The Wire: Rewatch


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I would also rank my seasons 3,4,1,2,5. I also agree with Kamala that any of the top three could be debated as the best.

I wonder to if when you started watching would go into account. I binged 1-3 before Season 4 started. The general consensus is Season 1 starts too slow, but on re-watches or with the whole story presented Season 1 was pretty great.

Way Down In The Hole talked about this, but it was really bold of David Simon to do Season 2 like he did. Maybe he wasn't sure how much rope he had so he was going to make it his way, but I can't think of too many great series that pivoted from main characters as much as he did for S2.

King Kamala

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I think Season 2 is low key, in many ways, most important season of The Wire and it didn't really sink in until this rewatch and listening to Way Down in the Hole.

Lord of The Curry

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I don't even think it's that low key to be honest. People who are one-and-done fans generally dismiss S.2 because they don't find the port stuff as sexy as the streets storyline but that's the season where the entire world opens up and you see all of the threads connecting via Prop Joe, The Greek and others.