Author Topic: Retro-collecting: what old-is-new-again trendy junk do you collect?  (Read 364 times)


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One of my buddies is super into VHS right now. I don't know why. I spent forever unsuccessfully trying to sell my old VHS tapes to the point where I had to give them away for free. I kinda wish I had kept them as I probably could've made some money off of this guy, hah!

I also have a few friends who, of course, have jumped on the vinyl bandwagon. I was interested and investigated it, but they're super expensive. A new copy of Badmotorfinger was $56 CAD, so that was a hard NOPE for me.

Personally, I'm mainly aiming for three things: NES and SNES carts and CDs. CDs are much cheaper than vinyl and is the actual audio medium I have the most fond memories of (90s grunge, baby). Though.. I do need a good CD system, as what I have now is super shitty.

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I collect NES, SNES and N64 carts casually. I don't go overboard spending but if I see some I'll get them. I've learned to take them apart and clean them into working order so that's fun.

I collect 80s Garbage pail kids. The first series and 15th series gets a little outta hand on eBay.

I have plans to replace my Masters of the universe figures that my parents' attic ruined.

I just purchased Go-Bot "Bug Bite" for 5 bucks on Ebay since I remember having that one as a kid and no idea where it went.

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VHS collecting is interesting.  Never heard that one before.  I can understand if it is some movies that were never put out any other way (Cool as Ice, I'm looking at you).  I had collected DVDs/Blu-rays forever and it just became too much and none of them are worth anything, so outside of some rare stuff he'd have to drop money on anyway, it'd be hard to see this as something you could turn big profit on later like video games or vinyls.

I don't go out of my way to get anything retro these days.  A few months back I went on a binge buying some old SNES/N64/Gameboy games that I got for decent prices but they've all been sitting around unplayed.  And for me, at times there is a little weirdness of the nostaigia of my childhood collection by mixing in stuff that wasn't there before.  Always been kinda weird like that - like it feels out of place.

Every once in a while when I decide to go get some sports trading cards, which it's been close to a year since the last time I got any, I will stumble across some retro box that is always fun to pick up.  I found it fun finding a cheap priced box of a brand that was the "expensive brand" when I was a kid and going through the box, even though the products from then were so overproduced they don't have the value of going further back into the 80s or getting a present day box where they make cards more valuable by limited production.
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