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Year End Awards
« on: December 26, 2018, 09:15:32 AM »
We did this at the half year mark so let's see how or how little has changed since then:

Best/Worst Wrestler
Best/Worst Match:
Best/Worst PPV:
Best/Worst Feud:
Best on Interviews/skits:
Most Under/Overrated (by their company):
Best/Worst debut/return of a wrestler:
Best/Worst skit/segment:
Best/Worst Gimmick:
Add more! Or just post some general thoughts. Go nuts!

Also what's your biggest hope for wrestling in 2019?

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Re: Year End Awards
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Re: Year End Awards
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2018, 12:13:46 PM »
I only watch WWE, so that's why you won't see anything else here.

Best Wrestler:  Tommaso Ciampa.  Rollins fell off the latter half of the year and any chance he had of retaining here disappeared with that stinker he laid at TLC.  Ciampa has been amazing all year, and has been consistently the best in the company with everything (in ring skill, character, charisma, mic skills) taken into consideration.

Worst Wrestler:  Brie Bella.  I don't see how it can be anyone else.  She is a botch waiting to happen and is probably too dangerous to be in the ring at all.  The only saving grace is that she didn't wrestle much.

Best Match:  Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano from Takerover: New Orleans.  Still hasn't been better in WWE this year.

Worst Match:  The Bella Twins vs. The Riott Squad from Monday Night Raw on September 3.  Somebody could have been crippled or killed.

Best PPV:  NXT Takeover: New Orleans.  Still holds up.

Worst PPV:  WWE Backlash.  This show put me to sleep.  Zero effort all around after the opening match as it appeared everyone was tired from a busy schedule over the previous month.

Best Feud:  Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano.  Best feud in years.

Worst Feud:  Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.  It went on forever.  The matches sucked.  It did nothing to help anybody. 

Best on Interviews/skits:  The Miz.  Best talker they have.  His promos are often the best thing on the show.

Most Underrated:  Rusev.  He finally just won the US Title, so maybe this changes for next year. 

Most Overrated (by their company):  Brock Lesnar.  He's decimated the roster to the point that no full-timer has any credibility left, and his lengthy absences are killing RAW.

Best Debut/Return:  Daniel Bryan.  Feel good moment of the year.

Worst debut/return of a wrestler:  James Ellsworth.  Asuka is just now recovering.

Best Skit/Segment:  The whole "Who Attacked Aleister Black?" angle.  A cheat in that this is several skits instead of just one, but it was one of the best storylines this year and I had to mention it.

Worst skit/segment:  Bobby Lashley's Sisters.  The only thing sadder than this skit was the fact that it actually had serious competition in this category.

Best Gimmick:  Walk with Elias.  The standout gimmick of the year.  It may have peaked, but it was great while it lasted.

Worst Gimmick:  Dean Ambrose as a germophobe.  He'll be lucky if this doesn't kill his career.

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Re: Year End Awards
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2018, 11:00:31 AM »
Best Wrestler: Tanahashi had an amazing year. In WWE I don't know. Seth Rollins started out the year pretty hot but the last several months haven't been very good. AJ has been spotty this year. Daniel has been great since getting back on track but hasn't been back long enough for me. I'd probably say Buddy Murphy or Mustafa Ali might be the best on the main roster from what I've seen of the stuff on 205 Live throughout the year. Ciampa is the best in NXT. I also have to give a shout out to Ronda because her match quality is really high but she doesn't work enough.

Worst Wrestler: Brie Bella probably.

Best Match: Tanahashi Vs Ibushi G1 Finals was my MOTY. WWE MOTY was probably AJ Vs Daniel at TLC or that one Miz Vs Seth match.

Worst Match: Bellas Vs Riott Squadd

Best PPV: Wrestle Kingdom even as a overall lesser show than previous years was still the best of the year. WWE had a couple great ppvs to pick from not including NXT's or anything but I'm actually going with Evolution. It was a really fun show to watch and reminded me of why I'm a wrestling fan.

Worst PPV: All I...Nah it was obviously Crown Jewel.

Best Feud: Okada Vs Omega. I Don't like Omega that much but amazing matches are amazing fucking matches. I'm not a huge NXT guy either but Ciampa/Gargano was also great. Seth Vs Miz and Becky Vs Charlotte are probably the best stuff from WWE.

Worst Feud: Jericho Vs Naito. Naito got totally fucking destroyed by Jericho and has spent the whole time since doing nothing worthwhile and now at WK he's stuck going after Jericho to get back to where he was, complete water treading. In WWE it's Dean Vs Seth and Brock Vs Roman.

Best on Interviews/skits: Miz and Becky with Bryan starting to catch fire. Miz is the best though because he is the most versatile. He can be put in any kind of situation and shine.

Most Underrated (by the company): Naito because he's not the most over guy in NJPW and they aren't giving him a chance to run with the ball.

Overrated (by their company): Jay White. They had to put an insane amount of work into getting heat on him with the native fans and they have to have every match with him have a ton of interference. I don't think Jay is bad or anything but he isn't anywhere near the level NJPW sees him as and there are numerous guys better suited.

Best debut/return: Daniel Bryan for sure. Legit emotional.

Worst debut/return of a wrestler: Ellsworth. Awful.

Best Skit/Segment: This is really hard. I would have said Dean turning on Seth but that's been tainted for me. I'd probably go with the giant brawl between the women before survivor series and Becky having the blood all over and her feeding off the crowd with it. It was just a fantastic segment in general and a star-making performance.

Worst skit/segment: BOB's sisters, Joey Ryan's Dick Druids, Piss Pants Comedy, and any segment about Crown Jewel all deserve to be mentioned.

Best Gimmick: Becky Lynch as The Man. Daniel Bryan's heel character is a strong late contender.

Worst Gimmick: Dean Ambrose's supervillian germaphobe. Just...goddamn it man. God damn it. Also Jinder's gimmick which is pretty racist.