Author Topic: NBA in March/April 2019: Golden State gets ANOTHER MVP  (Read 2406 times)


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Re: NBA in March 2019: Golden State gets ANOTHER MVP
« Reply #100 on: April 10, 2019, 05:26:26 AM »
Playoff scenarios as of right now:

Seeds 1-5 are all locked in.
1. Milwaukee
2. Toronto
3. Philadelphia
4. Boston
5. Indiana

Milwaukee and Toronto would have home court advantage in the Finals regardless of their opponent.

As for the bottom of the East, here is the current picture.

6. Brooklyn 41-40 (vs Mia) owns tiebreakers over ORL and DET
7. Orlando 41-40 (@ Cha)
8. Detroit 40-41 (@ NY) owns tiebreaker over ORL
9. Charlotte 39-42 (vs Orl) owns tiebreaker over DET

3-way tie: ORL 6, BKN 7, DET 8 via Orlando being a division winner

Brooklyn: if they win, they are the 6 seed.  If they lose, they need Orlando AND Detroit to both lose to remain the 6 seed.  If either or both of those teams win, they drop to the 7 seed.
Orlando: can be 6, 7, or 8.  If Brooklyn wins, they can go no higher than 7.  A win OR a Detroit win AND a Brooklyn loss would make them the 6 seed.  A loss AND a Detroit win would make them the 8 seed.
Detroit: a win OR a Charlotte loss and they're in as the 8 seed, or as the 7 seed with a win AND Charlotte win.  If they lose AND Charlotte wins, they're out.
Charlotte: Need a win AND a Detroit loss to get the 8 seed.

seeds locked up:
1. Golden State
5. Utah

seeds 2-4:
2. Denver 53-28 (vs Min), owns tiebreaker over POR
3. Houston 53-29, owns tiebreaker over DEN
4. Portland 52-29 (vs Sac), owns tiebreaker over HOU

3-way tie: HOU 2, DEN 3, POR 4 via Houston and Denver being division winners and Houston winning season series

DEN and POR win: DEN 2, POR 3, HOU 4
DEN win, POR loss: DEN 2, HOU 3, POR 4
DEN loss: HOU 2, DEN 3, POR 4

seeds 6-8:
6. Oklahoma City 48-33 (@ Mil), owns tiebreaker over LAC
7. San Antonio 47-34 (vs Dal), owns tiebreakers over OKC and LAC
8. LA Clippers 47-34 (vs Utah)

3-way tie: SA 6, LAC 7, OKC 8 via cumulative head-to-head records between the three teams

Oklahoma City: locks into the 6 seed with a win OR a San Antonio loss.  A loss AND a San Antonio win would drop them to 7.  A loss AND wins by San Antonio AND LA Clippers drop them to 8.
San Antonio: can move up to 6 with a win AND an Oklahoma City loss.  A loss AND a LA Clippers win would drop them to 8.
LA Clippers: can move up to 7 with a win AND a San Antonio OR Oklahoma City loss.

OK, I think I covered everything.
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Re: NBA in March 2019: Golden State gets ANOTHER MVP
« Reply #101 on: April 11, 2019, 12:10:42 AM »

MVP:  Harden


F   Antetokounmpo
F   George
C   Towns
G   Harden
G   Lillard
F   Durant
F   Leonard
C   Gobert
G   Curry
G   Irving
F   Siakam
F   Gallinari
C   Jokic
G   Beal
G   Walker

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Re: NBA in March/April 2019: Golden State gets ANOTHER MVP
« Reply #102 on: April 11, 2019, 02:57:11 AM »
Divac is mulling over firing Head Coach Joerger. Fun times.