Trump Presidency Vol. 4: The End. !

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He's going to fight this until the bitter end to no substantial results. He'll have to sulk and leave with his tail between his legs. I do like the idea of him being forcibly removed from the White House but only if it's televised.


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Holy shit. Trump is so depressed he hasn't died his hair. He just came out to give a speech on the vaccine with totally gray hair.

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Interesting article RE: whether or not Trump will start a cable news network and why if he does, it could be a failure like so many of his other business ventures.

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It is concerning that one voter was listening to Trump’s nonsense though. I feel like someone should pursue penalties for that but I know better than to expect that to happen.


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There was a picture posted in one of these threads a few weeks ago with some big dude with a giant gray beard that I thought was Randy Quaid. So I did the social media double check and was not surprised at my findings of the man that unironically says Hollyweird being a Trump Chud.
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Trump lost again in Pennsylvania. Between losing all the time and doing so loudly, he is the Iron Mike Sharpe of our time.


I know Biden is going to accept because establishment Dems are gutless swine, but damn would it be incredible to see the incoming administration say "fuck you" and just deal with the headache for a couple months.


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Donald Trump, prolific loser, paid $3 million for a partial recount in Wisconsin. He paid that much to recount Madison and Milwaukee, two Democratic strongholds. After the recount, Trump lost again, this time by more.