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Wrestling / Re: Crown Jewel: What could go wro...oh my
« Last post by KingPK on Today at 07:51:49 AM »
Yeah, I'm kind of on a break with WWE (aside from NXT) partly because of this and the fact that for a PPV they wouldn't shut up about when they announced it, the build for Evolution has been REALLY half-assed and the only match I care about is the NXT one.
Games, Tech & Toys / Re: WWE SuperCard! v5
« Last post by Baby Shoes on Today at 07:47:57 AM »
Surprised to see LMS skipped again.  The Rey card is cool and fresh but again I was hoping for a break.  Even though I had Kofi from RTG, I had no interest last week and basically skipped RD.  I did finish Slater just doing enough to get my team charge requirements and training a couple pairs for pros.  Latest Fusion Chamber was Sheamus which makes a pro plus Nakamurq from team event will too.
Wrestling / Re: Crown Jewel: What could go wro...oh my
« Last post by no fact, no matter on Today at 07:44:46 AM »
Sports / Re: NFL Week 6: Unstoppable Meets Immovable
« Last post by Harley Quinn on Today at 06:34:02 AM »
ESPN's Vaughn McClure reports Devonta Freeman (injured reserve) will undergo groin surgery on Thursday. He could return but it won't be for at least 8 weeks.

Jaguars signed TE Blake Bell. I've always liked Bell as an athlete but he hasn't quite carved out a role in his NFL career. He's a solid receiver but hasn't quite settled in as a blocker yet.
I dunno about you guys, but I'm down with the idea of a Cesaro/Sheamus/Big Show trio.

Big Show as the bouncer for The Bar is great. Have him stand behind them looking mean and choke slamming everyone.
Irving was the drizzling shits last night.  I'd chalk it up to rust but Hayward was coming back from a worse injury and looked better.
If they did both at once it’s probably a fairly minor surgery, as far as knee surgeries go.
Caught the tail end of the Celtics game.  I know only one game so far but we will see if Kyrie keeps that verbal commitment when last night it looked like it should be Tatum’s team.

G league Draft is Saturday and Dejuan Blair has entered the player pool.

Debated going to the Suns-Mavericks tonight to go check out Doncic but I can’t justiy paying opening night prices for that level of game.  Can’t wait to hear all the youth movement rhetoric spouting when ESPN airs that game tonight.  Even with Booker returning, Mavericks should thrash the Suns but curious how Ayton fares against DeAndre.

Suns also announced newly signed Jamal Crawford will not be active yet.  Assume he will be there starting point guard once he gets in.  Guess with Booker back they will run with Shaq Harrison at pint with Booker, Ariza, Anderson and Ayton and Josh Jackson back to the bench. 
So him and Sami will likely return together as a babyface act, right?  Would assume neither is back in time for Rumble.
MMA/Boxing / Re: The 2018 Upcoming and Rumored Fights Thread
« Last post by Lord of The Curry on Today at 06:08:11 AM »
Michael Johnson steps in on short notice against Artem Lobov in the co-main of the Moncton card next week.
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