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TV/Film & Literature / Re: Bill Cosby raped at least 15 women
« Last post by cobainwasmurdered on Today at 05:55:11 AM »
Well he got remanded to custody so he's going to do some. He'll probably do a few months of "easy time" before it goes to house arrest.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: Bill Cosby raped at least 15 women
« Last post by Mr. S£im Citrus on Today at 05:41:13 AM »
Do we think he'll actually spend a day on the inside? Because the cynic in me still think he'll get off with house arrest, even with him already having been sentenced.
That woman's responses in that Twitter thread are eye rolling. It's truly sad that people still don't know better at this point.
Wrestlers don't like being hounded by fans and having unsolicited pictures taken of them on their limited private time.  #shocker
TV/Film & Literature / Re: Random Casting News
« Last post by Avid Warehouse Enthusiast on Today at 04:51:16 AM »
One of the defining aspects of Peckinpah's Wild Bunch is the morally gray area the protagonists dwell in addition to the (at the time) excessive violence. Color me interested that Mel "I showed every drop.of Christ's blood" Gibson wants to helm a remake.
7 Big E Vs Sheamus was added to SD to go with the Joe/AJ contract signing and fallout from Aiden turning on Rusev. They're also teasing Tye vs Nakamura.
I'm softer on the McG movies than most. They're mindless, goofy fun that, while not particularly good, are carried by the charm of the cast. Its nigh impossible not to love Drew Barrymore, and there was even a halfway decent arc in the second about Cameron Diaz overcoming an abusive ex hidden behind the lame one-liners and lousy wire fu.

I'm willing to see where this goes, surprisingly enough. Naomi Scott was one of the few positives of the 2017 MMPR flick, Kristen Stewart has her moments (and, like Robert Pattinson, was clearly held back by the Twilight material), and I don't know enough about Ella Balinska to comment. Banks as a director hasn't done much, but the little I've seen of Pitch Perfect 2 shows that she's at least competent.
Missed the chance to get this in the Week 3 thread before it closed, so...

Quote from: HSJ
Miami Dolphins 3-0!

I'm so happy

TV/Film & Literature / Re: Charlie's Angles Reboot Reboot
« Last post by Baby Shoes on Today at 03:58:13 AM »
I did until you posted it.  Much like that Wonder Woman pilot that never made it to air.
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