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TV/Film & Literature / Re: In Which I Review Movies
« Last post by rollie on Today at 10:16:57 PM »
I loved the way the director used horror techniques in that film (in terms of shots, cuts and musical cues that we associate with horror films), it's a really cool extra way of keeping the audience on edge and in the right headspace of the film - we have an almost Pavlovian response to certain ways of presenting the story in cinema and TV and he uses it to his advantage..
Wrestling / Re: Puro Love & Resources V2
« Last post by Detective Ventriloquist on Today at 08:04:34 PM »
The G1 winner can challenge for whatever title they want, and the world champ has never won, so we don't know what would happen.

Please have Goto/Juice go long again.

The IWGP Champion has won the G1 on 2 occasions, Mutoh won in 1995 and Kensuke Sasaki won in 2000. The WK Main Event wasn't part of the win until 2012, but it's always talked about that if the Champion wins it, they get to pick their opponent.
Wrestling / Re: Big Cass Released
« Last post by Detective Ventriloquist on Today at 07:49:26 PM »
I would say him and Enzo reuniting on the indies might actually do them good then I remember how a lot of promoters likely won't want anything to do with Enzo and both men dislike each other in real life so yeah, back to med school for you, Cass.

House of Glory is going to end up having them both show up, just watch. They already have Enzo showing up.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: In Which I Review Movies
« Last post by Saddam of the 909 on Today at 05:51:19 PM »

Krisha (2015), directed by Trey Edward Shults

When Brocklock first told me about this film, I thought it was an Indian movie, becaue the name makes me think of...Indian stuff. It's obviously because it sounds like Krishna. Regardless of that, it isn't about anything related to something like that, it's a family reunion movie, and holy shit it sure feels like one. Unfortunately, this film immediately evoked a personal reaction from me, and as such my review is going to be brief. I was able to wall myself off and compartmentalize these things without thinking about them, but if I spend too much time writing about this film, they're going to enter my mind. What I can say is that I found this film extremely authentic, with a premise that was excellent. What's cool is that this was filmed on a grand total of $30,000. You can see exactly how that could be accomplished, because literally nothing was needed set wise except for a few groceries. The people in the film were family members for the most part, and I'm sure everyone used their own clothes too. That's some weird shit, it's real shit, and it makes for a film that only has one glaring weakness.

Krisha (Krisha Fairchild) is an older woman, who has a history of addiction and clear mental problems. Apparently she has not been around her family in many years. She has a son, Trey (Trey Edward Shults), who she abandoned and left to be raised by her sister, Robyn (Robyn Fairchild). Krisha announces that she is reformed and sobered, so she shows up on Thanksgiving to make a turkey. There are a fucking hell of a lot of people there. Upon retreating to her room, we find that she has drugged her dog (wtf.) in order to keep him quiet, and we also learn that she has bipolar, judging from some of the medicine she takes. She has a box full of stuff and wears a key on her neck. Fuck knows what's in there, except for one of the things she takes. Anyway, everyone treats her nicely at first, except for Trey. Trey rightly is cold towards his mom, he can't look at her, and he doesn't really want to speak to her either. I couldn't if I was him. What's more is that she has a long running conversation with Doyle (Bill Wise), her brother-in-law, who brings the reality. She abandoned her boy, disappeared from the family for years, and gets straight the fuck back in there like nothing happened. People can't do that shit!

You know beyond doubt that Krisha is a volcano, she's going to erupt, and when she does it's going to be bad. I mean, holy shit, it's pretty bad. If there's any complaint I have with this film, it's that the confrontation is too short. The way Krisha is simply ushered away, it doesn't really work out like that when someone is a mess. These things do not happen so quickly. Usually, you have to call the cops on them and burn the bridge beyond repair. So far beyond repair in fact that they will never try to contact you again, that you can never undo it, because the damage they have done to you or your people is so personal. You want them to feel like it's your fault so they can go on with their life and leave you alone. Considering it's someone's first film, I probably shouldn't call it a major complaint, but I know about these things. It is still a weakness in a short film.

The story is so authentic and makes me want to think of so many things that it can be difficult to talk about this, because once I get started I'm like a runaway train. Those who have been affected by these kinds of incidents know what I'm talking about. As a bonus to the events of the film itself, there are lots of good bits of editing and direction that lead me to believe this is going to be a director who will be around for a while. This is his screenplay, his story, his edit. This was based on something personal to him. See, he's Krisha Fairchild's nephew. Nearly everyone in this film is family or friend. The woman playing his aunt in the movie is actually his mom. Some of the scenes here are pretty crazy, knowing that. I don't know if these people have any kind of actual family schism, and I'm sure they don't, but the way they acted out these scenes was something I found incredible. Apparently, Shults' cousin had a relapse at a family reunion similar to this one and died, that's where the inspiration for some of this comes from.

I have to stop and cannot continue, but this is a strong film, featuring lots of authentic scenes. The character Doyle reminds me so much of myself and something I said to someone before. It is actually eerie and I feel like that dude was some kind of spirit animal for me. Everyone here knows that I don't pull any punches on the board, that's how I am in real life. I will tell people what I think and can't keep it to myself. Once Krisha made that passive aggressive remark to Doyle, if someone did that to me with the kind of problems she had in abandoning her family, it's like cracking a door open. First you wait and see if it continues or if it was even on purpose. But, with people like that, you know it is going to wind up being on purpose. And when someone's abandoned their son and left you to raise them the way this film presents it, they done fucked up. The opening scene, by the way, is quite amusing. First it features Krisha knocking on the wrong door, then she winds her way through the grass and steps in mud, before opening the door and greeting all these people. This is one take, by the way. It is also presented from Krisha's perspective of feeling like someone who doesn't belong, which is quite unique in the sense that even those who may initially sympathize with her can see why and how she doesn't belong. You can also see that you wouldn't want her there.

Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency v2
« Last post by Squad Goals on Today at 04:59:14 PM »
Wrestling / Re: Big Cass Released
« Last post by no fact, no matter on Today at 04:38:10 PM »
I realize this is hypothetical, but if someone expressed any of those views their punishment should be being fired. Being a bigot isn't having an "opinion" - it's being a piece of shit that deserves everything that's coming to them.
Sports / Re: NBA Offseason Thread 2018
« Last post by Future Stars on Today at 04:17:12 PM »
Kawhi's starting to seem like a headcase. I don't know if sitting out two years would do him any good and him to the Lakers might end up being an Andrew Bynum to the 76ers level disaster.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency v2
« Last post by Squad Goals on Today at 04:09:47 PM »
Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the Trump administration's practice of taking undocumented immigrant children from their families and putting them in government facilities on US borders, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Only 28% approve.

But among Republicans, there is majority support for the policy that has resulted in an uptick of children being separated from their families.
Wrestling / Re: Indy Compendium 2018
« Last post by muzzington on Today at 03:22:30 PM »

It's PWG BOLA announcement time and this in particular makes me happy
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