Who do you think is the smartest person in professional wrestling?

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Discussion in Meltz thread got me thinking. Who is the smartest person in professional wrestling? Is there anyone smart in this godforsaken industry?

You know who might be my weird dark horse pick? John Cena. He seems lowkey smart in intellectual sense and street smart sense. He seems like very shrewd business knowledge, like learning how to speak proficient Mandarin. Only dumb stuff I've heard is him buying 57 suits at a time and letting Ric Flair peer pressure him into breaking straight edge but Naitch could probably talk anyone into cutting loose and I guess a man's got to look to good guest hosting fourth hour of The Today Show.

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As in legit a smart person, or just smart about the business? Brandon Thurston is incredibly smart. He runs Wrestlenomics, and I know Meltzer gets a lot of his numbers info from him.

Raven is a member of Mensa, isn't he?

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Overall smarts. About business and in life. Like Raven is intellectual but burned a lot of bridges being an arrogant dipshit


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Kevin Nash

I don't think Nash is like a financial investing wizard or anything but I think he's very savvy about the way finances/business works in general. We all know how he kind of swindled WCW basically but you weren't seeing that from Hogan, Savage, Luger, or others. A lot of his stories/comments remind me of the way most millionaires accumulated and keep their wealth compared to the 'perception' of what a rich person should be like.

My other answer is Vince McMahon. Knock him for his booking, stealing talent, etc. but WWE has basically been the company since the early 1980s and still outlasted WCW when it looked like a certainty that WWF was in dire straits and could fold.


Wait, do people booked as one-offs count? Because God got booked, and he's the best promoter ever.
Yeah, but he also gave Rush Limbaugh a push and created HPV, sooooooo...

Real answer: the Rock. Only guy to get out of the business during his prime as a star and become a bigger star than he was while in it.

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The Rock is a great choice. And I wouldn't be surprised if The Rock will be at his wealthiest in a decade or two when he is too old to be a credible full time action star and has to work behind the scenes.