Vintage Independent Wrestling Thread: Discuss the Stars of Today Yesterday When They Were Stars of Tomorrow


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I saw Spellbinder still doing his schtick at my friend's high school in like 2008. Less than a year prior to that I saw him doing a generic muscle guy gimmick, but he came out to the Numa Numa song.

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All time career highlight was when everyone was excited that Scott Steiner might show up at the first TNA PPV then Spellbinder shows up dressed exactly like Big Poppa Pump and everyone boos the shit out of him.

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Check out THE YET-TAY’s debut. Featuring Big John Studd in a Cosby Sweater with a dad hair cut & glasses, a fluffy haired rookie Triple H warming up in the back., and Bruce Prichard and Pat Patterson (and Louie?) scouting him.
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That kind of shit is why ICW and Progress were able to make such big splashes, because they focused on harnessing and developing local talent.


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I always loved reading and following the Super 8 results in the early 2000s especially as EWR was really gaining prominence and spotlighting all these Indy guys.

Look at a 20 year younger Danielson taking on Reckless Youth