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Sports / Re: MLB Postseason Thread 2018
« Last post by Thrasher on Today at 01:45:32 PM »
Not part of the postseason but there is no offseason thread:

I don't think they leave Anaheim because no one else wants them.
Wrestling / Re: Crown Jewel: What could go wro...oh my
« Last post by Amy pats fan on Today at 01:42:58 PM »
I still can't believe they're going thru with this show.  I mean, I'm not shocked, but it's such a bad look.  And the latest report is that he was tortured and dismembered while still alive before they injected him with poison because his screaming was so loud........

botched interrogation my ass.  and motherfuck Donald Trump for making excuses for our "great ally"
Wrestling / Re: Crown Jewel: What could go wro...oh my
« Last post by Baby Shoes on Today at 01:36:25 PM »
I'm still surprised the tweeting to Snickers got the Moolah Battle Royal changed
TV/Film & Literature / Re: Random Casting News
« Last post by Baby Shoes on Today at 01:33:26 PM »
Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have been confirmed to reprise their roles as The Warrens for Annabelle 3
Wrestling / Re: Crown Jewel: What could go wro...oh my
« Last post by ViciousFish on Today at 01:30:18 PM »
Unless people make a big deal to their advertisers, they won’t do shit
Wrestling / Re: Crown Jewel: What could go wro...oh my
« Last post by BorneAgain on Today at 01:28:14 PM »
Eight Americans in the "World Cup" tournament reeks of preemptive concern about international talent and passport issues with Saudi Arabia.
Wrestling / Re: Crown Jewel: What could go wro...oh my
« Last post by Gert on Today at 01:24:54 PM »
It's interesting that JBL & HHH have shared the same line about change can't be made right away, yet following the almighty dollar doesn't put the WWE as the people to force the change, no matter how much they think they can. I also like that JBL mentioned Tribute to the Troops (which I always admire the Superstars that go, but they were on US bases every time so false equivalency, JBL).

I'm torn, the fact that the Saudi's are going to prepare a statement that it was an "interrogation gone wrong" is so fucking disgusting. That said I don't think I will ever give up my WWE Network subscription, I enjoy the library too much. But I also don't know how many people would have to cancel their subs to counteract the money for these events.

I haven't updated for awhile as most of what I've read hasn't been that exceptional but there's been a few things of note:
I finally got around to reading the book on the Tudors in this series and while it isn't the most thorough book it's still very good and has some things I hadn't read before (and I've read a lot about all the Tudors). All of the books in the series so far have been worth reading and if you're looking for an accessible overview of English history/it's monarch's than this is a pretty good choice before branching off.
I did some reading on Lenin and the Russian Civil War and this was the most interesting of the books I read. If you tie it in with
then you get a pretty interesting look at the evolution of the USSR and it's leadership.
MMA/Boxing / Re: Bellator Fighting Championships: Round 2
« Last post by Tigger on Today at 01:11:01 PM »
He makes good youtube videos.
With the shape Show is in, and looking back at the matches he was having with Braun before he took time off for surgery, I’m completely ok with Show being on tv.
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