Author Topic: Concerts coming to your area: Good and Bad  (Read 39661 times)


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Re: Concerts coming to your area: Good and Bad
« Reply #600 on: September 11, 2019, 01:38:09 PM »
Sebastian Bach is currently touring playing the entire first Skid Row record in its entirety to commemorate its 30th Anniversary. He's coming to NY on 9/25!

Kreese, where you at?
The last time Bach was in Portland, he has been late because he insisted on eating at an old school, red sauce Italian-American restaurant 30 minutes outside of town. He's in town tonight and according to someone in my Twitter feed is an hour late getting onstage. Hopefully cause he's at that Italian restaurant next to the Scarborough Marsh.

Whenever I think of Bach now, I just imagine him squealing "Dude! I'm not going on fucking stage unless I get that fucking veal parm, man!" in his high pitched Canadian accent.