WWE: Road to WrestleMania 37

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Like I'm FINE with "Kane is actually good" takes but Kane is better than one of the best big men of all time...I'll see you in hell if you say that to my face.
Kane fell off so hard. 2000 and 2001, he was fun. He had something going in 2002 when he dropped all the weight and had the Kanenites be proud of being freaks. Then he fucked a corpse and was never the same.


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Leone was included on those Goodtimes (I think that was their name) vhs tapes of 50s tv matches that were sold at Walmarts and whatnot in the 1990s. I think there were tapes for heels, faces, and big matches.

It's too bad we never got HOF speeches from the Crusher or Bruiser. Mad Dog Vachon's in 2010 was entertaining if not entirely lucid.
The "dump old guys and people to died prematurely" section of the Hall Of Fame is always much more interesting. I know it's only interesting to a minority of fans but those are the ones with the best stories.
Shane never properly is brought up in the burying conversations. Like, it isn't that he loses matches to guys so much as he beats himself by doing dumb shit. Makes the other guy looked kinda dumb when his offense didn't beat Shane but Shane beat Shane. That said he should've become an active wrestling in 1999 because that aside he's a natural.


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The novelty of Shane was that he was surprisingly athletic and a leaper, and that he was surprisingly good for a non-wrestler. But most of his offense is built around adding jumping to moves that looks like he jumped just to show that he can jump. I remember a weak chair shot where he showed he could jump, just to make contact to the person’s head with the chair. That doesn’t make him a good wrestler; that just makes his offense look stupid and drags down his opponent.

He looked great in the match with Angle and he has had some truly exciting matches over the years. But a good wrestler he is not. Overexposing him by making an active wrestler would have just been horrible for everyone, and even more so because you know he would have racked up a lot of wins and titles over better talents.


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I agree with you there. I think he would have been driven to do so. But I also think they would have put him over everyone while he developed and he would have continued the crowd-popping spots because that is what got him over.
There's way worse things than being what I guess is a corporate Jeff Hardy. I think unlike the other McMahons he actually is inclined to put guys over, he just isn't sure what the best way is beyond his killing himself. He was smart enough to not be a main event guy most of the time as it is and I don't think he'd go over anyone with top-level name value. He's got a real respect for the in-ring side of things and I'd like to think would know his limits on the card. The X-Pacs or Jarretts of the world would be fucked, though

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Cage Match says Shane went 63-50-14 in his career, including going 22-10 in '99. I doubt Vince would have been very pleased with Shane if he had decided he truly wanted to be "one of the boys", even if he did try to bust his ass to improve and not throw the worst punches in existence.

And having the McMahon name means even if he legit earned a push through hard work it'd never be enough to placate those that see him as only getting a chance because of who he is related to. I'm also not sure how much he would have actually tried had he been given a real chance since he stepped away from the company the moment a good opportunity presented itself. I assume he's only around now because the company is worth a jillion dollars.
I think it'd be like HHH where if you get in, you're pretty safe. Shane was also the guy who was a top heel but went above and beyond for Steve Blackman, so I don't question a lot 20 years ago. I do think though that he'd be one of the main parties tanking the Invasion, however.


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I know considering how successful the HHH-Angle-Steph triangle was this might be not popular. But, I actually think the best thing for the business would've been for the McMahon's to go away from tv after Mania 15. I always felt that was basically the end of the McMahon-Austin story. I think the business would've been better if after Mania 15 the McMahons went away and all the focus was put on the wrestlers.

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Wale will be performing Big E’s theme live at the show.

I wonder if Edge is going to have Alter Bridge. He claimed he always wanted that but could never justify it working most Manias as a heel after that happened, specifically squashing the proposal at Mania 24 as he thought that was something for faces. I think they were supposed to play him in last year but suddenly he is more tweener leaning heel, though getting his own band live does play into a similar mindset to his problem with Bryan.


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Baron Michele Leone was a big star in Los Angeles in the early '50s. A lot of that television era is kind of lost with a few exceptions (Chicago). Leone's claim to fame is he drew the first $100,000 gate against Lou Thesz. But he was in his 40s by then and faded from the scene.
I’m surprised at all the respect for Kane. I wish Shane buried him even worse. Kane has killed the momentum of a lot of wrestlers himself. Daniel Bryan looked to be on his way to becoming a mainstream superstar after Mania XXX and Kane pretty much killed his career.

Say what you will about Shane, but most of the big feuds he’s been a part of, the guy he’s facing is usually more over than before. I can’t speak to some of the more recent ones but usually the opponent gets a bigger spotlight and better reactions than they got before. Angle, Test and Blackman off the top of my head. Sometimes the booking isn’t so great after but you can’t blame them for that. Kane just straight up kills your momentum.