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I’m still playing TLOU2. I’m seemingly only getting in 20-40 minutes at a time when I can. Goddamn work.

I’m only about 13 hours in. Only just got past the second flashback.


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Been playing in a live stream / live play of DnD 5e recently. Tonight was episode 6 and I almost died to a Bulette in a cave.


I just beat Celeste, because it's still 2018 in my house. If anyone else is still stuck in the past, I'd recommend it highly. I didn't think I would be "good" enough to beat it, on account of my old age, but with a little bit of practice I got it down. It's a blast and it keeps moving the whole way through.

Youth N Asia

(Thinking of a new title for this space)
Recently finished up South Park The Fractured But Whole Whole. I liked it well enough, but after words looked it up on the how long to beat website, was shocked to see that it was longer than Stick of Truth. Felt like there was so much less in the game than the first one.

About 5 hours in to assassins creed Valhalla. Liking it. But I feel like I didn’t want a massive sized game at the moment in hindsight


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ive been tryng to find the energy to either go back and finish a game (Witcher 3, Batman Arkham City, etc) or start something new like Shadow of Mordor. Ive finished the main game of AC Odyssey which was fantastic. I have all the dlc and I've dont some of it but there's still SO MUCH left to do. I'ts really exhausting.

Instead I find myself just wasting time playing tablet games on bluestacks instead. I play Marvel Strikeforce and Archer Dangerzone. Total mindless timekillers. I also played Supercard a lot before it got really bloated. I played AC Rebellion for a while which was a lot like Fallout Shelter which I wish there were more games like.


I've had a similar issue trying to go back and play some games I haven't finished like Dishonored 2 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I really like the games but I still find myself going back to playing endless games of Battlegrounds in Hearthstone or similar time wasters. I guess I don't want to ruin those games by trying to force myself to play them in any way.


I've had a TV next to a computer for as long as I can remember, even when I was 5 years old playing on our 386 and watching TV on little CRT Amstrad monitors. It's hard to give something full attention.


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Several months ago the family got the Switch. Picked up Mario Odyssey for Christmas and we've been almost addicted to it since. I managed to collect every power moon, even that damn jump rope challenge.