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TV/Film & Literature / Re: In Which I Review Movies
« Last post by cobainwasmurdered on Today at 04:25:25 AM »
I need to watch this again because I don't remember the context of the rape scene so much as "this is really uncomfortable". The first time I saw this movie I was like 5 though...thanks Dad!

John Wayne hating this movie and movies like "The Wild Bunch" (GOAT movie) is something I find ironic because if you ever watch "The Searchers" (which you should) you'll see John Wayne act just as appalling and honestly even more so. It's also the most honest performance he ever gave in many ways if you know anything about Wayne.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: The Good Place
« Last post by cobainwasmurdered on Today at 04:20:27 AM »
"I took the form of a 45 year old white man for a reason...I can only fail upwards". Great episode this week, keeping each season to only 12 episodes really keeps it moving.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency v2
« Last post by Amy pats fan on Today at 04:15:08 AM »
Hope Hicks
TV/Film & Literature / Re: Bad Movies 2018
« Last post by Gary on Today at 04:13:39 AM »
This week it's another Nickolas Sparks movie and Den of Thieves (though some are saying it's not as bad as I thought it'd be, but it's also 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Sports / Re: MLB Hall of Fame 2018 Edition
« Last post by Harley Quinn on Today at 12:13:02 AM »
I honestly think because Bonds and probably Clemens were dicks to the media, it's hurt their chances in the HOF. The media acts out of spite.

This also explains Sheffield too but the media initially tried to paint it as an everybody is tainted/can't vote for any of them BS angle instead.
Current Events / Re: Trump FAKE NEWS (?) CONSPIRITORIUM
« Last post by Brodypedia on Today at 12:08:14 AM »
All the lulz:

Wrestling / Re: Old School Observations/Questions, 2017 Edition
« Last post by Brodypedia on January 19, 2018, 10:51:22 PM »

The AWA put on a super card in the weeks following Wrestlemania featuring Sgt. Slaughter and Jerry Blackwell locked in a cage with the Masked Superstar, King Tonga, and Sheik Adnan in a bloody war of attrition. Verne Gagne returned to the ring to team with his son Greg to avenge recent evil doings from Nick Bockwinkel and Mr. Saito. Curt and Larry Hennig go blow for blow with the Road Warriors. The Tonga Kid's rise continues he partners with Jim Brunzell to tangle with cagey vets Billy Robinson and Bobby Duncum. The mid-west's favorite Nazi, Baron Von Raschke partners with Buck Zumhofe as they clash with their sworn enemies Steve Regal and Jimmy Garvin. Bob Backlund and Brad Rheingans bring their grappling A-games into a bout with Larry Zbyszko and Butch Reed, plus more action! Along the way we enjoy some technical gaffes, Bob Backlund managing to have the worst match on the card, good old fashion promotional propaganda, music videos and other fun.
Wrestling / Re: TWIW 1/15 - 1/21: GOLDBERG to enter WWE HOF
« Last post by Brodypedia on January 19, 2018, 08:57:52 PM »
Won't top no-showing that autism benefit show over oay tbh

Did you have a stroke mid post?
TV/Film & Literature / Re: DUNDEE
« Last post by Brodypedia on January 19, 2018, 08:52:59 PM »
MMA/Boxing / Re: Bellator Fighting Championships: Round 2
« Last post by Brodypedia on January 19, 2018, 07:31:48 PM »
Doesn't Rampage have a bad back now that prevents him from wrestling well anymore?
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