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Current Events / Re: Mass Shootings/Killings Thread
« Last post by Damaramu on Today at 04:10:51 AM »
It's good they want to teach these kids this but this really shouldn't be necessary for fuck's sake.
Current Events / Re: Mass Shootings/Killings Thread
« Last post by Brodypedia on Today at 03:57:19 AM »

While the gun violence debate has focused on how to stop the epidemic of school shootings, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking a different approach: teaching school children how to adapt to them.

The DHS has issued a $1.8 million grant in order to create a program providing “lifesaving trauma training to high school age students for mass casualty events,” according to federal procurement records reviewed by TYT.

The training program, called “School-Age Trauma Training,” seeks to provide “the knowledge necessary to stabilize the injured and control severe bleeding until first responders arrive on the scene,” the documents state.
Wrestling / Re: Joshi Wrestling Discussion (Classic and Current)
« Last post by Damaramu on Today at 03:56:17 AM »
This thread is so full of bullshit it's not even funny. WWE invented women's wrestling, everyone knows that.
Current Events / Re: HORRIBLE PEOPLE
« Last post by Brodypedia on Today at 03:54:28 AM »

Officials closed a rural Oklahoma school system this week after the sheriff began investigating online threats against a transgender student.

Bryan County Sheriff Johnny Christian said Tuesday his office started investigating over the weekend after adults made threatening comments on Facebook about a 12-year-old transgender girl using the girls’ bathroom at Achille Public Schools, about 160 miles southeast of Oklahoma City and near the Texas border.
Current Events / Re: Trump FAKE NEWS (?) CONSPIRITORIUM
« Last post by Brodypedia on Today at 03:51:09 AM »



Dede Westbrook - WR
Games, Tech & Toys / Re: WWE SuperCard! v5
« Last post by fazzle on Today at 03:05:25 AM »
Congrats on the Rusev pro, hopefully Goliaths will be easier to get from those 25 ticket and CP packs now, since they're no longer the top tier.

People on the forums/twitter should be happy, because the update is already available on the google play store and it mentions that the tier pull animation is back along with a Charge All button for TBG
Wrestling / Re: Wrestling Images & Videos 2018
« Last post by no fact, no matter on Today at 01:58:24 AM »
Looks more like the wolf from the Witcher 3.
Wrestling / Re: Petty WWE Bitching Thread
« Last post by Just Call Me Dan on Today at 01:38:24 AM »
Baron Corbin is a big dude and has improved a lot. Mojo I think is improving as well and is a big dude. They've got a bunch of big dudes in NXT in the tag teams.

I swear his improvement consists of ONLY the overdue haircut.  That being said, I enjoy everything he does now.
Sports / Re: This Rest of the Regular Season in Baseball
« Last post by alkeiper on Today at 12:48:56 AM »
Teams have played 117-122 games, so we are entering the last quarter of the season. The Astros are on pace to win 98 games and they are one game up on the Oakland A's. I know we all expected that. The Red Sox are on pace to win 115 games. The Braves lead the NL East by two games (EIGHT over the Nationals) and the NL West is a four team race. Really shaping up to be an interesting stretch run, especially in the National League.
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