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Games, Tech & Toys / Re: WWE SuperCard! v5
« Last post by fazzle on Today at 06:56:52 PM »
The first RD of season 4 is pretty fucking awesome as it's the Gobbeldy Gooker.  Of course only those who have spent way the fuck too much on packs have any chance to get it.  Still happy with it as the Beast is supposedly Gran Metallik, who will make my second beast pro already.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: In Which I Review Movies
« Last post by 209 on Today at 06:37:19 PM »

Love & Mercy (2014), directed by Bill Pohlad

I'm pretty sure the first reaction anyone would have to my reviewing this is...why the hell am I watching a movie about the Beach Boys? It's specifically about Brian Wilson, by the way. I can tell you a few reasons I'd watch this. First, it was nominated for Golden Globes. That means I have the need to watch this at some point, and it's completely unavoidable. Second, it's expiring today and I'm too busy to watch it later today, just like everyone else is. Third, I thought John Cusack was only doing direct to video releases these days. Turns out that isn't quite true, and why he's doing them at all is totally confusing. I think he's been blackballed for something he's said, and he isn't a box office draw anyway. The last reason I decided to watch this is because I like Elizabeth Banks. So, there you go. That's a full explanation. I know absolutely jack shit about the Beach Boys. They are not relevant to my generation. This film is a lot different than other musical biopics though, and I think people should watch it.

This film sets up nice and easy, in a completely unconfusing way. It alternates between the 1960's and 1980's at its own leisure, so there were parts when I was ready for the scenery to change again prior to it doing so. The film focuses on a younger (Paul Dano) version of Brian Wilson, and an older (John Cusack) version. I'll start with the younger. Brian had an episode on a plane, after which he has a discussion with the rest of the Beach Boys that leads to him no longer going on tour with them. Instead, he's going to put together their albums and music. Sounds like a plan, right? The older version of him is presented in a totally different way. He seems depressed. He goes to buy a Cadillac and has many people surrounding him, which doesn't make any sense. While shopping for the car, he meets Melinda (Elizabeth Banks), and gets her phone number. This is pretty obviously a strange guy. It turns out that he's on a heavy medication regiment prescribed by his doctor, Eugene Landy (Paul Giamatti). Why? These are things you find out. If you are even moderately interested in the story that I have detailed to this point, and if you don't already know it, stop reading here.

The picture I have presented makes it sound like the film focuses more on the older version of him than the younger one, but it's actually the opposite. You know why I said this is different than other musical films? For starters, this film shows Brian Wilson's creative process. I am one of those people who has always been interested in seeing a musical film that spends time in the studio. Why are the songs what they are? This film perfectly illustrates how that's the case, even though this isn't a subject I cared about prior to turning this on. This isn't the usual musical film. Nobody's death is shown. Nobody goes crazy on drugs. There is actually minimal redemption for the character as none is needed. This is also quite a dark film. It is easy to see why this didn't do a big box office number, it's not for everyone.

The flaws in the film relate to its pacing and ease of alternating between realities. That's probably not the best way to phrase what happens, but it sounds acceptable to me. The story is told very well throughout, and there is plenty of focus given to other characters as they pertain to the Beach Boys during the creation of Pet Sounds and afterward. Not too much of the afterward, though. It is made clear that there were disagreements with Wilson's new recording style. It is also made clear that his mental problems didn't just occur someday, they got worse over a period of time. There is no explanation why this happened. He currently claims that this happened at some point after taking LSD. Another problem that I'm thinking of as I go along is that Wilson's mental illness was probably sanitized to some extent, but it's a movie about someone, and I guess you expect that.

Obviously, this is a strange film, but I haven't even gotten into the best stuff about Wilson's auditory hallucinations, of which there were many. How does a film portray something like that? That's a tough one. Instead they are established during a recording session when his overbearing father walks in to give the band shit. There's also a scene during a dinner party where he's unable to focus on anything other than the grinding of knives and forks. This film doesn't go as far as I'd like in portraying his time on psychedelics, which seems like a budget decision. It's too bad. Other bright spots were Giamatti and Dano. First of all, is Giamatti going to be in every musical biopic from now on? I can get used to it, but it's weird how he's so easily able to slip in and portray these kinds of controlling characters. I guess that's his thing. It's impossible to describe what I think about Dano other than that he seems like a genuinely weird guy. I don't really want to know more about him, but that's the feeling I get. I also can't shake his portrayals of Alex Jones and Eli Sunday. This portrayals seems to slide in perfectly among them. What can I say? I guess he makes a good mentally unstable kind of guy.

By no means is this a perfect film, and if I made it sound like one that's my fault. This is somewhat limited in my eyes because of the subject matter. Sure, the director got me to care about the Beach Boys just a little bit, that was a difficult job and I'll give some credit out for that. But, it's still a film about someone I have no attachment to. If this was a solo case study about a person who wasn't real, the film would be just as good in my eyes. If you don't know Wilson's story, this film is even better, so that's why I left disclaimers above. There are a few things I would have liked to see in this film that were detailed and not portrayed on screen, so that's too bad. I also saw Cusack's portrayal as being a bit similar to Tony Soprano when in a dream state. Maybe I'm offbase there, but the similarities were too many to not mention. This is a good film, but I will never revisit it.

Sports / Re: CXF Fantasy Football '17
« Last post by Krankor on Today at 06:34:37 PM »
Last 2 weeks of the regular season against  your 2 other division members that you haven't played twice yet. Everyone with a record of 6-5 and up realistically are still in the championship bracket hunt.
Sports / Re: College FOOTBAW 2017 Thread
« Last post by Kotzenjunge on Today at 06:28:04 PM »
Holy shit, we reached out to goddamn Chip Kelly? I think Tennessee's problems go beyond who the coach was.
And I was right! Tennessee kicked a guy off the team who posted a video on Instagram begging for honest coaches to be hired:

We'll always have the Hail Mary Between the Hedges.
Wrestling / Re: "Smart" Fans you know who get things way wrong...
« Last post by Saints_Fan_H on Today at 06:01:50 PM »
I have two friends that wrestled indies. One is a cynic and just bitches in general. He looks at things from a booking standpoint, what they "should" do but understands what they're "attempting" to do, even if he disagrees with direction.

The other, oh brother. He treats it like he's 8 years old and it is a legitimate unscripted sport. He has trained. He has performed. He has been injured bumping. But, "God damn it TJ Perkins is getting the loudest pops out there, he is SO OVER with the video game gimmick, why aren't they pushing him!?" "Bro, he's over with gamers and kids and the crowd is quite cold on him." "NO man, they go nuts for him."

It's been a while since Perkins was making his Video game entrance on TV so maybe the last time he was on TV there was a pop?

Also, he's quite attached to that CM Punk dick. We met Punk on the same day and had wildly differing experiences. I had the positive experience, my friend got time watching, aggravated punk. Yet, he's the one that still thinks the man can do no wrong to this extent:

We discussed the Punk/Undertaker feud and I mentioned how Punk was such a great heel for it. He said, "Punk should have ended the streak." I said, "Really? All that shit he did to Taker including the urn stuff? Basic story telling says the bad guy gets beat at the end of it."

"Yeah man, but Punk was the face in that." He went on to explain, "See, Undertaker is dead and dead is bad. Zombies are bad. Even when he was biker taker, he was bad." He even stated he hates Roman Reigns but him over Taker at the last Wrestlemania was for the best because the "good guy" won.

I tried conveying, again, that Undertaker was avenging his dead mentor, and therefore the face. He said, "No man, I was taught as a kid that dead is bad, and so therefore he's bad."

I swear on all that is holy, he's an intelligent genuinely awesome guy but when it comes to wrestling I really have no idea who the hell he is.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: 2017-2018 Anime/Manga Love Thread
« Last post by Flik on Today at 04:16:43 PM »
And with chapter 196, Jitsu wa Watashi wa by Masuda Eiji has come to an end. I'm sad that the series came to an end, but at least it went out just the way it should. Unlike a lot of series I liked that ended poorly.
Wrestling / Re: King Kamala's NXT Redemption Live Blog
« Last post by King Kamala on Today at 03:30:42 PM »
Our opening contest is Darren Young Vs Conor O'Brien.

Todd Grisham congratulates John Cena on earning 5 million Facebook fans. More than Shaq, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and the Kardashaians.

WAITAMINUTE! People hated all of those people (except Shaq) in 2011 too! Why are they bragging about comparing Cena to those guys!?

Video package on Titus O'Neil. He is taking this competition seriously now.

Darren Young gets another quick win. Boy, if you like Darren Young, this season is for you. Darren Young inexplicably points at WrestleMania sign and Todd Grisham tells him to cool the breaks.


Recap of John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio! RAW's #1 Contender Vs Smackdown's 1 contender. The first of their many forgettable encounters? it ends with future Fox New contributor Brodus Clay and the Miz dressed up as The Rock beating up Cena. Somehow, Cole thinks The Miz is actually The Rock. The Miz has owned Cena. These recaps aren't making me want to rewatch WrestleMania XXVII

Regal waxes poetic about The Miz.

All this Miz talk leads to Maryse talking on her cell phone. Yoshi hits on Maryse. Lucky Cannon apologizes for being too aggressive last week. Maryse accepts apology but seems more into Yoshi. OH FUCK YEAH! MARYSE-LUCKY-YOSHI LOVE TRIANGLE!


Our main event is Byron Saxton and Yoshi Tatsu Vs Lucky Cannon and Tyson Kidd! Why wasn't this on WrestleMania XXVII!?

Jakob Novak video package that is mostly focused on his NXT Season 4 mentor Dolph Ziggler burying Novak. Novak really looks like Wal Mart version of Eric Trump.
Wrestling / Re: King Kamala's NXT Redemption Live Blog
« Last post by King Kamala on Today at 03:11:03 PM »
Todd starts Episode 2 by briefly reexplaining concept of this season and by introducing "Beauty and the Beast" Maryse and Matt Striker.

Byron is wearing a tanktop that says SAXXED UP. C'mon EBay...

So in winning this show, in addition to earning automatic spot on Season 6, you get to pick your pro.

Woo boy. We are starting this episode with a promo challenge.  :-\

Jakob Novak raps terribly and gets booed. Regal wants to punch him in the mouth.

Darren Young says he is just like the fans! He is the only true talent. He has been through a lot (as a then closted gay guy) but with a Guerrero on his side, the sky is the limit.

Matt Striker: You may have lost Zach Grienke but you got Darren Young.
Great, Matt. As if fans weren't turning enough on this segment.

Conor O'Brien cuts sad sap, inspirational babyface promo. William Regal groans in disgust.

Byron Saxton talks about his hamster and compares Lucky Cannon to Lady Gaga.

D LISH! MR. STEAL YOUR GIRL! it's Lucky Cannon and it's all about him. Lucky Cannon just seems like top heel on a really bad indy show.

Titus O'Neil talks about his conversation with Hornswoggle earlier and somehow, this is by far, best promo.

Matt Striker says SOMEHOW, we have to pick a winner. We are like 1.25 episodes in and already everyone knows this show is doomed. Only 66.75 episodes to go!

Titus O'Neil wins the challenge and 2 redemption points. William Regal: Wonder never ceases.

Titus and Hornswoggle take an early lead.

Todd Grisham: I don't know what was said. There was a lot of barking. A lot of yipping.
William Regal: It doesn't matter!
Wrestling / Re: King Kamala's NXT Redemption Live Blog
« Last post by King Kamala on Today at 02:59:25 PM »
Had slightly more thoughts on main event but x'ed out of them. Titus O'Neil Vs Lucky Cannon was mercifully brief. Highlights were announcers grousing about how Lucky Cannon wasn't good enough to wear as fancy of a robe as he was wearing. I guess Lucky was fun loving ladies man on Season 2 but is now a dick wearing a fancy robe. William Regal said he wore a garish robe but only after he won King of the Ring.

Regal is way too good to be color commentator on Z grade show. He even defends Hornswoggle from Todd's jokes by playing up Swoggle's friendship with Finlay

Titus won with Clash of the Titus after Tyson Kidd and Hornswoggle started fighting. Show closes with Hornswoggle riding Titus' shoulder. How this didn't start new boom period is beyond me.
Wrestling / Re: King Kamala's NXT Redemption Live Blog
« Last post by King Kamala on Today at 02:32:43 PM »
Now we get a replay of Michael Cole introducing the special guest referee for his match against Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania XXVII. He is a former WWE World Champion, a true legend, a legendary Texan...JBL. Josh Matthews think it is a coup. JBL is proud to be going back to the main event of WrestleMania. He is proud to help out a grizzled veteran like Michael Cole. JBL talks about how much hates bullies...which was ironic in 2011 but like infinity times ironic in 2017. Just as JBL is about sign contract the GLASS SHATTERS and Stone Cold enters.

Austin stuns JBL and steals his hat. COLE WAITED YEARS FOR THIS NIGHT! WHY!? WHY!? So cool. I get to relive D grade WWE in 2011 but to relive the worst moments of WWE's big shows in 2011. Cole cries at Austin signing contract to be Guest Referee. Stone Cold dumps beer on Cole's head and wishes him good luck.

Up next! Our main event! Lucky Cannon Vs the robust presence (Todd Grisham's words) of Titus O'Neil
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