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- We don't have any Chinese food places like this one around here. Dukie gets turkey grease damn son that's hoodrat shit. He didn't know that turkey grease makes the fiends vomit so that they can get back to drinking. Then Walker kicks them off some steps and the kids decide to scheme against him.

“You play in dirt, you get dirty." - McNulty

- Minister who made the complaint against Herc is now meeting with Carcetti. That means Herc is about to get rolled over. They're also complaining about Burrell getting removed. So, once they leave, Carcetti says that not firing Herc is going to piss off black people, while firing him is going to piss off the average policeman.

- The program is still not done yet, even though it would appear we're getting close to that point. Namond is gonna stand up on a box blindfolded and hope for everyone behind him to catch him as he drops off. So they do. Then Albert gets all crazy and tells everyone fuck y'all. Apparently his mom died and he got sent to school anyway.

- These kids won't buy candy from Randy now that the word's out he's been snitching.

- lol at Omar finding out Slim Charles was with Prop Joe.

- Now that Carcetti has been inaugurated, he can officially enforce things the way he wants. Good to know. So with Daniels as Herc's commander he's going to have to figure out what to do. Rawls gives him his options and Daniels to just do the right thing.

- These kids plan for Officer Walker was fucked up. First Dukie keyed his car, then Michael pulled a gun on him and fired to scare him. Then saw his ring and decided he wanted that shit. Then Namond threw yellow paint all over him and they ran. If anyone ever deserved that. Loved seeing Walker complain about it too.

- Carcetti's making his ways to all the city agencies and telling them there's stuff wrong. Not telling them where it's wrong though, cause otherwise they'll only fix that one and not the rest. Good little trick. Then as we see, all of it's getting fixed.

- Burrell thinks that the Herc punishment got screwed up. No trial board, just some two week punishment shit.

- Namond and Bunny are getting tight. That's good cause that fool needed a father figure.

- Now Randy's about to get fucked up by these dudes cause they think he's a snitch. Michael acts like he's gonna go against RAndy and then CLOOKS THESE FOOLS IN THE FACE AND SHIT AS RANDY TAKES A BEATDOWN THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR. He got fucked up badly.

- Jimmy going in for lunch and deciding to sit with Bodie was real weird. Didn't actually get to eat cause he got called on a robbery though.

- Stat games are over according to Rawls. Daniels wants Major Crimes brought back also, and Rawls agrees. Valchek finally hit Rawls with the reality of the situation, that Daniels is Carcetti's anointed one to be the next commissioner. He wasn't expecting that.

- New Day Coop is where Slim and Prop Joe went according to Renaldo. Afterward he and Omar both saw Marlo heading into the Co-Op.

- Daniels got the best idea for this shit, letting Freamon pick his own team and the commander. Exactly what Lester could have dreamed for. Nice how it quickly panned to a fundraising dinner where Carcetti was talking to the people Lester subpeonaed at the beginning of the season. Of course, that means...Carcetti can shut them down just like the last man.

- Prez is angry at Carver because of what happened to Randy. It wasn't all his screwup though, Herc is to blame for this. Bunk didn't know shit about it, as he tells Carver.

- Poor Dukie's been sent to high school. WTF that dude isn't ready for high school that shit's wrong. AND the program has been pulled. Bunny wasn't too happy about that.

- BURRELL IS GOING HAM NOW. Tells Carcetti what Daniels intends to do with Herc and then says there are any number of rules they can use to get rid of Herc. They just have to dig.

- Bunk and Lester went over to the unit HQ and Bunk says a whole bunch of stuff about Herc cause he screwed up his murder. Now Lester is interviewing Herc and asking him everything about the case. Herc said that Chris and Snoop had a nail gun.

- NO Bubbles and Sherrod are getting beat up again.

- YES Renaldo and Omar walking in to Prop Joe's place with guns out. Big guns. Joe always has the great ideas though, saying the proposition may fall kindly on him. Omar doesn't want to kill Marlo but he wants to take everything he owns. That's good. Cheese has been tasked to give up the spot where the drop is made, and lastly, he wants Joe to fix his clock lol. Omar doesn't trust him and as such they're going to follow Cheese.

- Prez wouldn't let them talk to Randy but uh, he tells them where Lex should be. Playground behind Fulton.

- lol at Michael's mom going to Namond trying to get some of his shit. Surprisingly he gave her some too but like Kenard said, why the fuck did he do that?

- Carcetti's next big meeting was with the city agencies and he plays hardball with them. But the school audit was horrible, with a 54 million dollar deficit being run by the schools.

- The only way the program is going forward is with City Hall signing off on it. Good luck with that.

- Lester stopping in front of the row of vacant houses and looking at them was an awesome moment. You could tell what was going through his head right then. He noticed some of them have different door fixtures and as such tells Bunk there's a body in the one with nails on the door.


Owners of the ring from "The Wire".

The Wire - Michael Backs Up Randy

Omar/Prop Joe - Ran Out of Time


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- Because of how the last episode finished with Marlo telling Chris about Michael standing tall with snitchin Randy, first time I saw this I thought Michael was running from Chris and Snoop for real. Instead this was just like a training exercise with paintballs. And somehow Michael got the better of them both.

"That all there is to it?" - Bubbles

- Lex's body was extremely decomposed. Just bones and clothes. Then this fucking idiot Landsman shows that the stat game isn't over because he goes straight over and says to Lester that they aren't going to look for bodies. Dickhead.

- School deficit is apparently going to be blamed on the school board, but that doesn't fix anything. They have to find the money. Carcetti ran a clean up the streets campaign and can't even give them a raise, in order to do that he's gonna have to go beg the Republican Governor for money.

- New plan of Prop Joe's is to have Cheese give Marlo's crew a burner that they aren't supposed to answer. Just when it comes from an East Baltimore exchange, toss it and go to the meet.

- Loved seeing Marrimow pack up his shit. Now Herc thinks he's completely in the clear. Funny how Herc tried to pull rank on Lester telling him to go do something. Said Lester should make it look like he gives the instructions in front of everyone cause he's a sergeant.

- Kenard says the stash got hit so they can forget about selling shit today. More likely than not that little boy is full of shit but what is Namond to do. Namond thinks Kenard didn't do anything dirty to him. Namond is dumb.

- Bubbles is conspiring to do something serious now. Thinking of giving his tormentor a hotshot. He's told that he needs to be able live with it should he decide to do so though. On account of killing someone not being that easy.

- Carcetti's trip to Annapolis was real fun. Delay, delay, delay. Then once he's ready to leave the security guard says the Governor is ready to see him.

- lol at Major Crimes getting their hump lieutenant back.

- The kids in the program trying to learn the test was ridiculous. They ain't about to learn much of shit. I mean it's just bullshit, all of it.

- Lester went straight over Landsman's head on this not going in the vacants stuff. Smart man. Also tells Daniels that all the bodies they haven't seen over the last few months went in those vacants. Landsman didn't run this up the chain of command either.

- Bubbles is really gonna do that hotshot. So when the guy robs him, he'll take that pill, cook it, shoot it up and thus wind up dead later.

- Daniels just ran that information up the chain of command. He tells Rawls that City Hall should be brought in the loop.

- Now all Dukie's shit is out in the street due to an eviction. That's the most fucked up thing I've seen in the show right to this point. At least Michael invited him to his new place.

- lol at Namond's mom hearing the news about the stash and deciding Namond needed to fuck that boy up. Damn then when he said his dad got locked up behind his shit HIS MOM SLAPPED HIM. He left.

- Lester talking about Marlo at the bar always leads to great shit. Shit like Bunk and McNulty talking about J-Lo. "How little Pedro gonna fill that thing up?" Of course there was another body in some other house and Lester won that bet.

- Bubbles went out looking for this dude today, but unfortunately he wasn't on his route. Maybe he died.

- OH SHIT MICHAEL BEAT KENARD HALF TO DEATH THAT DUDE'S CRAZY. Namond's shook over this now and doesn't even want what belongs to him. I AIN'T WANT IT. I AIN'T WANT IT.

- Carver going over to Randy's house with badge out and everything is pretty stupid. Little oversights like that get the kid in trouble.

- This Sherrod thing was tragic. Of course that kid would get in Bubbles pills and take the one that ain't for healthy consumption.

- Internal affairs went looking for Herc and uh...they know about the camera and faulty informants. That dude is getting done. They want Sydnor and Dozerman to go downtown, but he said to them the paperwork is all his.

- Carcetti told Rawls that he needs to dig those fuckin' bodies out of the vacants. In part because Rawls told him that the murder rate was able to be contributed to Royce. Now at the meeting, they have a choice to make. Take the money and give the Governor some oversight over the school system, don't take it and...

- Liked seeing Daniels tell Lester to open up the vacants. And that Herc got rolled up so he needs more man power. Lester wanted Kima back, but she said she was loving Homicide and he wasn't about to screw that up for her.

- Now we're at Cutty's gym today and Namond is trying to be all hard. Unfortunately that fool's already been exposed as weak. Being a punk towards Dukie is some bullshit. As such Michael bitchslaps that moron and gets subsequently kicked out of the gym as Namond sits there crying. Carver rolls by the gym after that and Namond tells he and Cutty he ain't like his dad and that Michael's a changed person.

- As that's going on, Omar's biggest caper yet is in full thrust. Renaldo goes up on a ladder to the top of this building, and the offload commences in some warehouse as Kimmy walks up to these dudes like some nasty ass whore. Then the Mexicans pull up and everyone points guns so's they can take this shit. Perfectly done.

- Cutty tried to roll by Michael's house but his mom said that boy is gone. Namond ain't going home either, so Bunny went to the police station and picked that boy up. His mom said that Namond belongs in Baby Booking.

- Fuckin' the radio car outside of Randy's house left and these boys walked up there to destroy his shit with fire bombs. That's sad.

- lol at Cheese complaining about Omar not just taking Marlo's package but THE WHOLE SHIPMENT.

- Cutty finally found Michael and he's on a corner with Monk. He told him fights gotta stay out of the gym and Monk decides to interrupt and tell him to step off. Then he shoots Cutty in the leg.

- Randy's foster mom is in critical but stable condition. Then we get hit with the "you gonna look out for me" and I get chills at that scene.


The Wire Clip: Micheal whoops that chump Kenard

The wire Bubbles killing sherrod

The Wire - Michael shows Namond who is Boss

The Wire - You gonna look out for me?

Either this one or the next is the best episode of this show, but that closing scene, I
Yeah man, that shot of him saying 'you gonna look out for me now' when they close up on him and a tear streams down his face, oh man.

The kid was intimidated and bullied by these cops to be used as a witness for how long and has his life ruined over it. Of course Carver doesn't have the balls to turn back and face him. It's p. sad seeing how randy ends up when they show him in the next season.


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- lol at Landsman's reaction to seeing the names from the vacants hit his stupid white board. Then there's a hotshot murderer in the witness room, and a feeling of dread hits when you realize who it is. And it is Bubbles, who's destroyed. At least he threw up all over Landsman and we got to see the "Rawls sucks cock" line, but WHOA SHIT BUBBLES HUNG HIMSELF IN THE INTERVIEW ROOM and I can't be the only person who not only thought he died on first view but was emotionally drained by seeing that. He's not dead though and I was glad to see that.

“If animal trapped call 410-844-6286." - Baltimore, traditional

- So far the police have found 9 bodies and this is just in one sector of one district. In the middle of that, Burrell decides to tell Rawls he made his move too soon and he should stay out of politics. Lester needs patrol division to search and for Kima to raise up Herc.

- Landsman seems to have deciphered that Bubbles killing Sherrod was an accident. Those two scenes were just tragic.

- lol at Prop Joe's friends in the co-op getting extremely angry and blaming him. They decided to vote on it too. His play is that they won't get another re-up if they make him pay for all of this one. Marlo wants to get with the person who was in charge of the stash, and that's Cheese, but considering that his kin he ain't gonna give him up for Marlo to put in a vacant.

- Loved seeing everyone divvy up their profits from the heist on Prop Joe's shipment. Butch's idea to sell it back to Prop Joe was a really good one.

- Carver is fuming beyond belief cause of what's about to happen to Randy. Kid doesn't deserve to be in a group home.

- Herc took Bunk and Kima over to where he fired the nailgun into the ground, but they can't find the nail. They have the mark but that's it. Afterward, Bunk and Kima told Herc that he's fucked with regards to how his trial board's about to go.

- This nurse at the hospital was a bitch to Cutty. Bunny showed up in the middle of that and said he had a little problem. Needed Cutty to get in touch with Wee-Bey regarding Namond.

- Bodie didn't respond too well to finding out Little Kevin really was shoved in a vacant. His speech was great, and totally true. Like he says, Marlo is killing people just to do it. Wigged out and smashed up the police car.

- Norman doesn't like the idea of Carcetti not taking money from Annapolis. The other aide of his is telling Carcetti not to take the money though. I side with Norman, fuck the politics, you do what you have to.

- LOL at Omar going back to Prop Joe's place after what he did. Just so happens I got some heroin for sale. 20 on the dollar was Omar's offer and that's 400k. Cheese is great in this scene. Omar made sure to get his clock back too.

- Dukie seems kinda out of sorts living with Michael. In part cause Michael is fuckin' little broads over in his room and also because this dude has never really lived in a house that he doesn't expect to get kicked out of.

- McNulty just had to take a look at the gym all the bodies are stationed in before going to the medical examiner. 17 so far. He went to see Rhonda cause he knew she'd let Bodie go free. Now Bunk and Lester are trying to tell him that real police wouldn't be able to not get in on this case.

- Dukie didn't go in the high school. Insert sad face here.

- Police want a court order for hair and blood from Chris and Snoop. Their PC is thin as hell. Bunk says there's a witness, but legally he's a source. That's not good enough.

- Wee-Bey's willing to sit with Bunny. Good thing. Bunny telling the nurse that Cutty runs a gym program for kids was great and would make someone feel like dirt.

- Lex's mom FINALLY gave up information that Chris and Snoop took her son and killed him.

- Carver's trying to get Randy moved up the foster home list, but that just doesn't work. And he really suggested taking Randy as a foster kid into HIS home.

- A pull over on Chris and Snoop produced a little bit. The tools were gone, but they found the hidden compartment with the gun inside.

- OH SHIT IT'S SPIROS. LOVED THIS. Joe let Marlo get in some contact with him and Marlo doesn't understand that Spiros doesn't give a shit about anything like setups. Surprisingly Marlo believed him. Wanted him followed though.

- McNulty sitting outside to wait for Bodie was a mistake. Should have got to him later, not then. Monk saw it which made that pretty bad. As they were eating lunch he decided that he can't really put up with this Marlo shit. If he got in trouble he knows they'd get rid of him. lol at the callback to the chess scene. He then says he'll snitch on Marlo and his kind because the way they do things just isn't right.

- Wee-Bey with Bunny was a kind of strange scene. Bunny says that Namond is too intelligent to be on the street whether as a cop or dealer. The problem is, when he's with his mom...can't do that. Bunny also said that Namond ain't hard enough to be on a corner. We know that's true.

- Monk just told Marlo that Bodie got in the car of some white guy. That's bad. Time to send a message. LOL at Joe saying that Omar is selling that shit at 30 cents on the dollar.

- Bodie's on the corner that night and...someone's creeping around. Chris and Snoop appear to be creeping up the block. Poot told Bodie to go but he ain't gonna do that. So he starts shooting. Unfortunately Michael went straight up to him from behind and ended him with two to the dome like he was nothing.

- Bunny's meeting with the Mayor's aides went terribly. He was thinking that it was going to be Carcetti in the meeting and that he'd be a liability. Carcetti's gone though, which made him feel a little better. Again, the meeting went terribly. He told the academic that their program was a failure and that there was no potential to the study.

- Marlo. Chris, and Snoop went over to Michael's place which was weird. Then he saw the ring and Michael said that he took it. Michael's getting Bodie's old corner and he has more business to take care of.

- McNulty learned that Bodie got killed right before Carver was about to get chewed up for having Randy on his bench. Carver's been ordered to ship him out.

- Wee-Bey straight out told De'Londa that once she put Namond out of her house he was going to stay out. And look what being a soldier got Wee-Bey, so why would anyone want to do that if they could be anything else.

- Omar's switch-off with Joe was nicely played. Told him where the van full of shit and key was and he's long gone. Like Butch said, Omar stole so much this time that it can't be over. He also lied about putting the key in the cinderblock and threw the key in the pile of trash outside.

- Carcetti did not take the money. What a stupid decision. Governor did want him to call a press conference and make him beg, but you have to do the right thing and fuck politics.

- McNulty was damn near about to get Poot killed by holding him on that wall. Next morning he told Beadie he wanted to work the big case as a result of what happened to Bodie.

- Dukie brought Prez a pen set, but he ain't going back to school. That sucks.

- This scene with Randy and Carver was so unfair and truly sad. The group home was like a den of hate and the way those kids circled around him was just...shit.

- Some of these kids seem to have changed because of the program. Namond, Albert, Zenobia, those are the ones we see anyway.

- 22 bodies found so far. Gun doesn't match to anything and there are no prints. Like Lester says, this time, they're in for the long haul.

- Kima brought Walon over to go see Bubbles. That's the best way of getting through to him right now, but he looks completely catatonic. Kima just...couldn't go in there.

- Norman is ashamed of Carcetti for leaving that money on the table. That's what he says to Royce's former aide, who then tells him that ALL of them will disappoint. Yes they do, that they do.

- Michael is now like some vicious end everyone type of cat. I mean shit, he walked up to this dude and shot him in the head.

- This montage was so good, almost as good as Season 2's. It was like the universe was restored to order. McNulty back in Major Case, Herc booted from the police department, SPIROS back in Baltimore, Bunny thinking studies and that type of shit were crap, a giant list of red names on the board at Homicide, Clay Davis with Burrell and PREZ SEEING DUKIE ON A CORNER...yes this is all things going the way that life in West Baltimore goes no matter what. Oh shit and Randy gets snitch bitch wrote on his bed, money stolen, and beat up. AND CUTTY BE ALL UP IN THE WOMEN. This one being the hospital nurse lol. Carver's harassing new kids now, then Michael wakes up from his little nap and Monk ditches the gun in a storm drain.

- Namond is all normal and shit now and that's just weird. Living with Bunny and having to follow rules is quite the adjustment, but LOL at Donut driving by in some SUV to close out the season.


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The Wire - Bodie and McNulty's conversation.

The Wire - Bodie gets killed.

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S4E13 Carv drop Randy at group home

The Wire Season 4

Greatest episode in any show I've watched. Also, if you're like, in too good of a mood on some day and feel like bringing yourself down a notch this is the right episode to watch.


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- I haven't seen this season since first airing, so there are parts I don't remember at all. This is one of them. Bunk is in the interview room with some kid and has decided to manipulate him into a confession. You make one think the other has snitched, strap the stupid one to a copy machine thinking it's a polygraph, run out a piece of paper that says false, and lol this is amazing. Then the guy basically admits to it.

"The bigger the lie, the more they believe." - Bunk

- Sydnor, Kima, McNulty, and Dozerman are doing UNPAID surveillance on some guys. Dozerman telling McNulty about the report from the whorehouse in S2 was funny. Now Lester's joined in on following a guy on a motorcycle.

- Carver is now Sergeant in Charge of the Western District. The troops are angry because they aren't getting OT nor court pay. OT is authorized but the city has not paid it. The city claims they'll pay it as back pay once the budget situation is great, but Carver is having a hard time keeping these dudes under control. Then he breaks the news that no marked or unmarked cars can be fixed at this time. Mello is now the Major and Carver went in to tell him about how bad shit's about to get. Police car is now fucked up in the parking lot and cops are fighting. Morale isn't just low, it's non-existent.

- Michael and Chris have been alerted they're being followed. They have a meet set up too. By the way Lester walks kinda strange. Major Case seems to know where Marlo's going, we don't though.

- Carcetti is still expecting a reduction in the crime statistics with the lack of OT and all the trimmings made around the police department. Fuck this guy. And they are taking onboard the idea of shutting down the case against Marlo Stanfield. He should have taken that money, was idiotic not to, and these are the consequences.

- Marlo went down to a random area near the water and had a discussion with Chris. They know everything about how they're being followed. The unit knows that Chris doesn't slip up so they're done for the day. It's borderline impossible to pin the 22 bodies on Marlo's crew.

- These guys on Dukie's corner have no respect for him whatsoever. Michael suggested he go off the corner and get paid for looking after Bug, don't think Dukie liked that shit very much.

- Rawls tells Daniels the case against Marlo is being shut down and uh, Daniels isn't too happy about that. Take home cars are done too for Colonels and below. That's unbelievably fucked.

- McNulty is back to his ways. Guy is wasted once again. Even Homicide isn't getting paid OT. Bartender had a dose of harsh reality when he said the city will never be healthy enough to go for all that back pay.

- This scene was an annoying interlude of what was becoming an all-time episode. I don't give a shit about this newspaper stuff in the least and neither does anyone else. While it is a dying medium, for the general consumer it's in a way that is most beneficial to them, e.g not having to pay for news reports.

- Carcetti asked the US Attorney if they could help out with the Marlo case, which they would, but the US Attorney says that the case against Clay Davis needs to go federal. It's not up to Carcetti though, or so he says. And saying that means the FBI isn't going to help with the case against Marlo.

- The police don't realize that Marlo went into the hotel with the purposes of meeting with the Co-Op. That's why there was a female decoy outside that he was up on. Prop Joe is telling everyone that East Baltimore is becoming a dying market. Marlo thinks the new territory should go to whoever claims it, but Joe thinks the territory should go to those displaced. And so we have an immediate point of conflict.

- Bubbles is clean as it gets right now, but his sister doesn't trust him and he has to leave the house whenever it is that she leaves.

- Daniels tried to go to Bond in order to get the case salvaged however he could, but it's not gonna happen. But wtf Chris walks up to Rhonda at the courthouse and asks where the clerks are at and nobody realized who that was. His reason for going there was for tracking down...SERGEI. McNulty followed. Went in and checked out the files, found that he was looking at Sergei's and took the picture.

- Have no interest in what happened at the newsroom when the editors or whoever was talking. I guess they were complaining about something and then Gus decided to tell someone you shouldn't write down "evacuated people." Also complaining about the pictures taken after the fire. Alma then realizes she screwed up. I suppose that Fat Face Rick owns a strip club and the city wants to pay him to trade properties.

- Carcetti wouldn't give Daniels or Bond time, they met in the hallway. Bond made his play and said that he needed that unit to do Clay, so Carcetti approved that but the rest of it is shut down. That was rotten. 22 dead people are less important than a dirty State Senator.

- Herc's apparently working for a lawyer. He asked if someone could run a name for him in exchange for him buying the next round, and uh, I guess they will.

- Interesting to find out that Fat Face Rick has been donating to Nerese's campaigns over the last few years. That goes on a front page. Nerese says this is all perfectly normal. Gus pretty much owned her.

- Damn Jimmy is kissing on other women, this fool is in a bad way. He called Beadie and tried to say he was just "tired."

- Bubbles walking on sidewalks where everyone is selling drugs in the middle of the night just doesn't sit right. He deserves better than that, just like we deserve a little better than this newspaper stuff. Just 10 episodes and this was what we got to take away from the best parts of the show's finish.

- Daniels went down to Major Case HQ to tell them what was going to happen. Kima and McNulty are going to Homicide, Dozerman goes to Tactical, Lester and Sydnor are assigned to the State Attorney's office. And that's that.

- OH SHIT BUBBLES HAS A REAL JOB. Passing out papers as everyone's on their way to work. LOL at Nerese's reaction to reading the one he gave her.

- OH SHIT HERC WORKS FOR LEVY. I couldn't believe that shit. Levy told Herc that he needs to never let these other guys buy drinks. That's what the expense account is for.

- So now McNulty and Kima are going to work murders in a department that doesn't pay out OT. lol at McNulty punking that dude and making him get out of his desk.


The Wire - Bunk's interrogation techniques

Great episode with just one or two scenes pulling it down. Some great reveals too.


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- Bubbles is back in the support meetings. He was asked to share his story by Walon. Been clean 15 months. Couldn't get to the important part of his story though and why he decided to get clean.

"This ain't Aruba, bitch." - Bunk

- The paper trail on Clay Davis was absolutely enormous. His corruption goes as such. Money goes in for a program. Money goes out after he gets it. No program happens. Freamon enjoys this case, Sydnor does not, and Lester's trying to teach him.

- Chris and Snoop have realized they aren't being followed anymore. Marlo wants some corners cleaned and dudes dropped. Also wants Chris and Snoop to bring Omar out of retirement somehow.

- This Bubbles situation is good because obviously he can now afford cigarettes. Means some money is coming in. Cannot talk about Sherrod in any way though.

- Jimmy is one again extremely bitter about not being able to go after a target, meaning Marlo. As such he says he's up for the next case in part because he doesn't want to sit there doing nothing. lol at the car keys not working, it's like...go drive your own car son. As such it's no surprise the last unmarked car runs like a pile of shit and has a flat tire.

- Watkins knows that Carcetti running for Governor is some bullshit, just like the viewer knows.

- LOL at McNulty having taken the bus to a crime scene. That's one of the greatest things in a show filled with great scenes. The case so far appears to be a natural death. Later at the morgue, he learns it may not have been. Can't exactly tell the difference in post-mortem pressure on the neck from strangulation used in murder. Well then.

- This guy with the Dickensian shit made me shake my head in disgust. THE DICKENSIAN ASPECT. Scott is a weirdo too, FIND SOME OLD TIMER WHO REMEMBERS BASEBALL AND WRITE ABOUT IT.

- Lester waiting for some of Marlo's crew to come around was creepy.

- Avon surprising Marlo was THE BEST SHIT. Haven't seen him since Season 3. Sergei's only going to be allowed to see Marlo if Marlo gives Brianna 100 large. Like Avon says, he wants to get to Sergei and subsequently to the Greeks so that he can cut Prop Joe completely out of the picture. Avon's rant against east side bitches was the best.

- Templeton tried so hard to get a good story but there was no way to get one. Best he got was the guy who was all "fuck baseball."

- Bubbles apparently gets meals at some kitchen, which, good for him. That mom saying she was going to whip her kid was fucked up.

- Lester's car is the oldest, most pollutive piece of shit you can find. They went to go see Fitzhugh and told him the bodies in the vacants got shut down, then asked for him to help them out. Good luck.

- Templeton obviously made up some bullshit. No picture means no proof to me. Gus decided to backcheck the story as best he could, and there was nothing. He didn't want it printed but the executive editor did.

- LOL the US Attorney who looked over the case was the one who Carcetti fucked over. Guess that's not gonna happen. Fitzhugh went on to tell him NOBODY is going to help the city out with this case.

- Clay is complaining once again about what's going to happen to him. He knows it. Burrell isn't gonna help him because he can't and nobody else could.

- lol at this guy wanting to do a drive-by like we do out here on the west coast. So they (Snoop and Monk) do and that shit didn't work at all.

- Like Bunk and Lester say, Marlo gets away with this because he was killing black people. One white person there and people would lose their shit. Bunk told McNulty to come up with a plan and I'm sure that wasn't a great idea.

- Chris does some great teaching with Michael, and like Snoop said, there's no such thing as a good surprise in this here game. Michael is getting to thinking too much though. Chris and Snoop then walk up the block, cut the police cameras off (what a trick that is) and go to work. Michael is supposed to drop anyone who comes down the back alley but it's a kid, how could anyone do that? He didn't. Kima then showed up at this scene and saw this Junebug his girl, and some other dude got iced, as well as saw the kid left in the closet. So she carried him out.

- Marlo now goes to this meet and there's Sergei, so obviously Brianna got her money. WHY ALWAYS BORIS? Unfortunately he didn't say that after being called Boris.

- Bubbles wants to help out at this kitchen. I say good. He's gonna wash some dishes.

- McNulty sees that some guy fell out and uh, the look is in his eyes. That's the only way to describe it. He told the patrol cop that he could roll on it and then heads to his car to take a drink before doing this devious shit. Jimmy goes back in, shuts the door, and goes right over to the victim and starts fucking with the murder scene. He also told Bunk to watch the door. and started tearing the victim's jacket and shit like some kind of demented freak. Also decided to start choking the dead man and then said there's a serial killer in Baltimore. Of course, Bunk, like any other person not sick in the head doesn't want any part of this mess.


The Wire - Avon And Marlo Meet

Fuck them west coast niggas, cuz in B-more we aim and hit a nigga.

The Wire - McNulty Becomes a Serial Killer

There are lots of great scenes this season that don't make it to YouTube. Of course, most of what people talk about this season was how contemptible McNulty became.


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- McNulty vigorously looking for cases to borrow from in order to manipulate new ones was sickening. This was in the middle of the night and Bunk showed up to work early to confront McNulty. Like Bunk said this dude is headed to jail over some shit like that and Bunk may have to rat him out over it. Doesn't want anywhere near the files.

“They're dead where it doesn't count.” — Fletcher

- Unfortunately McNulty decided to shit all over Ray Cole's long dead name in this manner. Not like he's around to argue against it. As Jimmy's buying red ribbon, Alma is looking for a paper and at this point I couldn't care less. I understand why you are supposed to, but placing the scenes like this wasn't too great an idea. Her story on the Junebug murder didn't make the front page. By the way, this is the third day Jimmy's worn this shirt to work, as I noticed when he was giving those papers to Bunk. He's angry again as Jimmy intends to put a red ribbon on the body they picked up the day before.

- lol Valchek ran straight to Carcetti with the statistics before Burrell could do that. 4% bump in crime makes me laugh. He tells Norman that Burrell has to get a pass on this if he owns it.

- That guy's right when he says Alma's story doesn't matter because of who it was that got killed. Yep, fact.

- McNulty put the ribbon on that guy in the middle of a hallway. That's nuts. What would his answer have been if somebody caught him? Cause of death is homicide by strangulation. What a guy.

- Cuts at the newspaper. Aight. Foreign bureaus shutting down, buyouts, more with less. Then a bunch of characters we have no attachment to get cut.

- Rawls and Burrell fucked with the stats. They have to fire Burrell. No alternative now.

- YES MARLO IS AT THE CAFE FROM SEASON 2. The cook there is supposed to give him a line to Vondas and was given a huge briefcase full of money.

- Why does McNulty keep bringing this shit to Bunk? He should keep his mouth shut and just go about it. Awesome to see how uninterested Barlow is about this. LOL Bunk says he isn't going drinking with Jimmy. Jimmy went drinking and pounded out some chick in the parking lot LOL. And flashed his badge so as to not get in trouble.

- Marlo just told Prop Joe he has too much money. So to remedy that, Marlo heads to a church with Joe and they intend to launder some money through a pastor. Joe is showing him all these things but in essence making himself redundant.

- Norman's over with Gus floating out information to the paper. His intent is to see what reaction comes back on Daniels. Gus unfortunately tasked Templeton to go find out about Daniels. Now see how fucked it is that the guy who knows everything about Daniels is getting bought out when the guy who knows nothing gets to stay on.

- Love how Marlo was told that his money was dirty. Spiros means literally dirty. He didn't like that. Now that's called a dude who can't be fucked with cause he doesn't even care about the money if it's nasty. Marlo later tells Joe that he wants to get with any of Omar's people to find him, Joe doesn't intend to help with that.

- lol at Dukie and Michael going through Six Flags like little kids. Then Michael gets back that night and Monk scolds him badly.

- McNulty tried suckering Landsman onto his charade, but uh, Landsman said the victims were homeless so who gives a fuck. As such, Jimmy goes the next route and meets with Alma from the Sun.

- Scott is a nasty motherfucker making up quotes like that one about Daniels disliking Burrell. Says they're from Nerese.

- Clay's driver is getting the Grand Jury treatment. Now that's bad news for Clay.

- Oh no, Cheese went and told Chris about Butch. All he wanted was some green and he sure got that.

- lol at that newspaper headline and Burrell staring out the window at the city. That's called DONE. Daniels was in the headline though and...that probably wasn't the best thing for Daniels at this time. Made up quote made Daniels unhappy. He knows that Burrell is about to find him as a threat and Marla thinks he'll unleash all that information he has on Daniels. Whatever it is and we don't even know.

- McNulty's bullshit didn't even rate. That was satisfying. Landsman found out about him going to the paper cause the story was right there.

- Clay Davis just found out that the Grand Jury is all up in his shit from his driver.

- OH SHIT CHRIS AND SNOOP WENT IN AFTER BUTCH, DROPPED TWO BODYGUARDS AND ARE NOW TORTURING BUTCH. Shot twice, bottle to the head, shot again, then a bullet to the dome ends his suffering. Couldn't and wouldn't give Omar up. The one bodyguard that's still alive was told by Chris to relay EVERYTHING that happened to Omar.

- Clay's now offering to help Carcetti do Burrell. He wants help with the case against him though, but there isn't shit he can do about it and Carcetti doesn't even need him. The ministers can live with Daniels.

- Marlo went to the Antilles to see if that bank account he put money in was the real deal. Of course Marlo doesn't speak French, so it was a little difficult for him at first, but eventually he figured it out. Showed them the piece of paper and the shit was really there. Just goes to show how little these guys know about the world.

- Bunk brought in Lester to try to talk Jimmy down from his bullshit, and uh...Lester's GIVING HIM IDEAS. Those two are hilariously sick. They're talking about how they have to kill again and whatever.

- Oh shit Omar is now in Puerto Rico. This dude is like Robin Hood of the Islands or some shit. But um, someone just came up the road and told Renaldo there was news from the States. News about Butch, which, we know what that is...


The Wire - Bunk and McNulty Fight

The Wire - Chris & Snoop Kill Butchie

The Wire - Lester's getting to know McNulty's serial killer


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- Kenard just walked down the block with what appears to be the stash. Police roll up, grab the bag, and Colicchio sticks his hand into the bag and grabs a piece of shit, lol. Then some guy wants Colicchio to move his car and that idiot tries to drag him out of his vehicle what a piece of shit corrupt cop that guy is. What happened to protect and serve?

"Buyer's market out there." - Templeton

- Clay Davis has decided to start paying back old loans. Lester thinks this is a really good thing.

- Burrell is now a defeated man, one that doesn't believe what Daniels is telling him. Denying he said anything wasn't going to appease Burrell. The talk around the newsroom is that Burrell is getting axed today.

- Joe was at the floral shop picking out flowers for Butch's funeral and wants the card signed "your true and loyal friend." Slim thinks Cheese is the one who told Marlo about Butch's location. Tall man is smart. Prop Joe intends to get out of town.

- Vondas now has clean bills. He meant it symbolically in that he doesn't just want to deal with money from the street, he doesn't want to deal with someone who has a street attitude, doesn't to know any new people. Marlo wants an insurance policy and Vondas says no thanks, but then THE GREEK walks over and says these are volatile times and it is correct to want insurance. As he says, if they tell him no, he'll still come back. And like they say, Marlo is not Joe. Meaning more heart than smarts.

- The Clay Davis loan application is apparently what buries him. Something like a 30 year bid for a law I don't know of. Lester then says they may want to take the case federal as a result of that and Bond doesn't appear to be too keen. No federal, no guaranteed 30 year bid.

- In getting rid of Burrell, Carcetti is encountering a lot of conflict and having to appease a lot of people. All kinds of bullshit sweetheart deals going out. Nerese went and told Burrell about this, then got Daniels file. Nerese didn't give that much of a shit about him skimming drug money. Said that he needs to go quietly, then she sneakily kept the file on Daniels.

- Templeton's visit to the Washington Post in hopes of landing a job there went completely shit.

- lol at Michael's mom biling him out or whatever so he doesn't get sent to a Boys Village like Bodie. He didn't give her any money though despite her asking.

- Lester's idea for this dead homeless man is totally fucked up. He has a set of DENTURES. He and McNulty want this friend of Lester's to find a dead body before anyone else gets to it, with little decomp. Said friend of Lester's got fucked over on an insubordination charge he didn't deserve. Fucked over by Rawls.

- Omar's back in B-More. The guy who didn't die at Butch's bar told him everything that happened.

- Burrell is resigning and Rawls will be acting commissioner. Meanwhile McNulty's working his homeless bullshit case.

- The guy Colicchio beat on was a teacher. Carver told him IID was coming and tried to help him out, but Colicchio said fuck him and he has no interest in rolling with Carver's play. Carver's going to write him up and charge him over it now. DAMN SON THIS GUY HAS BECOME GOOD POLICE.

- Kima's witness will be of no help in her murder. Considering he's a kid there's nothing wrong with that.

- LOL Clay Davis showed up right as Lester was running down the whole case with Rhonda. Into the Grand Jury room and uh, he decided to not answer questions once he saw how far in his shit they were. Media surprised him outside to make this even better.

- lol at Marlo telling everyone in the Co-Op who was talking about bullshit to shut the fuck up. Tomorrow Joe's gonna teach Marlo how to use that laundered money.

- Burrell explaining to Rawls how impossible it is to be a good police commissioner was pretty neat. You have to eat shit from politicians all that time for that is your true remit. At the press conference he tells Daniels he has no intention of doing him.

- Newspaper doesn't have a veteran covering the police department so they can't write a good story about this nor the Clay Davis case.

- Lester and McNulty are going to hang around the homeless for a time in order to ensure that their case is rock solid. JOHNNY FIFTY WHAT THE FUCK HANGING OUT UNDER A BRIDGE. That guy with the business cards was really creepy. If nothing else maybe this made Jimmy feel guilty.

- OH SHIT OMAR WALKED STRAIGHT UP TO SLIM AND PUT A GUN TO HIS HEAD. Slim told him his side of the story and Omar decided not to finish him. Good.

- Lester's friend decided to wake up and handle a call on some dead homeless person. Called Jimmy about it too. I guess that's good or, well, I don't know. Fortunately the guy was long dead.

- Oh shit Snoop and Chris just kidnapped Hungry Man as a present to Cheese. That's fucked up. Give a gift, get a gift. All he did was talk a little shit to Cheese.

- Joe just took Marlo to Levy. That's the last bit of training he needed. Herc was in the meeting and uh, it cracked me up when Marlo asked if he found the camera and Herc said he lost his job. Then Joe and Herc talked about Burrell which was good for another laugh.

- Daniels as Deputy Ops is some weird shit. LOL at him taking the call from some gay dude looking for Rawls.

- Herc asked Carver not to do one of his own guys, but he just can't do that. Carver isn't happy about what Herc did with Randy, and that contirbutes to Carver's current attitude to policing. It's like he realizes that the things he does really matter. Herc agrees to that, surprisingly.

- Jimmy and Beadie are having problems now. Took a call on the homeless thing and she's like uh, you're going batshit dude and you maybe shouldn't come home. Jimmy got to the scene with Lester, and Lester finally saw exactly what it was Jimmy's been doing. That's twisted shit. The dentures are for biting.

- Omar's first target is going to be Monk Metcalf.

- Cheese decided to sell out Prop Joe to Marlo WHAT THE FUCK. Like Joe said, these young dudes don't have the same morals or whatever it took to be part of the game then. Joe didn't know Marlo went around to Vondas, then he asked if he could disappear and that wasn't going to happen. So Chris shoots him in the back of the head that shit just ain't right. LOOK THE PART, BE THE PART is gone :(


The Wire - Marlo vs. Prop Joe

Frustrating that so many good parts of this season don't have video. That being said.

RIP Proposition Joe / Robert F. Chew

lol. RIP.


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That tribute video is amazing. Hurt plays to honor Robert F. Chew while clips of Prop Joe being fat and sitting down are shown. The guy who uploaded this should've cut the song and did a highlight of Prop Joe talking shit and making deals.


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- Vondas is now meeting with Marlo. I think he knows what happened, but business shall commence. Vondas says they'll deal with Marlo or Chris and nobody else is to contact them or even know their names. The cell phone is for him to talk about normal day stuff, never talk on the phone. Shows him something about how to meet or whatever. Marlo wanted to go celebrate in Atlantic City but he and Chris need to go to ground.

“Just 'cause they're in the street doesn't mean that they lack opinions.” — Haynes

- McNulty called Alma and told her the killer is acting upon sexual compulsions. Where did he put the dentures? Prop Joe gets a couple of paragraphs.

- Clay Davis has been indicted. Awesome. Norman warned Carcetti not to piss Clay's base off.

- I guess Chris has kids and a girl, didn't realize that until this episode. Told them he's going away for a few weeks.

- Kenard is a disrespectful little motherfucker. So Dukie slapped him and then got fucked up by Spider. Dukie probably had to do that cause how can you let a little kid talk shit too you and not look like a fucking bitch. Michael told Dukie later that if Dukie says to, Michael will fuck Spider up. He won't do that and as such Michael took Dukie over to Cutty's gym.

- Levy just told Chris and Snoop how they could have a chance to beat the gun charge. Herc has a problem with Marlo though. Like Levy says, if Marlo has a cell phone it's just a matter of time before he gets into some shit and Levy can make money off him. Because Herc dislikes Marlo so much, he went into Levy's office and took Marlo's phone number down. Herc gives it to Carver later.

- Dukie ain't shit as a fighter. Cutty told him that people aren't going to leave him alone just cause he learns how to fight. Cutty said to him that he doesn't have to be in the street, but in Baltimore, there ain't anything else to be.

- Alma went over to McNulty at the bar and McNulty told them he wants to publicize this as best as possible. They tell him they need McNulty to tell them as much as he possibly can. This is perfect for Jimmy cause they came to him. They're also going to say the victims may have been molested. Next day, serial killer shit is on the front page. Landsman knows about it too and Daniels is over at City Hall talking about it with the Mayor. They're curious to know if the victims are getting raped. Carcetti's giving OT out to 2 detectives only. The city doesn't have money to do more. How are they ever going to get money to pay out OT?

- Clay Davis is ready to go full out and decide not to fall alone. Nerese told him if he does that he won't be able to do shit in Baltimore.

- Monk is apparently bait for Omar. I'd be pretty worried about that shit, but the plan is for Chris and Snoop to wait and blow Omar up.

- Dumb for Michael to teach Dukie how to shoot a gun. He missed so badly. Like Michael said if you carry people are gonna come at you cause they know you carry and if you pull it out you gotta use it.

- McNulty is a gaping asshole rubbing this stuff in Bunk's face. Oh shit and Kima's been dragged into it. That's just wrong. So he told Kima to work her triple and take the OT but he'll work the serial killer himself.

- Templeton talking to these homeless guys was amusing. Guy who said Satan did it was a crazy bastard. Obviously the store he tells at the newsroom is bullshit. Like, you don't even need a brain to figure out it's bullshit.

- Carver's meeting with Lester about Marlo Stanfield's cell phone number. Lester doesn't understand how he got it, but he has it. Called Marlo just to hear his voice. He's trying to lobby with Daniels but like Daniels says, all he gets is bullshit from City Hall. McNulty is complaining to Lester about it, and uh, Lester intends to run an illegal wiretap on Marlo. McNulty's idea is to have the "serial killer" call someone and Lester will run the wiretap on Marlo's phone number instead of one on the serial killer's phone. Then at Jimmy's house a little bit later, it's pretty obvious that his kids are completely detached from him. That's all his fault.

- Omar's ready to take out Monk either tonight or the next night. I'm ready for that too.

- Beadie's meeting with Bunk to talk about Jimmy. She wants to know where this relationship is headed. Bunk doesn't want to snitch on Jimmy, but he knows Jimmy is fucked up.

- wtf Templeton already stole McNulty's idea to have the serial killer call someone, meaning call him. That's fuckin' CRAZY. Landsman found out about this and tasked McNulty to go over to the newspaper.

- lol at Royce going to bat for Clay Davis. Ministers are too.

- Bubbles is ready to find out whether or not he has HIV/AIDS. Doesn't know. Walon will go with him to take the test. And it's...negative. He can't believe it. He wanted it to be positive.

- Templeton is the second worst lying bastard. Not worse than McNulty, because McNulty came up with this shit. Thing is, McNulty says the killer already made the phone call to Homicide. I don't think he did. He's trying to pry into Templeton as best he can, but can't. Like Gus said, he was sure this thing was complete bullshit, which means anyone with an open mind may be able to see through it. McNulty didn't even have to make the phone call. He's concerned that the officers may find that the wiretap machine doesn't work. Lester's going to be listening to Marlo, the wiretap machine in Homicide will be unplugged. lol and the city's paying overtime.

- Considering it's the next day, Omar's ready to take Monk out once the lights go off. Off they go and Omar sees two dudes leave. It's time. The bodyguard he jailed with is gonna go in too. They're in the apartment and...SNOOP WAS WAITING AS WAS O-DOG, MICHAEL, AND CHRIS SO WE GOT A FULL BLOWN SHOOTOUT. O-DOG IS DEAD. OMAR'S ABOUT TO BE TOO WITH THREE PEOPLE SHOOTING AT HIM. SO HE RUNS ONTO THE BALCONY AND JUMPS OUT THE MOTHERFUCKIN WINDOW AND THERE'S NO BODY THERE. THAT WAS SOME BATMAN SHIT.

- We close up by finding that Lester's wiretap machine doesn't work. All that work for nothing?


The Wire - "Around here it is"

The Wire - Omar's Stanfield Ambush

Amazing episode. I still think this is the worst season but I am learning to ignore some of the newspaper parts and that makes it a hell of a lot better.


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- Norris was too dumb to follow that kid on the bike. I don't know how he could be that stupid. As a result of Omar disappearing, Chris is looking hard for him with full weaponry. Snoop too and so is everyone else. That dude went ghost. At the meet, Chris shows Marlo how far Omar fell and he can't believe that shit at all. That's a BIG three story drop.

“If you have a problem with this, I understand completely.” - Freamon


- Omar's hiding out in some janitor's closet and his right leg is fucked. Not just broke but past that even. As such, he's gonna turn that broom into a crutch and roll up on out of there.

- Bunk's working REAL cases, he doesn't want any part of Jimmy's bullshit. He works MURDERS. Doesn't want his OT and McNulty giving it out to everyone is a mess and a half.

- lol at Whiting talking about covering the Dickensian aspect of reporting about these homeless.

- Lester just straight out told Sydnor that he's illegally wiretapping Marlo Stanfield and if he doesn't want in on that to get away. But he wants in on that. That's the only thing about this that is remotely acceptable. I mean, it's wrong to do this illegally, but I don't care that much either. The show put me in position to have my belief system eroded and eroded it is.

- Holley's the guy who caught Prop Joe and that's that shit. Search warrant on Prop Joe produced all kinds of good shit. He had Grand Jury summons and all that stuff, so now Bunk's gonna look into who's untrustworthy at the courthouse.

- There are calls on the Marlo wiretap where nothing is said at all. Those are the ones Lester's looking at. McNulty's a little worried about what to do when the money flows, and it's going to flow. He intends to pass some detectives off onto Lester. What a terribly fucked up idea.

- The serial killer case is getting NATIONAL COVERAGE. Of course it would be national coverage for some bullshit case about murders that don't really happen. Problem is they never solved the murders in the vacants either. Rawls fielding questions was amusing, he got Daniels to take the tough one about federal involvement. That's a good idea.

- Bunk's scene with Randy was heartbreaking. Boy got tough.

- Even though Carcetti talked tough, the OT isn't gonna flow. Right now McNulty has nothing to worry about on the more people getting involved front. He also can't get Templeton's phone tapped, anyone could have guessed that.

- Kima at least knows her murder has something to do with Marlo. Nobody will talk though.

- These crime lab guys LOST Bunk's evidence from the vacants. A temp was assigned to sort and file it and jumbled it all together. One of the most fucked up things to happen in a fucked up city.

- McNulty's request for a surveillance team got filed away. GOOD, kinda. When he told Lester, he didn't seem too happy about it. He says it's time for another body to appear.

- Fat Face Rick nailed it. Whoever has the connect is the one who killed Joe. But Marlo went past that and said Omar killed Joe. 250k for whoever gets Omar. Marlo also wants these meetings suspended and says he ain't one for meetings in the first place, so fuck it entirely. Everything's changing including the price.

- Templeton on Nancy Grace wtf. Gus couldn't give a shit less and has doubts about this being real in the first place, which I think is good.

- YES OMAR JUST RAN UP ON FAT FACE RICK. With his fucked up leg too. He wants Rick to tell Marlo that Omar don't have the heart. That he's in the street waiting for that bitch. DAMN SON.

- Bunk is awesome going through all this shit for a real murder investigation. Not any bullshit. Looking for anything in the computer and looking for long shots to catch a break. Michael's file came up and his dad's murder does too. Doesn't seem like Marlo but Bunk's gonna work that case anyway. That's great.

- Carcetti's team is telling him to slam the Republican governor for taking away safety nets for the poor.

- Oh shit somebody just showed up at Major Crimes HQ and it's Rhonda. Lester has some subpeonas to send out, and then tells her that Sydnor is bringing in a CI. I suppose that's smart. Once he comes back, Lester told Sydnor that Marlo and his crew are sending pictures.

- Bunk's meeting with Michael's mom was kinda weird. Her house is disgusting to say the least. Bunk says he'll Grand Jury that bitch. She points him in the direction of Michael and says he's running with the people who did it. Michael told her Bug's dad wasn't coming home before they even knew about the case.

- Jimmy's going full crazy and talking to a statue. That's disturbing. Another body appears while he's doing this...

- Enjoyed seeing the shot of Chris going stir-crazy. Doesn't like not being around his kids. See, everyone has a weakness.

- HAHAHA YES OMAR JUST SHOT SOME DUDE IN THE LEG, STOLE A STASH, THREW IT IN A CAR AND LIT IT ON FIRE. Love that. Tell Marlo this shit ain't about that paper and Omar thinks he ain't man enough to come down to the street and do this for real.

- Jimmy wasn't able to ribbon this homeless guy up and probably won't be able to do it again because everyone rushes to the call. And when he meets with Lester he finds out about Lester needing a way to view pictures and there's no way for Jimmy to do some shit like that. He's starting to crack.

- Templeton's finally doing some legitimate journalism. It's regarding some Iraq War veteran who has PTSD. I liked Gus deciding to have Templeton run down an old story which the viewer is led to believe that he lied about.

- This McNulty idea was just completely abhorrent. The guy in the street probably couldn't even wipe his ass yet Jimmy feels fit to kidnap this guy. That's taking things beyond a point of making deaths look like murders to a felony case that should put someone in jail for years. Like, I'm absolutely disgusted by this.

- Crime lab has been tasked to look into Bug's dad by Bunk, but McNulty's stupid BULLSHIT investigation supercedes that. Speaking of bullshit Jimmy is taking this guy towards DC to a shelter.

- Bond's going over stuff for the Clay Davis case and Rhonda hits him with the Prop Joe stolen indictments. Bet neither of them liked finding that out.

- Gus is being truly complimentary of Templeton's story, but uh, he then lies about running down the story he was tasked for. It's a little hard to restate that.

- This thing with McNulty was one of the most fucked up non-violent things anyone has done in a television show. First time I saw the guy failing to eat his sandwich I felt like, I don't know...sad about this.


The Wire - Nick Sobotka in Season 5

The Wire - Omar After the Balcony Jump

Omar burns the money and calls out Marlo

This Omar/Marlo stuff is outstanding.


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- Oh shit McNulty is making a phone call to Templeton. The stuff he says is hilarious. Sydnor has a cell phone which allows them to portray the serial killer as being somewhere that he's not. Then the police show up at this place and Sydnor is first on scene so it looks like he's done nothing. And they start checking everyone's cell phone and arresting people which is a total overreaction and screams of Constutitional rights violations. McNulty also sent Templeton a picture of the guy he kidnapped to go along with the phone call.

"They don't teach it in law school." - Pearlman

- Clay Davis is looking for a big time Baltimore attorney to represent him. He wants 200k to get Clay out from under this mess, Clay's play is to get him to take on the case cause it'll enhance his reputation.

- McNulty's over at The Sun talking to Templeton, and asked him if it was the same guy. Of course he knows Templeton is full of shit, which makes this conversation even more strange and uncomfortable.

- Damn Omar broke into some house and dropped some guy named Manny. He said, tell Marlo that he's afraid to go out in the street with Omar. 4 kilos flushed straight down the toilet.

- McNulty's now looking for picture intercepts. Phelan signed a warrant for two computers. One's gonna go to Lester obviously, other into that utility closet.

- Bunk received confirmation on Michael being molested from a social worker. Yikes. They couldn't prove it, but you know, he did. Then he goes full out against Landsman for telling him to go upstairs and said if they can't handle him wanting nothing to do with this to send his ass to a trial board.

- Daniels is assembling a big unit to hunt down the serial killer. Jimmy has the file. The Sun is also assembling a big unit to cover this.

- Dukie's looking for a job but this kid isn't old enough to get a job. Michael just got arrested by Carver, we don't really know why at this time.

- Once again Lester is hiding the cords to the wiretap. And Kima has been assigned to Jimmy's case. Asshole is rolling up detectives into his bullshit. Jimmy's supposed to go to the FBI HQ as well. Like Bunk says, shame on them. Crime lab still won't do the work on his cases, then Michael strolls in and that makes Bunk a happy man. During the interview he doesn't give Bunk very much. Bunk wanted him to say Chris did it, but how could Michael do that? He owes Chris for that shit.

- Jimmy's now trying to give guys stuff to work cases and write it up under his file. Is he crazy?

- Kima's working back on the old cases related to the "serial killer" and it outlines that what McNulty's doing has serious reprecussions.

- Gus doesn't like Templeton's homeless stories at all. He thinks they portray Baltimore as being a wild and unsafe place.

- Jimmy is wanting this shit to be over and tells Lester so. The thing is, this case is going to keep going after they bring in Marlo, and how the fuck are they going to explain the disappearance of the murderer. The bigger problem is that everyone is asking Jimmy for OT. Norris wants the OT, Jimmy gives it, this is some total shit going on now. Crutchfield gets even more.

- Lester got the first picture intercept from Marlo and it was a clock. Apparently they need more.

- The Clay Davis trial is underway. lol at him talking about Prometheus Bound and comparing himself to the hero. Lester wasn't even cross-examined which seems weird. His driver was an idiot and didn't help out the prosecution at all.

- Bubbles took a reporter who wanted to keep it real down under the bridge and made it so the guy could write some real stories and not made up bullshit.

- MUNCH! Gus went down to the cop bar and decided to have a conversation with Mello about Templeton's story from last episode that I didn't really understand.

- Meanwhile Omar's decided to mug some dude in the street OH SHIT IT'S SAVINO. He's muscle for Marlo now, and Omar decides to kill him cause of that. Brain splatters everywhere.

- Lester wants more bodies once again. So Jimmy told him about guys asking for OT and Lester wasn't happy about that. Needs 8 guys and cars.

- Kima having a hard time putting together the furniture was awesome.

- YES Omar is going down to the corners now. Those kids were like, extremely scared of him. He told Michael that he dropped Savino and expects to drop all of Marlo's muscle until he comes down to the streets. lol at Kenard thinking Omar wasn't shit.

- Clay Davis manipulated that whole courtroom just like Omar did a few years before. It was great when he turned his pockets out and stood up. Said he's gona do the same stuff regardless of what happens in this trial.

- Carcetti looking for ways to spin the case politically is really annoying. Like Norman said, they're all the same.

- lol Clay Davis was found not guilty. The timeline of this trial was pretty messed up in its construction, not like that happens over the course of two days.

- The Goodnight Moon callback scene was a pretty good closing shot and kinda like, summed up what we were about to be saying to these characters in a few episodes.


The Wire - Clay Davis Takes the Stand

The Wire- Omar Kills Savino

The Wire- Omar Visits Michael

Goodnight Moon, "The Wire" style


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- lol at McNulty briefing these guys in COMSTAT. He tells them about the disappeared guy, brings up surveillance too. This is true fly by the seat of his pants, no end game bullshit. Once Marlo's caught he won't have a clue what to do.

“A lie ain’t a side of a story. It’s just a lie.” — Terry Hanning

- I fuckin' flipped out the first time I saw Poot working in a Foot Locker copycat shoe store. Dukie went in there and asked him if he could go in there for a job. Poot said he got tired of being on the corners, so Dukie needs to go grind for a while and come back later.

- Jimmy was a total idiot going over to Carver and telling him about what he's doing regarding Marlo. Carver knows about the wiretap, he's no moron. McNulty says he'll screw with the run sheets himself to cover for him. What a cocksucker. Rent-a-cars from Enterprise too.

- Carcetti's going to have some tough primary challengers. Black folk. That's obviously not great for him.

- The homeless vet has a problem with the story Templeton wrote about him. GOOD.

- Michael is like, really nervous about Omar. Chris and Snoop are trying to make him less nervous, and they're gonna do the same thing with Marlo and not tell him about this shit Omar's been saying about him.

- lol at Omar going over to Dozerman's car and telling him that there's two guys around the corner who they need to check out. On that front Kenard is a little evil motherfucker about to light a cat on fire and shit as Omar walks by. Omar walked to a corner, destroyed their stash, and decided to wait outside another place for even more shit. Of course, they toss it out. Then once AGAIN calls Marlo out.

- So after all that Bunk asks McNulty to sign a request which we do not yet know is for. After Omar gets killed we find that it's a request for a DNA comparison on HIS CASE. Not the bullshit serial killer case or anything else.

- This scene is mad unfortunate. So, um, there's no way to do a great job of summing up my feelings about it, but Omar walked into a liquor store to get a pack of cigarettes. As he was in there waiting this little motherfucker Kenard followed him in and blows his fucking head off.

- The vet is so angry about Templeton's story. He's calling Scott a liar. Gus is gonna get to the bottom of it.

- Bunk's reaction to Omar being dead was one of pure shock. Some sadness too. Laughed at learning it was a kid who killed him. Omar had a piece of paper with everyone's address on it, which we didn't know. Now it doesn't matter. Marlo heard about Omar too and surprised Chris & Snoop with the news.

- Sydnor just said that none of the work they do in following Marlo is necessary for court, so they don't have to worry about getting in trouble over this.

- Omar's murder didn't even make the paper.

- FBI profile of McNulty's serial killer/Jimmy McNulty was a top ten moment, but it was also funny how little they cared about the deputy director's background. Everything they said was so bang on. They also hint at post-mortem staging regarding the dentures. Jimmy's "they're in the ballpark" line was gold. Surprisingly he goes home for once, and nobody's there. The ultimatum is that he be there.


- Lester went over to the US Attorney and they decided not to take what was left of the Clay Davis case, meaning the loan application. The federal suit thinks Clay is no longer able to be convicted thanks to what Bond has done. The federal jury, full of whites, cannot convict him because of how it looks, and that's that.

- McNulty just learned of Omar's death and Chris as a murderer, but he wants Bunk not to serve Chris. See, good police work does get a person somewhere. Barlow wants to get some OT now and McNulty doesn't want to give it, but he has no choice whatsoever. Barlow decides to hold him ransom for expenses for two nights and a road car to go play golf. lol ouch.

- Police finally got onto one of Marlo's meets. It's a meet with Monk.

- I guess Dukie is gonna work for some dude who sells junk for scrap money out of a horse cart.

- Carcetti has to endorse Nerese and give Clay Davis two seats on the liquor board in order to buy their support in a gubernatorial election.

- As Kima was about to go through all these files, Jimmy felt an enormous wave of guilt run through him and took Kima into an interview room to tell her everything. Like she says, he can't do this. Not just shouldn't, can't. It's bullshit and it isn't right. After that, McNulty goes to tell Lester that Bunk has a murder warrant on Chris, Omar is dead, and that Kima knows about all of this.

- Loved how Sydnor stumbled upon the code Marlo's using in a fucking map book.

- Candlelight vigil for the homeless made Carcetti look pretty good politically.

- Lester tracked Clay Davis down to a bar and decided to tell him he might have the ability to take the case federal. Tells him about the loan mortgage violation and says that he doesn't want money in exchange, he wants answers from him. I don't remember exactly what those are to be honest.

- Gus just decided that he was going to not run one of Templeton's stories about the candlelight vigil. Scott tried to use an unnamed/untraceable source once again. In response, Templeton runs over to that one douchebag editor and complains about the decision Gus made. Then Gus leaves the newsroom after saying he followed the sourcing policy and Scott has not. Alright.

- That scene with Carcetti and his wife showed that he's completely abandoned his principles in favor of politics.

- There's one big flaw in the current ongoing investigation against Marlo, I just realized it. Lester and Sydnor haven't been reassigned anywhere after the trial against Davis has finished. I can't think of any explanation to justify their current activity. As I was typing that out, Kima walked into Major Case HQ and said she wasn't okay with this at all.

- Now McNulty cracks again and tells Beadie that he made up the serial killer. It seems like he never realized that he could get thrown in jail over it.

- Closing shot is one of Omar's body being sealed in the bodybag.


The Wire Clip: Poot got himself a job

Omar Little gets killed

McNulty gets Analyzed - The Wire Season 5

The moment where Omar goes down was something I was blinded by and totally didn't see coming. Signs were there all along though.


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- Lester just got the phone message that put them on something real. I can't remember what it actually is, so...

“Deserve got nuthin' to do with it.” — Snoop

- Chris is at the meet, so is Marlo. Then Chris went to the warehouse gate and some white guys were inside. This isn't a re-up but it's the whole supply. Lester thinks it's time to fess up to what he was actually doing.

- I thought O-Dog was dead, lol. He's going to tell the police that Chris and Snoop's gun was his. He's laid up after getting shot by Omar so he might as well do some years.

- Like Freamon said, Chris wasn't going to take any drugs out. That wasn't his job.

- Gus wants some random dude who works for The Sun to investigate Scott Templeton. GOOD. Someone needs to do it.

- Junk man has Dukie going into construction sites to get metal. This is like a professionalized version of Bubbles former operation in getting metal off the street and selling it.

- Carcetti's office wants the stats lowered, Daniels tells the aide that they need to build a real police department that does police work. Aide also says they may need to be creative about it. Then oh no, Lester went in to talk to Daniels. Told him that he and Sydnor got back up on Marlo and he's about to fall. Pulled up Monk with 8 kilos and took his phone. Also wants some warrants. Doesn't tell him how he finagled surveillance though. Now the police are going in and doing full raids. The warehouse is getting torn up, Cheese has been caught, Chris has been pulled over, and MARLO IS GETTING ARRESTED. ABOUT TIME. The how it was done is a source of mixed feelings, no doubt about that.

- Snoop's in full panic mode now and it's time for Michael to bunker down. OH SHIT THE DRUG BUST IS ON TV. 16 million dollar drug bust. Look at Carcetti trying to say they didn't give up on that investigation. The reporter quietly mocking Carcetti was awesome.

- This sequence of scenes was as good as it gets. The police say that someone's talking in their paperwork. Marlo thinks someone's been snitchin'. Marlo thinks it may have been Michael. Then he gets hit with the bombshell that Omar's been talking shit about him in the streets. MY NAME WAS ON THE STREETS? ONCE WE BOUNCE FROM THE SHIT HERE, WE GONNA LET THEM KNOW MARLO WILL STEP TO BARKSDALE, OMAR, ANY MOTHERFUCKER. MY NAME IS MY NAME.

- Look at Landsman telling McNulty that Bunk was doing some real police work. Working a file. Where the fuck is Jimmy on his case? Kima tells him straight out, fuck Marlo, and fuck Jimmy.

- This Dickensian aspect garbage is one of the worst things I've ever heard. The Sun is gunning for a Pulitzer behind it. Then Gus hears that Daniels feels screwed over by The Sun and wouldn't give them anything good. That was also Scott's story.

- Jimmy's depressed. Figured upon that.

- Snoop needs Michael to take out some guy named Big Walter. She told him not to bring his gun though which doesn't make any sense and is something he got smart to real quick.

- LOL at Namond giving out a speech at the Urban Debate League. Bunny looks like a proud man. Then Carcetti walks in for the photo-op and Bunny wasn't a big fan of that. Was surprised at Carcetti going over to talk to Bunny. Bunny then does a great job telling him that just like Carcetti says, there is nothing to be done. He meant when it came to just about anything.

- Chris isn't making bail and Levy says that Marlo probably isn't going to either. Marlo says NOBODY could have known about the phone messages because the only people who did are locked up. I disagree, he was taking pictures of clocks in front of anyone.

- Dead and homeless found in Baltimore. Time for McNulty to drag his ass over there. See, he fucked himself for life over this even if it went the best way imaginable. Whenever a homeless person dies he's going to have to take that call. The dead victim has no ribbon, no bite marks, but he's shot dead in the street. Jimmy immediately claims that it isn't his guy, what a prick.

- Gus found out from Nerese that Daniels wasn't backstabbing him. So...then he goes back to the newsroom and wants to talk to the homeless vet's friend. He went and was told that the story was fabricated because Terry would not have exaggerated.

- I like that this reporter is writing an article about Bubbles.

- Clay Davis just spilled the beans and said that Lester needs to follow the lawyers. Look into Levy. They show the drug lords how to use their money. Tells Lester how badly he fucked over Stringer and I loved hearing that shit. Get past the lawyer and you can run crazy on the idiots who don't know better. Clay also tells Lester that Levy buys papers at the courthouse. Doesn't know who from, but look at the people who hang around the Grand Jury and you'll find someone.

- Kima is now telling Carver what she's doing about this bullshit of McNulty's. Told Carver to coach his guys well cause IID is gonna come around. He doesn't know everything which is for the best. It's for the best because here Kima's going straight to Daniels. We don't hear what she says, but we know what it is.

- Damn now Bubbles is straight out telling everyone his name is Reginald. So is he gonna come clean about Sherrod? Tells the people at the meeting he was able to keep from getting high on his lonesome, and's time to talk about Sherrod. Didn't say everything, but said enough for now.

- Michael is questioning Snoop on why they have to kill Big Walter. Says he has to take a piss once he realizes what she intends to do to him. So he pulls his piece out on her. She asks him how he knows, he followed their advice. They think he was the snitch because of how he carries shit and always asking about things. Then down goes the baddest bitch on TV as Michael unloads a bullet into her dome.

- Herc went straight to Levy and said there may have been a wiretap on Marlo. Nobody's paying out OT though, so Levy finds this weird.

- Michael just uh, walked in and told Dukie they have to leave. Bug, Dukie, and Michael. He gave Bug a shoebox full of money and took Bug to his aunt's. Sad scene.

- Daniels breaking the news to Rhonda was unreal. She can't believe it, but Daniels does. As such they head down to evidence control where DRUNK FUCKUP GUY is working and find that the phone number used for the serial killer really belonged to Marlo.

- Even fuckin' sadder Dukie is going to work for the junk man. Like Michael says, it's obvious what they do in there, meaning shoot up shit. Then to outline how much shit changed over one year, how much they changed, Dukie brings up the thing with the piss balloons and Michael can't remember it. Then he walks in as a guy is shooting up, words to describe that.


The Wire - Marlo And Crew Hold Court In Jail

The Wire - Bubbles Speaks Out About Sherrod

Snoop Pearson killed

The Wire - Michael and Dukie's Goodbye

This episode was like a highlight reel of great scenes.


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- Carcetti's reaction to finding out the serial killings were staged was unreal. Daniels says that the detectives used the money to fund the case against Marlo Stanfield. I liked how Norman laughed. Daniels says the detectives responsible will be fired and perhaps charged criminally. Rhonda dropped the bombshell about Marlo's case being tainted and that set Tommy all the way off. City Hall doesn't want this to go public at all.

“…the life of kings.” — H. L. Mencken

- Lester's headed to the Grand Jury having no idea how fucked he is. But he thinks the guy we've seen there a whole bunch has been selling stuff to Levy based on his having a gambling problem. He has been. Lester wants him to make a phone call.

- Daniels badly wants Freamon, McNulty, Sydnor, and any other detective with their fingerprints on the case suspended and possibly indicted. He's furious but can't do anything because Carcetti doesn't want him to. Rhonda thinks she's getting fired over this, especially if Daniels talks.

- Bubbles has this reporter doing his job, lol. That's because he's reading the story Fletcher wrote about him. It even has stuff about Sherrod in it.

- Carcetti's office plans to bury those involved subtly and through back channels, but Rawls doesn't think that's a great plan and decides to speak up. Speaking up just got him a job as Superintendent of the Maryland State Police if Carcetti becomes Governor of Maryland.

- Rhonda is told about Lester's investigation into the Grand Jury leak and has to dummy up so as not to launch all over him.

- Dukie decided that his next step in life is going to be to go over to the middle school and see Prez (who we haven't seen all season). Prez has learned how to be an effective teacher now, Dukie looks like shit. He asked to borrow some money to get a place, but uh, we know what that money's for. Prez intends to find out if Dukie really enrolls at BCCC, but if not, Prez doesn't want to see him again. I think he knows though. When Prez saw Dukie with the junk man he was pretty disgusted, so am I. It's just sad.

- Jimmy's trying to get Landsman to shut this thing down as best as possible, but he won't. Then we find out Rhonda really did launch on Lester. The look of shock on Jimmy's face was the best. Worse than a kid who got caught taking candy if that's possible. lol at him walking into the elevator with Daniels and the look of anger on Daniels face. Then the to be continued line.

- At the bar, Daniels and Lester talk about why they aren't fired and Lester says that it's because it kills Carcetti to get rid of those two. Lester says they have as much on the bosses as the bosses have on them, and that's how we leave it for now.

- Gus was told by this Ruby fella that Templeton's stories seem to contain lies, and that file goes in a drawer. Like Burrell's file on Daniels.

- Marlo isn't making bail. Cheese is the only one who can. Levy's at a loss as to how Marlo could have been caught doing anything. Levy knows the timeline is screwed up and will figure it out, but all Marlo's guys think Michael was snitching and Cheese has been tasked to eliminate the problem.

- Beadie's kids are ginger kids (evil). While playing with them Jimmy got sent to deal with some homeless shit. How not fun.

- Bubbles dislikes the good in his story more than the bad. That's because he can't admit to himself that somewhere in him lies a good person.

- lol at Templeton's obviously bullshit story about the homeless guy being in an attempted kidnapping. After all, McNulty's an expert on that if if the killer was real, he'd be quite the expert. Patrol cop knows nothing happened. So does the undercover cop.

- Bubbles is getting so close to being normal enough to be trusted by his sister.

- This editor who backs Templeton on everything is a moron. Gus decided to go full bore and say that Templeton's stories do seem like lies.

- Oh no. That's all that can be said here is oh no. There's a fuckin' white ribbon on the victim's wrist after a murder. Copycat killer.

- Rhonda and Levy's game of chicken regarding the case against Marlo was really tense. Sounds like two people who have dirt on each other.

- McNulty told Bunk and Kima the truth and they flipped their lid over it, so they now know he didn't fabricate this murder at all. Scene with Daniels and Rawls was everything the viewer could have wanted. Fuck what you know now. Rawls shouldn't have told him that Carcetti can't live with him in front of a trial.

- Rhonda, Bond, and Steintorf met about the Marlo case, and the case cannot go to trial and must be made to go away. Make a deal.

- McNulty putting down the copycat case in like, five minutes was great police work.

- Now Gus is ready to make his play against Templeton after finding out the notepad he waved at Gus was empty. Screaming match ensues.

- LOL at Rhonda playing that tape of Lester's in front of Levy. Some straight out blackmail shit's gonna happen. Chris has to plead guilty to every murder in the vacants, Monk and Cheese gets drug charges, and Marlo gets 10 years in jail. Levy's play is that he knows about the illegal wiretap. Rhonda says that Marlo can walk and retire but Chris has to go away. If not, Levy will be charged and she probably will be too, but it's a good risk knowing that Levy won't want to go anywhere.

- Jimmy arresting the business card guy was a nicely done manuever. Ribbon in his case of business cards too. Admits to doing all the murders which I suppose that covers Jimmy, but uh, he only killed two of the dead and he's mentally ill. Loved seeing McNulty confront Templeton about his story being a lie. lol at McNulty telling him that he did all this stuff. They're both liars and McNulty can tell him now. Doesn't understand why Templeton lied though, but knows that Templeton can't exactly tell anyone those were lies, so the secret is safe.

- Levy met with Marlo and told him that he can walk but Chris has to plead guilty to all those murders for life with no parole. Marlo's fine with that. Cheese and Monk can get up to 20 years, the catch is Marlo has to get out of the game. Levy loves this deal because it got him a big enhancement in rep and kept him out of jail. lol at Levy's big thank you to Herc for how he helped him out.

- Business card guy copped to the last two murders, but Jimmy refuses to get him to take on more. The press and City Hall are just going to assume that this guy did all the murders. Rawls story is that the guy is mentally incapacitated and that additional prosecutions on murders they cannot prove would be redundant. Daniels will also be made Commissioner after this and Rawls will serve in an advisory role until after/if he wins the Governor's seat.

- Steintorf is already bitching about/to Daniels about the stats, he then says the stats are going to stay clean. Daniels has never been one to fuck with the stats.

- Jimmy and Lester have been told by Rhonda that they aren't going to be allowed to do police work ever again. They can go to some lame ass unit but their career as detectives is basically over.

- Marlo intends to sell the connect for 10 million. Doesn't tell them (other members of Co-Op) why he's doing it, but says he's ready to be a businessman.

- lol at Nerese telling Steintorf that Daniels is gonna learn his place real fast. Oh I wonder why.

- bigger lol at McNulty's detectives wake. Landsman's speech was amazing and then Lester walked in with Shardene was even better. Lester put in his damn papers rather than suffer in some awful unit. Kima was scared to come after having told Daniels, but Jimmy thinks it's alright and Lester does too. In the bar you go.

- Damn Nerese straight out sent Marla Daniels in for some blackmail/come to your senses before I do you. Marla says Cedric should do it, but he won't. Time to put that law degree to use rather than eat shit from Nerese as her Police Commissioner.

- SLIM SHOT CHEESE once he found out Cheese was about to put up 900k into the pot and he said it was HIS TIME. LOVED IT. That was for Joe.

- Alma got screwed over bad for looking at Scott's notepad. Sent to the county bureau. Gus is in trouble too, and his explanation of why was perfect. The guys above him want a Pulitzer so they can get the fuck out of Baltimore and to somewhere else.

Closing shots of everyone were all so fitting.

- Daniels last and well, only act as Commissioner is to promote Carver to Lieutenant.

- Liked seeing Bunk and Kima partnered together and Jimmy finally going back to pick up the homeless guy. Problem is, he wandered out of the shelter.

- Loved Sydnor complaining to Judge Phelan about a Major shutting down his case. Just keep his name out of it.

- LOL at Marlo taking the place of Stringer Bell in the business world. He doesn't really know shit, so he's gonna get run over, I think he knows that, so he left and went on the corner. You know who I am? Beats the shit out of one dude and the other runs away after shooting at him and taking a swipe with his knife. His name ain't shit now, everyone forgot.

- Michael's last act is gonna be to head into Vinson's rim shop and jack his shit. Shot him in the leg when told he's just a boy and said that's just your knee hahahahahahaha.

- Spider on Bodie's corner was a great touch.

- Templeton getting a Pulitzer on some bullshit was laughable.

- Slim and Fat Face Rick talking to Vondas was excellent. Pawn that made it to the end of the board.

- Valchek as Nerese's Commissioner was some kind of joke. He's a hack, but he's her hack.

- Dukie shooting up that shit wasn't right.

- Rhonda as a judge and having to recuse herself from a case Daniels was working on was just right, and so was Chris in the yard with Wee-Bey.

- Bubbles going upstairs for dinner was my favorite part of all of them, nothing comes close.

- Kenard got arrested and that little boy deserved it, so nobody's gonna complain.

- Last shot of McNulty staring at Baltimore was as perfect a closing scene as any show is ever going to have.


The Wire - Carcetti Discovers the Truth

The Wire S05E10: McNulty and Daniels in elevator

The Wire - Levy/Pearlman Faceoff

The Wire - Trapped in the Same Lie

The Wire Jimmy McNulty's Wake!!!!

The Wire -- Slim Charles Kills Cheese

The Wire-Sydnor Backdoors Command

The Wire Season 5 Ending Montage

I still rank the seasons the same as I did going in, those being 4, 3, 1, 2, 5, but this was a hell of a finale. Not the best ever, but a great one. And to add, I don't believe this show is better than The Sopranos anymore.

I probably won't do more of these now that I have a tablet.

Lord of The Curry

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I'm bumping this as I did my annual re-watch but this time my girlfriend who had never seen the show watched it with me as she'd never seen it before and naturally I was hyping it as the GOAT when it comes to tv.

She loved it but we both have a differing opinion on the topic of Marlo when the show finishes. I'm of the mindset that, as much as somebody can "win" the show that Marlo is the winner, at least as far as the drug game goes. He sells the co-op connection off, gets paid, walks away from the game and never serves time despite the city having a ton of dirt on him.

My girlfriend disagrees. She interprets the final scene where Marlo steps to the corner boys as proof that he'll never be able to walk away from the streets and it's going to be his downfall eventually. The scene where he ducks out of the party with Maury Levy shows that he's not built for the business life like Stringer was and the fact that he could have avoided the corner boys entirely but shows flex is his way of saying that he belongs in the street.

We are both also of the opinion that the other winner of the streets is Slim Charles.



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Omar was the ultimate winner, and Marlo the loser. Marlo lost the only thing he cared about, respect on the streets. While Omar became the badass legend. Marlo didn't want to be out of the game, he was forced out.

That was my interpretation.

Lord of The Curry

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But........Omar died. I get the fact that even after he's gone his name is ringing out in the streets and he'll always be immortalized by the hood in a way Marlo could never be but Marlo walked away from the game filthy rich and beat what would surely have been a very lengthy jail sentence. Tough to call him a loser.


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King Kamala

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Rewatching The Wire for 3rd time and first time in over a decade. I'm about two-thirds of the way through first season. So much foreshadowing that I never picked up on and so many little things I forgot (Donnell Rawlings as Clay Davis' slimy limo driver). Really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out and watching Seasons 2-4. Also want to see if I like Season 5 any better. Which I remember being good but a noticeable step down.


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I'm re-watching the series now too, and listening to Van Lathan & Jemele Hill's episode recap podcast.

I like the podcast, they are usually about 70 minutes and it got me to watch the series again.

King Kamala

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Just finished Season 2. In the past, I've been a huge defender of Season 2 but on this rewatch, I kind of agree with consensus RE: this season. I think it was a marked step down from Season 1. Still a great show and important to the show thematically but the world of stevedores is pretty significantly less interesting than the drug world. And everyone just seemed like a dope. And 2 out of 3 of the Sobotkas are kind of bad actors (and even Chris Bauer has an acting tone and style that seems like it fits a Law & Order more than The Wire)

King Kamala

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Finished my 3rd rewatch last week. Loving Way Down In The Hole too. Season 3, for some reason, I always thought was moderately overrated but this time the greatness really sunk in with me and I think it might be the best season overall. It just wraps up the Avon-Stringer storyline beautifully.

Season 5 was slightly better than I remember but only slightly and to me, it's clearly worst season (although still by any shows standards, it's a solid B-B+/***1/2) The whole serial killer storyline just felt like a reach to me and it just feels like David Simon had WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much of an axe to grind with the newspaper industry for that storyline to work. All the villains in that story arc are the only one dimensional characters in the show. Although Clark Johnson is awesome and should be in more stuff. That being said, I think its mostly hurt by the fact that its three episodes shorter. If they had their normal 13 episode run, I bet it would have stood up to first. Bummer that Cheese being Randy's dad was never brought up on air.

So my ranking for this go around (from best to worst); 3, 4, 1, 2, 5

King Kamala

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Top three are all very closed. Any one of them could be #1. 4 just feels so tragic and realer than any other season.