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Dairy free living
« on: January 30, 2017, 05:04:40 PM »
After a full calendar year of cycling with Imodium at least once per week I finally went visit a GI doctor. I gave him my history of non-life threatening lactose intolerance. He's familiar with Lactaid supplement pills, take one with your first bite of dairy and it gives your body the enzymes to break down the dairy you're eating for up to 40 minutes. But my symptoms are coming on days I'm not eating obvious foods like pizza, lasagna, ice cream, etc...

He's thinking my intolerance has progressed to an extreme that I can't even have McDonald's fries (dairy is part of their production), Hungry Jack Pancakes, Doritos, Popeyes, or anything else that uses dairy by products in the production. He's put me on a month long dairy free diet. If the food label states anything suggesting milk, dairy, whey, or similar, I can't eat it.

As it happens there is a LOT of overlap in the Dairy free and vegan communities so I'm finding a lot of helpful stuff in the vegan groups on Facebook (along with a lot of militant food police). So far the biggest struggle has been the last two weekends as both parties involved copious amounts of pizza. I ate a bunch of "vegan" buffalo cauliflower wings for the Royal Rumble party. Last week I just took 2 Imodium, 3 pepto pills, and 3 lactaid pills and said "Fuck it" as it was the first week of the diet anyway. This week I've been 100% faithful.

Tomorrow I'm going to get some "nutritional yeast" in the mail. It's a vegan product used to make a lot of vegan cheese options, so I'm excited for that. This thread can be a dumping ground for Dairy free ideas.