Tiger Electronics Handheld Revival

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
It was announced a small line of retro Tiger handheld games will be coming


I had gotten a Jordan vs Bird basketball and Batman 89 game one Christmas and I remember using those like crazy. These could be fun and the pre-orders seem reasonably priced. Figure I’d likely pick up one because could also tire very easily due to the repetition of these.

Master Thrasher

Seven Time Tetris 99 Champ!
My grandma got me a WWF one where you play as Stone Cold and go up different levels to beat Shawn Michaels. I think I beat it once.

I looked it up. It was made by MGA not Tiger.

Winter Epicland

Epic Reine
Oh man, these were EVRRYWHERE. I remember the X-Men and Street Fighter games were big hits in the schoolyard. I only owned a few. I had the Power Rangers game and a Tazmanian Devil one I got for cheap at KB Toys.