WWE: New Rosters, New "Season", Same Problems

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It’s one of those surprising but not surprising things. They probably could, be fine to give them a token run. I’m mostly surprised because I was under the impression it was just too dangerous for Nikki at this point. But, know, Edge...

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So WWE need to be out of the Thunderdome by 12/5 and one of the venues talked about is Trop Field (is this where the Marlins play?). WWE TV is long overdue for an aesthetic change so a nice outdoor venue would be a breath of fresh air.

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I am guessing Tropicana is the best they can do for a dome but now I want them to call it Thunderdome in an outdoor venue

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I am cautiously excited about the teases Otis and Gable pairing. Ive heard before they are good friends already, Gable can be so, so good but I am not clear what role they are giving him. The promo denouncing Shorty G teased Gable returning to that Kurt Angle-like character he was in NXT. American Alpha is still one of my all-time favorite NXT acts. But his interaction with Otis tonight seemed more sinister.

Don’t think this is a tag shift as Tucker would make more sense continuing in a tag team and with the new theme for Otis and him dropping Blue Collar rants, my guess is the story is both guys in a dark place and trying to get on track now but Otis can’t act in the heelish tendencies of Gable, leading to their partnership dissolving and a series of matches.

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Watched Miz & Mrs for the first time ever because I had heard it was an episode where they had Miz going to pick up an expensive Kamala toy for Zack Ryder that they’ve talked about in their podcast forever.

I never watch reality shows but everything is so blatantly staged that it is entertaining. Like, they even photoshop screenshots of eBay listings... I can’t see myself watching more though.

They filmed this so far back that most of the WWE Superstar cameos 2/3 into the episode are guys who are gone (Hawkins, Ryder, Eric Young and Karl Anderson all show up, in addition to an Uso).

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McIntyre’s win tonight was the 15th WWE title change on Raw all time and the first since Reigns over Sheamus in December 2015.


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I was sort of worried Orton was going to get a reign longer than a month, but I'm glad it ended up being a thank you for having a decent year run.

Their matches last year were underwhelming, but Drew vs Roman with the roles reversed could possibly be incredible.


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I remember liking the last one or two they had when Roman seemed to be finally getting back on track health wise and I agree this could be really great. It seems like the one thing (without looking) that makes me interested in watching a ppv that I was seriously considering skipping.

They change one of the World Champions just before Survivor Series every single year it seems like though which is really lazy booking. I'm glad they do it in one sernse since it almost always results in a great match but geez find a new trick.