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Description: Flik's first time playing a Warriors game!

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Hyrule Warriors Legends
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:08:12 AM »
Hyrule Warriors Legend...

Trying to command my main characters to keep my forces alive is a fucking bitch. I send them to go do something and they just stand around like idiots. I'm constantly switching characters, just because of that. Which in turn means I've lost so many times and I'm on fucking easy mode right now that I'm going nuts!

This is my first time playing a Warriors type of game. It never was something I wanted to play, but I figured I'd play this one, because, hey, I like Hyrule and it seems like fun. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it because I kill so many baddies, but for fuck's sake can I kill without the map giving me objectives that make my stupid companions attempt to go do something and then just fucking around?!

But fucking thing keeps killing my forces too. I just lost a fucking entire map because I went after the boss and didn't realize my base was being overrun. The best part? One fucking hit and I would've had the map won. ONE FUCKING HIT~!

Even fucking better! I just realized there was a save function so I could save in the middle of the fight. God fucking dammit all. I could've saved so that I didn't have to restart the entire map. And don't even get me started on checkpoints. Because whenever I use a fucking checkpoint, I'm already well on my ways to a loss because that's usually when it starts happening.

This fucking game. This God damned fucking game~!

...okay, I've got that out of my system. I'm enjoying it overall, besides the above. Combat is fluid, though repetitive, the music is fantastic, and the characters are all interesting and fun to play with.

I actually enjoy this cast of Zelda a lot. From Link to Ruto, they are quality characters. I'd love to see more or a spin-off that makes it more of an action RPG the likes of Tales. Or more of these, because that's awesome.

Oh and yes, about Linkle. While her storyline is weird as all heck as to how she's involved, as she just always happens to show up, I could actually support a game with her as the lead. Especially if they do something like let her wield the Master Sword, and her trusty crossbow(s) at the same time. I think that would be awesome.

Also, yes, her name is stupid. Though she kicks so much ass in combat that I can overlook it.

I don't suppose anyone has any tips on how I can do better at this game so I stop fucking up so much.