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JHawk live blogs ECW
« on: March 01, 2019, 10:41:41 AM »
So I'm bored and decided why not, I'll start watching ECW from the beginning on the Network and do a live blog of it.

Not sure how often this will be updated but let's give it a shot.

ECW Hardcore TV Episode 1
April 6, 1993

Opening montage shows them in bars and gyms.

From the Cabrini College Fieldhouse in Philly, hosted by Jay Sulli and Stevie Wonderful.  Wonderful looks like a poor man's DDP.

ECW President Tod Gordon is introduced and announces the ECW TV Title Tournament.  The belt looks better than most independent promotion's belts now.

Eddie Gilbert thinks he's the third man in the booth but Gordon announces Terry Funk instead. Funk challenges Gilbert who walks off.  Funk is like 49 years old here and looks 30.

ECW Tag Team Champions The Super Destroyers (w/Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. The Hell Ryders (EZ Ryder & HD Ryder)

Sulli doesn't know who is who which is reassuring.  Kind of OK with the Destroyers because they're masked but the Ryders look nothing alike.

One of the Destroyers with a suplex for the first move that doesn't look like garbage of the match.

Destroyers "retain the tag team championships" in a total squash.

Funk conducts an interview at ringside with Robbins.  Nothing of note.

Video of The Sandman...WITH SURFBOARD! Mostly clips of him in the USWA.  Where is Sunny Beach to team with him?  I don't even think I'm joking.

The music they used to dub over the original music is fucking horrid FWIW.

THAT's our ECW Heavyweight Champion.

Funk interviews Tommy Cairo who is apparently undefeated in ECW.

ECW TV Title Tournament First Round Match:  Salvatore Bellomo (w/The Cosmic Commander) vs. Tommy Cairo

Cosmic Commander looks like he raided The Grand Wizard's wardrobe but wanted to do a Ghoulardi gimmick.  (My Cleveland peeps will get the reference).

Cairo looks good.  Bellomo looks like Braun Strowman when Braun did the Rosebud gimmick.

I thought Sal was  a babyface in ECW but he's biting and being heelish.

The announcing sucks.  Sulli's trying but Wonderful is anything but.

Bellomo Cairo.  It looks like a 30 second cover but there's never a count and the camera is opposite Cairo's shoulders.

Johnny Hotbody comes out and attacks Cairo, who moves, and Bellomo is knocked out of the ring.  Referee Joe Savoldi counts out Sal to allow Cairo to advance.  At least it was better than the opener.

Then Hotbody attacks Cairo after the match.

Tony "The Hitman" Stetson vs. The Rockin' Rebel

Rebel is announced as the number one contender to the ECW Heavyweight Title which says wonders about the depth in ECW in April 1993.

Match is basic early on, which is not a complaint.

Stetson hits a legdrop off the top but waits until Rebel rolls to the ropes to cover, so of course he gets a rope break. Rebel almost immediately takes Stetson down and uses the ropes for leverage for the win. This was OK.

Sulli interviews Rebel, who tells Sandman he's going to take the title and end Sandman's career.

Sulli interviews Jimmy Snuka, who says he signed a contract with Eddie Gilbert's "Hot Stuff International." Gilbert says he is not a manager, but Snuka is first acquisition and the next ECW Heavyweight Champion.

Jimmy Snuka (w/Eddie Gilbert) vs. Larry Winters in an ECW TV Title tournament first round match

Crowd shot shows kids in the crowd. In ECW.

Gilbert gets involved early, establishing Snuka as a heel which just feels weird post-1983.

Winters JUMPS on his bump on a Snuka chop. Yikes.

They keep pushing Winters as a contender to the tag titles with partner Tony Stetson but his only offense so far is being on my TV screen.

Holy shit, Winters with some weak kicks. His punches don't look bad though.

Winters gets 2 off a high cross body.

Gilbert on the apron which literally does nothing.

Gilbert trips Winters as he runs the ropes. Backbreaker and a Superfly Leap ends it.

Just noticed Snuka wearing boots. What the fuck? What's next, a coherent promo?

The tournament continues next week.

Funk practically begs the fans to be patient because ECW will get better. Can't get much worse.

Bellomo comes back out to apparently get a second match. 

Salvatore Bellomo (w/The Cosmic Commander) vs. ???

The match was over before his opponent could be named (and before I could type what the match was.

Funk asks Gordon if the tournament ends next week, but we have two more quarterfinal matches. Gordon says The Sandman will be in action next week.  "Adios, partners!"

BUT WAIT!  A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT...we have a show next week. Fans can write in for the dream matches. I hope they vote for the Cosmic Commander vs. Hunter Q. Robbins III!  Fucking ratings!

That mercifully ends week 1.

Philly fans must be patient as fuck for this show to get a second show...and another 400 after it.

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Re: JHawk live blogs ECW
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2019, 11:11:59 AM »
These shows are so fascinating. Jay Sulli is my favorite bad announcer ever. Never saw a guy get the "deer in the headlights" literally every time he's on camera.

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Re: JHawk live blogs ECW
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2019, 02:09:50 AM »
ECW Hardcore TV Episode 2
April 13, 1993

Weird seeing Nikolai Volkoff, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart, and DICK GRAHAM in that opening montage. Dick Graham was an ECW announcer? I need that 1992 footage.

Same taping but somehow the audio is worse than week one.

Stevie Wonderful brings out Eddie Gilbert as the "king of the Texas Death Match" and the third man in the booth, but Terry Funk runs him off again. Funk vs. Gilbert is a match I would have paid to see in 1993 so I'm OK with this even if the execution of the angle has sucked so far.

Gilbert sports the Pro Wrestling Illustrated shirt. Which is pretty much the only wrestling magazine still in existence 26 years later.

Funk pours a drink down Gilbert's shirt. Ratings!

ECW TV Title Tournament Quarterfinal with a 30-minute time limit:  Johnny Hotbody vs. Glenn Osbourne

Hotbody yells at the crowd which makes the show an immediate improvement from last week.

Tag team idea for 1993: Glenn Osbourne and The Metal Maniac. They could eventually break up over who does the shittiest rock 'n' roll gimmick.

There's actually some pretty decent mat wrestling here.

As bad as Sulli is, he feels like he'd be an improvement over Byron Saxton.

Hotbody with a nice release German suplex, and a foot on the rope saves Osbourne.

Hotbody suplexes Osbourne on the floor, and the referee stops the count to yell at him for doing the move. Hotbody then hits a shoulderblock off the apron.

Back in and Hotbody locks in a sleeper.

Osbourne ducks a clothesline and Hotbody levels the referee.

Low blow and a piledriver by Hotbody but still no ref.

Superplex attempt in the corner the referee is down at. Tommy Cairo knocks Hotbody off the top, and Osbourne advances with a flying splash in 7:57.  This was actually pretty good for 1993 indy standards.

Funk interviews Osbourne in front of Hat Guy.

Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs. The Samoan Warrior & Chris Michaels

If you take a shot everytime Jay Sulli says Winters and Stetson are the number one contenders to the tag titles, you'll be drunk by at the one minute mark.

If you stab yourself in the ears with a fork everytime Stevie Wonderful is annoying...WHAT?

Funk wants to see what the Samoan can do in there.  Probably headbutt, kick, and a Samoan drop if I know my Samoans.

Stetson and Winters do have some nice double team moves.

The Samoan is in.  He actually hits a clothesline and not much else.

Michaels is brought in without a tag and gets pinned at 5:05 because why the fuck not?

Funk interviews the winners and compares them to the Jeffersons ("you're movin' on up from the East Side or however they say it"). Hunter Q. Robbins III comes out, then the Super Destroyers come out and a brawl breaks out.

Main event time, sayeth Jay Sulli.

But first, Funk interviews ECW Heavyweight Champion The Sandman. Knowing what he evolves into, seeing The Sandman as a fan pandering Dynamic Dude is weird.

One fall with a one hour time limit for the ECW Heavyweight Championship: The Kodiak Bear vs. The Sandman(c)

So The Rockin' Rebel is the number one contender but the KODIAK BEAR is getting the first shot on the new TV show.

Peaches is in the Sandman's corner and lays a kiss on her man.  Wonderful prefers Tygra.

Funk: "You can have Tygra."
Wonderful: "Thank you, I will."
OK, I chuckled at that.

Come see us live anytime, anywhere. We have no house shows scheduled.

If you need to know what Kodiak Bear looks like, picture Giant Haystacks if he shrunk in the dryer.

Sandman is actually wrestling and this feels more like an alternate universe than a past life.

Sandman with a missile dropkick (!) and a slingshot bodyblock (!!) before locking in a cobra clutch for the win. The Sandman using a form of a sleeper is a perfect finish and I wish he'd have kept that after he started swinging kendo sticks and drinking beer.

ECW TV Title Tournament Quarterfinal with a 30-minute time limit: J.T. Smith vs. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

Gilbert takes this to the floor like ten seconds in and levels Smith with a chair as the announcers speculate on a Gilbert vs. Snuka final. Now I want to see it and it probably won't happen so thanks for getting my hopes up.

The brawl is all the way to the back of the arena. And you thought ECW wasn't heavily influenced by Memphis.

Funk leaves the booth and yells at referee John Finnegan for not disqualifying Gilbert.

Smith makes a comeback and they make it back to the ring.

Fallaway slam and Smith heads to the top, but he misses a pretty looking moonsault.

Thumb to the throat in front of Finnegan and still no DQ.

Smith intentionally telegraphs a backdrop so he can side step Gilbert's kick.  Gilbert uses a foreign object moments later to get the pin at 4:32.  Sulli leaves the booth to tell the referee what happened because impartiality is not his strong suit.  The decision stands.

Tommy Cairo vs. The Super Ninja

The match is joined in progress because that makes sense on show taped six weeks prior.

Cairo counters a corner splash by catching Ninja and suplexing him in. This gets the pin because Johnny Hotbody, in interfering, circles around him before dropping the elbow. Yikes.

Funk interviews Gordon.  The semifinals and finals of the TV Title tournament are next week.

Better effort for show two, but wow is this weird to watch in hindsight

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Re: JHawk live blogs ECW
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2019, 03:08:20 AM »
ECW Hardcore TV Episode 3
April 20, 1993

Dick Graham in the opening montage looks like Donald Trump pouting about the wall.

Eddie Gilbert comes out again, and he actually apologizes to Funk for not showing him respect the last two weeks.  Wonderful seems shocked and walks off with Gilbert.

ECW Tag Team Champions The Super Destroyers (w/Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. The Super Ninja & The Canadian Wolfman

Canadian Wolfman or Moondog Leduc? You be the judge.

Unfortunately Stevie Wonderful is already back on commentary.

Another squash victory for the champions.

Funk goes to interview the champions but is attacked from behind by Eddie Gilbert with a chair.  They cut to break way too quickly.

ECW TV Title Tournament Semifinal with a 30-minute time limit:  Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka (w/Eddie Gilbert)

Gilbert is wearing a cowboy hat and is mocking Terry Funk.

Wonderful asks Sulli why it's called the "squared circle" and Sulli answers with he's too upset with what happened to Funk to think. Like, you can legit say "I don't know", it's cool.

Gilbert grabs hold of Cairo, but Cairo avoids a charging Snuka and sends Hot Stuff International crashing into each other.

The referee goes down.  Cairo uses a fisherman cradle on Snuka until Johnny Hotbody intervenes. Snuka levels Cairo after Cairo clears the ring, and Snuka hits the Superfly Leap for the pin at 5:19 and ends Cairo's undefeated streak.  Started off well but was too short to get good.

Sulli interviews Gilbert and Snuka after the match.  Gilbert does a Funk impression that is nowhere near as good as Bruce Prichard's. He doesn't bust out "your mother's a whore" which makes me sad.

ECW TV Title Tournamennt Semifinal: Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert (w/Tigra)

Gilbert takes the mic and offers Osbourne a shot to leave now since even if by some fluke be beats Gilbert, he won't beat Snuka.  If you've ever watched wrestling, you know how this ends.

It looks like the fans are beginning to leave here in hour 3 of the TV taping. There weren't that many people in the building to begin with.

Gilbert starts utilizing the furniture as Stevie Wonderful busts out the first "It's not for everyone" reference I recall hearing.

Gilbert locks in what might be the world's longest chinlock

Somehow Gilbert hitting a shoulderblock after a three minute chinlock leads to a double down and Osbourne's comeback.

Gilbert uses brass knuckles for the pin at 6:36, and again Jay Sulli argues with the referee.  This time the referee checks Gilbert and reverses the decision. What the fuck? Can you imagine Jim Nantz being all "That was pass interference" at an NFL game? Why hasn't Sulli told the referee about every single other infraction on this show the last three weeks then?

Terry Funk then comes out and attacks Gilbert, chasing him to the back.  Funk then yells at Wonderful.  Please knock him the fuck out!

This Funk promo has been the best thing on all three of these shows so far.

The Rockin' Rebel calls out Peaches and wants her to kiss him like he kissed The Sandman last week.  He gets slapped for his trouble.

The Rockin' Rebel vs. Frank Cody

Rebel wins quick, then drags Peaches into the head by her hair.  Of course, this brings out The Sandman, then Tigra runs in and rakes Sandman's eyes.  The segment ends with Rebel breaking the Sandman's surfboard over his head and the locker room clearing.  Somewhere Johnny Ace sheds a tear.

There has been no acknowledgement at this point that Sandman and Peaches are married FWIW.

ECW TV Title Tournament Final with a 30-minute time limit: Glen Osbourne vs. Jimmy Snuka (w/Eddie Gilbert)

Osbourne actually gets quite a bit of offense early on.  In fact, he controls almost the entire match until Snuka shoves him into Gilbert and John Finnegan.

Osbourne uses a small package on Snuka, but Gilbert elbows him since the referee is down.  Snuka hits the Superfly Leap and referee John Finnegan comes around to count the pin and award Snuka the TV Title at 4:04.

Stevie Wonderful ("Stevie Wonderfool?" Says the graphic, so someone in charge hates him too) is in the back to check on The Sandman.    Peaches answers the dressing room door and cuts the interview short but says Sandman is really hurt.

Stevie signs off the show for us and we're out.

I love Eddie Gilbert but he was on way too much of this show

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Re: JHawk live blogs ECW
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2019, 04:45:28 AM »
Fuck yeah. About time somebody else besides me blogged about the good times of ECW :) I'm just getting into February of 1996 and there's so much good stuff within each year. Truly a treat watching the evolution of guys like Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Mikey Whipwreck, and even discovering talent like Public Enemy and the various feuds/storylines that made up random years.

By around March/April of 1994 is when ECW starts morphing into Teen ECW and 1995 turns it into Young Adult ECW before 1996 really starts to embrace the ECW we all know from the Pulp Fiction interviews to the feuds/angles/characters (Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie tandem, RVD debuts, Bubba Ray Dudley's really getting over, Taz starts to become TAZ, etc.)

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Re: JHawk live blogs ECW
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2019, 10:41:52 AM »
ECW Hardcore TV Episode 4
April 27, 1993

A new taping at the Cabrini College Fieldhouse and they made the building a lot darker to try to hide the small crowd.

ECW Heavyweight Champion The Sandman defends against The Rockin' Rebel and the Tag Titles on the line, the crowd is drowning out this intro.  Sal Bellomo vs. Glen Osbourne and the Suicide Blondes debut.

Eddie Gilbert is out saying he is the third man in the booth because he ran Terry Funk out of town.  He claims he beat Terry Funk in an "I Quit" match.

We go to BTR footage of what is presumably a house show match between Gilbert and Funk. 

ECW SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  SportsChannel Philadelphia will not allow us to show this footage due to the violent nature but Terry Funk will speak next week.

Hunter Q. Robbins III compares Larry Winters and Tony Stetson to the Simpsons and then offers them $500 if they win the tag team titles.

ECW Tag Team Titles and $500 on the line: Larry Winters & Johnny Hotbody vs. The Super Destroyers(c) (w/Hunter Q. Robbins III)

Not sure what the champions have to gain here but OK.

The challengers get a series of near falls early.

Sulli asks how to tell the Destroyers apart.  Well, one is significantly taller and they're wearing their armbands on opposite arms, so it really isn't difficult, but Sulli can't keep it straight.

I would say "Stetson plays Ricky Morton" but that's an insult to Ricky Morton.

"Hot" tag brings Winters in.

Winters locks in a figure-four but the illegal Destroyer hits him with Robbins' cane for the DQ.  The titles don't change hands, and the money doesn't either.

Glen Osbourne vs. Salvatore Bellomo

The Cosmic Commander is apparently no more. He has ceased to be.

Eddie Gilbert comes out before the bell and announces...nothing since Osbourne interrupts.  Cut to the aisle and DON MURACO comes to the ring with Jimmy Snuka. Anybody who watched the WWF in 1983 is like WTF?  Muraco is in Hot Stuff International.

Gilbert calls that the biggest announcement in wrestling history.  Well, it's bigger than just about everything TNA ever announced.

I guess the match didn't happen as Christopher Candido and Jonathan Hotbody cut a backstage promo.  They are the Suicide Blondes...and Hotbody is clearly a brunette.

J.T. Smith & Tommy Cairo vs. The Suicide Blondes

"Weighing over 600 pounds counting their ego, hailing from anywhere but Philadelphia..."  LOVE IT!

Seriously, what happened to Osbourne vs. Bellomo? No one got attacked, no one's hurt, it just got bumped for a promo.

Sulli and Wonderful discuss how this is a continuation of the Cairo-Hotbody feud.

Tommy Cairo is your face-in-peril.

Candido is 21 years old here and already looks better than 2/3 of this roster.

Smith makes the tag but his offense is short lived.

It pretty quickly breaks down.

Johnny Hotbody rings the bell asking for a DQ and Sulli initially thinks the match is over.  Even after he catches on, Wonderful asks why the bell rang.  PAY FUCKING ATTENTION, STEVIE!

Smith and Cairo begin utilizing quick tags.

Candido spits on Smith to lure him in, then throws Cairo over the top rope.  Was that a DQ in the Eastern era? I legit don't know.

This match doesn't follow the normal tag formula (which is fine) but feels real awkward (which is not).

J.T. moonsaults Candido, but Hotbody comes off the rope with an elbow and rolls Candido on top of Smith for the pin at 8:03.

Muraco & Snuka promo in the locker room.  Muraco is normally a great promo but this is not a good example of that.

The Hell Ryders vs. Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka (w/Eddie Gilbert)

Jay Sulli still can't tell the Ryders apart and Stevie Wonderful refuses to help.

I get that promotions like to tell their own stories with talent, but given Philly once saw some hellacious Muraco-Snuka battles, a mention of their previous feud even in passing would be nice.

Muraco Tombstones H.D. Ryder and Snuka comes off the top with the Superfly Leap for the pin at 3:00.

Sulli is in the locker room to lead into the footage from last week when Rockin' Rebel broke a surfboard over The Sandman's head. Somewhere in Atlanta, Shane Douglas wipes a tear off of his face.

ECW Heavyweight Champion The Sandman (w/Peaches) vs. The Rockin' Rebel (w/Tigra)

Joined in progress?  How do you join a title match in progress?

For a grudge match, there is sure a lot of basic wrestling in this match.

Tigra rakes Sandman's eyes behind the referee's back, then threatens to claw the camera's eyes out.

More Tigra interference, and even Sulli is wondering why Peaches is just standing there.

Sandman hits a missile dropkick, Tigra interferes for the DQ, and Peaches comes in.


Sorry, too soon.

"Meow." Stevie Wonderful doesn't make it sound nearly as fun.

We recap the TV Title tournament...wait, we joined a TITLE MATCH in progress so a music video can get adequate time? How bad was that match?

Christ, how long is this thing?

Sulli interviews Hunter Q. Robbins III about the rematch between the Super Destroyers and Winters/Stetson.  Robbins says next week will be their last title shot.

And we're out.

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Re: JHawk live blogs ECW
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2019, 01:21:59 PM »
ECW Hardcore TV Episode 5
May 4, 1993

Jay Sulli chooses a yellow bowtie and cumberbund for some reason this week.

The tag team title rematch is tonight and ECW Heavyweight Champion The Sandman defends against Salvatore Bellomo.  But first, Eddie Gilbert has a surprise...but before that, Tod Gordon interrupts with footage from last week...and we didn't actually see Tod Gordon stopping the tape himself to play this Terry Funk promo direct from the Double Cross Ranch.  Funk looks at his horse's ass, refers to it as Gilbert, and tells "Gilbert" the rules of a Texas Chain Match Massacre.  It's a standard chain match with the four corners stip.

BTW that I Quit Match had taken place in January and was won by Funk.

J.T. Smith & Glen Osbourne vs. Don Muraco & Eddie Gilbert

Smith does a subtle Marty Jannetty sell of a Gilbert clothesline.

You can actually hear the Philly faithful chant "Eddie! Eddie!"

Gilbert throws Smith over the top rope while the referee is distracted by Gilbert.  Either that's supposed to be a DQ or Gilbert forgot he's not in Memphis anymore.

Smith makes a hot tag to Osbourne and it breaks down in a hurry.  Muraco and Smith hit the floor and the referee follows.  Osbourne piledrives Gilbert, and PAUL E. DANGEROUSLY runs out to hit Osbourne with the phone, which leads to the pin.

Paul E. cuts a promo and says the Dangerous Alliance has merged with Hotstuff International.  He says the goal is to make Tod Gordon a broke man.  He had no idea how much he was foreshadowing there.  is it The Dangerous Alliance? Is it Hotstuff International? Dangerous International?  The Hotstuff Alliance?

Promo from The Super Destroyers and Hunter Q. Robbins III, who state again that tonight is the last title shot for Larry Winters and Tony Stetson.

ECW Tag Team Championship:  Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs. The Super Destroyers(c) (w/Hunter Q. Robbins III)

Stevie Wonderful loves calling the taller Super D "#2" for some reason.

The challengers isolate #2 in the early going and do some solid double teaming.

Hat Guy is actually wearing a baseball cap and I don't know what's real anymore.

Winters plays face in peril this week.

Headbutt to the balls is called a headbutt to the midsection.

Winters finally makes the hot tag, and Stetson is cleaning house.

Robbins tosses a foreign object to one of the Destroyers, and as Stetson goes for a back suplex, the Destroyer hits him with it and scores the pin in 6:51.

Salvatore Bellomo cuts a promo about his title shot against The Sandman. 

ECW Heavyweight Championship:  Salvatore Bellomo vs. The Sandman(c) (w/Miss Peaches)

Sandman holds the belt over his head backwards before the match.  *sigh*

Two weeks in a row the tag titles and Heavyweight Title have been at the stake but the TV Title has yet to be defended on TV.

Sandman's first move is a roll up and a pat on the ass.

Maybe it's me, but 1983-1987 WWF jobber to the stars Bellomo seems more credible than 1993 ECW main eventer Bellomo.

Bellomo has actually gotten a couple of near falls so far.

Bellomo gets a couple of two counts on what I assume a kneebar but looks like Bellomo taking a nap.

Sandman clotheslines Bellomo out of the ring, and Bellomo decides to hang out with the crowd instead of return to the ring and gets counted out in 3:58. Well, that might be the dumbest finish to a title match ever.

The Rockin' Rebel and Tigra cut a promo on The Sandman and Peaches that is clearly cut short.

Ernesto Benefico vs. The Rockin' Rebel (w/Tigra)

A lower screen crawl hypes shows at the ECW Arena on May 14 and May 15.  That crawl is infinitely more interesting than this match.

Benefico throws the worst dropkick this side of The Renegade.

Rebel gets the one foot pin with a spinebuster in 2:12.

Jay Sulli is with Tod Gordon and Hunter Q. Robbins III.  Gordon has a contract where Winters and Stetson put up their hair for another title shot at the titles next week.  Robbins signs it without reading it, and Gordon reveals Robbins will be handcuffed to Tommy Cairo.

We get a replay of the same Suicide Blondes promo from last week.

One fall with a 30:00 time limit:  Jonathan Hotbody (w/Christopher Candido) vs. Tommy Cairo

The more I see Cairo, the more I like him, and the more I wonder why he didn't go further.

Then there's Hotbody, who while I don't hate watching him, I totally get why he didn't go further.

Hotbody sets up a superplex and struggles, Sulli smartly covers by saying Cairo is fighting it, and they improvise into a top rope DDT.  Of course, that's not the finish when nothing else can top it.

Cairo knocks Hotbody into Candido then gets Hotbody down with a rolling cradle into the pin at 3:00.  Hotbody attacks after the bell, and he and Cairo brawl until we go off the air.