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TV/Film & Literature / Charlie's Angels Reboot Reboot
« Last post by Baby Shoes on Today at 03:33:41 AM »
Were you thinking we needed a new Charlie's Angels series?

Production underway.  Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the Angels will be Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.  Patrick Stewart and Elizabeth Banks will both portray Bosley.  Some speculate that makes Bosley a title as opposed to a name but I would also consider a steamy sex-change scene.
Didn't watch the Monday game to hear Jason Witten calling the new QB rule a "left wing" rule.  I mean, I think the new rule is pretty overboard but lol...

Someone send Witten an invite to be the board's new Republican football nut.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: Random Casting News
« Last post by A Crying Hoss on Today at 02:45:26 AM »
Hopefully this Wild Bunch is Vince Vaughn, Jon Voight, Tim Allen, James Woods, Chuck Norris, Kelsey Grammer, and Bruce Willis going to take on PC cowboys.
Apparently Brie shoot knocked out Liv with her kicks during their match
Saw the clip of this. Even worse is Brie grabbing her by the head an basically dragging her by the neck toward her corner. Seriously dumb fuck thing to do..
Sports / Re: NBA 2018 Preseason Thread
« Last post by Lamar Odom, WHO WAS ON CRACK on Today at 01:59:12 AM »

1. Boston
2. Toronto
3. Philadelphia
4. Indiana
5. Washington
6. Milwaukee
7. Miami
8. Detroit
9. Chicago
10. Charlotte
11. Cleveland
12. Brooklyn
13. New York
14. Orlando
15. Atlanta

1. Golden State
2. Houston
3. Lakers
4. Oklahoma City
5. Utah
6. New Orleans
7. Portland
8. Denver
9. San Antonio
10. Minnesota
11. Dallas
12. Phoenix
13. Clippers
14. Memphis
15. Sacramento

Minnesota's placement is with the assumption that Butler is getting traded by the start of the season.  This list will almost certainly change when that happens.  Philly is one of the rumored teams to get him, as well, and if that happens I think they come out of the East.
FWIW that Braun/Alexa photo is from a grocery store that other wrestlers were also at, including Reigns and Rollins.

All via this thread:

Those 4 O'Clock games...ugh... Thanks Jimmy G!
When’s their first game against the Colts?
So when will Houston get their first win?
I'd like to be optimistic after last week and Green Bay losing to Washington, but that probably just means Rodgers is going to be pissed off and light them up.
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