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Sports / Re: Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
« Last post by Kahran Ramsus on Today at 08:42:11 PM »
Needed sleep so gambled on Koe losing the bronze medal match and yep. Not sure what felled our traditional curling teams but it's baffling how badly they played.

I watched enough of it get disgusted and turn it off to go have a nap.
Sports / Re: Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
« Last post by Zetterberg is Go on Today at 08:07:05 PM »
Needed sleep so gambled on Koe losing the bronze medal match and yep. Not sure what felled our traditional curling teams but it's baffling how badly they played.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: In Which I Review Movies
« Last post by 209 on Today at 06:32:59 PM »

Room (2015), directed by Lenny Abrahamson

I was going to watch something else and save this for later, but I didn't think it was a good idea to watch a film that was so obviously going to be emotionally crushing when I have another (or at least somebody says it is) yet to go. I guess it was right to space them out. Some of the things in this film were quite unexpected. Others, not so much. The things that were expected were obviously horrifying, but the entire last half was unexpected as I didn't believe the film would cover that subject. This film is hauntingly sad, and much more than I expected in every way. By no means would I call this perfect, but the roles here required quite a lot of work. There are also grand technical achievements. I know how callous this may sound, but I thought there was a chance I would find this film boring or not engaging enough. Wrong and wrong. My brother told me that he hasn't watched the film, but he has read the book. I have since recommended this to him, but film seems to be a better medium for such stories. That's obviously why they wind up there in the end.

Joy (Brie Larson) and Jack (Jacob Tremblay) are a mother and son who live in a shed they call Room. Obviously, nobody would do that of their own volition. How it goes is that Old Nick (Sean Bridgers) has kidnapped Joy and held her in that shed for seven years. He's Jack's father as well, but fuck him. He shows up every so often and rapes Joy while Jack has to sleep in the closet. At first, Joy tells Jack that Room is the only real place in the world. Once Jack turns five, that all changes. There's an incident after Old Nick loses his job. Jack decides to come out of the closet while Old Nick is sleeping. Joy doesn't want Old Nick to have any contact with Jack at all, and they fight. Of course, Joy gets punished for that. Old Nick cuts the heat and power. It's Akron. The winter. It's cold. Not good.

It's actually difficult to write about this film because the second part of the film was so upsetting. As you may realize, the whole film does not take place in the shed. It just can't. Such a setting would be too constricting to the narrative, and simply would make for a poor film. There's a genuine attempt here to show the after effects of these kinds of abductions. The media gets their interview in, but what really happens?The interview, after all, only presents the picture that the media really wants to present. Not just the media, but the victim to some extent as well. Once that's over, what goes through the kid's head? In this film it is presented that the child was 5 even though he was a fair bit older in reality. The film is presented from his viewpoint for the most part. When nobody's talking, there are scenes where his thoughts fill the gaps. His journey is probably more illuminating than his mother's. That was unexpected.

With Brie Larson having won a Best Actress Oscar for this film, it is quite surprising that the film revolves around the child as much as it does. Looking at Room in the narrative context, it is probably a necessity, but it wasn't something I was expecting. I thought that when someone won an award like that, it was for carrying the picture. It's a pleasant surprise that things went differently, because I can't imagine how depressing this otherwise would have been. The second half of the film is unsurprising in the sense that it's what you expect from the film once it leaves the confines of the shed, but there's nothing wrong with that. A film which pulls at emotional strings like this one needs to be free from unexpected twists and turns. The better way of phrasing it is that this script and concept wasn't a hunk of trash. William H. Macy is wasted in his guest role, I think he probably said 20 words at the most. I was a bit disappointed by that, but on the other hand, I suppose it does make sense. Joan Allen's role was certainly not a waste, and I thought she did a really good job.

I'm not culturally aware enough to know the intricacies of the source material, but considering that my brother has read it, I'm assuming a lot of other people did as well. After I'm done writing this, I'm probably going to track down some search results to compare the differences between the book and film. What I do know is that the book couldn't have possibly pulled off something as technically brilliant as the director did. The occupied shed looks a hell of a lot bigger than it actually was. Apparently the crew felt the same way. There was only one set, and the editing and production tricks had to be quite something to pull off in making this look appropriate. You know what's bad though? I thought a lot of the scenes in the shed were more charming than those out of it. I also can't possibly be the only one. The shed allowed for the mother and son to have a more personal relationship and form closer bonds with each other. The world does not always allow for that, and when both are trauma victims (although the child is unaware of their trauma), separation is an inevitability of the process.

Ultimately, I'm trying to think of major negatives and I can't come up with any. This was a great film that I'm never going to watch again. Both lead performances were excellent, and the creep wasn't creepy enough to encroach into parody territory. It was well played from the actor, who I haven't seen before even though he's apparently been in all kinds of stuff I should have seen, like Deadwood. There is another thing in particular that due to personal experience nearly had me in tears. I'm not going to talk about it, but because of that, it's probably the kind of movie that's going to stick with me for some time. I am appreciative that none of the rape scenes were shown, at least. That would have been too much. I'm sure some of the takes on this film were quite horrifying, now it's time to go read them. I probably shouldn't, but I can never resist.

We're not going to have Roy build up countless skipped picks. He'll get 2 skipped picks max that he can make whenever he decides to grace us with his presence and every time another one of his picks comes up he's just getting the best available player at a position he needs autodrafted for him. Enjoy Billy Hamilton.

Don's on the clock.
Jon Lester
Wrestling / Re: J-E-Double-F J-A-Double-R-E-Double-T
« Last post by Thrasher on Today at 05:12:11 PM »
I wish the WWE would release his Aztec theme posted above.
Current Events / Re: Trump FAKE NEWS (?) CONSPIRITORIUM
« Last post by Thrasher on Today at 05:09:15 PM »
Dammit I have a degree; I need a cabinet or high ranking position.
Sports / Re: Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
« Last post by Kahran Ramsus on Today at 03:52:26 PM »
Bronze it is, and a shocker as Medvedeva didn't take it home.

She actually did have the best scoring long program, but not by enough to make up the deficit.
TV/Film & Literature / Re: I Just Watched... (Movies/TV/DVD)
« Last post by KingPK on Today at 03:29:28 PM »
So I happened to watch Buffy season 4 (the only one I own) and that led me back down the rabbit hole.  I discovered the series isn't on Netflix anymore (just Hulu) so this is going to lead to me finally buying the complete series set (which I should have done years ago).

That show is 20 years old (the same age Buffy was when she died the second time).  Fuck

You can get it here at a great deal of $104.95 ($14.99 per Season)

Best Buy has it for $80.  Probably won't find it better than that.
Sports / Re: Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
« Last post by Zetterberg is Go on Today at 02:58:41 PM »
Bronze it is, and a shocker as Medvedeva didn't take it home.
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