Video Game Music Anyone?


OCR02183: Super Mario Galaxy 'Gusty Piano in a Garden' OC ReMix [Wind Garden]

A fantastic piano arrangement of Wind Garden. Its definitely going on my iPod. The most amazing thing is this was Squint's (remixer's handle) first actual remix. And it was also done after only one jazz class. So while it retains quite a bit of classical, its also got a soft bit of jazz in there which actually fits well into the piece and makes it perfect. The other nice thing about this piece is you never hear the same thing twice. Simply fucking awesome.

Its songs like these that make me appreciate the original piece and what the remixer brings to the table. Because its the remixer's love of the original piece that allows this to shine so brightly.


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I loved playing Sim City on the SNES for hours as a kid. The music on the game is good, but this orchestral version really takes it to the next level. I agree with commenter who says it has a "John Williams feel to it".



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One of the first games that I became aware of video game music was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time to the point that I would literally play the game just to hear the music. Bonus for the following videos including the voice part at the front.

Big Apple - 3 AM
Alleycat Blues
Sewer Surfin'


Okay, that video game's evolution of music was just fantastic. Not only because it was done on Mario Paint Composer, but each tune he picked really worked well in showing the evolution of how songs got more complex and dazzling as they went on.

And I'm even more shocked that for the obligatory Final Fantasy tune, he picked that one. Nice stuff. Thanks for posting that Venk.


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I downloaded every 8 bit Mega Man tune last night for my ipod.. just because I get in moods where I NEED to hear Crashman's music or I'll go nuts humming it in my head. ;)

Anyway, while I was looking for those, I found a huge collection of NES music so I grabbed that too. I now have this oldie but goodie stuck in my head:

Rygar - Underground Cave - Music


If you look back on the 8 Bit era, its quite amazing how some pieces of music turned out from that era. I mean, the limitations on the software to do the music meant we got some absolutely creative songs.

But you know what? I can't honestly say that I've heard many new songs that I love from the current generation of games. I mean, yes, I have a like one or two, but that's it. I'm not sure if that's because the music altogether is that much better that nothing stands out, or if we don't have that same creativity back in the 8 Bit era.

Also, I'm talking new tracks. Not tracks from older games that constantly get redone.


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Found a handful of free apps on the Droid market allowing the user to download soundboards of various video game music and themes, and thus allowing the user to convert the sounds to ringtones/alert tones.

So far I've obtained all of the Zelda, Mario, and Mario Kart game themes from beginning to most recent. And it was free and a lot easier than trying to hack the damn phone.



Remix Arrangement: Hiroki Kikuta - Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) & Seiken Densetsu 3
Lyrics: Jillian Aversa
Vocals: Jillian Aversa

Just had to share this. I think its great.