight after that, a few of the union guys watch that Rotterdam video and obviously they don't like that too much. Suit saying he didn't know how many man hours the employees were able to put in just about sums everything up. Technology is putting a huge squeeze on the world.

- This prank Maui played on Ziggy was stone cold fucked up. Making him think he was about to be a dad and shit. That's the kind of things that happens to you in return for putting dicks on somebody's computer. At least for his sake Nick picked the details apart.


- D's funeral is kinda sad but when I see that floral tower display I have a hard time not bursting into laughter. Joe has a proposition for Stringer and suggests that Stringer can get his dope in exchange for some better territory.

- And there goes the can, not entered into the computer. They are onto Sergei. Truck goes straight out, not through checkout lane. Now Prez is on the follow. Then Bunk. Then, up ahead, it turns right into a big gated warehouse, the gate of which is promptly shut. The place is called Pyramid, Inc.

- Stringer and Avon's shit is so bad that Stringer intends to discount it. Avon's not too fond of the idea to give Prop Joe a tower or two.

- Herc was too stupid to pick up on the truck being registered to a Sobotka. Carver got it though. Now Herc wants to register Fuzzy Dunlop as a confidential informant. Except he can't. Carver has to be the one to do it because he has that trustworthy look, whatever that is.

- Well now. Kima gets a pretty good look at Prop Joe heading into the warehouse. Now they can get an idea of what's going on down at the docks.

- Damn that dude's gonna lose his leg. It's totally mangled. What's up with guys giving each other drags of cigarettes when they're injured?

- Freamon trying with the full court press on Daniels now. Any way to get him to take the bodies on his detail. And he wants to take them now, but when he wants something he expects to get it. Rawls thinks he screwed Daniels over on this one. Daniels is addicted to police work. The end.


The Wire - Funeral Flowers

Hey Frog, you happen to be white!

The Wire - Head, Dickhead