Vintage Independent Wrestling Thread: Discuss the Stars of Today Yesterday When They Were Stars of Tomorrow


Are they debating over how best to botch spots, either slipping and trying again (SAT) or giving your little brother a concussion (Briscoes)?

Kamala The Simp

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I listened to them on a TNA History podcast and they seemed like incredibly good natured dudes that are happy with their legacy but I *do* think Joel and Red had some sort of falling out over them having competing wrestling schools in the early 2010s.

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SAT were always good dudes. Very out going and friendly when I would go to their shows in the early 2000s. Red doesn’t have the greatest reputation as far being as good a person. A friend of mine works for HOG and has trained there, before he got hurt. Red has a reputation of blacklisting wrestlers if they tried to find work outside of HOG, and just treating trainees like trash at times. In a similar way to Quackenbush, he would tell the trainees that they need to stay with HOG because they will give them steady work, and not to contact outside promoters.


Which means he's an absolute shit trainer, because why wouldn't you want your talent going onward to making names for themselves and then saying "I was trained by so-and-so"?