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TV/Film & Literature / Re: 2018 Oscars
« Last post by Epic Reine on Today at 06:24:32 AM »
I'm guessing that was done to stick it Franco. They didn't want the negative press so they slotted in a big name to replace him in order to make the category seem credible. It's similar to how Streep is nominated every year when her performances range from mediocre to average.
New England Patriots
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5h5 hours ago

Home team, away jerseys. #Patriots elect to wear white for #SuperBowl; team is 3-0 in white in Super Bowls under Bill Belichick.

Patriots wore white against the Eagles for the 2004 Super Bowl. They also wore white in their wins over Seattle and Atlanta last year.
Music / Re: The Metal Thread - Version 2
« Last post by Gary on Today at 06:03:51 AM »
Good to see there's Ohio shows. I just might see 'em.

Anyways, Tomb Mold and Contaminated are right up my alley

We need more Death Metal like this nowadays.
Wrestling / Re: Indy Compendium 2018
« Last post by King Kamala on Today at 06:03:13 AM »
Went to the first Limitless Wrestling show of 2018 on Friday. It was really, really solid. Every match was at least decent but nothing blowaway.

I think MOTN for me was a great triple threat match between David Starr, Martin Stone, and Fred Yehi. Really liked the pacing of the card. They had a pre show match then Darby Allin Vs Jeff Cobb (which was fun but felt a bit short) then aforementioned triple threat before settling down for so more undercard matches. Main event was a Fatal Fourway between TSM Favorite Anthony Greene, JT Dunn, Ace Romero, and Josh Briggs (who has replaced Dijak as the agile lanky hoss in every indy promotion I got to lol), which Greene won via cheap roll up.

After Teddy Hart made a surprise appearance and man, does that guy have cult leader charisma. Cut an insane promo challenging Dunn, Romero, and Briggs to a six man tag against him, Sami Callihan, and AR Fox at the March show. At one point, he said he was gonna jump off a basketball hoop onto JT Dunn then fuck him in the ass like a prostitute. Then he apologized to the kids in the audience for swearing. I was dying.

And the last two matches were done without a rope since Ethan Page (TV's Chandler Parks) broke the bottom rope during a six man tag. Both the main event participants and WorkHorsemen Vs Massage NV handled situation very very professionally.  Also what the frig is it with ropes breaking on indies? Same thing happened at Beyond's New Year's Eve show.

Another funny moment is before intermission, they were announcing names for next show and they said "From New Japan Pro Wrestling...a member of the Bullet Club" *crowd gasping in excitement* "Chase Owens" *crowd sighs*

I mean Chase Owens is actually a decent pick up for an indy from Maine. but announcing him that way is setting people up for disaapointment.
Wrestling / Re: Enzo Amore Released
« Last post by on Today at 05:55:51 AM »
This probably didn't help.

Also the fact last night the whole bs in the Manhattan Center had to be rewrittentossed out because at least half of it was built around Enzo. That plus never letting anyone in management know what was going on the past two months.
Wrestling / Re: TWIW 1/22 - 1/28: RAW 25
« Last post by Harley Quinn on Today at 05:52:04 AM »
What amazes me about Miz is that he just has that IT Factor of being such a natural heel. In a lot of ways, to me at least, he's Roddy Piper. He's so great at being an arrogant, egotistical jerk that you like him yet he (smartly) spits that right back in your face because he doesn't need it.

As BorneAgain said, he knows his character so completely and it's so blatantly evident in comparison to everybody else. The only guy better on the mic, or at least playing to the crowd, is maybe John Cena and even that's a 50/50 at best.
Wrestling / Re: Enzo Amore Suspended
« Last post by what.the.hell.have.i on Today at 05:49:03 AM »
Enzo will be done in this business within 2 years, tops. I look forward to the day that he is future endeavored or wellness violationed out of a job due to all of the blow he obviously does.

dub was right  :(
I just felt like at that point the movie was getting too long and bloated and the scene in Snoke's chamber was a perfect way to cap things off in an Empire "this is the lowest point of the story and things are pretty terrible" way.  Yeah, the stuff with Luke made up for it but I was kinda ready for things to wrap up by that point.
Totally agree. Salt Hoth was beautiful and unique but Snoke's chamber could have followed it to leave a real cliffhanger. Tagging it for safety's sake...

Spoiler: show
Heading into Episode IX with uncertainty over whether Rey will join Kylo would've been eons better than heading in asking who'll answer the distress signal.

I endorse all of this.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: 2018 Oscars
« Last post by on Today at 05:47:02 AM »
The only thing that stuns me is perhaps the worst Denzel movie in years can somehow still get him a nomination for Best Actor.
Current Events / Re: The Trump Presidency v2
« Last post by 👓bigolsmitty👓 on Today at 05:39:17 AM »

Yes, they got Sen Flake's vote on the tax bill by promising a Dreamer vote.
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