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Title: Big drawing fueds.
Post by: Adam on June 08, 2009, 07:01:35 AM
Long gone are the days a show could regularly sell out by just Wrestler A Vs Wrestler B. Andre/Hogan, Sting/Hogan, Michaels/Hart II.. etc.

In this day and age, could a PPV draw very big numbers based on a one on one fued? I got to thinking this watching Chris Jericho's recent work over the last year or so. He's one of the 'true' heels left in wrestling today. Back in the day, you'd have paid to see Rey Mysterio shut him up, even if the rest of the card was just squash matches.

So today, could there ever be such a huge fued that could legit sell out a PPV? Or will it now just be the WWE name that draws?

If it can be done, which two guys would you pay big money on a PPV just to see end their feud?? The closest I could think of would be Jericho/Michaels last year, I don't really think HHH/Orton counts as such. This also spills over from the CM Punk thread in the sense that 'Would Punk vs anybody be a great draw?' - Not that I want this thread to be derailed like the Punk thread.

So is it possible for a Hogan/Andre fued/draw, or are the days of 15 PPV's a year and national television stopped that now, and you only buy the show because it's WWE?
Title: Big drawing fueds.
Post by: HSJ on June 08, 2009, 07:24:34 AM
The Rock/John Cena.

I don't think there is anything else that can draw on name alone.
Title: Big drawing fueds.
Post by: I Know You Like Sugar on June 08, 2009, 07:36:08 AM
I honestly think now, it's mainly the strength of the WWE brand name that draws first, then the card itself second. The WWE brand name draws the base of the crowd who just want to see the WWE product. Then your top matches draw in the undecided PPV buyers/TV viewers and whatever seats are left. Especially nowadays, with ticket sales so far in advance. Wrestlemania doesn't sell out on the back of the headline match, it sells out because of the WWE name. Ditto for most other events, aside from maybe house shows in established areas.

That said, Cena's clearly the draw and I could see his fans' priorities being whether he's involved or not. I don't think Cena draws all demographics though. So aside from the aforementioned Cena/Rock, maybe Cena/Austin or Cena/Hogan, I'm not sure anything could draw beyond the WWE brand itself and the strength of the card overall.
Title: Big drawing fueds.
Post by: HTQ on June 08, 2009, 07:38:48 AM
If there's going to be a feud that it alone draws the people to buy a PPV it's not just going to be the names involved but the issue. As Orton/HHH showed, you can have the two biggest names on the brand gunning for each other, but if the issue doesn't get to people, then nobody cares. It didn't matter how great the angles in the feud were, the underlying premise of Triple H defending the McMahon family against Orton didn't click. For a number of reasons, people just didn't care to see Triple H coming to the aid of the McMahon family. Maybe it would have been different if they had tweaked the feud so that Vince and Shane weren't involved and it was strictly Hunter coming to the aid of his wife, which would be an issue everyone could either relate to or understand.

Right now, the potential for such a feud is on Smackdown with Punk vs. Hardy. The players, at least Punk, might not be that top level, but the issue, one of the Straight Edge lifestyle versus the one of partying and having 'fun',  which essentially boils down to Responsibility versus Enjoyment, is something that I think everyone watching can relate to and identify with. Punk is the Straight Edge guy who looks down on Jeff for 'partaking' and knocks him for how his ways have meant his career has failed to reach the heights it could have. The key for Punk is to knock Jeff and his lifestyle in such a way that those who share Punk's views, both on SXE and Jeff, can get behind him and go against Jeff, but also in a way that those who are either for Jeff or ambivalent, view Punk as this arrogant and judgmental prick who is taking it upon himself to act like some moral guardian. He has to come across as the kind of authoritarian that can be hated by those who either disagree with him or are impartial; he's such a prick that even those who don't necessarily support Jeff want him to win just to shut Punk up.

Punk would have to mirror the Bret Hart heel turn where he's justified in his emotions is turned heel from how he responds to that emotion and projects it.

Title: Big drawing fueds.
Post by: Monsoon Classic on June 08, 2009, 08:57:22 AM
If Punk does go straight-edge heel, I hope JR makes it clear that there is nothing wrong with being straight-edge in itself . . . ya know, w/ kids watching and everything.

I just fear if they go in that direction, Punk's shtick may overlap Jericho's a bit.