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A New Statistical Rating for NFL Quarterbacks
« on: October 28, 2014, 06:54:06 AM »
Hello. As an American sports-watcher, I am often confused and confounded by all of the numbers that the eggheads these days are telling us will "explain" the game. Today, it is no longer enough to go by your gut or use the good ol fashioned eye test to determine a player's worth. You need "data" to support your claims. But so much of this so-called data is just gobbeldy gook. I mean, look at this!

All those numbers, all those acronyms! How can I, the average American joe, call into a sports talk show and use this to support a claim that Jay Cutler is a useless has-been sack of crap!? I can't! And so I have developed a new statistical rating for NFL quarterbacks, one that you don't need to be a computer nerd to understand. It's called ELITE (Everyone's a Loser In The End).

Here's how it works: you take a guy's Madden '15 rating (surely the most objective assessment of a players' initial worth), subtract five points for every interception thrown this season, and divide the result by their teams' number of losses. Here are the ELITE ratings for 10 notable QBs. Anyone with less than a 90, I think, we can consider non-elite.

Peyton Manning: 83
Tom Brady: 40
Tony Romo: 29.5
Aaron Rodgers: 27
Alex Smith: 23
Colin Kaepernick: 21
Joe Flacco: 17
Andrew Luck: 15
Austin Davis: 10
Jay Cutler: 9

There is much to ponder here! Embrace debate.

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Re: A New Statistical Rating for NFL Quarterbacks
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2014, 10:20:29 AM »
I'm afraid to see Geno's ELITE rating