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- This opening scene is so fucking good. McNulty drunk as fuck, trying to pick up someone else's chick, then he gets behind the wheel and goes on the greatest rampage ever. Anyone who wouldn't find this funny as fuck has no soul. I specifically enjoyed his singing along to the song on the radio as he SLAMMED into the concrete support beam. Them slams into some random waitress to finish that masterpiece off.

“How come they don't fly away?” — Ziggy

- I like how Horseface and Nat encouraged Ziggy to go kick the ass of a guy about 7-8 inches taller than him (Maui). Under the guise of Ziggy being a legend of the docks. So he goes over there at lunch time and punches Maui right in the gut three times. Bad idea. Maui uses a forklift to raise Ziggy up to the top of a container stack, throws him on top of the stack and tells everyone they better not go over to get him.

- Good job by the detail getting a wiretap. Nice to see Bunk detailed for once. About time with that too. And funny to see how they have to clean a judge's house to get their warrant signed. lol at Carver and Herc having to do all the hard work.

- Fuckin' idiot bill bitch tells Frank his phone is flagged. Why would you tell someone that? Unfortunately he's smart enough to understand what may be going on.

- McNulty wants to be on the detail so bad. He's like, majorly depressed and shit. Feels worthless. So Daniels is trying to campaign for him to get on the detail. Rawls told him that he'd get whatever he needed, so it's time to bend over. Jimmy's gotta get off the boat.

- Frank and his brother are totally different people. And his brother has a decent idea what Frank does to get money and isn't a fan of it.

- Why the fuck is Ziggy buying a duck? Dude is weird. Then Nick tries to give him money and he throws the shit in the air like a lunatic.

- Some dudes from around the way decided to set up shop a bit higher up the road than the Pit and towers to take their customers.

- Fuzzy Dunlop. The best confidential informant of all time. Meaning, a non-existent informant named after a tennis ball.

- Like how when they're talking about who needs to go into the whorehouse McNulty walks straight in and...there's their undercover. What the fuck did I do? Good trap by Jimmy and Kima to get that guy coming out of the whorehouse and trying to leave that parking lot afterward. But fuck if Jimmy doesn't explain every emotion in that guy's head, that was crazy to me.

- I totally don't understand this shit with the duck. I mean obviously, dude is lonely and bullied all the time. So he needs a companion. There's only so much a guy can take.

- Frank outmaneuvered the police big time by giving them a bullshit second container to follow. And finding out that Beadie has been detailed. I mean, shit, he got this whole thing figured out doesn't he. lol at Glekas opening the container and finding out all that was inside was some bullshit. Barbies or whatever. Then plastic curtain rods. The only thing the police got out of this was the number of a boss, other than that it was a total operational failure. The police don't know that yet though.

- Man, Bodie's got some bad shit thought up in his head. He stole someone's corner in the middle of the night, now he and Poot are ready for a turf war with these guys.

- McNulty surprisingly went to Beadie's house, don't think he knows exactly what for, then he decides to be decent for once and get out before he puts the taint of Jimmy McNulty on poor, unsuspecting Beadie.

- Frank once again with the complaining shit. But he didn't realize The Greek is the old guy who has been sitting in the restaurant all along. Nick and Frank both say some stupid shit about wanting the same pay even though they're not giving them the cans they want (clean ones instead), yet The Greek agrees to it anyway. They also know the warehouse is out of play for future dirty work.


The Wire - McNulty drunk driving

The Wire - Ziggy tries to fight Maui

The Wire - Fuzzy Dunlop


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- If this isn't the dumbest shit. Alright, so Bodie's holding the corner he took last time out, and the guy he took it from wants that shit back. So they're gonna have a shootout. All these fools got guns and shit. Everyone takes their kids straight inside, none of these guys even get shot by all this bullshit flying all over the place. Now the cops are on their way so everyone runs. One big ass problem though, this lady's poor son gets shot by a stray bullet that heads through the wall upstairs. How fucked is that?

“The world is a smaller place now.” — The Greek

- Detail now knows that Frank knows a detail is onto him.

- Back to the shooting scene, Bunny Colvin makes his first appearance. He knows that all this bullshit is pointless and that hitting corners and taking bodies doesn't really do anything.

- Stringer telling Bodie to dump the guns and how this actually turns out is fucking hilarious. Bodie throws them shits off the bridge and they land on a boat. Is that unreal or what? Anyway, the police response to the shooting is of the storm the towers variety. Tactical teams and that stuff. Colvin thinks this is useless.

- Stringer's response to this is now to give Prop Joe 3 of the towers. He keeps three and finally gets the good dope that he needs.

- Jimmy's phone calls to the escort service are good regardless of which accent he uses. First one fails miserably. Had no cover story. Second time doesn't fail but we don't get to see it.

- Poor Ziggy's duck died of alcohol poisoning. So he punches Nick. Yeah, that'll bring the duck back.

- Herc and Carver with another shit detail, this time sitting outside the warehouse and watching, and waiting. For what's probably nothing.

- The police know about Bodie and heard that he may have been involved with the shooting. So, they wait. But now they've found him. And they tell him that they have the guns. Bodie doesn't believe it but the bag is right there. Ray fucked up so bad telling him which gun they found his prints on. Obviously some made up bullshit.

- Ziggy's caper was a really good idea. I mean, brand new cars on the docks, can steal them easily and get paid very well. Plus, he has a way to send them overseas.

- Corrupt FBI agent fucked over the police even worse. If Jimmy hadn't have gone over to their HQ, would have helped out their case a whole lot. Instead, they did. So The Greek meets with his people and says they'll go back to business before very much longer.

- Stringer finally got the raw and they're gonna stomp on that shit good. What that means is dilute the fuck out of it, cause they can. That's how they make money. The problem with the other shit was they couldn't do shit to it. And you can't raise the price cause fiends can't get more money.

- I love it when Stringer tells these dudes about throwing guns on the fuckin' boat. I mean, these guys are so dumb that they can't even throw guns in the water right.

- How is that pawn shops sell bolt cutters? Don't they know the only people that would go in there would use them shits to steal? Then Ziggy starts looking at the guns and that's weird.

- Pretty dumb how Sergei says every single fucking thing over the phone. And then White Mike is just as bad with no code talk whatsoever. No hands, no face, that's what they do when they drop a body. And now the detail knows it.

- Two things run concurrently. First, we start with Agent Koutris searching a container for drugs. Colombians drugs. He doesn't seem to have much of any idea what he's searching for, but he's doing it because The Greek thinks their business partners are unreliable. So he peels away some of the paint and whoa shit there's barrels full of cocaine. 1125 kilos.

- At the same time, McNulty has reached the whorehouse and the detail is ready for the bust. lol at this fool taking two of the whores. His half-hearted attempt to get them to stop was funny, as was the attempt to get the raid to begin. But it took so long and his dick was out so what was he to do? Hilarious when Bunk and Kima walk in on him.

- Valchek wants to know what Daniels has to charge. Well, this shit sprawled out, and he isn't too happy to know that they have a lot on Sobotka right now. Typical stupid fuckhead is beginning to rear his head. THE CASE IS BIGGER THAN FRANK SOBOTKA MORON. "FUCKIN' RAT FUCKERS ALL OF YOU."

- When Rhonda reads Jimmy's report she just about loses it.

- Avon said giving up three towers isn't something he wants Stringer to do. So, where we go from here is probably to a bad place. BROTHER MOUZONE is gonna be their muscle to ensure nobody takes the towers. When Stringer tells this to Prop Joe, Joe tells him that Mouzone got more bodies on him than a Chinese cemetery (lol). Stringer also thinks Brother Mouzone is a ways from coming down there. Well, he's dead ass wrong. Brother is right there and, he's ready to fuck some shit up.


The Wire season 2 gunfight and opening credits

Bodie Stumps Police After Dumping Guns

The Wire - Valchek Goes Ballistic


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- Nice to see the little montage of all sorts of things being done though. GPS on everyone's car without their knowledge, company report pulls and all that kind of stuff. Better to see it done in this fashion rather than during a whole episode.

“It pays to go with the union card every time.” —Ziggy

- Bodie is all concerned about these Eastside dudes but he doesn't have any say in the matter whatsoever. They get three towers and nobody better start shit.

- Detail knows about the diner now.

- Frank is gonna run for Secretary-Treasurer of his union even though he's not supposed to. Speaking of the union, Valchek intends to reach around the detail and go federal so he can bust it. That guy is a bastard.

- lol at these dudes trying to get Bubbles to buy their shit. Like in a competition. Bodie and Cheese encourage the dueling towers bullshit.

- So now the Feds have shown up at the detail HQ to inform them of Valchek's intentions.

- Been quite a while since the last time we saw Omar. He's meeting with Butch and we learn these dudes like each other and Butch keeps a stash of money for him. Okay.

- Ziggy with the radio blaring as loud as possible while boosting these cars makes me wonder just how dumb he is. Obviously not that dumb if he came up with this scheme.

- Nick on the other hand is clearly an idiot cause his girl with the perfect rack found his stash of money. Easily at that, while doing laundry. Stupid argument follows, nothing comes of it. Blah.

- Cheryl is pregnant now. I like how all of a sudden we're being hit with all these revelations.

- This scene is so awesome. Brother Mouzone encounters Cheese for the first time and gets dissed, then tells Cheese he better get the fuck out the area. Like, right now. Bubbles takes an interest in the background of this conversation. Then Brother pulls his gun straight out and shoots Cheese when Cheese asks like he'll punch him. That was cool. Later, Prop Joe tells Cheese not to do anything stupid, cause they can't do shit to Brother. He does something dumb when deciding to get Omar involved.

- FBI is now meeting with Daniels and Rhonda, they say that their priority is the union corruption. They offer to work the case together also. I like this staredown scene between the Feds and Bunk/Lester.

- Now Ziggy is going to get his cash for the car delivery. And of course, just like Frog a while back, Glekas fucks him over with the cash. There's nowhere near as much there as was agreed to. Half, in fact. It's really not that bad, but Ziggy is all principled and shit and expects to get way more cash. They fuck him over like this because he has no muscle, nobody takes him seriously. So he goes into his car and freaks the fuck out. Amazing cinematography here, and now, he goes into his glove box for a gun. Into the store, and BAM shoots the kid right in the gut. DOWN GOES GLEKAS, shot in the back. He begs, but Ziggy shoots him in the head and ends it. The blur effect when Ziggy leaves is great. That's probably exactly how people feel when they do something that dumb.

- LOL at Bunk in that lifejacket. Their plan is to sit on a boat and wait until two of their targets meet at the Point.

- Prop Joe's idea is for Omar to parlay with Stringer with the purpose of getting rid of Brother Mouzone.

- Ziggy's confession scene is kinda tragic. Weird as hell how he reads it over and makes his own correction. Landsman finds the correction weird too. He didn't say "please don't shoot me," he begged. That' Ziggy doesn't want to call anyone, somehow thought he'd get bail which, uh, no.

- Oh no, corrupt agent sees that some case information is being entered by Fitzhugh into the federal database. That is some bad shit. Initiate: Operation Shutdown.

- So Nick and Frank learn the news about what Ziggy did to Glekas. Of course, Nick didn't know shit about this, and when Frank attempts to blame Nick for what happened, he tells Frank what needed to be said. Frank's his father, if Frank didn't know what he was doing, how could Nick?

- Shutdown begins immediately. And these two fuckheads Herc and Carver weren't even paying attention as to who came out and who left. That's why they get the shit end of the work.

- LOL at Valchek going down to the detail HQ and seeing that the feds bunkered down with Daniels. Now he's bitching. Tells Prez that he's coming with him. GET YOUR NARROW ASS BACK TO THE DISTRICT BEFORE I SLAP YOU WITH INSUBORDINATION. MOVE, SHITBIRD AND PREZ PUNCHES THIS MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT IN THE JAW. Daniels face might be the best part of this whole thing. Now Lester doesn't have his buddy.

- Bunk looks hilarious with that shit and hat on while fishing. They now know their targets are headed to the spot, but they don't know that they're meeting with the purpose of beginning a full cleanup. The store, the warehouse, throwing away phones, all that shit. The only part Jimmy and Bunk see is the phones being thrown away. LOL at Carv and Herc still waiting outside of the diner cause nobody bothers to tell them a fuckin' thing. It's their own fault.

- Good job getting those phone messages. They only have a subpoena, but they're gonna go get a warrant too so they can get some 2 months worth of text messages. Little do they know, all of them are in Greek. Translator says "shut down immediately." Hard to get in front of these guys and trap them to get a case going, they're pretty fucking good.

- This reminiscing scene with Nick annoyed me, I didn't find it all that touching or whatever it was intended to be at all.

- Raid time, or at least it will be soon. Unfortunately, all this shit is getting cleaned out. Even the trash. Can't type fast enough to get to what's there. The mountain of powder is gone too, down the drain.


The Wire: Brother Mouzone shoots Cheese

Ziggy style

The Wire - Prez Punches Valchek

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I know this kinda sounds like bullshit, but the first time I watched this I really did expect Glekas to screw over Ziggy upon payment and Ziggy to do something really stupid. It was kinda given away when Ziggy was looking at guns in the pawn shop.


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- Nick is a pretty lucky guy having missed out on all the raids. His parents place gets the door busted in, so does Pyramid Inc., and the appliance store. Problem is, there's nothing at any of these places but the first. White Mike's house gets it too. All they glean from the appliance store is the blood stained carpet. Ben-Eleazer gets arrested and so does Sergei. Nick's parents seem shocked to find out their kid was dealing drugs.

“I need to get clean.” — Sobotka

- Frank is going to get arrested as well. The Feds want it to be a high profile bust, so they wait for a bit. And a high profile bust they're going to get right now. Valchek heads in and arrests Frank. Then they wait to take him outside until the media shows up, which I found very amusing.

- Daniels tearing apart Landsman was very satisfying. Long overdue too.

- Interviews with the arrested parties were exactly as anyone would expect. Ben-Eleazer and the madam dummy up. Sergei intends to as well until he gets called Boris. Why always Boris? White Mike tells them everything he knows. "Etan's a Jew, you know, from that Jew country they got."

- Stringer and Omar are having their parlay as this goes on. Stringer tries to play this as Brother Mouzone is the one who tortured Brandon.

- Ziggy's talk with his dad is sad. They level with each other, but how does that work? He's fucked, knows it, and his dad knows it too. Then he goes back into the holding tank and Frank has to watch him get stared down like a piece of shit, I don't know how a dad could feel when they saw something like that, but it couldn't be good. Frank's brother isn't too happy about Frank knowing that these guys were stealing shit. It's like, how? Enabling type shit.

- As Daniels points out, the case gets really thin when they try pinning something on Spiros. That's kinda difficult.

- lol at Frank being Mr. Big Dick and signing up to work a ship. The stevedores obviously have disdain for checkers, that's clear to see.

- And now, Bunk and McNulty are following Spiros into a parking garage. Beadie will now follow him on the street. So Spiros goes into some hotel, gets on an elevator, and Beadie rushes in it because she has no choice but to do so (or she loses the target). So he goes into some room. Then, on the way out Spiros leaves with some guy who doesn't mean anything whatsoever. Police don't know that though. The Greek walks straight through without them noticing. And they enter a different car so that they can't be tracked as they leave the building. The Greek walks right past Kima too.

- If White Mike rolls on his suppliers he can go into witness protection. Beadie doesn't understand that though, why would the drug dealer get off?

- lol at Frank trying to give the lobbyist more money. All that stuff he worked for is dead now because Frank is dirty. He didn't figure on that?

- The Greek is now talking with Spiros about who needs to go, and all that. Spiros wants to find a way to ensure Frank and Nick's silence by them trying to do something about Ziggy. Hard to do given that Ziggy signed a confession. His idea is good but he doesn't know the details. Unfortunately, Spiros is a bit too naive.

- This Brother Mouzone shit was real good. First, Omar sent his two girls up there to bug that Lamar guy. Omar runs up behind him and knocks him out. Then knocks on the door and shoots Mouzone right in the gut when he opens it. And they have a conversation about it. Mouzone tells Omar his information is junk, so Omar thinks on it, calls 911, and leaves.

- Beadie went in to see Frank and asked him to come in and tell them what he knows. I guess he thinks on it. Meanwhile, Spiros is meeting with Nick. He tells Nick their lives don't have to be over. Then shows him a passport so as to show he can do whatever he wants.

- Frank came in. He's asking for help with Ziggy, saying he can't jail where he is now. And if Nick cooperates as well, he gets probation. Too bad he didn't have a lawyer present, that was his downfall. Having to wait a day that is.

- I love this montage. The one with the Greek song and non-verbal cues as to what everyone's doing. Spiros ripped up his Hungarian passport in exchange for a Croatian one (this was funny). Fitzhugh turns in paperwork (not a good idea). Nick tells Frank that Spiros wants to meet with Frank, and tells him why, which fucks Frank up. He says he'll go down there alone. Of course, this Koutris sack of shit sees the information as it's being input into the system, and as such, calls The Greek. And as such, time on Frank's life...runs out.


Stringer tries to set Omar on Brother Mouzone: The Wire Season 2, Episode 11 'Bad Dreams'

The Wire: McNulty and Bunk discuss the Greeks

A Life Sentence

The Wire Clip: Omar goes against Brother Mouzone

I can't understand why the closing scene isn't on YouTube, but this was a great hour of television.


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- As we can assume from the close of last episode, Frank's dead and the police are hauling in his body. No other reason for the boat to be out there in front of the docks. Nick zooms to the meeting place but Frank's truck is there all by its lonesome. Just like his body was in the water all by its lonesome.

“Business. Always Business.” — The Greek

- Detail ain't got shit on Spiros now. Nor do they have anything on the guy they think is The Greek. They finally got information back on the headless and handless murder victims though, there are a bunch of them.

- Well now, Stringer going to see Brother Mouzone in the hospital. Mouzone is no longer under contract and says he'll take care of "them" himself.

- Herc and Carver are really funny with this long-term surveillance on Nick's house. They expect him to go back there. They've been outside for a long time though, and he hasn't shown.

- Daniels and Valchek had a great conversation regarding Prez. Daniels tries to tell him that it may have been justified due to Valchek calling him a shitbird. Good play, got Prez to ride the desk for two months and apology letters. Then he can go back to Daniels unit if he wants.

- Now Nick shows at the district to turn himself in. Freamon spots him. That's unfortunate for Herc and Carver cause they're still outside of his house.

- The Greek and Spiros are meeting about Frank. They were going to kill Nick, but The Greek says forget it. Spiros says, he knows my name name is not my name. And The Greek says...he's not even Greek. They're leaving a can on the docks though, which obviously cost a lot of money.

- At the briefing with Burrell, Daniels tells him that they can't find Spiros right now. But he finds out Nick is with Freamon and ready to flip.

- lol at Bubbles and Johnny trying to steal shit from the ambulance when one of the fiends had fallen out. Santangelo busted them good. Awesome how Kima and McNulty had to go down there and get them out of trouble. They wanted information, and they got it when he said some guy with a bowtie shot Cheese. Told him east side guys moved into the towers too. So they get to go free. Lastly, Bubbles is asked about the product and says it was shit, now it's good. Which goes a long way to explaining why east side guys were in the towers.

- Here we go with Nick's deal and flip. He feels guilty cause he told Frank where to meet with them. It wouldn't have mattered what they (Greek, Spiros) could have done for Ziggy because they had him dead to rights. Then he gives all the information the police and DA need. Except for on Horseface. He lies, obviously. Nick finally enlightens them as to who The Greek is. He's the guy in the picture who was lighting a cigarette. They have some good shit on The Greek in that they know a can with contraband will be offloaded in Baltimore tomorrow.

- Fitzhugh is starting to wonder about an FBI agent informing The Greek of what they've been doing, and of course, he was right. And Agent Koutris is no longer in San Diego.

- lol at Daniels having to sleep in his own room. Even bigger lol at Herc and Carver being left outside all fucking night not being told that Nick has been brought in. So they go up to the door and are told by Nick's dad that he turned himself in. And Freamon didn't tell them.

- Now Nick's in witness protection. And he says exactly what I was thinking, now they have their own place.

- Omar is now wise to what Stringer had intended. The police are wise to what's going on in the towers too. Some weird shit going on.

- The security officer at the port is retarded. They asked for tapes, but this guy didn't say he had them until...a minute later when he showed them.

- Kima isn't remotely into shopping for baby stuff. No sugarcoating about it either.

- Spiros had a weird meeting with Joe. New faces in a week or so. Tells him about the dead shipment, and says to Joe that there's always more. 200 kilos of raw left on the pier.

- Avon tells Stringer that he fucked up when asking Brother Mouzone who did it. And tells him his business class doesn't mean shit. Then tells him to go to Prop Joe. Kinda too damn late, but they got to. I loved how Jimmy and Kima spotted Prop Joe and Stringer meeting with each other.

- Well look at that, Sergei caught running down the guy from the boat and kidnapping him. That makes the case, that can clear the murders. Now in the interview room with him, they play an audio and video tape, and show a picture of the guy Sergei took care of in Philly. Lester and Bunk run wild on him which was great to watch. That's a death penalty case in Maryland. So Sergei's gonna talk. Spiros is the one who killed him, and Sergei tells his story about what happened on the boat with the Turkish guy and the girls. And that's that. 14 murders, down they go.

- Sergei doesn't know The Greek's name, just a hotel room. The police go to raid it, and they aren't there. Spiros and The Greek are checking out of the city with their fake passports and all that junk. The Greek did forget his beads, but that shouldn't be too big a deal over the longterm.

- Fitzhugh goes to tell Daniels what happened regarding Frank, that this Koutris guy leaked information to The Greek so as to have Frank disposed of.

- This montage is maybe the best of them all, S3's is comparable. There's no reason to do the usual summing up, the most interesting parts were regarding the union hall being locked up, and girls still coming out of cans like nothing happened at all. Then Nick walks off and this season and the narrative contained within are done and dusted.


The Wire Season 2 Ending Montage

The finale has many great scenes but they aren't on YouTube. Anyway, I favor the first season to this one, although the overall narrative was something that needed to be touched upon because nobody else was doing it. I can't understand why people would call this the worst season with Season 5 staring them right in the face but lots of people do.


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- Opening shot of this season is of the towers being blown up. Bodie and Poot talk some good shit on the way over there to see it. Bodie's right of course, the big loss is the loss of territory to move their product. Building demolitions like that are awesome, all these people forgot about the dust.

- This version of the theme isn't as good as the last two.

“Don't matter how many times you get burnt, you just keep doin' the same." - Bodie

- Nice to see Sydnor back on the detail after not appearing at all last season. He and McNulty are sitting in a vacant watching Cheese. They have a wiretap up too. 3 months and they can't get Cheese on a phone though. It's good to see the season start already in the middle of the work rather than doing it all from the beginning again.

- This is one of my favorite scenes. lol at Herc with the Shaft CD. Kid runs like crazy with the bag full of shit, Herc and Carver chase with the Shaft music playing. Actually, the bag doesn't have shit in it, and one of the kids picked the real stash up and left. THAT was funny. Carver and Herc lost him, so Carver gets on top of his car and screams out "HEY LISTEN TO ME YOU LITTLE FUCKIN PIECE OF SHIT. I'M GONNA TELL YOU ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY ABOUT THE WESTERN BOYS. WE DO NOT LOSE. AND WE DO NOT FORGET. AND WE DO NOT GIVE UP. EVER. SO I'M ONLY GONNA SAY THIS ONE TIME. IF YOU MARCH OUT HERE RIGHT NOW AND PUT THE BRACELETS ON, WE WILL NOT KICK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU. BUT IF YOU MAKE US GO INTO THE WEEDS FOR YOU, OR MAKE US COME OUT HERE TOMORROW NIGHT, CATCH YOU ON A CORNER, I SWEAR WE WILL BEAT YOU LONGER AND HARDER THAN YOU BEAT YOUR OWN DICK."

- Bodie thinking they're just gonna go take a whole bunch of corners cause the towers left was dumb, implausible, and unrealistic. Stringer's over that and says they got the best product, territory is irrelevant. Slim Charles then says you gotta stand somewhere. Of course. Poot says "do the chair know we gonna look like punk ass bitches out there," which makes Stringer uncharacteristically angry.

- Rhonda tells us they've been on the wiretaps for 6 months. So they have to try to roll someone up because they can't get anyone on a phone. If you can't get anyone on a phone you can't get up the ladder.

- Bunny's "you know where you are" question is a really good one. Good idea to give cops who can't figure that out a compass. By the way, Herc and Carver found the kid, and they don't have a drug charge, so Bunny tells the kid to leave.

- WHOA at Johnny getting a gun pulled on him for accidentally rolling his shopping cart into one of Marlo's friends cars. First time we see Marlo by the way. So, to pay for the damage to the car, they take Bubbles and Johnny's pants. "Y'all know you ain't got pants"

- Rawls is Deputy Ops. And some new white guy is interested in meeting with Burrell. Not counting Season 1 obviously, the best character introductions all happen in this episode. At the meeting, it's made obvious that Carcetti talks a whole lot. He wants Burrell to come to him when he gets the shit end of the stick. Burrell says no thanks.

- The detail has a good plan here, pull a guy of value off the streets with a weak, low punishment type charge so that he can be replaced by an incompetent who talks too much on the phone.

- Man, this is when you got swag. When you can walk straight through the infield as the inmates are playing baseball and they call timeout. Anyway, Cutty is getting out of jail. Another new character. When he gets out, he gets a gift.

- Because of this pants shit Bubbles can't afford to buy dope for he and Johnny both. That's too bad.

- Daniels is in line for a promotion but his wife may be holding that up due to her political shit. Well that ain't any good.

- lol at Bunk catching a murder call while at an Orioles game. McNulty is more focused on what his wife is doing than the game. By the way, that guy spending all his time on the phone is a douchebag. You go to a game to watch it not fuck around. McNulty's wife has a nice ass too.

- Bubbles is really feeling bad about the dope fiend life. I mean, he did all that shit for half a shot of dope? Like, he can't take it much longer and right as he's saying this someone gets killed outside. Another shooting too, which is what causes Bunk to have to come in. He's so mad about it too.

- Cutty is like, in a state of shock seeing all these vacant/boarded up houses. Found his peoples just fine though.

- Nice to finally get a look at these COMSTAT meetings. I wanted to see what kind of bullshit guys like Burrell and Rawls peddled at these all along. Rawls tears this one major straight the fuck apart.

- Daniels is living out of his office by the way. I'm sure that's shit. Right now, Sydnor is buying weight from the guy the detail wants replaced. So Sydnor gets arrested with the guy so as to make it look like he wasn't police. Funny when he says "SOMEBODY SNITCHIN'" and Kima tells him to shut the fuck up. Of course, the moron who they want promoted talks about it on the phone.

- Shamrock tells Cutty where to get his gift, and it's a big ass package. He doesn't really know what to do with it, plus he's on parole, so he doesn't want caught either.

- That Daniels sham marriage shit is kinda sad, for him anyway.

- It was funny when Carcetti ripped Burrell apart at the City Council meeting. THAT'S why people have to take up offers from politcians, otherwise they'll get shredded. The mayor wants the murders down, but how the hell can you do anything about that? People are gonna kill people, city police cannot impact that a whole lot. Bunny's totally right, how do you make a body disappear? There are so many themes this season, but the one I found most interesting was how Bunny thought he was absolutely untouchable, as evidenced by his comments to Valchek, saying "what are they gonna do to me, I'm gone in 6 months and I got a major's pension." So do most police. That's obviously a problem in our country.

- McNulty taking the possible change in target as an insult against him is annoying, yet amusing as well.

- Cutty decides he wants to give his package to some young guy. Now, what was coming regarding this storyline, I saw that coming. The whole point of Cutty's part in these few episodes was to illustrate how much the world changes once you go inside on a long bid. Back when he was part of the world, your word was your word, what you said you were going to do is what you did, and young folk had respect. Nothing stays the same. He is a relic of a different world. Anyway, he comes back later in the day, steps to Fruit, and Fruit tells him his shit is gone. Then pulls a gun on Cutty. So Cutty steps off.

- This dude who walked up to Bunny's car and tried to sell him shit must have had an IQ of like, 50.


The Wire - Season Three Opening Scene

The Wire - Carver going nuts on a car

Stringer's 'product' meeting


The Wire - Bunny Colvin gets offered some drugs for sale


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- Omar heists are the best. Gets wheeled up the stairs and shit like he's a cripple, under the guise of him being supposed to stay at this house because of his afflictions. So in he goes, and the guy finally realizes it's Omar, but it's way too late. The one idiot tries to tell him it's a Barksdale stash like that means something to Omar.

“There's never been a paper bag...” — Colvin

- McNulty now knows about D'Angelo's death. Wants to check and see if it really was a suicide. Avon's parole hearing is coming up soon, so this is good timing.

- Stringer's plan to sell their package has been met with mixed reception. I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but Bodie is looking for Marlo to have that talk with him. I know that's not a good idea. Bodie set up shop up the road, which doesn't seem like a great idea either.

- Cheese doing dog fighting made me angry. I don't understand what that milk pouring shit is, but I do understand that his dog got fucked up. Then he had to shoot it dead.

- lol at the constant "which guy would you bone to get the Olsen twins" questions by Carver to Herc. Then Herc says where do you guys buy the sideways hats which left me in a permanent state of head shaking.

- Valchek told Burrell that he needs to take Carcetti up on one of his offers. Yes, he obviously should. Burrell now tells Carcetti something he can bring up.

- This guy who advises Marlo is like, the most minor of characters. He says some stuff, but I never care about exactly what he says.

- McNulty and Bunk's routine to pick up chicks is extremely creepy.

- Man this dude Country just did the creepiest murder of them all. These three guys are talking about who's hardest, and he walks up from behind, shoots the guy in the head, and says "woof." DAMN SON.

- Herc and Carver tried to give Poot a hard time and shit but he didn't do shit. So this is typical over-abusive police shit. That being said, Poot gets pulled aside and talked to by them, then they let him go. They didn't tell him much, but then Herc says "how bout a handjob" as Poot's walking away and that's weird.

- Cheese has the weirdest phone conversation and the police really think he killed someone. At the same time they hear a real homicide in progress.

- Major laughs for the scene when Herc and Carver come out of the theater with their girls only to be met by Bodie and Poot. So y'all go to the movies. Alright then, see you tomorrow?

- Feel bad for Cutty having to go down and hang out with the illegals to go do lawn work, but it's not like he has a choice. Doesn't want to be in the game anymore.

- Jimmy tried to go around to Donette's place to tell him what happened to D, but she wasn't all that responsive. I'm not sure she believed him, surely she didn't even want to.

- Bodie finally meets with Marlo and Marlo doesn't give a shit that he's with Avon and Stringer. Not at all. Told him to get off the block or else.

- I actually liked it when Rawls ripped this incompetent Major to shit. How is his lack of knowledge in any way acceptable? Of course it's not. Because of that, they have to blow the wire on Cheese. There's no alternative, they have to take on the bodies from the Eastern District. Jimmy doesn't like that but everyone else is down with it. So they take doors.

- Herc and Carver's conversations about relations are weird as fuck. Lol Gus Triandos is the one man he'd do to get whatever he wants.

- The Cheese interview is funny as fuck. He got one over on the police big time. "You my dog." Then Bunk tells him about the wiretap and the conversation Cheese had on the phone. "Y'all some cold ass mafuckas man." Then he tells them where the body is, and brings up the ASPCA and they know they've fucked up. Rawls thinks they put the case down, so this is gonna be some funny shit. They're going to charge him with improper disposal of an animal and that kind of shit.

- Burrell is now complaining to him about there being no academy replacements for retired police. Was a good idea.

- Rhonda and Daniels, who'da thought. Looks like Kima also dove into some strange.

- Ha at Dozerman finding out about Triandos and saying he was a power hitter. Unfortunately he gets shot which is totally fucked up. Undercover operation did not work. At least Dozerman will live. That was the catalyst for Colvin's new plan. No more hand to hand buys. No more drug arrests. Of course that pisses Herc and Carver right off. They just ain't built to not arrest people over dumb shit.


The Wire -- Omar Hits Barksdale Stash House

The wire One man and his dog

Funniest Scene from the Wire

The Wire: Herc & Carver - Gus Triandos (One Guy, One Act, One Time)

The Wire: All Due Respect -- television at its finest

This season started off in full stride.


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- Incompetent Major from last episode was in the restroom puking his guts out. He seems unqualified for the job, so I don't feel too bad for him even though Rawls is railroading him badly. Also not to be forgotten is that he's Commander of the Eastern District, fabled land from which Daniels came out of supposedly corrupted. Anyway, the guy loses his job.

“The gods will not save you." - Burrell

- This plan of Omar's has catastrophe written all over it. There's way too much muscle at this stashhouse.

- Damn, that cop shooter got fucked up. So of course, that's not going on any of the papers filed regarding this case. It supposedly happened while in the middle of the pursuit.

- In principle Bunny's idea is good. But as with all things that are good in principle, there are unforeseen consequences that make good ideas turn out not so good. For now that's all I'll say.

- Major case is now working some guy named Kintell Williamson, because he's got murders hanging over his head. Kima's not a fan.

- McNulty was gone from that meeting or he'd have been giving Daniels a ton of shit. He stages the D'Angelo murder scene upon himself, and...nope, story doesn't work. It's easy to do the work but nobody seems to do it, or they'd have known that all along.

- Omar's caper has now begun. Tosha runs up the street, distracts the guy outside, and Omar puts his gun in his face. Now, they go into this room and ask where the shit is. Just like Omar's first robbery in this show. Then these guys outside that Omar doesn't know about hear the guy unscrewing the hole in the wall where the shit is. They throw two rocks upstairs and tell Slim Charles that someone's inside taking the shit. A shootout ensues. Whole lot of bullets without much for wounds, then Tosha gets clipped in the back as she tries to run away. Obviously that wasn't the plan. In retatliation some other dude gets got, but shit's gotten so crazy that they leave her and flee the scene as fast as possible.

- Fucked up for Burrell to take the hit on the academy question and the Mayor to swoop in later and get the platitudes, but that's politics.

- It's good when Bunny refuses to fuck with his stats to appease the higher ups, but once again he justifies it as "they can't do shit to me." Burrell and Rawls ripped him for it though. Funny how he says in the elevator that he might legalize drugs, and everyone laughs.

- It is absolutely fucking stupid to prioritize retrieving a weapon over two dead people. I know shit like that happens too because of political implications, that's fucked up. Bunk figured out quickly that Omar was part of the murder, but this idiot Landsman doesn't want him working it.

- YOU GIVIN ME TOO MANY 40 DEGREE DAYS WHAT THE FUCK. Stringer wants these fools to get rid of Omar soon as possible.

- Cutty saw his hopeful woman dressed all professional like and realizes he's gotta suit up to meet her.

- Omar blames himself for Tosha dying, which I suppose is fair enough. But you can't bring anyone back.

- lol at Kima becoming a female McNulty. That's awful. Just look at how these two go on to working different targets while they're supposed to be doing something else. They saw Bodie, by the way. Also, Ray Cole died.

- Damn those dudes on Bodie's strip of land got totally fucked up. If Jimmy and Kima had waited longer they'd have been able to see it.

- Everyone in the Western is bricking it over Bunny's plan. They don't like the idea and antithetical to what they believe their remit as officers is.

- lol at Cutty telling his former lady about his current life situation and seeing the car seat in the back of her car. She sends him to The Deacon. Cutty gives off the impression that he feels he gave his whole life away for nothing.

- Johnny is like, a seriously disgusting looking dude. Also, quite typical to see how Carcetti cheats on his wife. I find that disgusting too.

- The detectives wake was funny. Best part was drunk Bunk telling Jimmy about the clearance he owes Cole on the Omar case. Speaking of Omar, the episode ends with him waiting outside the funeral room, unable to go in and see Tosha. Okay.


The Wire - Omar - Let's Bang Out

The Wire - 40 Degree Day

This one wasn't as good as the first two.


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- It was nice to see someone buck the typical police bullshit stat rundown in the community meeting. I like that this show doesn't portray police as being above questioning from the public.

“Why you got to go and fuck with the program?" - Fruit

- Bubbles is not employed at a set price. 5 an hour, 30 a day max. He lost his last real job trying to steal a radio he didn't even need. That sucks. Bet it was a long time before. Anyway, he goes out to buy from everyone, scope out all the people on every corner. Try to get license plates too.

- Cutty had that jealousy look when he saw those guys in their SUV. It was like the itch to get back in the game returned. So while he's doing his lawn work for the day, the boss goes over and tells him exactly what's what. There's no reward for going straight. It's hard work every day.

- Freamon and Jimmy were getting pretty close to throwing down. Lester doesn't like Jimmy working his own target and not doing his job. Then tells Kima the same shit. Both of them deserve that. Then he tells Prez to check the properties after Jimmy and Kima leave.

- Avon's parole hearing is coming up right quick. Just wanted to note that.

- After what Cutty was told he decided that he doesn't want any part of doing that every day. So he tried to call, but the phone number was disconnected.

- Bunk's attempt to sneak in and work his case was neat, but it failed awfully damn fast. This is absolute bullshit. So while we're at homicide, Kima picks up some information on Marlo. Killed a dude, then killed another dude who was going to snitch on him. Yep, he's hard.

- Bunny's plan to push everyone into one area has now begun. A crazy ass plan when you think about it. Nobody wants to do it. Not the people executing it nor the dealers who are supposed to move down there.

- lol at McNulty saying Stringer has issues with domestic violence, so he needs to see his admissions stuff at the college.

- Tommy telling these dudes he's going to run for mayor is met with the reaction you'd expect. A white dude trying to do that in Baltimore. Other than that this segment is completely uninteresting, because as of yet, we have no attachment to this character or D'Agostino at all.

- Cutty tracked down Slim Charles soon as he could. I liked how he told Bodie he remembered him when he was in diapers, and that his brother had a killer left. Problem is, Bodie's brother has been dead.

- These Stringer business meetings are weird as fuck. Especially because CLAY DAVIS is there. Afterward McNulty meets with Freamon, Prez, and Kima, so they talk shop. The phone doesn't have anything dirty on it, isn't going to. So that's a dead end. They don't know this yet, but Stringer's not using a disposable phone. Lester tells Jimmy that he needs to come back with a case on Stringer they can use or rejoin the unit and stop fucking around. Seems like a plan.

- Wasn't the best idea to drag everyone down to a school gym in buses. These fuckos aren't going to listen to ANYONE but their superiors. They don't give a fuck about the police. Don't seem to buck against mother figures though.

- Stringer and Donette met up, reason being that Stringer found out McNulty went to go see her so...gotta start keeping her close. Which I suppose he does.

- Bunk's asking for Omar, well, I doubt Jimmy's ever going to give Omar to him. Hilarious how Jimmy goes on to get blasted and knock on Rhonda's door. Little does he know...Daniels is in there. He noticed the unmarked car outside though. So at the bar the next night, he and Daniels talk about it. Jimmy seems depressed over it, but not angry at Daniels. He would have no right to be.

- Cutty's bit with the new gun and knowledge he was telling these young fools made it clear he knew the game inside and out in his day. But does the game know someone like him now? He goes to this party and it ain't a thing like he expected. "SHIT IS ON." Then he hits pussy crazed mode and pounds one out. This scene is deep in that Cutty isn't sure of himself nor is he sure of what's out there, but the way he lived before he went away, he doesn't feel like he has another choice. While he's street smart, he doesn't know anything about what that life is now, nor is he sure he's about that anymore. Otherwise he'd have called immediately and got back on as a soldier straight out of the pen.


The Wire - McNulty and Freamon go at it

Cutty, Slim Charles and Bodie on the Corner

Cutty Bodie and Slim go partying THE WIRE


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- Johnny is so dumb. Bubbles has just about hit the end of his road with this bullshit life, and tells him so. Well, they have a caper planned, and this one I'm not a fan of cause it's just not right. Bubbles goes over there, shakes someone's ladder making them think they're going to die. So Johnny gets a reward for saving the guy. That shit ain't right though. As such, Bubbles left.

“I had such fuckin' hopes for us." - McNulty

- Sucks for Cutty to have to lie about what he does with his days to family, but that's how life goes.

- I like how Bubbles is trying to make money doing some legit informant work or selling shirts. And not some bullshit like stealing.

- Because of the failure in moving dealers over to Hamsterdam, Bunny and company over at the Western are having to consider alternative tactics. Bunny thinks it's bullshit though.

- I like McNulty and Stringer's little chicken match. Stringer claims not to be around the way anymore. B and B Enterprises man. Condos about to come on the line in 8 months, lol.

- Rawls is obviously the source of this prioritize the weapon over bodies nonsense. What a fella.

- Cutty's meeting with The Deacon is neat, it lets us know exactly how far behind the rest of the world he is. No diploma, no GED, hasn't worked since 1986. Because he got back in the mix, he isn't up for that right now. But even if he didn't, I don't know if he'd be ready for putting in that kind of work regardless.

- I'm surprised any of the witnesses to the Tosha shooting post-robbery was willing to say anything about Omar. Unfortunately for Bunk, Landsman goes straight over there and fucks up any chance of putting this case down.

- These two idiots who are supposed to be muscle have no discipline at all. Cutty tells them so. He doesn't know they can get clean piss though, so why not partake in some coke?

- McNulty's ready to join the detail now, first he tells them that Stringer tried to sell him a condo. Then Lester explains to Prez that Stringer's the bank. His money pays for the shit, but he's never getting anywhere near it. They'll never be able to pin anything on him. Or so they think.

- Why is Carver a sargeant when he can't give a list of the mid-level dealers on the corners in his district? Doesn't make any sense. Narcotics files are pretty weak too. So Bunny goes over to Major Case and gets a nicely detailed stack of up to date files.

- lol at the piss dealer saying he gets his clean piss from daycare. Cutty has no idea if this works or not but he'll roll with it anyway. That's a good summary for what he's done so far. Then just a few seconds later DAMN THIS FOOL'S PIMP HAND IS STRONG. Straight out slaps that girl he was tracking when she bucks.

- New Day Co-Op with the sign and all that shit is one of the funniest things yet, just because it's so OUT THERE yet they get away with it, no issues. They work for each other so they can get the best prices, hold their corners, get the best dope. Stringer's the chairman. I don't believe the police ever find out about this, which is too bad for them. They'd be able to put charges on everyone. "IS YOU TAKIN' NOTES ON A CRIMINAL FUCKIN' CONSPIRACY?"

- This guy, I don't really know his name, but Cutty watches those two dumb assholes fuck him up REAL bad. He tries to tell them he won't be able to work off his debt, but the guy pulls out a baseball bat and knocks the dealer unconscious. How thoughtful. These two guys were like animals.

- LOL AVON IS OUT OF JAIL. They put him away for all that shit and he did hardly any time at all. I'd have thrown those wack ass prison clothes out the car too.

- These meetings with the dealers went some of one way and a little of the other. Some of the guys went, Marlo did not go. Kima saw it and called Herc and Carver braindead. I don't disagree. Bodie was in one of the cars on his way to the bigger meeting. Now, Colvin is meeting with the ones who went all at once and telling them what he wants to do. Told them they need to send these kids down there to sell the shit. He doesn't intend to fuck anyone over at all. And he said he's gonna be fuckin' people up on the way to jail if they don't go. Unfortunately there was someone living in one of the houses nearby. That's fucked up.

- This scene with Bunk talking to all these prisoners about the gun is awesome. Each story is a different level of fucked up from the next.

- Bodie's meeting with Stringer now about Bunny's plan for a free-zone in the Western District. He tells him and doesn't get much for a response now. Can't rush into a decision on that shit. Thinking is the only way.

- Guys have been sent down to Hamsterdam. Now there's a big ass problem. Carver told Herc he needs to go find customers for the shit these guys are selling. That's fucked up. Throwing dope fiends in police vans, sending them down the way to buy. This shit is like Disneyland for dope fiends.

- lol at Gray going after Burrell on the witness thing and Carcetti cutting his balls off. Good idea.

- Well now, Kima really got on some good shit this time. Marlo and Stringer meeting. Now see, Stringer's not as far removed from the game as was first thought. I like how she didn't tell Jimmy what he was about to see, and let him be all surprised over it. Stringer tried a full court press on Marlo but it didn't work. Marlo gives him nothing, no approval. In part that's because Stringer is talking down to him. Then Jimmy sees him on the way out and can't believe it. And Marlo said to Chris that it's time to tool up. That should be good.

- McNulty at the open house and trying to intellectually match D'Agostino is always amusing.

- Liked this last scene and at this point viewers had been waiting for it for quite a while. Avon's coming home party was overdue, and with the events of this episode you had to assume that he and Marlo were gonna go head to head. I like how he kicks these two wasted morons out of the club. Once again Stringer pulls Avon away from this female he's been chasing and takes him to his new crib. Decked out new crib. Then the girl Avon was chasing....walks straight into his apartment with another one. Ain't life funny that way.


The Wire - Stringer and McNulty Discuss Business

The Wire - Does Cutty Have to Slap a Bitch?

The Wire - Welcome to the New Day Co-Op

The Wire - Avon's Prison Release


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- This Hamsterdam is just fucked up. Way too many people down there. When the cops throw their shoes down the storm drain to trying getting them down there, that's messed up. So is them pepper spraying all those kids in the van, and taking them down to the forest and dumping 'em out there. That's ice cold shit.

"Just a gangster, I suppose." - Avon Barksdale

- So back at Hamsterdam the next day, everyone's there and off the corners just like Bunny wanted. People in West Baltimore are finally able to enjoy their day.

- lol at Avon looking all bored with these business type meetings that Stringer's bringing him along for.

- Even bigger laugh at Kima and Jimmy thinking Marlo was with Stringer. Daniels doesn't think he's worth pursuing for now, and his points are good, the unit is about bodies and they've dropped none.

- Now Avon's getting a corner report, and he hears about Marlo running his guys off corners, and that they don't have great corners. He ain't happy about that at all but the look on Stringer's face is one of someone who finds out a virus got on their computer.

- McNulty is still looking into D'Angelo's death. Nobody has interest in turning that "suicide" into a murder investigation. After that doesn't work for Jimmy, he and Kima go to the bar and he tells her about D'Agostino like she's all special and shit.

- Stringer's trying his best to keep Avon in line already. Avon ain't about that though. He wants his corners no matter what.

- Omar found out that homicide is looking into him. He knows who Bunk is but that's not going to matter at all.

- Feel bad for this lady who's basically being removed from her house. Right after that we pan to Stringer scoping out the area and he says it's time to send people down there. Keep the package small in case it's a trap, and that's a plan.

- Once again Stringer's at his condo development and work has stopped once again. Just great.

- Look at Cutty drawing up tactical plans and shit. lol at Slim, "gloves is gonna have that DNA shit all over 'em." So they're tooled up, ready for fire. And so are their targets. But these dudes are stupid and fuckin' impatient, so Country gets shot and killed, so does the driver of the car. I don't know how Gerard got away. Cutty and Slim bailed out too cause they had no choice. Marlo thinks they're weak, so he ain't about to back down.

- Bubbles just told Kima that Marlo dropped two of Stringer's muscle. So she's gotta go find out more about it. She surely won't find out from Carver because he's totally clueless.

- lol at Omar walking over to this old dude who spotted him and said something to bunk. Scared the piss out of him.

- Donette telling D's mom about the McNulty thing set things down an irreversible path. Of course she's going to want to find out more.

- Rhonda doesn't seem to be a big fan of Daniels being part of a show marriage. At this point that's what it is and he can't do anything about it. He owes her.

- lol at Stringer trying to tell these dudes to slow down, a failed strategy if there ever was one. Avon told Slim and Cutty they need to go handle their business.

- Now McNulty and Kima are bringing this shit back to Daniels. Then once again, he tells them he outranks the both of them and they're both being insubordinate.

- This Bunk and Omar meeting was tense. Omar tells him this might need to be chalked up as the cost of doing business. Then Bunk tries to level with/intimidate Omar and it doesn't work at all. Damn and Omar straight out spits after everything he said, that's disrespect.

- Damn Slim is ruthless. Cutty had Fruit in his sights and all that shit but couldn't pull the trigger. Told him he got away. I was really glad to see that scene, it was nice to not see him fall into those same traps.

- Kima suggesting McNulty go behind Daniels back is fucked up, but I'm surprised Jimmy didn't think of this first. He went to Bunny and told him about it, hoping Bunny would keep his name out of it.

- Good on Cutty to tell Avon straight out what happened. That it wasn't Slim's fault, it was his. That he can't live that life anymore. No part of that life.

- lol at the episode closing with Daniels walking into a room with Colvin, Rawls, and Burrell in it. So you know exactly what's ahead for the rest of this season.


Bunk Chides Omar

The Wire - Cutty Wants Out of the Game

That first half of the episode dragged.


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- It's strange to see the corners clean like this. Slim and Avon are right there taking a look, and see Marlo isn't out on his corners at all. Avon thinks Marlo packed up for good. Doubtful. For the first time ever Herc sees something of value, Avon in a truck.

"Conscience do cost." - Butchie

- So the detail gets the news that their target has changed. Sucks for those who were doing their job. Daniels wants Jimmy in his office now. He asked Jimmy if he went behind his back. Jimmy admits to it. He says he did it because somebody had to. So Daniels tells him that when Stringer gets finished off he needs to go find somewhere else to do his job.

- The stats are so marginally down I don't understand why it's that big of a deal. 4%? That's nothin.

- Bernard's job is kinda difficult. That's a shitload of driving and never any end to it. His girlfriend is one of the dumbest people on this show. WHY YOU GOT A GUN BERNARD?

- They're trying so hard to get a phone. Jimmy says there's an easier way than this, they might as well just head down to the bar now. But that kind of stupidity kept them from spotting Omar when he pulled up to them.

- Stringer nearly flew off the edge when he found out Donette told D's mom about the McNulty visit.

- Carcetti is awfully serious about running for mayor but right now we're still at a point in time I don't care too much.

- This scene where Bubbles is trying to sell shirts in Hamsterdam is chilling. The place is like, the most nasty of hell holes. I mean fuck, there's little kids down there and everything. Fiends all over the place, Johnny hanging out and high as fuck. This is like a crossroads for Bubbles. Two years ago would he have wanted to stay down there, probably so. Not now. He doesn't follow Johnny in and leaves. I felt proud about that.

- I don't really care that much about the Kima/Cheryl tension. The purpose of all the personal relationships regarding cop/partner is to show how hard it is for cops to hold down a stable life at home, what it's like. Kima gets kicked out.

- lol Herc equating this to animals, when you fuck with their environment there are consequences of the action. Just like there are with this action Colvin has taken.

- Stringer tried to tell Levy to file a complaint against McNulty for harassment. That won't do anything, and Levy says someone should tell Avon. String's supposedly gonna handle that.

- Jimmy's thought up some bad shit this time. He's grabbing phones. Bodie's headed to Hamsterdam to get everything straightened out, but Jimmy McNulty is on this case. Bodie's been pulled over and they respond by telling the police they have immunity and shit. Bound to happen at some point. In the midst of all that, McNulty and Sydnor switched Bodie's phone with one of their old ones from evidence. All Carver can do is laugh cause he knows just how fucked up this is. So Bunny takes the Major Case detectives down there and tells them what they're doing. That they've been looking the other way. He asks them to please not tell anyone what they're doing and that they intend to lock everyone up later. Jimmy knows though, Bunny doesn't plan to lock anyone up.

- Damn, Bernard's girl is wild. She says she'll suck Bernard's dick if he goes to get six phones from one stop. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME.

- Butch just found Omar the gun Bunk needs. Good idea to get Bunk off his ass. Bunk has a pretty good idea who brought it in.

- Slim Charles is a man with a plan. Tells Poot that he's taking one of Marlo's corners. There's muscle on that corner too. I don't think he's comfortable with it, but that's a plan.

- Funny how Prez did Jimmy's leg work in finding D'Agostino. That's good detective work. Then Jimmy flashes his badge to get in, has a drink, and is told to get to her hotel room to get laid later. Slick.

- Man, that basketball hoop didn't even last a whole day. That's fucked up.

- Marlo's meeting with Chris and Snoop, telling them it's gonna be time to put the work in.

- The detail's plan is tough for them to put together, because they can't get a wire up. Map out the network, and then they run into a roadblock. There ain't much they can do.

- This scene is dead cold, Snoop pulls up on a motorcycle and empties a clip into the dude's on Poot's corner. Poot's pretty smart cause...he goes down when she starts shooting. Therefore he doesn't get shot. Just the other guy he was talking to.

- This find the weapon shit was bullshit, of course there's a photo operation and press conference for it.

- lol at Herc telling Jimmy and Kima that Avon was riding around the other day. They don't believe it. Jimmy goes straight to the computer at his HQ and's the absolute truth. He got paroled. End of the episode.


The Wire - Daniels question McNulty about loyalty

The Wire - Bubbles in Hamsterdam

The Wire - Bernard Gets Tempted

The Wire - Snoop's Turn


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- This was a great plan for robbing dudes. Lie about having jewelry, send them all in to get their money taken. Dude crawled out the door though and was complaining that the police weren't there to do something about it (lol).

"Crawl, walk, and then run." - Clay Davis

- It's really weird how Prez was made into a competent officer. It's crazy when you think on it.

- Bunny bragging to the Deacon was something I thought destined to end in him being admonished. And of course, Deacon was disgusted. Not just that but Bunny is starting to get some crazier ideas, like give the kids bikes and police radios to help fight crime there (wtf).

- Clay Davis is the corruptedest dude I've ever seen on television. He's trying to tell Stringer how to get all the money he desires. By he, I mean Clay. If he runs him through the city, state, then federal, that's three years worth of money he gets out of Bell's pocket.

- Herc is so fucking stupid it's unreal. This fool is like a child playing around with a neat computer tool. Then we go down the hallway and Bunny is being torn apart because he doesn't have running water and things like that down in the freezones. It is definitely a hellhole.

- These Indian dudes kept everything but the videotapes. That's some good luck. The problem is, there's no way for McNulty and Kima to find out who buys the phones without the tapes.

- Carcetti went so hard at Burrell and Royce in this City Council meeting. I liked that, it was time. The witness issue has been one for some time.

- This bit of McNulty dirty work is a funny one. He tries playing the "appease the redneck cop" angle by bashing on blacks, then it turns out this guy's wife HAHAHAHAHA. Was great when he told Kima that Jimmy was a bit of an asshole. Then Jimmy tells Kima how you go and cheat on your wife and have a concrete story. That's fucked.

- This Colicchio is the definition of angry white policeman.

- FBI is now providing equipment for the case. And they have Bernard's license plate information. Meanwhile McNulty is meeting with D'Angelo's mom, and tells her straight out that he didn't hang himself, and that he was strangled. Then guilt tripped her hard.

- Bunny's stats are so obviously manipulated, and Rawls knows it. He just doesn't know how.

- lol at Omar saying Hamsterdam was some kind of setup to catch a master scoundrel. No way he's fuckin' with that.

- This chick who all of a sudden started following Marlo around was pretty obviously bait by Avon to trap him. Now Shamrock is trying to trap Omar, and this fool says some weird creepy shit. They found his grandma and will wait until he shows up.

- Davis conned Stringer so good with this shit. He didn't go upstairs cause this was some bullshit, the guy was just some random dude on Clay's payroll.

- Liked seeing Cutty go into his new space and start like, visualizing what the gym is supposed to look like.

- Marlo knows this girl is bait. So he tells Chris to go up there and be ready, check things out. Snoop's in the place and so is Avon's muscle, so that's interesting if nothing else. They have the feeling someone important's in that SUV a little bit down the way. And then they see that girl look over at it, and yup, they know. So Chris is driven over there and LIGHTS THAT SHIT UP WITH A SHOTGUN. Avon gets hit, so does the dude who was sitting beside him and...that guy's gone.

- Stringer's pretty stupid giving Clay Davis a big ass briefcase, but hey. Now he goes over to Avon's hideout and have a blowout argument. Stringer tries to tell Avon that war shouldn't be an option right now. Then Avon tries to tell him he ain't hard and starts acting like Stringer ain't snatched any life. THEN STRINGER TELLS HIM ABOUT D'ANGELO AND SAYS...THAT WASN'T NO SUICIDE. THERE GO A LIFE THAT HAD TO BE SNATCHED. That was such a great scene.


The Wire - Brianna Confronts McNulty About D'Angelo

The Wire Clip: Avon Barksdale gets shot

The Wire -- Avon and Stringer

Wood Harris deserves more work, what has this dude done since this show? Nothin'. Kinda dumb.


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- The episode starts with McNulty getting a phone call in the middle of the night from D'Agostino and being told to go on over to her hotel. Never mind that his kids are staying the night, he's gonna head there anyway. Hilarious how he tries to make political comments after getting laid.

"...while you're waiting for moments that never come." - Freamon

- lol at Cutty getting those Mexican dudes from the lawn jobs to help him clean up the gym building. He didn't know he had to go get permits though.

- SUNDAY MORNING TRUCE YOU SHOULDN'T BREAK IT. But Shamrock goes and asks Stringer, but Stringer doesn't give a shit and says go after him. So they walk up to this fool while he's taking his granny to church and shoot up a taxi. Good thing none of those shots hit anyone.

- Deacon thinks it's wrong for Bunny to retire in the middle of the project he's started. Of course it is.

- McNulty's self-congratulatory speech about the competency of the police department was hilarious. Freamon's comments were just as good. It's never going to end with Jimmy getting a parade, he'll never feel whole. All good cases end.

- Slim looks at these two dudes like they're the biggest sacks of shit in the world for breaking the Sunday truce. "Y'all triflin' with Avon Barksdale reputation." Omar's angry about this shit. Extremely angry. So he's gonna go at it alone. He wants Avon, he wants Stringer, and he ain't about to get anyone else killed.

- They're nearly up on a wire. Gonna try to follow Bernard, see where the phones go, then see how fast they can get one of the phones.

- Was funny to see Cutty enter the permit circus. Was basically impossible to get through all the bureaucracy. That's all some massive bullshit. The Deacon enlists a reverend to ehlp out, who passes him on to Delegate Watkins. THat's good.

- lol at Bernard's girlfriend complaining about him not renting an Escalade. Sydnor's on the follow. Kima's placing a wire on Bubbles and McNulty's giving him money to buy. They want him to buy enough for Bodie to call for a re-up. But the problem now is that the phone company is stating that they cannot help them bug the phones. Then Rhonda tells the executive that the company is in league with drug dealers and that they'll call a press conference about it. So he says they can help bug the phones in 4 or 5 days. Bubbles justification for being able to buy 300 worth of pills is that he's had that t-shirt business so he has some dough.

- Sydnor has all the information, how many phones were bought, and where. Now they're gonna get Chinese food cause it's looking like a late night.

- Avon and Stringer talk about Omar, and he tells Avon he didn't think about the truce. Then gets lectured cause you can't do that shit on Sunday, especially when dude is with his grandma.

- Now at the Chinese restaurant, these dudes are waiting for their food, and Prez gets the fortune of "a new friend makes himself known." Now there's a call on the radio and some shit's going on. So McNulty and Prez speed over there into a full blown shootout. McNulty gets out of the car when he hears shots, Prez speeds around looking for something. So he sees a guy running through the alleys and follows him. Prez shoots him down. But it turns out....he shot a cop dead.

Then McNulty tells Kima what happens, she can't believe it. Neither can anyone at the police station. Daniels tells him he needs to call a union lawyer so that nobody railroads him in thinking it was something racial. He didn't yell police though. And he won't get a lawyer. Daniels comes out of the room and says Prez wants a lawyer anyway. Put him on suicide watch too. Landsman then contrasts Prez with the guy who got shot and, yeah that's not right, he shouldn't have been on the force. A dumb cop kills a good one.

- Cutty's meeting with Watkins goes pretty well. Watkins tells him exactly who to talk to, puts a note on the card saying the gym has his full support, and that's nice.

- lol at Stringer's development papers coming back and saying that they were insufficient to certify him as a developer. He's obviously angry at Clay, but he straight out robbed him knowing exactly what was going to happen. A QUARTER MILLION.

- Tony Gray is running for Mayor. That's neat. He has no idea about Carcetti's plans and neither does anyone else. So he tells Carcetti to team up with him.

- Cutty got his permits. Good!

- Well hell, this was bound to happen. A body dropped in one of the free zones. Damn Carver says move the body that's some crazy shit. Tries telling Herc that he's his sergeant, but he says fuck that. Good. Move the casings too what the fuck, that's crazy shit. Herc's decided that it's time to put someone on this shit cause Hamsterdam has gone too fuckin' far. So he's calling the newsroom.

- Brianna's conversation with Stringer and Avon was tough to watch. Avon couldn't out Stringer, which is too bad. If only he could. Brianna basically begs him to do something, to tell the truth...and he lies cause he has no choice.

- Bunny and Crutchfield are having a blowout argument over the murder. They saw a blood trail, found another casing. They know. Bunny tells Carver that Bunny's taking responsibility for moving the body if they have to, but they need to find a shooter immediately. So Bunny goes to the dealers and says they better turn someone over pretty damn quick or Hamsterdam is over. Shamrock and Stringer have no problem with turning this cat over and do so as soon as they learn.

- McNulty's at dinner with D'Agostino and DC, and that shit doesn't work out all that well. They're so different from each other. Even when he tries to measure up, it doesn't work and she seems pretty disinterested. So after finding out what she does for a living, and saying that politicians don't know shit about the real world, the conversation pretty much dies out.


The Wire | On a Sunday morning...

Liked this one a lot.


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- Bodies are getting dropped. Looks like Avon took one of Marlo's boys out. OH SHIT IT'S BROTHER MOUZONE. WE'RE IN BALTIMORE LAMAR. In response to the murder, the police are taking corners, taking g-packs and arresting hoppers. Avon's war with Marlo is definitely picking up some collateral damage. "What y'all in the streets for man. Don't you know there's a war goin' on man. Get in the fuckin' truck man." Good quote of Snoop's.

"Call it a crisis of leadership." - Proposition Joe

- McNulty is all impatient once again, but there's not a fuckin' thing he or anyone else can do about it. Blast from the past when we see Judge Phelan as the guy talking to Rhonda and Daniels at the courthouse. He offers to help in any way he can, but that's becuase he longs for Rhonda in his dreams. HA!

- Bunny slams Carver so bad for not being a police the caliber of the types he worked with back in the day. Then he sermons about why he started Hamsterdam. Hardly anyone has the proper idea of police work, just how to start throwing guys in wagons and kicking their ass. Told him that he was partially to blame for why Hamsterdam was created, in so many words. I bet that wouldn't feel very good. Then he's interrupted by Mello, who tells him that a Baltimore Sun reporter is scoping out the free zones. So...

- Herc is telling the reporter everything he knows. About Colvin, about the brass not knowing about this, all of it. It was about time really. lol Bunny tells the reporter that everyone downtown knows about it. Big ass lie is what that is, and he also says that it's investigative strategy. They have a week before he runs something in the paper.

- Cutty doesn't really know how he's gonna get anyone into his gym. Deacon tells him nobody really knows how to get those kids to do anything.

- Detail is going to be up on Bodie's cell phone real quickly. That's good too.

- Brother Mouzone is looking for Omar. Asked Vinson if Omar was with Avon. Nope, he ain't that.

- Carcetti learns that he can't win any election unless Tony Gray is in the race all the way until the end. That's the only way, cause the vote has to be split three ways.

- Now that they have Hamsterdam shit on the wiretaps it's going to be difficult to bring a case to trial. Daniels had to ask Lester and Caroline if Prez had said anything racist, and that's a clear no answer.

- Butch told Omar where Avon and Stringer were this whole time, which was one of those things like...why wouldn't he tell Omar in the first place?

- lol at Stringer needing muscle to follow him around now. Slim said that's the way shit's gonna be right now.

- Cutty's talking with Carver and trying to get some of these kids involved with boxing. Cutty breaks up a potential fight and shows these two what you're supposed to do in a fight. IF Y'ALL WANNA LEARN MORE COME DOWN TO MY GYM. Y'ALL ARE WELCOME.

- McNulty is really close to a depressive case.

- Was neat to see Stringer get buzzed in to a liquor store meeting with some of the co-op members. They're not happy cause all their shit's getting fucked up. They said if Avon doesn't quit this shit they're gonna shut him out of the package.

- Damn Marlo just lit up this girl from the club. One shot in each breast and one through her mouth. That's some crazy shit right there.

- lol Avon has a grenade. Stringer goes over to tell him a sit-down is needed and tells him Prop Joe is gonna have him taken off the package. Obviously this chick that Marlo shot is important to them in some way cause once Avon tells Stringer what happened, it's made clear they have no interest in the truth.

- Brother Mouzone sending Lamar into the gay club was funny. That doesn't get him a look at Omar, cause he doesn't go there.

- These kids went down to Cutty's gym and saw some crummy ass equipment that looked like it came from a thrift store. Sad stuff. Cutty doesn't know how to talk to these guys though. When they start talking shit to them he's ready to throw down on 'em. Just cause that's what he knows, what he's done forever.

- Phones are already down. DAMN that was fast. Were on them for 30 hours. That plan doesn't play for them. Lester has a plan though. What it is, we don't find out yet.

- Damn Stringer's gone and CALLED THE POLICE. WESTERN DISTRICT. Who expected that?

- Bubbles knows exactly who Bernard's girlfriend is. That's a real good plan they've got cooked up, to go after her and all that. Lester also knows that Stringer called the Western District.

- Now that Cutty got a lesson, he walks over to Spider and apologizes. He learned very quickly.

- This plan is amazing. Sell them the pre-tapped phones. Daniels and Rhonda go in to see Phelan, and Phelan agrees with the plan. Sex sells.

- I could do without the gay porno in the club. By the looks of it, Lamar could too. BUT THEN WHOA SHIT BILL RAWLS IS IN THE GAY CLUB THAT'S SOMETHING NOBODY WOULD HAVE GUESSED.

- Bunny and McNulty meet up, and Bunny tells him that they might have a little something on Avon Barksdale. He heard that Avon got shot, says that Avon's staying at some such location.

- The initial plan seems to be to try to get Bubbles to show Bernard's girl the phones, but lol Jimmy thinks he sees Beadie driving down the street and gives chase. But it ain't her.

- Finally we're at the COMSTAT meeting where Bunny gives it up. He shows them photos of his worst drug corners, and tells them exactly what he did. Tells them that he moved the dealers (emphasis on he) down to three areas as best as they could. Rawls understands it immediately. That Bunny legalized/ignored the drug trade. Burrell is on the warpath. IN MY OFFICE NOW. He thinks he's totally fucked out of his job. Bunny tells him he's ready to fall on the sword, and there's no doubt he's about to fuckin' fall hard. Threatens Burrell not to roll up any of his people either, or he'll start telling a bullshit story of his own. Burrell isn't ready to take his badge yet though, but he better take that damn vacation he was planning on. Then Bunny lets them know about the Sun reporter and that just about tops off the people of shit they've heard.

- Bubbles pulls straight out in front of her car, and they talk shop. I guess they haven't seen each other in a long time. Then brings out the phone and says he could sell her one for real cheap. Down the way, Bernard meets with Lester, who tells him his background as a conman.

- Cutty's training shit is actually working now, but we don't get to see very much of that before Burrell tells Royce about Bunny's plan. Royce doesn't want to take the hit, so Burrell's gonna walk the plank on this when need be. After Burrell leaves, Royce takes a look at the stats, and says something along the lines of, if you could only call this something different, you could do it.

- The staged cell phone shop is good shit. Lester tells them the whole operation, and says he'll save them money and provide receipts for these as well. Selling pre-tapped phones was an amazing plan.

- lol Lamar trying to get all rough with this gay bartender. So Omar's boy goes outside, follows him and shit, and gets out his pistol. Says maybe I can help you and...Brother Mouzone knocks him clean out.


The Wire - This drug thing, this ain't police work.

The Wire - Bill Rawls is Gay!

I remembered this season being almost as good as S4, better than S1 in particular. I don't really think so anymore, as while it's good, I favor S1 more.


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- That whistle signals Omar walking down the street every single time. Brother Mouzone standing right behind him with a gun in hand. "I keeps one in the chamber in case you ponderin'" says Omar. This conversation is so awesome I had to watch it again. Eventually the guns go down and one is led to assume they have a nice little conversation.

“We ain't gotta dream no more, man." - Stringer Bell

- This time those wiretaps are gonna stick. They know about Shamrock and everyone else, so the case is flying its way together. Bodie wants some face time with "the man." That could only be Stringer.

- Rawls is hoping they can cover this Hamsterdam bullshit up as best as possible and bullshit the reporter. But they're waiting on City Hall, who are stalling and getting briefings from everyone there but the police. Royce's aide and Watkins are the only ones who know what is supposed to be done here. Close the shit down or the federal government and state will be all over their shit. This guy just ain't thinking big picture right now. Burrell is told to keep waiting which can't be fun. lol at Burrell calling Carcetti about this, good way to go about it.

- Levy tells Stringer how badly Clay Davis just fucked up him over. He runs game because he can, cause nobody can do shit to him. Surprised Levy laughs about this in front of Stringer, yet he does.

- Detail found out that they don't have Stringer's phone on the network. Reason is he's smart enough not to use the burners that Bernard buys from anyone. He and Shamrock have their own phones to communicate.

- Burrell's play in this is a pretty good one. Play this off as Bunny being under pressure from City Hall to reduce the stats. Carcetti is told to give this information to Gray. But he's running himself although Burrell doesn't know that. So Carcetti and D'Agostino meet and plan out their play. Their plan is for Carcetti to go down there and figure out Bunny's side of the story before doing anything.

- Cutty teaching these kids how to box is so different than how the season started.

- Stringer's meeting with Slim was hilarious shit. I need you to hit Clay Davis. See though, he's smarter than that shit and says uh, that's some assassination shit. He don't care about killing anyone else though. Avon intervenes and says nope, Slim ain't doing that and you can't go kill someone like that. Stringer wants to be a business man, he can't get all crazy and shit over it. Avon was right. I think telling Stringer all that stuff said made him pretty damn angry though.

- Johnny is a fiend to the max, in Hamsterdam every day, geting high as possible, that's pretty damn gross.

- The tech the police are using to get at Stringer is really damn good, and we also get to see Stringer change the cards in his phone so that he has two phone numbers. The police think it's a burner phone. Nope.

- Cutty went in to see Avon about his gym. So he brings in a catalog and shows him what his gym needs. Cutty is all about this boxing gym. lol at his Gold Circle Club idea with a name and picture in the gym. But Avon goes and gives him 15 thousand when he asks for 10. Cutty's fortune, his life, all that turned around. Sometimes jail does work.

- Stringer meeting at the cemetery with Colvin was some foreshadowing type shit for real. At the same time Avon's meeting with Brother Mouzone. Both these men got a plan. Mouzone tells Avon what Stringer did with Omar. Avon tries to offer him money, and he responds by saying his reputation and line to New York is at stake. Stringer's idea is to have Avon's parole revoked by putting him in a room with all kinds of weapons. The hideout place.

- Police still think Stringer's phone is a burner even after they pull it off the cell tower. So if he gets rid of the chips that change the phone number, could they have won a case against him?

- Tommy wants Colvin's side of the story. I like that. Then we go back to City Hall, and Royce is really thinking of keeping the free zones. He has people telling him to do it too.

- Considering the police don't know about Stringer's phone not being a burner (or at least I don't think it is), they want Fitzhugh to hit up Bay Wireless and use the federal government squeeze to get a wire on Stringer's phone immediately. Fitzhugh's plan was great. He told his bosses the target's name was AHMED.

- Carcetti's going around with Colvin on his rounds, and he's seeing that crime really is down. But then he told Tommy he needs to go see the ugly part of it. So Bunny drives him there and tells him he needs to get out and make the walk for himself. He does and what he's thinking is etched on his face. It (Hamsterdam) is fucked up.

- McNulty bailed on D'Agostino one time for all time and that thing is done. She brought up Hamsterdam and McNulty denied knowing him. Once she brought that up he was totally out of the mood, he felt kinda..I don't know. Maybe not right about it all.

- This Stringer/Avon conversation on the rooftop was real good. Just because they're both going to screw each other, and reminiscing about it. Avon asked him what time he was gonna be at the site too.

- Was awesome how some little kid kicked Spider's ass.

- And they got Stringer talking on the phone immediately. About something good enough to put a charge on too. Exactly what everyone was waiting for all these years.

- Instead, we get something else everyone was waiting for all these years. Omar and Mouzone are outside, and it's time for them both to head in. BOOM Omar takes down Stringer's muscle and the white man cowers immediately. Stringer runs up those stairs as fast as he can, little does he know Mouzone's already up there, and they're ready to handle their business. Stringer tries to say he's involved but none of that shit matters. He offers money, that don't matter either. GET ON WITH IT MOTHERFUC--BOOM, DOWN HE GOES. Finally.


The Wire - Brother Mouzone/Omar confrontation

The Wire - Stringer Orders Slim Charles To Hit Somebody

The Wire - Avon and Stringer balcony scene

The Wire Clip: Omar and Mouzone take out Stringer Bell

Best non-S4 episode without doubt.


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- So naturally, we begin with the fallout directly after the events of last episode. Mayor's worried about the developer witness. The witness doesn't say much, just that the shooter was black and big. BNBG is a hilarious abbreviation. lol at Jimmy sitting there staring at Stringer's body. It ain't coming back to life man. See what an empty victory that was? Pushed that case for so long and never had the satisfaction of seeing him cuffed, just his body lying there on the ground.

"...we fight on that lie." - Slim Charles

- Avon is acting all sad and shit, but EVERYONE in the funeral home is tooling up for a full out war. I think the real reason he's sad is cause their operations are sunk. He can't do this by himself. And there's no going back on the war either. Once you're in, you're in.

- Carcetti fell into the trap of thinking too much about Hamsterdam as well. There's a chance to go public with the shit but he is not.

- Everyone with Barksdale thinks that Marlo is the one who took out Stringer. On the subject of Stringer, look at this bougie apartment he's been living in. He's got fountain walls and shit, who ever woulda thought. And 100 fucking cell phone chips.

- This guy wasn't even that fucked up, so Brother didn't have to go at him nearly as hard as Stringer went after Brandon in Season 1. And that's the last we see of Brother Mouzone.

- Bunny went and told McNulty about Avon Barksdale's hideout. Told him Stringer was the informant as well. That wasn't too hard to figure out.

- Watching Daniels wife on television had to be a little uncomfortable for Rhonda. She watched that with great intent.

- lol at Johnny asking him for five bucks as he was walking into the drug zone. Then it cuts straight to Kima with some chick, and to be honest I didn't even watch that part.

- Bunk knows that Omar was certainly in on killing Stringer. Jimmy tries to say it's not though. Damn Jimmy is dead cold lying for Kima about that.

- Lester and Prez met up and had a talk, wherein it's made clear Prez doesn't really know what to do with his life after being a police.

- I laughed real hard when Jimmy was giving Daniels and Rhonda everything that he was told by Bunny. He says put the source straight in the affidavit, and that it's Stringer.

- And Carcetti DID put a news organization on Hamsterdam. ALL OF EM. ABOUT TIME. On video it looks horrible. Royce wonders what the fuck he was thinking and that means it's time to send the police straight in there to break this shit up. Sucks how this is being thrown straight on Burrell though, so he's gonna tell a whole bunch of bullshit of his own. He has to keep his career. He wants a full term as commissioner. Obviously Royce accepts, and it's time to shut this bullshit down. DUN DUN DUN DUN....DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN..DUNDUNDUNDUN

The cops are in now. Everyone throws their shit wherever but everyone they catch is gonna be in a lot of trouble. Dope fiends, kids, all of them.

- LOL at Snoop telling stories to the younger people in their crew about what they did to Stringer. But her and Chris didn't do shit!

- Damn, City Hall is gonna bulldoze the whole area. But first, a body has been found. AND IT'S JOHNNY HE FUCKIN' FELL OUT.

- Burrell railroaded Bunny beyond belief. His job he had lined up at Johns Hopkins is a goner.

- lol at Herc with the "I told you so" regarding Avon being out of jail. It's time to take the door. They knock cause they don't want to go in there and get shot because of the current war. Avon's strapped and ready to go to battle, but the police knocked. They won't shoot the police, but the game is over for Avon. He knows it too. Just as it is for everyone else in that room on parole. There's basically an armory in that hideout. McNulty was sure to show Avon that Stringer gave him up. And Slim is one of the only people who would normally be in one of those spots who makes it out of all the raids that day without being brought in to a police station.

- Damn Bunny has to bend over because they'll throw everyone in his district under the bus otherwise. And he's gotta retire with a Lieutenant's pension before his 30 years came up. Like I said, he wasn't untouchable.

- lol at the federal guy telling Royce that if they continue that Hamsterdam type bullshit they'll completely defund them to the tune of 500 million a year. Royce didn't think about that shit either.

- Bunny's last words were the same as Stringer's. "Get on with it motherfuck--" and that's that. The brass busted him down the whole way.

- Best comment ever from Bernard "I can't wait to go to jail." Of course Shamrock would go on to give everyone up, that's not a surprise. Bodie's interview with Rhonda and Jimmy is different. IT'S CONTRAPMENT. In any case, he gets off easy because he was in the free zone and can say that McNulty popped him with a g-pack. Lucky fella.

- Daniels has now been...promoted to Major Daniels. Speaking of Major's, I don't think Colvin was too happy with Jimmy putting Stringer's name in the warrant, but hey that's alright. It was worth it. Look at all those damn cans on the roof.

- Look at Daniels no longer caring about being caught in public with Rhonda. He got his promotion and his wife's on the Mayor's ticket.

- lol at Jimmy going to find Beadie. I was kinda surprised by that the first time through, but not really.

- The cuts back and forth between Cutty punching the bag and Daniels/Rhonda getting it on were kinda weird.

- Tommy and Gray were going hard as they could at Burrell, but they cover it up as best as they could. Tommy won't let them just do that without saying his bit though.

- Daniels wanted to give Jimmy another chance, but Jimmy felt it was time for him to do something else. Western District is where he wants to do something else. That's a damn good thing.

- Cutty stepped to these dudes on the corner and ran into Fruit. Now Fruit, that dude looked intimidated for sure. Reason being Cutty coulda killed him, snatched that fool's life with ease.

- My favorite parts of the montage were seeing Jimmy hang out in uniform over in the Western, Bunk getting his tie clipped, and Avon getting parole taken away as his sister couldn't even look at him before Marlo showed up there.

- To close this season off we see Bubbles and Sherrod picking through the Hamsterdam wreckage until they come across Bunny Colvin having a look. They talk for a bit and....that's it.


The Wire - BNBG

The Wire - R.I.P Hamsterdam

The Wire - Season 3 Finale - Avon Arrested

Bunny Colvin

The Wire - Bodie's Contrapment

The Wire - Cutty Terrifies Fruit

The Wire - Season Three Ending Montage

I think I'd rank these 3, 1, 2 so far, but that being said, the political shit up until about halfway through this season is really not that good.


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- What a way to start the season off. That Snoop getting a nail gun scene was so good. That guy got a big tip, he earned that buck like a ma'fucka man.

- That intro song is probably the worst so far to be honest.

"Lambs to the slaughter here." - Marcia Donnelly

- So Major Case starts the season on Marlo Stanfield. They don't know about any bodies that can be put on him. New supervisor also, it's some dude whose name I never cared to learn. Wiki tells me his name is Asher. Alright.

- Carcetti's campaign is in full swing. Nice! This storyline picks up a lot thanks to that. This guy tells Carcetti that the day of the white mayor is over in Baltimore. We'll see about that.

- Bodie's got some new clowns on his crew. One of them's this kid with a ponytail named Namond. And Slim Charles is his new boss, but Marlo's gone and pushed these guys the whole way off his corners. Slim doesn't fight it either, he just says that Marlo wanted the corner so that's that.

- Herc is detailed to a unit that does security for the mayor. He doesn't have the same comedic relationship with the other guy as he did with Carver. Been detailed for 8 months. They went down to some development shit in the harbor and had the photo/video-op type shit going.

- Chris and Snoop about to put that nailgun straight to use. They got this dude in some vacant and blew his head off. That's some stone cold killer shit. THen they salt his body with quicklime or some shit like that and nail the particle board door shut.

- This shit with the bird could have been awesome. Bird catching and shit. Instead Dukie breaks a bottle and everyone's ready to fuck him up. Damn and then Dukie says Namond needs Pampers to put in his mouth to catch all that shit he's flushin'. DAMN SON. Then Namond calls him dirty and says he's afraid to catch AIDS from him, that's fucked up.

- OH SHIT PREZ IS A TEACHER NOW. Dunno who'd let Mr. Shoot Em Up be a teacher but I guess that's how things work. And lol they actually welcome him once he says he was a police.

- Now Daniels is in the Western District as the Major. Well shit he's Jimmy's boss then. He asks if Jimmy wants out of a radio car and he says no sir. I guess this not working cases is a good thing for him.

- Carver telling stories about Bodie was funny. Then Jimmy pulls up all expecting something big to happen and tells Carver about Bodie's entrapment story.

- lol at dialing for dollars. That's amazing. Carcetti's getting thrown into a room and dialing people until they donate. His fake call was great. 30,000 dollars in three hours? Fuck that. He just sits there talking shit to some people he knows, throwing paper airplanes and that nonsense. Obviously he gets the money somehow. Norman's probably my favorite character from this section of The Wire's universe.

- This dude Lex is creepy. Standing down the way staring at Fruit and some chick as they go into a club. That's weird. Then Fruit comes out and HE ICES THAT FOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKIN' PARKING LOT. DAMN MAN THAT'S CRAZY. "What's up Patrice?" That fool needs to get got.

- Murder on the wire tap, it's Lex's. Lester goes over to Homicide, tells them who the shooter was, and he gives Lester Lex's cell phone for any phone numbers they can pull off it. Lester also tells them they haven't seen any drug hits in months. And like Bunk says, how do you get all that territory without murders?

- Marlo gets briefed on Lex and what he does. Monk tells him it was about pussy. Some other dude tells Marlo to kill them all and take the corner, but he doesn't want to do that. Just Lex.

- lol at Namond, only we can whip on Dukie like that. So these terrace dudes are gonna get fucked up he says. Randy is coming up with a plan.

- Royce used 300,000 for some TV buys. That's a huge monetary advantage, so Tommy thinks he's fucked. While fucked, he goes to a community meeting and gets to see what's wrong with the city.

- These jokes against Dukie are cold as fuck. Shit like "how do you know what the water running sounds like. Then this kid whips his dick out pisses into a water balloon. That's nasty. So here's the plan. Michael punches some of these terrace dudes in the face, then steals their bike and gets them to chase after him. Then these other dudes are ready to start throwing water balloons and shit, then they do. Namond's breaks in his hand and he says he pissed himself and by this point I'm laughing too hard to even type. Everyone gets beaten up but Namond, cause he's a buster and hid as best he could. I guess Randy made it too. Michael gets it pretty bad.

- This teacher and officer training shit is probably the most boring shit to sit through. Funny how both of them descended into anarchy. JUST LIKE HOW KIDS DO IN SCHOOL. Funny how far Jimmy is out of the loop. And he DOESN'T EVEN GO OUT FOR A DRINK ANYMORE. That's some crazy shit.

- Poor Dukie doesn't get any ice cream cause Namond is a bitch. But then Michael looks at him and Namond has to give him some ice cream money cause otherwise that's fucked up.

- lol at Norman telling Carcetti he wasn't gonna vote for him after saying black people do vote for whites. That was good. Tony Gray and him have bad blood too. Or rather, Tony has bad feelings towards him I guess.

- Prez's classroom and all the rest look to be pretty fucked up. Hallways and all.

- Little Kevin just tasked Randy to go over to Lex and tell that fool to go to the playground around eight o'clock. So he went and...Snoop was up there with Chris. Ostensibly they took him into a vacant and ended him just like the guy early on in this hour. Bunk was waiting for Lex, and he doesn't know that Lex is a goner. How could anyone? Little Kevin just told Randy what happened which has to weigh on a young kid's head. He didn't need to hear that shit.

- Carcetti thinks his campaign is dusted. The numbers don't give the impression he can win it. Numbers don't often lie. lol at some cop seeing Carcetti as a public drunk in a park. Surprisingly that cop gave him no break just because he was running for mayor.

- Closing shot of Randy staring into space was haunting.


The Wire HBO show Snoop Pearson

The Wire - Carver Visits Bodie and Crew

The Wire | Corner Boys Try To Catch A Bird

The Wire | Lex Doesn't Like Fruit

The Wire - Deez Nuts

Great start to the best season.


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- Hilarious how Herc got all bored and decided to go looking around when he shouldn't. Then he opens the wrong door and catches the mayor gettin' blown by one of his aides. Then Herc looks all nervously at the pictures on the wall like they're staring at him and leaves the building.

“I still wake up white in a city that ain't.” — Carcetti

- Major Case Squad is really gonna stir up some shit now. Subpoenas are going out on all kinds of people. Rhonda pulled a couple of them though because of what would happen if this occured during an election. Lester deliberately wanted them done during election time.

- Kinda fucked up how a candidate has zero time to do anything with their family. Even games of Battleship get interrupted.

- I was pretty surprised to find out Namond was Wee-Bey's son. And both of his parents endorse him being in the game. His mom is a bitch though and that's no exaggeration.

- lol at Cutty speaking broken ass Spanish.

- Bodie doesn't know where Lex is, and he tells Bunk and Carver that. Not surprisingly they don't believe him.

- Now Bubbles has his cart set up like a thrift store with all kinds of shit being sold out of there. Unfortunately his partner Sherrod can't count. Bubbles criticizes him for that and tells him he needs to improve his math skills so he can have his own damn cart.

- Police union won't endorse Carcetti. That sucks.

- Cutty's gym is the place to be now. And it is just the kids that go there. It's the moms who want to get with Cutty.

- Look at Monk going around the neighborhood and buying all these fools loyalty. This is kinda like some Robin Hood shit. Michael doesn't take the money though, and Marlo goes over to ask him why the fuck he won't take it. But Michael stares right through him like he ain't scared and you realize immediately that this kid is hard. Not just fake ass talk a lot of shit like Namond but legit hard and not scared of anything.

- Herc is all worried about this thing with Royce, and it's amusing to say the least. Isn't this one of those good problems to have?

- Carcetti's fatalistic attitude is fun to watch.

- LOL at this little kid pulling up in an Escalade. There's something wrong with that picture for sure. So Carver pulls up on these dudes and gives chase, before realizing he can just go back where they hang out later and give them a talking to. Randy gets caught by this bitch ass buster cop Eddie and he takes Randy's money before telling him to get lost that's fucked up.

- Now the subpoenas are going out, including the ones Rhonda didn't want to give. Clay Davis gets his from Sydnor and was ready to launch into a full blown tirade before Sydnor walked out the door. SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

- Marlo and these other dudes testing out weapons was funny to watch. Snoop and Chris just went crazy on that shit.

- So Herc tells Valchek about what happened and Valchek tells Herc that he's made sergeant already. Tells Herc to act like nothing ever happened and that if you act like a rock you're good. That Royce will ask what Herc wants to do with his career. Valchek says he wished he saw something like that. I wouldn't go tell a rat bastard like Valchek something like that though.

- Clay Davis complaining to Royce about the subpoena is awesome. THEY GONNA COME TALK TO ME ABOUT MONEY LAUNDERING IN WEST BALTIMORE, SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. This tirade is amazing. Royce then brings up Herc, showing that he's obviously been thinking about what happened with him.

- The debate on who takes the phone call for this homicide was great. Unfortunately Norris took it and there were no witnesses, no suspects, no shit.

- Police finally got a sound of Marlo on the phone. He didn't say anything of value though.

- It's fucked up how Bubbles still gets his fix off that money he's making from the cart. While he's doing that Sherrod suggests that he can go to school or whatever so he can learn some math and shit. Sounds like a good idea.

- Royce was so furious at Burrell that they have to respond by squashing the unit in the best way they can. Rawls knows that Lester probably started this shit and says that they can step on it easily.

- lol Norris gets a lot of OT due to the guy being a state's witness. But Landsman says fuck the witness angle and don't say anything about that in his reports. However, Landsman has an idea of his own and gets on the phone with someone immediately. A major. Don't we all know who that probably is?

- Prez is being thrown into the wilderness for real.

- Of course, the guy Landsman called was Valchek. He went straight to Carcetti and told him about the case.

- lol at Bubbles registering Sherrod for school. Then he sees Prez in the ailesway and is all like wtf.

- Cutty breaking up fights in the gym is funny. I AIN'T PUTTIN' UP WITH THIS FOOLISHNESS. He wants to train Michael how to box, but he's like nah, forget it.

- Man Dukie's parents be fucked up for real. Damn that dude was like a fiend straight out of a Chappelle's Show skit.

- Carcetti did huge at the debate. Especially when Royce got totally fooled by his accusation of a witness just being killed. lol at Cutty watching this after pounding out some broad and changing the channel. lol at Burrell and Rawls reaction to this. They looked like two dudes who thought they were about to get bent all the way over.

- Namond seeing all those clothes and thinking he was actually gonna get like, to wear them shits to school was funny.


The Wire - How Herc Became Sergeant

The Wire - Clay Davis


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- About time we see Omar. The trash truck scared him a little bit, so he's up for the day. Wants some cereal but the Honey Nut Cheerios are gone. As such he's gonna go out to get some, sans gun. Everyone is still scared of him just because. Like the whole block runs away from him. So he gets some Cheerios and Newports, and everyone's still scared. All he has to do is stop to have a smoke and the shit flies out the window. Now that's called having muscle.

“I love the first day, man. Everybody all friendly an' shit." - Namond Brice

- BUNNY! lol these campaign guys put all kinda shit on his front porch, that wouldn't be any fun at all. He's got a job at a hotel with a take home car and all that. The Deacon is there telling him about grants to study repeat violent offenders.

- Snoop, Marlo, and Chris meeting up with Bodie was something I thought would lead to a bad end. Marlo told him that now the spot's built up, they want it. Take their package or get the fuck off the corner. Marlo saw Michael working there too and wants to find out more about him.

- lol at Royce having all Carcetti's signs torn down. And wants any car near his place that's doing something wrong towed away. That's cold shit. Road work is being done in front of his campaign office too. Them's some dirty tricks.

- Damn Michael is tellin' these fiends what's up when they tried to screw him over. That kid is rough. He just wanted to work off his debt, Bodie wants him to stay on the corner with him, but he won't do it.

- Omar scoping out Andre's spot was good. Spotted the re-up, and so did Kima. Kima goes in the spot just to check it out and there's cameras everywhere. Big ass locked up door in the back too. She goes back to Lester and tells him what she did.

- The lieutenant from Major Crimes got busted down to Telephone Reporting that's cold shit. Lt. Marrimow will be taking his spot and that guy just has the look of an asshole.

- Damn son THE BUNK is having dinner with Jimmy, Beadie and her kids. lol and the kids call him McNulty. Jimmy still won't go out with Bunk for a taste. He's done changed and shit. Bunk like, accused him of acting like someone he isn't, and got met with the response of, sometimes it is as it appears.

- Bodie and Slim Charles are talking about this shit and Bodie knows he's completely fucked. He has a good package and can't keep it. He also has no muscle to hold his corner, so he's on his own. New Day Co-Op ain't too happy. They're not too mad about Marlo, but they want rid of the New York guys that have moved in.

- Bunny's only call that we see at the hotel is of some prostitute who got beat down after stealing from this guy. The hotel staff tells him he's not handcuffing anyone because the guy is a 'friend of the hotel.' So he arrests the guy. and wants him charged for assault. Then Bunny gets shit all over in front of the mope and leaves the room.

- Never wore school uniforms. Apparently neither does Namond. It's fucked when Dukie gets kept out the house like he's beneath life itself.

- Marrimow is the most massive of dickheads. For starters he wants briefed about everything.

- lol at Donnelly's reaction to school being about to start, and when it does the onslaught of students had to be disturbing. Namond got busted awful fast for wearing something over his uniform, and his earrings too. Bigger lol at these big ass girls making these dudes part like the Red Sea for them to walk through. Poor Prez thought these kids were actually gonna check the seating chart, he's like...totally overwhelmed. Didn't even realize these kids didn't sit in the right seat. And he let Randy take a whole stack of hall passes.

- Herc got that call to go into Royce's office. He told Royce he wanted on the unit with the intent of getting rank. So he gets Herc that rank and off his detail before he stumbles into some more shit.

- Everyone making fun of Dukie is sad shit. Some bitch said she needed to move cause he stank. It's basically impossible for Prez to get these kids to do anything. So some chick is shining light into someone's eyes using her watch. Bad idea. OH SHIT SON THEY NEARLY FIGHT and Randy uses the opportunity to sneak out and sell some candy and shit. This kid dresses up like 5th, 6th, 7th graders in order to do it.

- lol Marrimow wants everyone to attend all meetings. And says that Marlo ain't shit. What a moron.

- Omar's dude heading in to take some shit from Andre was awesome. Distracted him for so long he couldn't notice Omar coming up the way and stealing the re-up. HAHAHA he buys a pack of Newports too. And wants change.

- Bunny went ahead and met with some academic about his job opportunity. They want to use him as like a field researcher, but the guy wants kids that are way too old to be tamed. Bunny also wanted kind of a lot in terms of salary for that position.

- Carcetti looks like such an asshole going to this person's funeral, and that isn't helped by the cameras being out there. I don't think it makes him look like one to the victim's family though and ultimately that's what matters. He realized that he didn't want to interview for those cameras either.

- So Bunny's with the academic and they've arrested someone in the 18-21 age range. This guy doesn't like the idea of someone writing down while he's getting interviewed. The guy was a full out sociopath. The academic now knows that he was targeting people that were way too old. Bunny says they need to go even younger than high school kids to get through.

- At the same time Kima's telling Daniels that she wants out of Major Crimes. She asked to move to the Western, but Daniels said she was too good for it. Lester wants out too, and gets met with a threat from Rawls of everyone with him getting fucked over just like he did back when. Like for 13 years and 4 months fucked over. Lester gets homicide at least.

- Within about a minute of time at the school, Bunny and the doctor knew they were at the right place.



The Wire - Omar Goes Out For Cheerios & Gets A Surprise

The Wire - Omar and Renaldo rob Old Face Andre

The Wire - Classroom Fight

That ending was one of the craziest things


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- Marlo knows the streets but he damn sure doesn't know how to play cards. The scene with the security guard is fucked up. He just goes in, takes some shit, and dares the guy to do something about it. Of course, he has to, yet he shouldn't all the same. Not that he'd know who Marlo is anyway. The scene has more impact knowing what happens to the guard later.

“No one wins. One side just loses more slowly." - Prez

- Namond getting in Dukie's face and acting like he was in the classroom doing in the stabbing was fucked up. Cutty wants to know where Spider is but he hasn't been comin' around the way. So he's gonna let Michael and get in the ring and train against him lol. Deacon went down there to offer him a job at the school too.

- This is one of the only times we see Prez's wife. He was watching Maryland against NC State but was writing up a speech to give to his class about the stabbing that happened.

- Kima's got a desk now and shit. Homicide police, who woulda thought. On a Sunday morning. Of course they fuck around with her and play jokes. That's cruel.

- Fat ass Andre is complaining to Marlo about Omar. And he called him a terrorist lol. I like how Marlo decided he wanted to take Andre's ring for his own. Cause it's like what the fuck is he gonna do? Just like with the security guard. Plus Andre owes him money cause the re-up got stolen. Marlo punks people in the best way. And he says he's gonna bring more money to the poker game, and if he does lose, he might just send Chris to go get his shit back. Damn that's cold.

- Burrell and Rawls decided to fuck over Kima badly. Assigned her the witness case despite Foerster's disagreement.

- Sherrod hasn't been in school since being enrolled. That's terrible. Also terrible is that he's not able to go back in where he left off and as such he has to go to 8th grade despite being unable to do the work. So he goes into Prez's class and as Prez is attempting to give his speech about the stabbing, everyone goofs off so both Randy & Sherrod bail out at first chance.

- So Chris and Snoop are gonna get rid of that security guard for talking back. Pretty fucked up. Now as they're meeting with Bodie, Donut drives by in another SUV. And Bodie intends to take their package cause he has no choice.

- lol at Randy getting busted selling candy at 6th grade lunch. Cutty's job now is to rustle up kids and drag them in for a day each month. It's almost like a truant officer yet not. Then while he's standing there, Randy goes into the office and decides to try talking his way out of trouble when he's about to get his foster mom called on him.

- The wire taps for Major Case are all done and dusted. Fucked up is what that is. Off they went.

- So Lester and Bunk's plan on the Lex/Fruit case is to raid Lex's moms place. Damn and Jimmy won't even take the front door, he's taking the back door. There wasn't shit at this place but a shrine to Lex, so obviously his mom thinks her son is dead.

- Prop Joe is making his last pitch to Marlo on behalf of the Co-Op. Tells him all he has to give up to get the best package is some of his muscle. But he says that nobody fucks with him, so he doesn't need any of those advantages. As such they shake hands and there's no bad blood.

- Royce's African colored signs were hilarious. In response Carcetti is going to meet with the ministers. I don't think he expects an endorsement, but over time needss their help. DAMN ROYCE DONE FUCKED ODELL WATKINS BY KEEPING DANIELS WIFE OFF THE TICKET. Royce's poker game shit is funny. Guys folding on flushes and full houses.

- Lester's speech in the bar about where the bodies Marlo drops go is a great one. Bunk chiming in with random comments about the plural of pussy being pussii was excellent too.

- Like Snoop says, the only reason Michael still goes to school is to get out of that shitty house every day.

- Bunk and Crutchfield are playing a nasty game on Kima with all these jokes. lol "Tater Killed Me" on a piece of rolled up paper.

- Bunny and the doctor are ready to start their project. The teacher describing kids daily moods was kinda depressing. Then much like Bunny did to Carcetti, she left Bunny to take a look at all this by himself. He did and...these kids are wild. The younger they were the nicer though.

- Meanwhile Cutty is out there with some dude trying to throw kids in the car. Sherrod ran as fast as he could though. The one thing I didn't understand yet was that they went so easily and without argument cause they only had to do it once a month. Cutty didn't understand either until the next stop. That's fucked up too cause these kids go on to do nothing the whole rest of the day.

- Surprised Omar and Prop Joe would meet again. Joe has a proposition for Omar. It's for Omar to go to Marlo's card game and rob his ass. Says there's a few hundred thousand there and he wants a quarter of the take. But he doesn't tell Omar that Marlo is supposed to be there.

- OF COURSE Herc would wind up in this lame ass new Major Crimes Unit. Dozerman is joining him too. It's now a rip and run operation.

- Carcetti's meeting with the ministers went well but he isn't and was never going to get their endorsement. He's okay with that though as his point was to get them to not say anything at the pulpit.

- It's hinted that Randy snitched on whoever was tagging up the walls at school. Hinted is probably reality.

- Michael's mom is a fiend too. These kids living situations are fucked up. One's a foster kid, one lives with a mom who wants him to deal drugs, another lives in a crack house and the other with a fiend for a mom that brings around random dudes. Can't be fun. So when Cutty asks him and Spider to go see the fights he says sure thing.

- Security guard is now dead and thrown in a vacant. P. fucked up. Snoop nearly fucked up and kept his badge, but Chris noticed and threw it on the ground. Also dumb.

- Man Sherrod can't even read. He grabbed two books, one was an algebra book and the other was a dictionary.

- Omar going in to rob this card game was the best shit. Like hitting the jackpot and shit. Cash me out yo. Aw yeah Omar's gonna take that fools ring. I loved that shit.

- So after the fights, Cutty went to drop off Spider and Michael, but when Spider got out Michael wanted to leave the car immediately. I knew right at that moment this dude had been molested. He thought Cutty was gonna do the same to him, but really, this dude was just looking after Michael like he was his son or whatever. Cause he don't have one and all, that's it.


The Wire: But it's the other way

The Wire - Marlo Discusses Business

The Wire - Omar robs Marlo Stanfield

This season is too good.


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- Great start with the kids talking about what Chris is doing to these dead bodies. Namond says that they're turning the dead guys into zombies. And shit they hear gunshots and don't even move out of the dark alley. But then they see some dude staggering down the alley like it's the craziest shit in this show period AND RUN.

"If you with us, you with us." - Chris Partlow

- Valchek is showing up to Carcetti's office with even more information. It's that they assigned Kima to the witness murder. Norman comes up with the great idea of giving the information to Tony Gray. Good plan considering what will come of it, a boost to Gray at the expense of Royce.

- lol at Rhonda playing hardball with Marrimow and having no interest in helping him out with his dumbass dope on the table plan. At the same time Bunk and Lester are looking for where Marlo's putting the bodies.

- Namond goes straight on the board for detention, and Prez makes the foolish mistake of erasing his name. Now everyone's gonna expect their shit to be erased. wtf calling the short pencil a welfare pencil. That gets Zenobia's name straight on the board for detention. Michael gets it too, and at the same time Donnelly checks the bushes for shit and finds Namond's knife in the bushes. Damn Prez nearly lost his shit on Namond when he said "I ain't your yo." Then he gets back up there for detention and Namond tells him "fuck you." That gets him kicked out and noticed by Colvin and the academic for their program.

- Damn even Chris is too worried about Omar to put a bounty on him. Instead, much like Stringer did, he wants to come up with a plan.

- For the first time Bubbles gets totally fucked up and it's cause of Sherrod. Fuck that thieving gimp. I don't know what else to call him cause this dude is never given a name.

- lol at Royce deciding he was gonna shave his goatee in an attempt to get serious. That's a sign he's in a dogfight. Speaking of dogfight, now Norman's meeting with Tony Gray. He tells Gray that if he uses the information to his advantage it will be beneficial later.

- Michael didn't go to no damn detention, which Prez abandons. Makes himself look too weak, you can't do that. Namond apologizes and it's explained to Prez why Michael doesn't show up at detention. Dukie says it's cause his mom is on that stuff. Then it turns out Prez locked his keys in his car and Donut has to break them shits out. Little man is a pro, just slim jims that shit open and there go your keys.

- Bubbles told Sherrod that if he wants to stay on the corners he can leave after tomorrow. Good idea cause that dude is just dumb.

- Gray did use the information Tommy had and...Royce is completely fucked. Burrell fucked this one up once again. Probably made Kima feel like total shit. Royce is hot over this shit too. He says that there's way too much bullshit coming from Burrell's shop and tells Burrell to get out. Not Rawls though. You stay. Royce wants Bill to find a way to make this shit go away.

- Oh shit now Chris has went and found Michael in the alley at night. Snoop too. They wanna talk to that young man alone and told those other kids to get the fuck out. They want Michael to join their crew. Then gave him money too, and there was no way for him to not accept that shit cause Chris threw it in his hand like. So he goes back over to Randy and tells him Chris is gonna be all up in his shit as a joke.

- Marlo's plan to get Omar is for Omar to go in Andre's store, rob him, and for Andre to call the police. He doesn't tell him what the actual plan is, and the viewer doesn't know it, but obviously things won't be that simple.

- Prez giving Dukie lunch was a good moment. Then he asks what's up with Dukie, and finds out that his parents are on that stuff too and sell his clothes. That's fucked up.

- The project begins, Namond is going to be part of the 10 chosen for it.

- Lester is on full blown walkabout trying to find Marlo's bodies, but that park is long done in terms of dead bodies. Starting to run out of ideas.

- Marrimow is a sack of shit. His briefings suck, his case work is obviously weak, and he commands no respect because of it. lol at Carver having to point out that Herc needs to be doing something for Royce because he's Herc's meal ticket.

- Landsman just told Kima that she's now partnered with Norris. She gets humiliated twice over this shit. Jay then shuts the door and reads the riot act. He has to do it because the bosses know their names and will bury them if they don't follow orders. Landsman of course has no interest in that whatsoever and does not intend to be fucked over at any point in his career.

- Dukie apparently saw Chris bringing someone into a vacant and told Randy that they're not being turned into zombies, they're getting killed.

- The raid against Marlo and his crew went horrendously. Nobody of value arrested, no dope on the table. Marrimow wants to mic up the concrete park that Marlo hangs at.

- Watkins and Royce had a big ass blowout argument over Marla Daniels not being on his ticket in the best precincts. He's got a ton of dirt on Royce and is gonna sit out the primary, which means his organization is gone. That means Royce is totally fucked. Lol at Lieutenant Hoskins hanging out at City Hall and immediately calling Rawls about these developments.

- If they only knew Marlo had that park watched at all times. All it took is one phone call so Marlo knows about the video taping now. And once he gets told in the morning away he goes to see Prop Joe.

- Namond is a moron saying he'd have done the opposite of what Bodie did with Marlo and tried to take him out. Wee-Bey says the game ain't what it used to be, so you can't try to do some shit like that. Someone like Marlo ain't gonna wind up dead these days. Neat how we immediately shift to the next scene that exhibits how fucked up the game is. First Chris helps this lady up the stairs at Andre's place. Then he shoots her in the chest cause he knows that would keep Omar from making bail, then beats up Andre and makes him say Omar. Meaning, he's gonna tell the police Omar did that shit with a handgun. Which, that was a major flaw in the plan.

- lol at Herc doing campaign calls for Royce.

- Randy's pretty dumb standing watch while these two dudes tag team this chick in the school bathroom.

- And this fat sack of shit Andre points out Omar. Big problem there.

- Whoa at Rawls going over to meet with Carcetti. That's ballsy. He tells Carcetti that Watkins broke with Royce. That's obviously big news. Carcetti and Norman wait for him to drive away and...rush straight over to Watkins office. He wants Watkins to switch to his side and makes a damn good case. Because even if he wins the election he'll be a white mayor in a majority black city, so he won't be able to toss Watkins to the side like Royce just did.

- Prop Joe's meeting with Marlo appears to be taking place at a church. Joe also has proof that some guys are getting his up by a Grand Jury. Point is to show that he has a way to access all kinds of information. The guy about to get in trouble isn't part of the Co-Op though. Considering that Marlo's now under surveillance, I suppose he'll join the Co-Op.

- Kids go see the body and if they know, it's just a matter of time before someone important finds out.


The Wire - Chris Partlow

The Wire - Wee-Bey Gives Namond Fatherly Advice

The Wire clip: Chris robs Andre's store to setup Omar


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- Lol at Carcetti awkwardly dancing to gospel music at church. Gray is a Catholic so he goes in all quietly to mass. And Tommy won in that the ministers did not deliver any type of sermon where one candidate was favored over another.

"Don't try this shit at home." - Norman Wilson

- Sydnor's been sitting in the van watching for Marlo and...there's not much going on there.

- Watkins is trying real hard for Carcetti. But someone printed out a BS flyer saying that Tommy represented a slumlord. That made him immediately nervous because NOBODY wants to be linked with a slumlord in any fashion other than convicting or arresting them. Norman's plan is to find the real photo and send out a print to keep shit from getting out of hand.

- Nice idea of Marlo's or Joe or whoever to do a staged conversation. Tells them exactly the spot where he's picking up a re-up, exactly what it is, and says he got this.

- I loved seeing Brianna tell Namond's wack ass mom that they've been fully compensated and their business is done, so there's no money for these people anymore. And she doesn't give a shit about Avon getting in trouble. Also says that Namond's mom has been paid enough money that it should last for years. Of course it ain't gonna. Now she wants him to go out on those fuckin' corners and earn his keep. And still be in school too. Ask Bodie for a package wtf. So his mom calls Wee-Bey to complain and he doesn't really give a fuck.

- Norris has a good idea, fuck with the election by trying to push the witness case through immediately.

- I guess it's Election Day the next day and uh, OMAR IS GETTING CHARGED WITH MURDER. McNulty doesn't think that shit's right, cause Omar wouldn't kill a regular person. There's no way.

- Norman is the best of all these people from this section of the world without doubt. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS. DON'T TRY THIS SHIT AT HOME.

- Prez is a good person all ready to help Dukie out like that. Someone had to.

- Rawls thinks Landsman fucked up, because breaking the case one way or the other makes it seem like they're trying to screw over one or both of the candidates. So Rawls says Norris and Greggs are detailed to the polling station.

- lol Clay Davis asking Carcetti for a meeting. He wants some cash to lay back. But he's unreliable and who knows what he would actually do. Carcetti's gonna pay up.

- Well now it looks like Randy and those two dudes that tag teamed that chick are about to be in a lot of trouble. Randy tells Donnelly that there was no rape going on at all. And once he thinks his foster mom's about to get called he goes straight to snitching. SAID HE KNOWS ABOUT A MURDER. So she put the phone down.

- There's some real good metaphors thrown out in the first meeting of the program for corner kids.

- So Marlo's down at the train station and he's ready to pick up his "package." Right on time and all. So he walks up to the first lady he sees and grabs her bag offering to help. She doesn't even want his help but Marlo gets arrested just like he wanted and smiles. Of course, there wasn't shit in that bag, and once Herc finds out he knows...their plan sucked.

- Prez went to Daniels about this thing with Randy, and Daniels says he's gonna let Carver handle it because for some reason he trusts him now. Carver does handle it and kinda takes Randy under his wing or whatever.

- This montage with Cutty running through the city on Election Day was good. Damn this fool is nailing all kinds of broads from West Bodymore that's for sure. He tried to like, sneak out and shit at first, but the female caught him and uh that's not gonna work out. Cutty saw Spider as he was on that run and Spider bailed out. So because he bailed out, Randy got hired to pass out campaign flyers and stuff for Carcetti. Nice how all this stuff connected with one short segment.

- lol at Kima and Norris in full uniform detailed. Bet they ain't worn those shits in some time.

- That old guy who walked up to Carcetti and complained about the blacks was fucked up in the head. Damn and he straight out called them moolies.

- Namond's mom is fuckin' crazy and she makes Namond look like a fuckin' bitchboy. Bodie does give up the package though, not like he has a choice with that moaning in his face.

- OF COURSE Donut would steal a car so that they can pass this stuff out. But then once they find out Randy already has the money, they don't want to do the work they were paid for.

- Damn Cutty is knee deep in that pussy man. Every day there's someone new at his gym and every day he spits that game. He tries to tell Michael about her like he would a friend or some shit but he don't listen. Then Cutty is told that it might be cause of Spider's mom.

- lol Clay Davis got paid for him to do work for Royce. Of course that makes Tommy angry.

- This is some bullshit with Omar for real. Of course, he ditches his gun so they don't get a weapons charge on him, that was smart. Then that bitch ass buster cop Eddie Walker arrests Omar and tells him he's charged with murder. McNulty knows this is BS but he can't do anything about it. Gives him a phone call though, he dials up Butch and tells him there's no bail. Butch says he'll get it covered. Alright.

- Apparently Namond is too dumb to stash drugs somewhere, he just keeps that shit in his own house on his bed.

- Omar in a city lockup was like, on the path for some bad shit to take place. It was made kinda obvious he'd be extremely lucky to get out of there alive.

- Carcetti went for a walk with his wife rather than stew on election results, and he got the phone call. He ain't the new Mayor of Baltimore yet, but he won the primary. He wasn't even happy about it, he had like...a look of shock I suppose. Now he has a victory party and all that, cause a Republican can't win the general election in Baltimore. lol at Clay Davis coming by to wish him well. What a cocksucker.

- I really thought Omar was gonna get killed the first time I saw this, but then that fool just started filing his fingernails and said Butch sent them.

- D'Agostino looked so good that I'm surprised Tommy didn't tear that shit up. It would have been typical for this show to do exactly that, yet it didn't.


Brianna Barksdale cuts off DeLonda Namond.flv

The Wire - Election Day


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- This one starts with Omar reading a book in jail. Then these bodyguard dudes brought him more books and are making like a vest around him so nobody can stab him in the torso. Anyway, he gets in line for grub, and someone starts a fake fight so they can catch Omar off guard. Unfortunately for that guy OMAR STICKS THE KNIFE RIGHT UP HIS ASS DAMN SON.

“Aw yeah. That golden rule." - The Bunk

- Bubbles is clearly worried about Sherrod because he's long gone.

- This story Carcetti is told about why the guy didn't want to run for Mayor again was excellent. Being Mayor is like constantly being fed shit.

- Cutty is trying to talk to Spider again, and it didn't go too well. He tried to apologize for fuckin' his moms but that wasn't going to work.

- Pretty smart how these kids got Prez to teach them odds for dice and playing cards.

- Bubbles tried to find Sherrod, but uh...he's not at the school. Then he runs into Prez again and Bubbles says he'll keep his undercover identity a secret.

- Omar tried to parlay that Ilene Nathan card into a way out of jail. Of course, that card was good for a felony far lesser than a murder. Bunk doesn't give a fuck about Omar though, until he says that if he stays there he's a dead man. Dude has a bounty on his head. Then he says that someone killed that man and Bunk is letting him walk away. I guess that guilt trip worked in the end.

- Brand new math books in the basement, new fucked up is that for nobody to notice all along? You gotta use the best equipment you're given, not just let it collect dust.

- Namond is too naive to figure out that these guys on the other corner are ready to get rid of them. Kids would definitely be like that. One of the guys on the other corner was Sherrod.

- lol at Prop Joe telling Marlo to steal the camera. If nobody says anything to him it's the Feds. If somebody does it's city police.

- Aw shit this guy is gonna punk Bubbles again. Takes some shit out of his cart too. I really hate that guy. And then Bubbles flags down Walker and gets it even worse from him. Guy goes right up to his cart and takes everything that he wants. The DVD's and a bunch of white T's.

- Cutty had to make this speech about sleeping with everyone's mom cause...that shit was wrong on his part.

- lol at Bunk going into homicide and fucking up the case against Omar. Of course that gets Crutchfield and Holley real angry.

- Here we go with Sherrod and this other dude walking up to Namond and beating the shit out of him. Stay off that spot and shit. So Cutty goes out there and breaks up the fight pretty well, realizes that Sherrod was crazy as shit. Namond doesn't like that but he woulda got fucked up no doubt.

- Meeting between Royce and Carcetti was just weird. Royce wasn't that angry about losing though. Minimal bitterness.

- Lester tried giving Kima some ideas for things she should be saying to the suspect. No matter what, she'll get some information from him because he's going to say something.

- Herc's reaction to finding out the camera was gone was awesome.

- Rhonda's lucky in that with a new State's Attorney came a promotion. She tried to apologize but he enjoyed her helping him out during the election. Cause that's what those subpeonas did.

- wtf this fool Michael did his homework. And now it's time to teach them the best way he can, with dice. In the other class, Namond thinks that because he's not with all the other kids he doesn't have to wear his uniform. The other kid forgot cause he drank too much. Namond tried to get suspended from school but that didn't work.

- lol the guy Kima and Norris are investigating is represented by Levy. Isn't that fitting. And the polygraph detector is used for whatever the police want, as she learns. The suspect says he didn't have shit to do with the Braddock killing. Still at the courthouse, that get out of jail free card for Omar got him moved out of city jail. That's a good thing for him.

- Carcetti found his way into COMSTAT for the first time and decided not to sit with Burrell nor shake his hand. And Carcetti now becomes infatuated with Daniels because Daniels goes straight in there and says his officers are untrained, mis-used, and don't know how to do their job.

- Fuck Bubbles got beat up and robbed again. That shit ain't right. Namond was watching with Kenard, and Donut, as we learn they've had to move down the way due to the beatdown the night before.

- Herc thinks he's fucked over due to the camera being stolen because this moron didn't get authorization from Marrimow.

"This is one of those enabling relationships."

"Enable me Carv. Enable me to find my fucking camera."

Of course Carver forgot to call Bunk about Randy. Total incompetence. And to help out Herc, he'll let Herc talk to Randy first. THat's messed up and dumb. But Carver went ahead and called Bunk, which Crutchfield decided to write down and throw in the trash.

- Carcetti's first priority is to get rid of Burrell. Watkins tells him you can't get away with getting rid of Burrell because he's a white guy and there are no black deputies to bump up to his slot.

- Randy's information is shit, of course. No body, can't prove a thing. Herc thinks Randy is bullshitting him, so his plan is now to go straight at Marlo.

- lol at that cop telling Carcetti what the city needs is a white phosphorous air strike. Then there's a signal 13 and they roll out ASAP to the call. Daniels is there at the scene and uh, Carcetti realizes he wants that dude in a position of power immediately.

- Kima's plan for the case was to go back to the scene and work it. As we know she was not there when the body was first found. Nice little bullet she found from these dudes using potatoes as silencers. Then it's time to head in to this place with no backup.

- Cutty realized that custodial job wasn't for him. He felt good about that.

- Namond with all those fuck yous was kinda nuts. Then they go back to class and this fool Albert is going crazy.

- Bubbles finally caught up to Sherrod and uh, tells him to come home. He didn't come home.

- So the Braddock case is down. Murder weapon and all of that is at the station. It's a stray bullet, so Carcetti won an election cause of a stray bullet. Not because a witness got killed.


Omar Locked Up

The Wire: The parable of the bowls of shit.


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- Sucks for Prez that hardly anyone is paying attention to his class. Funny that the kid answers his question correctly based on how many times the chalk had tapped one of the numbers. It got all the dinks.

“We got our thing, but it's just part of the big thing." - Zenobia

- Carcetti is still touring the police offices and now he's making his rounds to homicide. Also, Foerster died. While Carcetti's wandering around he gets left with hardly any coffee, tries to sneak it back and is told that he has to make the next pot. LOL. He does too.

- Herc had a harassment complaint filed against him by the lady at the train station. Says that Fuzzy Dunlop was the confidential informant who gave him that information. Marrimow wants to own Herc over this which definitely isn't good.

- The answers to the question of "where will you be in 10 years" were fucked up. Some of them wrote down dead. Now Bunny's taking his opportunity to teach some. Good.

- Bunk is still trying to get Crutchfield to change the Omar thing, so they go into the interview room once Carcetti comes around and have it out. Now Crutchfield's gonna be in his shit. Funny how nervous everyone was about Carcetti, like pretend reading files and shit. Once he says he's trying to be straight they go back to what they normally do. Landsman looks at porn, Kima sleeps, Lester plays with pawn furniture. Same as it ever was.

- Marlo's finally gonna find out who's after him, and now he knows it's city police. Herc pulled him over but he isn't gonna get that thing back right now.

- lol at Bunk throwing up during the detectives wake and walking back in with puke on his jacket. Same at McNulty drinking a club soda. Scene panned quickly over to Chris and Snoop ending some New Yorkers, then the next day, schooling some murderers of the future.

- I'm surprised Bunny is able to keep these kids in line while they're talking, but in a way they're feeding off each other. It's good to stop them from getting unruly.

- That Eastern District shit was wrong. Entrap someone into selling some shit when it wasn't even theirs and arrest them. Come on. Then Carcetti saw some more bullshit with that kid. Rawls lying and saying he's fought against that enforcement strategy for years is BS.

- Bunk went with Holley to look over Andre's corner store, and it's obviously a bullshit operation as anyone can see. He knows it's a drug depot and that Omar's the one who put the bullet hole in the glass. His explanation makes perfect sense and any detective worth a shit knows it too.

- lol at Namond saying his new class was the shit.

- LOL at Prop Joe calling the police station and all the different voices he used. And now he knows that Marlo's being investigated by Major Crimes Unit.

- Once again with the funny shit, Chris and Snoop trying to find a New Yorker to kill. Was funny how Snoop nearly dropped the wrong dude.

- Namond's mom is smart, told this fool his shit can't be vialed up at home. Can't do that shit son. So at school the next day, Bunny asks him if they're capable of writing down the laws to the corner in a group.

- Carcetti's looking into Daniels now, doesn't think he has political suction. Reason why is cause...he wants a new commissioner. He also wants to meet with Daniels. Daniels just doesn't know how far to go with what he says.

- Michael's mom giving away Rice-a-Roni and their food to get drugs is fucked up and wrong. And oh shit Bug's dad came home. That had to be the dude who molested him.

- Now these guys are gonna harass Marlo and his crew every day until Herc gets his camera back. That's a flawed strategy.

- Now Snoop and Chris are at the right dude. The guy didn't answer his question about club music so he gets lit up in the alleyway.

- The Bunk is finally back to talk to Andre, and this time...he's got a grand jury summons.

- I suppose Carcetti's grand plan is to run for Governor in 2008. I don't know if that's a good plan but it serves to highlight what's wrong with politics. Not looking to do the job or complete it, but looking to move forward.

- The attempt for the program is to get these kids to shift from talking about drug talk like this to progressing towards talking about regular shit in the same fashion.

- Hilarious how Namond threatened Kenard. You fuck with Marlo's product he'll kill you.

- Grand jury time for Andre now, and they told him that if he lies to a grand jury he could get 10 years. "I got to uh, is there a washroom around." And that's the end of that case against Omar.

- Once again with Herc pulling people over, this time it's Chris and Snoop. They had a gun but Chris put that shit away in a hidden compartment. They found the nailgun and sack of chemicals but uh, they don't have any idea what it's in for and as such, no arrest or anything like that is coming for Snoop or Chris.

- Daniels decided not to cross Rawls in the meeting with Carcetti other than telling him Major Case got wrecked. Good thing he didn't say anything against Rawls cause Carcetti's suggestion was to have Daniels promoted to Colonel and head up CID under...Rawls.

- Herc's idea to attempt to get the camera back is now to go at Little Kevin. A good plan in theory.

- Namond's mom thinks her son is gonna get put on some good corner and shit. No. So she's gonna go there and won't let Namond build up a strip for his own. That's some bullshit. "Ma let me build!"

- Burrell's thought of regrouping with Rawls was a fools idea. So Burrell figures out Rawls is trying to make his move because it's his best chance to move up.

- Landsman is so angry that Bunk tasked Holley to unsolving murders that were pretty much done and dusted. LOL though.

- Chris intelligently dumped the rail gun in the drink along with those weapons they dropped from getting rid of the New Yorkers. Got to.


B-5 got the dinks

Prop Joe Makes a Phone Call

Things are getting ready to explode


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- Oh shit Poot's back. Got 4 years, done 15 months, and he's gonna go on the corner. Bodie told him he was working with Marlo and Poot didn't like that all that much. Cops are looking for Little Kevin on Bodie's corner, but uh...they don't know that he's not little. So they take all the little dudes unknowingly.

"Might as well dump 'em, get another." - Proposition Joe

- Omar's finally out of his lockup and uh, he gets greeted by Bunk. After all he has him to thank for it. NO MORE BODIES. Then Bunk gives him a ride home.

- Carcetti's plan A is to give raises to the police. Council President doesn't want that shit though and they have a little bit of a shutdown. This was just the first meeting.

- Prop Joe told Marlo that Herc is with Major Crimes. Tells him that they wiretapped Avon, Kintell Williamson, and Stringer. Can't use burners either and he has the papers that explain why you can't. It's cause all that shit's open to the public.

- At this meeting Carcetti is already considering vanity projects. Nerese didn't like that and uh, she's angry with him because she made a deal with Royce that she would succeed him. Whiner.

- Bubbles is now complaining to Kima about getting robbed all the time. She can't use his information now though cause she's Homicide. She told Bubbles she'd put him with Herc or Sydnor with Major Crimes so he can be of use.

- Randy wants Prez's credit card information in order to purchase candy off the internet. No cash, no card, but he says...he'll pay Prez with cash up front. At the same time we see that one of Prez's colleagues had her car stolen. Obviously by Donut lol.

- Namond got a different spot cause of his mom's complaining. Poot couldn't believe he was Namond's kid which had me nodding my head in agreement.

- Randy's plan to raise money is by playing dice using the skill he learned at school. Fool got a shitload of money and so did this other guy. lol at when he told Prez about it.

- Bubbles told these dudes that Little Kevin was Bodie's boy and that they'd do the hattrick with him. Herc tells him that after the trick, go ahead and hit him up on his cell when he's about to get robbed. That's a faulty idea.

- Chris and Snoop are trying to take Andre but they don't know where he is. Nobody seems to. Andre tried to run over to Prop Joe, and uh, he ain't gonna hide him. But he offers 2000 and a ride north in exchange for the store. Quite the proposition.

- Carcetti went ahead and asked Burrell to resign, but that's not going to happen. Burrell will go quietly but he damn sure won't resign. Also said that Rawls can do his job for him until he does so. Ouch. Carcetti says Valchek needs a promotion, so does Daniels, and that Burrell is to not undertake any action without clearing it with Rawls.

- Nice little contest to see who puts together their building the fastest. Winners get dinner. Namond's group was the only one doing it somewhat correctly. He didn't use all the pieces, but uh, they're done and they win.

- Michael was thinking about calling Social Services on his mom/Bug's dad. Dukie suggests asking Cutty about it, but Michael says Cutty is too friendly and seems like a Homosexual. That being all up in some pussy doesn't mean much and you can still be a Homosexual. That he was just too friendly and shit. So yep this kid's been molested.

- Teaching the test is dumb, always has been dumb. When I was in school I thought that shit was absolutely the stupidest fucking thing in history.

- Namond and Kenard getting busted was great. Carver got the package though and can destroy that shit.

- Bubbles finally made the call to get this mope, but Herc is in the middle of interrogating Little Kevin. The interrogation doesn't work cause they don't have a body, just like this unit doesn't work. Unfortunately Bubbles thought a cop was headed his way, but it wasn't, and he got totally fucked up cause of it. That shit was sad. And with the sad ass shit continuing, Herc says "we know you weren't alone." Meaning Randy. What a fucking stupid fucking idiot that guy is. His terrible policing was hilarious until this point and it's easy to pinpoint that as a moment where the audience turns on him.

- Namond didn't get that busted though, cause he's on this dinner with Bunny. These kids don't know a THING. About waiters or any of that type of shit. Zenobia's like, the only one who knows anything about dining out like this. The other guy is hilarious. Once it was time to order they all got confused. Now they're done at Ruth's Chris, and they seem pretty upset bar Bunny. Namond was trying to push his limits though by turning the radio up as the other two argued in the back.

- This teaching the test shit sucked badly. Gave me some bad memories.

- Prop Joe turned Andre over to Marlo immediately. That wasn't too hard at all.

- Funny how those kids went to school the next day and acted like they had all kinds of fun and whatever. This whole thing was interesting social commentary.

- lol at Andre getting out of the car only to find Chris and Snoop waiting for him with their gear. He doesn't want to be found in a vacant, but that's too damn bad.

- Omar has found out Marlo's the guy he robbed at the poker game. So, now he knows, and now he can come up with a plan to do something. Michael though, he's going up to see Marlo cause he doesn't know what else to do about his home situation. Michael wants to go see Chris cause he thinks he can't bring this to anyone else, then we close up with Omar seeing the meet and thinking nothing of it cause Michael's just a kid.


The Wire - Little Kevin

The Wire S4E9: "No more bodies"

The Wire season 4- Resturant


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- This episode starts with one of my favorite things about this season, Donut having stolen an SUV and barely peering over the steering wheel while driving. Officer Walker saw that shit though and is ready for a crack down on this car thievery. Donut wrecks into a shitload of cars cause he can hardly drive and uh, bails out to run. Then he switches jackets with this other kid, takes his hat too, and walks away like nothing happened. Walker pulls up to the other kid and uh, obviously it ain't him. Unfortunately Walker found him in the alley and decided he was gonna break that little man's fingers. Doubt he's gonna steal a car now.

“World goin' one way, people another." - Poot

- Burrell is meeting with Clay Davis about what's gonna happen to him (Burrell). Clay tells him he needs to show how important he is to the city. And Clay says he might as well do what he wants cause Carcetti already showed that he doesn't have the balls to fire him.

- lol at Bodie talking about going marlin fishing in Florida or the Bahamas or whatever. Little Kevin then pulls up and says he didn't say shit about nothing, then Bodie says Marlo's gonna find out and he better have a good story for that dude.

- Now the kids in the program are being taught how to function in regular society, like if they held a regular job. Unfortunately their class is supposed to teach the test now.

- Omar's still scoping out Marlo, and wishes he knew who it was when he robbed him. Reason being, if he had, he'd have enjoyed it more.

- Herc tried to make things up to Bubbles by making him a square meal and giving him a phone. And that anyone who brings back the camera gets 500 large. 100 to Bubbles if he gets the camera. He also gave Bubbles money to buy dope to ensure that the guy was holding drugs after taking them from Bubbles. That way he got a possession charge to put that fiend away for good.

- Unfortunately Little Kevin just told Marlo about Randy. That sucks. Not just for Randy but for Little Kevin too cause he's going in the SUV and in a vacant. Slim knows that shit's wrong but what can he do, nothing.

- Namond got busted again, lol. His mom is gone too, so now he's screwed and headed to baby booking. Doesn't seem like he ever wanted that. Dude is scared. Carver says he's gotta find someone by the morning or he'll be in trouble. Sit on the bench all night until he can.

- Clay Davis met with Carcetti and uh, he knows about the Burrell situation and tells Carcetti so. Clay's gonna work this situation to his benefit. He offers to get the ministers to move on from Burrell and for the Council to approve a payraise.

- Michael just went over with Snoop and Chris to show him who he wants rid of. He can't tell them why, but Chris seems to understand and says he'll take care of it.

- lol at Burrell wanting double the arrests and quality of life violations up. That's like the opposite of what Carcetti wants.

- Namond wasn't able to call anyone. He does tell Carver that Bunny's his teacher and he might be able to call him. Good idea for once.

- Sydnor's the smart one, telling Herc that he should have told the truth from the beginning and that he should go in there to do it right now. So he does, unfortunately Bubbles calls at the exact same time and herc ignores it. What a cocksucker. Marrimow's one too as he puts all the Barksdale subpeona returns in a box.

- Shit now people are running into Randy in the hallways at school and calling him a snitch. Bad news.

- Speaking of bad news, these quality of life arrests are fucking bullshit. McNulty thinks so too, so he has no intention of doing it. He's looking to make a case on some church burglaries. Which he does, that's great stuff. One felony burglary and they're gonna try to charge him with more.

- Bunny went ahead to claim Namond at the school, I wasn't surprised by that at all. Did think of having him locked up. but knowing Bunny I doubt there was ever a chance of that. So he goes to dinner at Bunny's house that night and he's like all nice and stuff so wtf.

- Lt. Mello strongly dislikes these quality of life arrests. Tells Daniels so.

- Slim just told Bodie that uh, Marlo put Little Kevin in a vacant. And he said it in a way like, don't do anything to wind up in one of those yourself.

- Prez did what I wished every teacher did when I was in school, fuck this testing bullshit off and do some teaching.

- In the program these two chicks went full out at each other and one got slapped. Right in front of the lady from the district too. That's not good at all. I don't think any of them were very happy about it. Albert is crazy though with his description of what happened. At the meeting afterward the assessment of the project doesn't go too well either.

- This thing with Bubbles deciding he was gonna shaft Herc was the longest time in coming. I loved it. Incompetent police who's gonna do incompetent bullshit doing something dumb. He harassed, verbally abused, and groped the minister which was a pretty terrible idea. And dumped his bag on the ground.

- At the same time, Carcetti was meeting with Daniels and Carcetti tells Daniels that what Burrell decided to do was the exact opposite of what he wanted done. Daniels is breaking chain of command here because he has no choice. Now Daniels knows where Carcetti stands, meaning that he actually wants to change stuff. Rawls didn't tell him a thing about it. Look how messed up this is though, Clay's meeting with Burrell now and he says that Daniels is the last person who belongs as commissioner. Burrell also intends to use that file he has on Daniels if need be. Clay also got the salary bump Carcetti wanted for the commissioner position. So this dude's a real greasy fucker.

- Namond's mom was a crazy ass bitch about him getting arrested. YOU AFRAID OF BABY BOOKING?

- Elena ain't used to this new Jimmy McNulty but uh, probably too late to change anything on that front.

- Bodie and Poot are talking about Little Kevin and how it equates to what they did with Wallace. First time they have. And it does, yet doesn't in some ways.

- Michael loved telling his mom that dude wasn't coming back. And we know damn well why. Snoop and Chris, they decided to follow this dude for a time and ask him some questions. Stuff like "you into boys and do you like fuckin 'em," which the guy does not answer with a yes or no. Then he says yeah he tore up some dudes while he was in the pen and I guess that just set Chris straight off. He beats this motherfucker to death like you think the same shit happened to him. Snoop just stared and watched and then at the end said what we all were thinking, lol. Then Michael looks at his mom like he's achieved the greatest victory in the world and...we're done.


The Wire: Herc makes another bad call and harass church minister

The Wire (Chris Beats a guy to death)

Only time in the series Snoop is made to look like a girl makes this one of the best episodes.